Pirate Rum

It doesn’t seem like drinking this would be a good idea.

Consumed with use.

A disgusting brew made of waterlily, parrot droppings, essence of cube, ent god sap, pickled barnacle, and rust scraped from an old pirate-y scabbard. 69% alcohol by volume. Please enjoy responsibly.

Feed Power: 10

Screenshot of Pirate Rum effect:

Remember: Objects in mirror are uglier than they appear

Drop Locations:
This will be dropped in a soulbound purple bag

Dreadstump the Pirate King
Pirate Admiral
Pirate Captain
Pirate Commander
Pirate Lieutenant

This item used to be purchasable from the Nexus for 50 Fame or so back over 6 years ago. It has since been a fairly rare drop for those that do not commonly do Pirate Caves.