Ghost Pirate Rum

Drunk For 6 Seconds Invisible for 4 Seconds
”Rum with ghostly properties that can help the drinker enter the spirit realm. It has fermented under the sea for ages.” .

Feed Power: 35

What many commoners see as a brew, is actually a gateway that leads to the spirit realm.

Ghost Pirate Rum was first introduced in Build 123.4.1 and, it drops from Enemies in the dungeon Davy Jones’s Locker and the Ghost Ship. It is very helpful for other classes as it allows the user to sneak undetected making the Demon Blade and the Staff of Extreme Prejudice more useful; it also promotes the Warrior class since, when using their ability, they can have the highest damage output of any sword class. This is also a great item to use when speedrunning a solo Shatters, because it can allow classes to destroy the switches without activating any of the nearby enemies.