Alchemy System


The return of the alchemist

Purpose: A system to use marks, fame, forgefire, and gold to create consumables/restoratives.
This provides players with a way to get consumables easier/more efficiently and DECA a way to possibly make more money.

Location: Inside the vault, the empty space across the blacksmith on the right side.

Core Function: 1 Mark and Payment for 2-4 consumables (unless stated otherwise) found in the corresponding dungeon.
Recipes that yield x1 will only give one item unless enhanced.

After adding in ingredients and starting the alchemy, a timer mini game will pop up where you have to land a spinning hand three times on a certain region to successfully create the alchemy. Landing a perfect every time will increase your chances by 10%. This ‘perfect’ region will be wider or smaller depending on the ‘rarity’ of consumables. Missing the timer completely will cause the alchemy to fail.

Timer Ex.(Quick mock up)

Yield Chances:

  • 2 pots: 100%
  • 3 pots: 30% => 50% with perfects
  • 4 pots: 5% => 15% with perfects

Enhancing the Alchemy: After your results you are prompted if you would like to enhance. You pick either the bonus enhance which will grant you an extra consumable or the super bonus enhance which will grant you 2 extra consumables.

(Bonus Enhance = +1) - 150 fame image32x32 or 10 Gold image10x13
(Super Bonus Enhance = +2) - 250 fame image32x32 or 15 Gold image10x13

All nildrops and recipes moved to alchemy. Items only created at a Blacksmith while consumables at Alchemist.
If possible, only nildrop recipes can be seen in the alchemy tab UI. I’m not sure if in forge the item create is dictated by selecting it first then adding ingredients. If that is the case then recipes would have to be added.


New consumables are italicized. Descriptions are down further below.

Mark: Payment: Consumable/Restorative:
image40x40 10 Forgefire Pirate Rum
image40x40 / image40x40 10 Forgefire Speedy Sprout
image40x40 10 Forgefire Pollen Powder
image40x40 10 Forgefire Bottled Honey
image40x40 / image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Healing Inchor
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Snake Oil
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Fairy Dust
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Cactus Juice
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Limon’s Wish (x1)
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Wooden Box (x1)
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Mending Ichor
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Thirst of Knowledge
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Malphas’s Augury (x1)
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Sewer Water
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Transformation Potion (x1)
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Colony Sample (x1)
image40x40 15 Forgefire + 25 Fame Random non-greater Halloween Bottle (x1)
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Holy Water
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Pirate Grog
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Ghost Rum
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Cubic Jelly
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Hot Tea
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Draconis Potion
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Frigid Concoction
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Sandwalker
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame XP Booster 1 Hr (x1)
image40x40 20 Forgefire + 50 Fame Random Wine (x1)
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Coral Juice
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Royal Jelly
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Crystalized Mushroom
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Acolyte Potion (x1)
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Gravel
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Herbal Tincture
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Corrupted Elixir
image40x40 25 Forgefire + 100 Fame Exalted Essence (x1)
Special Recipes

(These recipes cannot be enhanced)

Items Required: Payment: Yield:
image40x40(x6) 100 Fame or 10 Gold image40x40(x1)
mendingichor32x32 (x6) 100 Fame or 10 Gold image40x40(x1)
image40x40 (x4) 250 Fame image40x40 (x1)
image40x40 (x3) 500 Fame image40x40 (x1)
image40x40 1000 Fame or 100 Gold image40x40 (x1) + image40x40 (x1) (Can only be done once every 72 hours)
Stat Pot (x1) + Magic/Health Potion (x1) 10 Forgefire Tincture of corresponding stat pot (x2)
Gumball of same type (x2) 50 Fame or 5 Gold Tincture of corresponding gumball (x1)
Same Tinctures (x3) + image40x40(x1) / image40x40(x1) 50 Fame or 5 Gold Effusion of tinctures (x1)
Key Melding:
image40x40 (x2) 500 Fame or 25 Gold image40x40 (x1)
image40x40 (x2) 1000 Fame or 50 Gold image40x40 (x1)
Same SB potion (x2) 50 Fame Regular stat potion (x1)
SB potion (x1) 5 gold Regular stat potion (x1)
New Consumables

Adding some new dungeon-themed items.

Item: Description: Effects: Found:
mendingichor32x32 Mending Ichor “This strange looking ichor that restores mana.” +150 MP on use Dropped by all non-ghost & trap enemies in UDL
sewerwater40x40 Sewer Water “Why would anyone drink this? Hey I dare you…” Sick on self for 2 seconds & +10 DEF for 8 seconds Dropped by all enemies in Toxic Sewers
thirstofknow40x40 Thirst of Knowledge “The sationation for scholars.” +50 HP&MP & +30% WIS Boost for 15 seconds & Cursed on self for 5 seconds Uncommonly dropped by all enemies in Cursed Library
pgro40x40 Pirate Grog “A favorite rum of pirates that greatly inebriates the user.” Drunk on self for 7 seconds & +15% DEX Boost for 5 seconds Replaces pirate rum in Deadwater Docks
hottea40x40 Hot Tea “A tasty leaf drink originating from far eastern lands.” +50 HP Heal within 10 tiles & +100 MP on self Uncommonly dropped by all enemies in Mountain Temple
Limon’s Wish “A blessing that grants the user the ability to take an elemental form.” 1 EP burst on use, Turns player into random elemental sprite for 30 seconds Only obtainable through alchemy
Malphas’s Augury “A curse to become a vessel for Archdemon Malphas.” Turns player sprite into an imp sprite for 30 seconds, Player throws red bombs around 1.5 tiles radius every 0.5 seconds each dealing 50 damage Only obtainable through alchemy
parablob32x32 Colony Sample “A moving organism pulled directly from the colony. It’s trying to make its way back.” Paralyze on self for 0.5 seconds & +25 HP heal on self per every enemy hit within 5 tiles Only obtainable through alchemy
frigidconcocatio32x32 Frigid Concoction “An enchanted potion that allows the user to move elegantly on ice.” Player’s movements act as if they are on ice, players move normally on ice for 10 seconds Only obtainable through alchemy
sandwalker40x40 Sandwalker “An ancient item that grants the ability to control sand.” Prevents player’s from sinking in quicksand for 15 seconds Only obtainable through alchemy
crystalshroom40x40 Crystalized Mushroom “A rare fungus found deep within caverns of the realm.” When missing more HP = heals +175 HP, When missing more MP = heals +175 MP Dropped by mushroom family enemies in Fungal Caverns Uncommonly dropped by crystal monsters in Crystal Caverns
acolytepotio40x40 Acolyte Potion “Be wary when you drink from this.” Transforms character sprite into a random cult follower for 20 seconds, Bleed on self for 20 seconds and Abilities cost 10% less mana. Only obtainable through alchemy
corruptedelixir32x32 Corrupted Elixir “A ghastly looking tincture. Said to contain some evil essence.” Invulnerable on self for 0.75 seconds and Stasis on self for 1 seconds Only obtainable through alchemy
Possible Problems
  • Cost of alchemy. Not sure if all “payments” are fair and balanced, maybe some are too expensive for their rewards. I think I did a pretty good job splitting up the categories. There will need to be lots of testing if this system is implemented.

  • P2W functions. 5 gold to unsoulbound a single pot and 10/15 gold to pay for enhancing. DECA needs to make money somehow, at least this isn’t $40 for an 8x8 sprite.

  • Balancing the new consumables. It’s not suggested that these will be even in the game, I just think these ideas would be pretty useful and interesting.

  • Ability to create greater potions. These are found in the shatters but I think there should be the ability to create them. I don’t think allowing players more ways for better healing consumables is damaging to the game.

  • Son of Arachnea and Megamoth are harder dungeons but yield the same rewards as their easier counterparts. I think this has to be done so the whole system can work as a whole. Each already drop the same consumables and there really isn’t a need to create newer consumables. Unless they are just transformation consumables where your player sprite turns into a spider/moth temporarily.

  • Having Janus give XP Boosters may be OP or useless depending on how you look at it.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the replies.


This looks great. The endgame consumables seem to add a large component to the game that seems enjoyable - temporary and enumerated buffs that must be used with discretion.


this seems like it’d be great addition to fill out the vault a little more and add alternative methods to getting consumables


Funny to see that we’re getting this idea at roughly the same time. Been thinking about it for a few weeks now and today I finally got to implement it into my rotmg recreation in unity :slight_smile:


EDIT: It is obviously a work in progress, I have been working on it for maybe 2 hours in total so far…heh


craftable ichors… i got a boner


Bro that’s really cool I wish I could do that!


We could always do a collab on some ideas to better visualize them if you are down to work together :slight_smile:


I appreciate the amount of obvious effort and time you took in order to make this post, especially your own added ideas for new consumables (I really like Thirst of Knowledge!). However, I do have one critique regarding this:

I don’t think anyone would be willing to solely spend money on purchasing consumables in Realm, as in they’d put in $20 just for some consumables. But, I could see people using whatever leftover gold they had from their initial transactions to buy some consumables.

I think reducing the amount of places where Gold can be applied would actually benefit Deca financially. For example, if we were to remove Gold transactions from Dungeon Modifiers and replace it with a Fame fee, it’d incentivize players to purchase more keys because they can modify their dungeons with fame instead of gold.

But, yeah, other than that, I had a great time reading through your clean and non-intimidating Alchemy System idea! Deca should really consider this!!


You should note guill gives out free hp and mp pots. this means there is no point in any recipe needing either of them, as all it would take is access to a guild skip hunting them.
In particular, noting the first two special recipes on the table would need to be reworked to accommodate this.


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Opened upon request of OP.


Very fair point, my rationale was it should be a quick way to gain those pots just tedious with the traveling between vault and ghall. But this would be kinda broken so I think changing it to Ichors would be fair.


Updated this with some stuff and added a couple consumables along the sprites (that I should’ve put there in the first place but was too lazy).


love the consumable sprites!