Ring of Unbound Health

Ring of Unbound Health An immaculately perfect topaz embedded in an exquisite gold ring.

Tier 6
On Equip +180 HP
Fame Bonus 5%
Feed Power 325

Loot Bag Assigned to Red Bag
Tier Grouped Drops Cultish Epic Quest Chest
Royal Epic Quest Chest
The Forgotten Sentinel
The Forgotten King
Twilight Archmage
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages

In Release 27.7.X2, the Tier 6 Health Ring was made the Ring of Decades, while the Ring of Unbound Health was made untiered and removed from drop tables, although it was still tradable. In Release X.18, the Ring of Unbound Health was returned to its former status as the T6 ring and returned to drop tables, while the Ring of Decades was made untiered and no longer dropped from enemies. In Release X.31.9.0, the Ring of Decades was added again as a rare drop from Crystals in the Fungal Cavern.