Elemental Detonation Spell

Elemental Detonation Spell Purple Bolt
Elemental Detonation Spell: A horrifically dangerous spell, formulated in the elemental planes during the great astral wars.

Tier: 6
MP Cost: 80
Shots: 20
Damage: 80-165 (122.5)
Total Damage: 1600-3300 (2450)
Projectile Speed: 16
Range: 16
Stat Bonus: +2 VIT, +2 WIS
Fame bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 380

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Oryx the Mad God 2
Esben the Unwilling
The Forgotten Sentinel
Twilight Archmage
The Forgotten King
Marble Colossus
Void Entity