Release History 2021


Patch – Long live Oryx

January 13

Hello Realmers,

Oryxmas is over. Long live Oryx. 2021 looks brighter than ever. This is a small update to have the Realm return to normal, make some Item Forge adjustments and fix some minor issues. Please remember that although the Oryxmas Campaign is over, you still have until Jan 14th (Thursday) at 12 PM UTC to claim all the rewards that you have unlocked. This week we are announcing a Speedrun contest that will take place on the Testing server during the weekend, but we’ll give you more details on that on our Thursday blog post.

Item forge tweaks:

  • Adjusted daily Forgefire charged value to 300.

We plan on adding new high-end items to the Item Forge, but at the same time we are gathering data and trying to adjust and balance the values of materials. We realized we will need a new tier for these high-end items, which will require more materials. This will happen in a future update and we’ll keep you updated on it. Also, we are happy to put the forge to more use and consider different options for new craftable items.

Other Changes:

  • Removed Jack Frost from the realm
  • Removed Oryxmas tokens
  • Added Third Dimension Key to the Epic Mystery Key description
  • Minor fixes.

Patch – Messing with the runes

January 26

Hello Realmers,

This patch brings important changes to the Rune System, as announced, but also to the Item Forge and some rework done on end-game dungeons.

While “cleaning” the portal monuments at the wine cellar, one of Oryx’s minions spilled a bottle of wine into the system that regulates the opening of the Sanctuary. He managed to clean it up before Oryx could see the mess, but the mechanism has never been the same since.

Oryx’s Sanctuary access

  • Drop Rates for all runes have been increased.
  • In particular, Shield Runes have gotten a great increase.
  • We have introduced a new event quest in the Tinkerer that will help you recycle Runes, converting them to each other, with the extra cost of 4 Oryx Marks.
  • There’s a little chance that portal monuments for Oryx’s Sanctuary will just open by themselves when you complete the Wine Cellar.

Item Forge

We are very happy with the incorporation of the Blacksmith to the game! We have made some balances to the material values required for items.

  • Balanced crafting values for certain high-end items.
  • Added new Blueprints to the game, amongst them: Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi, Star of Enlightenment, Orb of Conflict, Tablet of the King’s Avatar
  • Tweaked drop rates for high-end blueprints, O3’s miniboss Blueprints now drop only from Oryx’s Sanctuary.
  • As a reminder, in the last patch we adjusted daily Forgefire to 300.
  • We want to share the material values with you.

Please be reminded we are still monitoring closely the values of the system, adjusting balances, and will continue doing so. Thanks for your feedback!

We are also aware that the naming and icon colors could cause a little bit of confusion, so we are studying changes to both names of ores and colors, in order to improve usability. Also, we want to add new types of craftable items! You will hear more about it in future notes.

Dungeon Changes

We are introducing a variety of polish, balance and quality of life changes, focused mainly on endgame dungeons.

Lost Halls
  • Agonized Titan now only spawns 3 Evil Spirits at a time and at a much lower rate.
  • Agonized Titan only requires 3 Evil Spirits out of 5 to have been found to activate.
  • Adjusted dungeon generation: Loops can no longer appear on the side paths. Side paths now have a lower max length.
  • Crusaders and Spectral Sentry should no longer appear in the first 2 rooms beyond spawn rather than 1 room beyond spawn.
  • Champion of Oryx will now only spawn minions initially, once the minions are defeated he’ll follow the player with a 3 shot attack.
  • Marble Colossus’s final stand Void Attacks have had effect duration and damage revised down.
    • Void Ring: 1 -> 0.6 sec Petrify
    • Void Spear: 250 -> 200 damage
    • Void Blast: 185 -> 150 damage and 1 -> 0.6 secs Paralyze
Cultist Hideout
  • “The Cult” quest marker now disappears when players approach the boss room to avoid clutter
  • “Malus 2” now is a quest once again
The Void
  • “All now ends” now leads directly into middle attack with Greater Void Shades, skipping the build up entirely, the phase now also only lasts half as long as before.
Fungal Cavern
  • Crystal Worm Mother should now have a small grace period when going back to the arena after Father/Child has been defeated where she will not shoot.
  • Crystal Worm Mother should now have a small grace period when the tail has been destroyed to avoid stacking shotguns.
Crystal Cavern
  • Added a delay and telegraph to Crystal Bats explosion on death
  • Crystal Bats now circle players at a slower speed
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Bats didn’t always grant XP
  • Added a delay to Crystallized Scorpion’s first shotgun
  • Fixed a stacked shots issue related to split Crystallized Scorpion

As a bonus we’ve also reworked how Constructs in the mountains work. Rather than heal each other in a circle, they now only heal the construct stronger than them. This means that now any characters can defeat them as long as you take care of them in the right order (Wood > Rock > Steel). Their overall behavior and shot patterns has also been adjusted, they also now all share the same drop table meaning all give Potion of Attack, the same XP and The Machine dungeon.


  • Apostrophes now appear correctly for the names of Keys, Token and Item names.
  • Fixed the issue that caused some players to get DCed in Mad God Mayhem dungeon
  • Blueprints that give items belonging to Exaltation dungeons can now only be obtained from their specific Dungeons.
  • The Third Dimension Marks now appear in the Token type category in the vault.
  • Fixed the problem of too many breath updates on Katalund. Will not cause DCs anymore.
  • Bard Lute Reskin “Oryxmas Carol” had the wrong XP bonus and is now fixed.
  • Updated stats for the Botany Book.
  • Added HP scaling to the Sentry on The 3rd Dimension.
  • XP distribution is now consistent for nearby users when Regular enemies are killed by other users.
  • Improvements to minimap.
  • Quest completion check mark for Defeating Heroes of Oryx now updates under the extended tab when the user completes the requirement.
  • Removed requirement of seasonal dungeons from Hero of the Nexus Fame Bonus.

New Skins
A big shoutout to CrystalPX, Zquidx and Mizumi for the skins

Content Creator Skins

Our Twitch and Youtube content creator partners now have exclusive skins of their own. Say “Hi, mom!” and wave to the camera if you see one of those in game!

Patch – Remember the Nil

Febuary 9

Hello Realmers,

This release makes some important changes to the realm. We are introducing Nilshards and Nildrops and renaming the ore. We are bringing new STs (for the Knight and Necromancer). We’ve also been preparing Belladonna for Valentine’s day, so expect a few tweaks.


In the ancient times, before Oryx was born, the paladins who guarded the Realm discovered a strange but mighty powerful source of energy: The Void. Being wary, and guided by the old precepts of the angelic realms granted to them, they developed a way of channeling the Void into crystal-like forms.

They called them “Nilshards,” as they were made of the rare Nil material.

Nil was forbidden for a long time, mostly due to the disappearance of the paladin church and all the problems it caused during the “White Titan Project,” where the Void Entity caused havok.

However, back in the times, Nilshards were used for a variety of purposes.

The first one is crafting Ores, which will provide materials for your craftings. The Blacksmith will gladly change stacks of Nilshards into Ores depending on their rarity.

Ore Naming

With the introduction of Nilshards, the Blacksmith had to sit and explain to us we have decided to change the name of the Ores themselves to better reflect the material type they grant, as we got to understand the Ores’ properties a little bit better.

Acquiring Nilshards

Nilshards would be obtainable in the Shop and the Daily Login Calendar.


Back in the day before Nilshards were forgotten from existence, elixirs, tonics and other consumables distilled from them were commonly used, and the paladins would use them to enhance their battle capabilities and sustain long, difficult battles when defending the Realm.

Few can forge them today, as the crafts of the old paladin church are seemingly lost. However, they seem to be a piece of cake for the Blacksmith, if you provide her the right amount and rarity of Nilshards, and a little bit of Forgefire.

“Standard” Nildrops

They provide a stat boost for 5 minutes for everyone around you, and also clears negative status effects when you apply them. The stat boost depends on the Nildrop color.

They can be forged with Rare and Epic Nilshards.

“Minor” Nildrops

They are a lower version of the standard Nildrops. They also provide a boost for 5 minutes (only for you) and they cannot clear your status effects. Still, they’re a great way of accelerating your early game.

They can be forged with Common Nilshards.

“Special” Nildrops

They are hybrid versions of the standard Nildrops, born from the Blacksmith’s experiments. They require rarer Nilshards, but they provide a stronger boost to two attributes simultaneously for 5 minutes, also clearing your negative status effects on usage. They work for allies around you too!

They can be forged with Legendary Nilshards.

New ST’s

We have two new amazing sets for the Knight and Necromancer!

Cuboid Necromancer Set

Nordic Knight Set


We have made a few balancing tweaks to Belladonna in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what changed:

  • Reduced the radius of Bella’s berry bombs
  • Reduced the damage of the Bella Bud wiper attack (150 -> 100) in exchange for a short Stun effect
  • Fixed the rare possibility of a stacked shot occurring when the wiper attack transitions to its faster mode.

Item Changes

  • Perennial Cranium
    • Heal: 25 -> 40 HP
    • MP Cost: 130 -> 115
    • Cooldown: 2 -> 0 seconds

  • Hanagasaku
    • Explosion Range: 3 -> 3.5 tiles
    • MP Cost: 120 -> 110
    • Vitality: 4 -> 9

Both UTs have had slight sprite changes.

Perennial CraniumHanagasaku

Valentine’s Day Resprites

  • Heartstruck Bow
  • Quiver of Dazing Love
  • Cupid’s Garments
  • Ring of Unbound Love

16×16 Skin

The Gardener
For this year, we are introducing a new encounter for Belladonna. His name is “The Gardener” and he is ready to take on all of you!

You will find this new encounter in the Realm around St. Valentine’s Day.

“The Gardener” will spawn somewhere in the highlands after defeating all the cyclops gods in the realm. But watch out, or you might get soaking wet and have your clothes covered in pieces of green and pink balloons!

The Gardener Drops:

  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Diamond-Bladed Katana
  • Gem of Adoration
  • Gem of Tenderness
  • Heart of Gold Prism
  • Heartfind Dagger
  • Hearticles
  • Large Heart Cloth
  • Large Pink Dot Cloth
  • Lovebird Pet Skin
  • Small Heart Cloth
  • Small Pink Dot Cloth
  • Soulful Affection
  • Staff of Adoration
  • Stat Potions
  • Valentine Launcher
  • Vinesword
  • Wand of Budding Romance


- Fixed an issue where Constructs would slowly drift out of the mountains. - Fixed the ability for Sting Spiders to be dragged infinitely


  • Rebalanced the Void Blade to be closer to the version the Master Rat uses (stays still for a little over a second, then accelerates with 6 tiles of range). We realize this alters some of the use cases of the weapon, but in our testing we believe this has made the item noticeably more versatile and practical, beyond just extremely niche situations and unintended instakill methods.
  • Removed some rock spawns throughout the realm, making the environment less cluttered.

New FP Items

To celebrate love across the Realm, we are introducing a new, truly romantic pet food: the Chocolate Bonbon! This powerful, caloric treat stacks until you can finally double-click the Chocolate Bonbon x6 stack to turn it into an even tastier item: the Heart-shaped Chocolate Box. With this stackable food, you can choose a small FP reduction for an opportunity to save up on feeding costs.

New Cosmetics

Themed around love and otherwise, here are the beautiful new cosmetics about to hit the Realm.


Febuary 10

Hello Realmers,

This patch introduces fixes to some issues reported after the latest release. We are also introducing a free pack today, and a fame box on the weekend to thank you for your patience.

Events’ loot tables will now have additional Nil drops in them.


  • Fixed disconnection issues while logging in for some players
  • Fixed softlocking issues with O3 minibosses
  • Bonus points now show only when a campaign is available

Free pack:

  • 1x Legendary Mystery Skin
  • 1x Mystery ST Chest
  • 10x Shards of the Advisor
  • 5x Mystery Stat Pots

Patch – Security update

March 2

Hello Realmers,

Today we bring you the equivalent to seatbelts in cars. Well, better than seatbelts because you can see those. We are making security improvements. Like we said before, we have the whole team committed to fixing the issue that caused the weekend exploits and will be releasing a fix for it soon. This one is a programmed release with many fixes for previous issues.


  • HP and MP potions now cannot be accidentally used if your HP/MP is at 100%.
  • You will notice the cooldowns of some item effects tooltips (procs) have been changed to show a different value. Actually this is correcting these procs back to be exactly like their 1.3.1 functionality: A lot of proc tooltips were incorrect due to a bug, whose fixing in 1.3.2 accidentally nerfed some of these items, such as Divinity and the Vampire Rogue set.
  • Adjusted and fixed certain issues in Oryx’s Sanctuary. For example, Beisa is not able to be dragged out of his room anymore, and some of Oryx’s attacks are now more precisely telegraphed. Even so, more work is in the making and we will continue improving this dungeon.
  • We made it more difficult for toxic behaviors to happen, like opening keys on top of portals that could confuse players, especially in dungeons susceptible to this. Still, please be aware this is a non tolerated behavior as it results in the disruption of the normal gameplay.
  • User’s will not be able to shoot and gain xp from the wall shooting bullets in phase 1 and 3 while engaging with Leucoryx
  • Fixed an issue that made some assets appear glitched in the new Macbooks with M1 Chips.
  • Ground elements that have alpha will no longer render as black.
  • Fixed an issue that gave some users the “Build doesn’t exist” error while trying to load the game.
  • Typing the euro symbol (€) in the chat no longer causes DC to the player
  • Updated Mystery ST Crate description
  • Fixed an issue that allowed items being equipped in incorrect slots
  • Users should not be able to bypass the realm limit and should stay in the queue
  • Other minor fixes that don’t affect the gameplay


  • Improved Security
  • Removed change password option from the options menu
  • There is now an option to turn off Shadow rendering in options menu to increase performance
  • Implement a button to change servers along with “Quit” button when the user presses the esc key during the loading Screen.
  • Item description tooltip remained on the screen when the user pressed ESC key while the tooltip is on from the Nexus Shop
  • If you used the testing launcher to participate in the previous public testing sessions, please remove it. This update allows you to connect to testing from the main launcher if needed.

New Cosmetics

Fame prices update

During the next days or weeks, you might notice a change in Fame prices. This update is related to our adjustments based on the new behaviors and rhythm at which players gain Fame with the new Fame system. This adjustment may affect items in Shop, Nexus, Pet Yard (feeding and Pet Yard upgrade) and Bazaar.

Please note:

If you, or anyone near you have been affected by ‘keying’, please report to us by sending screenshots / video links of the incident so we can investigate.

Patch – Hotfix

March 3

Hello Realmers,

With this hotfix we are taking care of the issue that caused the weekend disconnections. Some Players were spamming abilities and crashing the server. We believe to have countered that method for causing the disconnections.

We also repaired the issue that caused players not being able to log into the game or change character if they last played with Halloween sets.

Thank you for your patience, and stay safe.

Patch – Unleashing the Summoner

March 30

Hello Realmers,

We haven’t been this excited with a release in a long time! Today we are unleashing a new class, the Summoner, and introducing two major dungeon reworks: Deadwater Docks and Sprite World. There is also a new notification system and a Knowledge Base website.

Finally, we have rolled out the biggest anti-bot measures ever in the history of the Realm. This gives us more and better tools to work with in the next couple of weeks to make sure those pesky little buggers don’t bug you again. The bots will not magically disappear but we will keep on working on improving these measures. We feel enthusiastic about them and hope you will also see the difference!

The Summoner

The subtle power sensed across the realm was just the beginning. Winds of change. Some Heroes of the Nexus were expectant over what this whole new ordeal would be about.

Others didn’t wait, though.

Priests and Sorcerers, both reliant on drawing their magical powers from divine or arcane entities, found together a common point. They realized their magic was all about conjuration, and manifestation of powers in reality, much contrary to the ritual-based spells of the Wizards or the dark, forbidden arts of the Necromancers.

So a small portion of them started investing time and effort in this unknown field of magical expertise. They tried evolving the concept of the Sorcerers’ scepter magic as a catalyst. They explored the Priests’ skill of invoking the favor of foreign entities.

And one day, from the efforts of these Heroes, the Summoner class was born.

It soon was the rage across the Nexus: The ability of summoning powerful creatures, some of them enemies of Oryx and willing to fight for the Heroes, others just too strange for our understanding, but still willing to form a solid bond with them and their cause.

And on the designated day where the Nexus mages performed the traditional ritual to curse Oryx into a Chicken (even if just for a short time), the Summoners joined the fight!


The Summoner is the 17th class in the game. She spawns monsters to fight for her and boost her damage output. The class uses wands, robes, rings, and her unique mace ability. The mace ability allows you to spawn and control creatures. Or as we will call them – Summons.

It is designed as a safer class for players who like to think strategically and do high damage. The Summoner relies on good timing and smart placement of her Summons to reach the class’ maximum potential.

The Summoner uses the following gear:

  • Weapon: Wand
  • Ability: Mace
  • Armor: Robe
  • Any Accessory or Ring

Unique Ability – Mace

You can have up to 3 Summons at a time. You must click on a valid point on the map (not occupied by solids) to spawn creatures. Summons will move in a few different ways depending on the specific abilities you are using.

The most common one is moving to the point you click with the Summon Control button (by default, the middle mouse button!). This behavior applies to all tiered Maces and some of the UT’s. You can also remap the Summon Control button to any other button.

You can click to order them to move or you can hold the button and they’ll move continuously. Other movement types include static, orbiting the Summoner, following the Summoner or orbiting around the spawn point.

How to Unlock

Summoner is located relatively far in terms of the new player loop: The class unlock requirements are level 20 on Sorcerer and Mystic.


Tiered Maces Showcase

UT Maces Showcase

Drops from the Beekeeper.

Campaign reward.

Drops from the Crystal Prisoner.

Drops from the Son of Arachna, Glowing Eggs, and four Giant Egg Sacs.

Possible reward from Shards of the Intern.

Drops from Limon the Sprite Goddess.

Drops from the Machine Servers.

Scientific Summoner Set (ST Set) Showcase

The Scientific Summoner Set brings the power of technology to your hands (and mace) by allowing a very charismatic mace that becomes more powerful with each set piece you wear! To master this set, you will need to hone your timing to make the best use of the B.O.O.M. Explosive!

Summoner Changes

This summary lists changes for those of you familiar with Summoner from Public Testing.

  • General balance adjustments on all maces. Please take a look at the showcase to see their final parameters.
  • Fixed B.O.O.M. tooltip visuals.
  • Movement of Summons that follow the mouse cursor has been reworked and now have a bit more organic pathfinding.
  • Movement of Summons that follow the mouse cursor move a bit slower now.
  • The distance at which your Summon teleports back to you has been set at around 12.5 tiles, approximately near the Fog of War radius.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with projectiles emitted from Summons and their interactions with certain obstacles.
  • Fixed minor inventory visual glitches for maces.
  • Summoner statues for the Vault have been added.
  • Mistake items for Summoner and Bard have been added.
  • Puppet and Zombie enemy versions of the Summoner have been added.
  • Summoner Agent of Oryx ability item has been added to the respective token pool.
  • Blueprints for new items in this patch have been added.
  • Summoner added to class unlocking progression, requiring level 20 on Sorcerer and Mystic.


We have received several suggestions for alternate control configurations or key binding options. The control scheme in this release will be similar to the one you know from Public Testing, but we’ll be monitoring how players use Summoner and these options will be considered for future releases.

Sprite World

The Sprite World is joining the many other godlands dungeons to be reconstructed in the past several months! The visuals have been completely redone, maintaining yet expanding on the dungeon’s uniquely abstract style (even the background elements are animated!). A variety of custom maps should make dungeon much more interesting to navigate, and enemy variety has been improved and increased.

Limon has of course received a rework as well, now with multiple different phase possibilities to keep her feeling fresh even when grinding many Sprite Worlds in a row. We wanted to make sure Limon (and the whole dungeon) are still very short for maxed characters to not pad out the process of maxing dexterity, while also making it a more balanced and engaging learning experience for fresh level 20 players. We sincerely hope you enjoy this remake!

Deadwater Docks

Deadwater Docks has finally caught up with the Pirate Cave on the reconstruction train! This once bland area is now a gloomy, fully realized pirate colony. Tons of different rooms, extra high enemy variety, environmental hazards, and a majorly upgraded fight against the new pirate king Jon Bilgewater await! As with other reconstructions, we’ve continued to emphasize some degree of environmental storytelling as well to make dungeons like this feel more complete.

Deadwater Docks is also no longer a drop from the Crystal Prisoner, instead coming from a brand new god: the Corsair Crab. He’ll shuffle around with a crab-like side to side movement and try to inflict massive damage with his wave attack, especially if he exposes you.

There is also another crustacean involved with the docks, a giant enemy crab known to the pirates as the “Calamity Crab.” This creature will wander around the entire dungeon in search of players, savagely attacking anyone they find. Both running away and standing your ground are valid options for dealing with this beast, so decide quickly before your grave becomes the latest rave site.

If you’d like to see the Sprite World and Deadwater Docks discussed in more detail, feel free to check out our latest video if you didn’t catch it before!

This is a YouTube video:

Other Reconstruction Adjustments

We have made in-depth adjustments to some of the dungeons that already went through a reconstruction.

Crawling Depths Changes:

  • Lowered amount of Crawling Spider Hatchling coming from egg sacs
  • Lowered HP of Crawling Spider Hatchling, Crawling Grey Spider, Crawling Red Spotted Spider and Crawling Grey Spotted Spider
  • Tweaked behaviors of multiple enemies to avoid them cluttering in unreachable spots for too long
  • Slightly reduced overall length of the dungeon
  • Added a new type of narrow rooms
  • Increased the amount of greater spiders and egg sacs per room
  • Egg sacs activated by walking nearby now activate other ones within a few tiles. Killing egg sacs will still only activate that specific one.
  • Increased the chance of the treasure room spawning
  • Added a small chance for 1-5 Glowing Eggs to spawn in a normal room.
  • The boss room now no longer contains egg sacs on the outskirts
  • Son of Arachna’s web now covers a much bigger area giving players more space to dodge
  • The web now have breaks between threads at all time rather than only during the red web phase
  • Web spokes shots now have a lower shot speed
  • Added a variety of grace periods and telegraphs to Son of Arachna
  • Fixed an issue where Son of Arachna would not reverse properly if rotating counter-clockwise in the second phase
  • Giant Egg Sacs no longer heal Son of Arachna
  • Updated Son of Arachna tiered item distribution, with a higher chance at weapons.
  • Sting Spider now drops tiered items as well as a Potion of Wisdom
  • Son of Arachna’s web spokes now shows up as white dots on the minimap
  • Son of Arachna’s Giant Egg Sacs now show up as their respective colors dots on the minimap

Woodland Labyrinth Changes:

  • Lowered minion spawn rate from the boss
  • Once the minion cap has been reached, all minions need to be cleared before the boss gets to spawn some more
  • Lowered the hard cap of minion spawn per phase
  • Improved Micro Megamoth Sentinel behavior to protect the boss less
  • Lowered Micro Megamoth Sentinel’s confuse shot speed and increased damage
  • Lowered rate of fire and added a longer initial offset to Micro Megamoth Sentinel‘s attack
  • Increased charge speed on Micro Megamoth Sentinel
  • Added telegraph to Mammoth Megamoth’s jab during its orbit phase
  • Lowered fire rate of Mammoth Megamoth’s attack during its orbit phase
  • Lowered the average speed of Mammoth Megamoth during its orbit phase
  • Added a slight delay before next step of Mammoth Megamoth’s wave phase and center phase
  • Added various grace periods to a few attacks that missed it
  • Fixed an issue where Murderous Megamoth would blink in and out of invulnerability if all nearby players were invisible
  • Increased the size of the green projectile on Murderous Megamoth’s follow attack
  • Increased the size of turrets
  • Turrets should no longer generate close enough for their shot to reach the boss room
  • Megamoth Larva and Murderous Megamoth should no longer be able to leave the boss room or get stuck in the hallway
  • Updated sprite of Mecha Squirrel’s acorn grenade to be more visible, it now looks like an iron acorn.
  • Minions in the boss room now die alongside the boss’ death
  • Updated Murderous Megamoth tiered item distribution, with a higher chance at abilities.
  • Great Owl now drops tiered items as well as a Potion of Vitality

UI Improvements

New Notification System

With the new notification system, we are moving information usually posted in the chat to a new area, first to be more visible and second to keep the chat for chat related messages.

So now drinking a potion or queuing up for a realm will have a distinct look to it. You may have caught a glimpse of this feature when we introduced the Forge and the recovery of Forgefire as well as unlocking a blueprint.

We thought this is a pretty neat way to reduce clutter in the chat so we expanded on it and moved most of the info messages into the new notifications. And yeah, it now shows new notification types for both player deaths and dungeons opened by keys!

Minimap Changes

With this update we reworked how the minimap looks as well! Now you can see icons for different NPC’s and interactable entities like your Vault Chest, Gift Chest, and Blacksmith, alongside other visual improvements like other players’ icons and portals.

Lore Items

New lore-related items can now be found in the game, like books! Double-clicking them will allow you to read them (but remember it doesn’t pause the game!).

We plan on giving a little bit more spice to Realm’s rich (but a tad too hidden) lore, and this might be a step towards that. Let us know if you like it!

UI/Aesthetic Changes

  • Implemented Forest Maze music by WangleLine
  • Changed Unity News name from “Latest News” to “Archive”
  • Added “Highlighted” section for the top 3 news
  • Added a toggle option to turn off buff icons on other players
  • Equipping 4 different sets of ST items no longer creates a 16×16 sprite icon set of the ring that the player has equipped.
  • Fixed the issue that caused buff icons to overlap
  • Fixed error message for attempting to teleport to a cloaked player
  • Fixed the issue that caused the ‘Best Server’ option disabling when the user cancelled the ‘Connect to Best Server’ prompt in the same instance
  • User is no longer able to moonwalk after de-transformation from removing an item from an equipped ST set
  • Remove Member function no longer appears for guild members who are below officer rank
  • Chat window no longer opens up when the user presses social keys in the ‘Search input field’ in the Social menu
  • User no longer gets two notifications after Mute/Unmute other player instead one
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera center and off-center functions not working for some people
  • User no longer gets the quest list in the nexus
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to get Friends List error dialog when accessing Friend List/Guild List.
  • User no longer gets Oryx messages in the nexus
  • The user should get a notification when the user clicks on the ‘Ignore‘ option
  • Fixed an issue that caused players on Pet Yard not getting the notification “Stop spamming or you will be kicked”
  • Fixed an issue that caused players not getting some notifications.
  • Error messages are no longer spammed multiple times
  • Consuming blueprints now always generates a notification
  • “EH venom” no longer appears instead of the Killer Honey on the death window text when a character dies to it
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Notification “You cannot do that again for x seconds” to be shown on unwanted situations.
  • The user can no longer remove himself from the guild chronicle at any rank
  • Fixed an issue that caused the user list to fail to appear on the screen until the user clicked anywhere on the screen while the social panel was already opened
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes created death sounds on an endless cycle when a character died
  • Fixed an issue that displayed the “Access token expired” dialog when downloading the build from the launcher
  • Oryx’s Dwarf Miner event callout text now appears aligned in chat
  • Login credential prompt no longer appears for Steam users
  • Player transparency has been improved further
  • Added additional camera zoom steps
  • And there’s one extra change you’ll have to see for yourself, courtesy of the talented Saturn.

Other Changes and Fixes

Fame and Progression Changes

  • Fixed inconsistency of XP bonuses in tiered items
  • New batch of blueprints added to the Nexus to be sold for fame
  • New packs of blueprints can appear in the shop. These will not be gold-exclusive, as they would also appear as either loot, sold for fame, or obtainable during events.
  • Adjusted fame prices of all sold items
  • Adjusted fame prices of several purchasables in the game:
    • Dyes –> Up by x1.75
    • Pet Yard –> Up by x1.75
    • Feeding –> Up by x1.75
    • Fusing –> Up by x1.75
    • Tiered items –> Up by x2 and reduced their Feed Power by x0.75

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed Keyper’s dungeon pool for Easter
  • Changed Nexus to Hanami theme
  • Added Easter tokens to dungeons and encounters
  • Increased Golden Rat spawn rate
  • Added proper hit/death sounds to Master Rat
  • Made Forbidden Jungle a guaranteed drop from Great Coil Snake
  • Extended the key blocking system from to more places such as the Inner Sanctum and Crystal Cavern spawn locations
  • Fixed the cooldown system of procs. This concerns both interactions of proc combinations between items, as well as some specific items such as:
    Wand of Geb
  • Divinity (Fixed in
  • Soulcursed Scythe (Fixed in
  • Fixed an issue with procs where the cooldown was reset while the proc was not actually granted, like with alien armors and the Hallowed Hide
  • Fixed a problem where using the Soulcursed Scythe after taking damage while cloaked would cause the third scythe strike to fire in the opposite direction
  • Fixed an edge case where Oryx 3’s messengers would remain stuck in a state until reactivation
  • Oryx 3’s messengers now telegraph their attack when they become active again
  • You can no longer shoot backwards if you change your skin in the vault and shoot at the same time

New Items

New Items and Cosmetics

Knowledge Base

The Summoner has also summoned a new website for our Customer Support team. From there you will be able to submit tickets, read FAQ sections for a wide variety of topics and also read general information about the game. It will be updated on a regular basis with everything Realm-related.

You can check it out here:

Biff’s Extra

Biff’s Extra is a limited time program that unlocks opportunities to get big treasures. With the purchase of select boxes or packs, players will get one or several Biff’s Extra’s, a mystery item that contains many treasures with potentially very high value. Biff’s Extra doesn’t add to the price of the pack.

If you open one of Biff’s Secrets, please reach out to Customer Support to claim your great treasure. Please keep in mind that if you get Secret Hoard or Backup Stash, it will only be given out at the end of the Extra period.

Biff’s Extra starts today, March 30th, and will end on May 4th. You will be able to claim your treasures until May 17th.

The Biff’s Secrets item only contains the four secrets shown below:

The Biff’s Extra item can contain:

  • Biff’s Secrets
  • Paramount Ore
  • Solar Energy Drink
  • Heart-shaped Chocolate Box
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Epic Mystery Skin
  • Epic Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Superior Ore
  • Mystery ST Chest
  • Chocolate Bonbon x3
  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x10
  • Rare Mystery Skin
  • Rare Mystery Pet Skin
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x20
  • Exalted Sulphur
  • Chalice of Ambrosia
  • Crystal of Fortune x20
  • Greater Ore
  • Force Nildrop
  • Cinder Nildrop
  • Blood Nildrop
  • Moon Nildrop
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Paramount Sulphur
  • Crystal of Fortune x10
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x10
  • Chocolate Bonbon x1
  • Vial of Pure Ambrosia
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Droplet of Ambrosia
  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Superior Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Backpack
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Minor Teal Nildrop
  • Minor Hazel Nildrop
  • Minor Azure Nildrop
  • Minor Crimson Nildrop
  • Minor Scarlet Nildrop
  • Minor Beryl Nildrop
  • Minor Onyx Nildrop
  • Minor Amaranth Nildrop
  • Crystal of Fortune x1
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x1
  • Basic Sulphur
  • Rare Mystery Key

Patch – Hotfix

April 1

Hello Realmers,

With this release you’ll be able to drink potions from the Potion Vault again. Its purpose is also to make some adjustments to improve the way we fight bots.

We are also very happy to tell you that, within the spirit to fight bots and hacked clients, we will be reintroducing a working Flash version.

Yes, it may come across as a “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach… because it is! We have a working version that some of our testers have already tried out, and this hotfix will allow us to add some features we couldn’t before. This was due to Flash’s limitations. We managed to work around it, creating a hybrid engine that will run the flash file (swf). Oh, and you won’t find it available to manually download: the files will be automatically downloaded with the update.

Thank you.


April 9

Hello Realmers,

The weekend is almost here, and with it (hopefully) more time to play RotMG.

With the update we are releasing today we want to make your weekend better: we will be fixing some disconnection issues; fixing the doubling of some stats boosts given by exaltation, and also fixing bugs affecting item swapping from the potion vault.

After updating the client, you might get a popup that tells you to download a new build. If this happens, close your launcher and re-open it. You should now be able to download the proper build.

Events update

Snake Pit will drop 1.5x loot and xp from 04-11-2021, 12:00 UTC to 04-16-2021, 12:00 UTC.

Toxic Sewers will also drop 1.5x loot and xp from 04-13-2021, 12:00 UTC to 04-18-2021, 12:00 UTC.

Patch – Balance

May 4

Hello Realmers,

It’s all about balance… and with this update we are making some important item rebalancing changes. We’ve listed the changes so you can know exactly what to expect. We’ve also made changes to the Crystal Entity and its battle flow, to the dungeon player caps, and to the way the game handles collision. Of course, there are bug fixes to go through and a handful of new skins to check out as well!

Here are the changes we made with this release:

  • Players can now select to which server they want to connect to via the launcher.
  • Summons changes (VFX on spawning a summon + players can now hide or make summons transparent).
  • Changed the proc sprite of Mechanical Mace and made some tweaks to the beam animation.
  • Chess room is now accessible without the ARG: Players just need to say “chess” to Guill! We also fixed some bugs in it, check down below!
  • Reverted April Fools/Easter resprites.
  • Forge items sorting has changed. Most are sorted according to Forgefire cost.
  • Teleporters that take players to the boss room no longer appear during chest events (or at all, for that matter).
  • /pause function removed completely (not just the command disabled), and is also removed from the /help information.
  • Improved the telegraph of Crystal Caverns bats, they now glow a more visible color as well as grow in size before explosion. Duration of the telegraph has also been reduced.

Crystal Entity battle rework

We have reworked the Crystal Entity! The new Crystal Entity’s battle flow will go like this:

  • Spawns an easy Mini Boss (Lizard, Cyclops). Crystal Entity can attack and will stay Invulnerable until that Mini Boss’ death.
  • When the miniboss dies Crystal Entity becomes vulnerable and uses its “Red Crystal Attack.”
  • Once the Crystal Entity’s health goes below 75%, spawns another mini boss (Scorpion, Fish). Crystal Entity can attack and will stay Invulnerable until that Mini Boss’ death.
  • When the miniboss dies Crystal Entity becomes vulnerable and uses its “Red Crystal Attack”
  • Once the Crystal Entity’s health goes below 50%, spawns a final mini boss (Monstrosity). Crystal Entity can attack and will stay Invulnerable until its death.
  • When the miniboss dies Crystal Entity becomes vulnerable and uses its “Red Crystal Attack” (This will last until it dies)

Also, we have worked a bit on the colors associated with each phase of the battle to make it more congruent with the overall theme.

  • Crystal Entity HP 90,000→ 120,000
  • Becomes Armored during final rage at 50% HPWith each rage, pulse entity travels faster and boss has more attacks
  • Crystalized Lizard (Easy)
  • New shotgun type attack added (5 shots, 160 dmg/shot)
  • Crystal Walls no longer confuse and slowRandomized starting position
  • Crystalized Cyclops (Easy)
  • Randomized starting position
  • Crystalized Scorpion (Mid)
  • Scorpion now does cycles through shotgun and spin attack
  • When it reaches less than 70% health it switches to split scorpion phase once, and at 40% health it uses the target attack once
  • Slow shotgun projectiles speed and damage reduced (225–>180)
  • The spiral attack has 4 tentacles now and has higher damage (115-120)
  • Split scorpion do less damage on explosion (100-175)
  • Split scorpion flashes for half a second before exploding
  • Crystalized Fish (Mid)
  • Now immune to Stun

Item Rebalance

We’ve got some long awaited balance changes coming up. Below is a pretty sizable list of item balance, ranging from little touch-ups to significant changes. We’ve mainly targeted items which were left behind in other balancing efforts of the past several months, so hopefully these are exciting to see!

Ray Katana

  • Damage: 111 → 140
  • RoF: 100% → 110%
  • Range: 6.11 → 6.2

  • New Sprite


  • MP Cost: 80 → 100
  • Held effect removed
  • Shoots 4 projectiles instead of 1
  • Projectiles now boomerang
  • Damage: 400 → 600
  • Lifetime (MS): → 800
  • Range: 8.4 → 6
  • Changed Forge material quantities when dismantled/crafted.

  • New Sprite

Trap of the Vile Spirit & Trap of the Blood Spirit

  • Damage: 650 → 800, now armor pierces
  • Throw Time: 0.75 → 0.5 seconds
  • On Equip:
    • +20 MP → 0 MP
    • +3 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +3 SPD → +4 SPD

Amber Encrusted Helmet

  • Removed Cooldown

Robe of the Mad Scientist

  • The changes for this item will be released in a future patch. At the present time it will remain unchanged.

Soul’s Guidance

  • Proc Cooldown: 1s → 0.4s
  • Forgotten Soul spawn chance: 10% → 15%

Plague Poison

  • On Equip:
    • +2 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +2 ATT → +4 WIS
  • Throw Time: 1.5 → 1.2 seconds

  • New Sprite

Resurrected Warrior’s Armor

  • Trigger on taking damage: 0 → 40
  • No Stacking of Wisdom Debuff
  • On Equip: +15 WIS → +20 WIS

  • New Sprite

Staff of Esben

  • Amplitude 1.35 → 0.85
  • RoF: 0.8 → 1.0
  • Damage 70-90 → 55-75

DPS is effectively still the same. Primarily the shot pattern is affected.

  • New Sprites

Orb of Aether

  • MP Cost 90 → 110

Fire Dragon Battle Armor & Eggre Battle Armor

  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Deals a burst of 500 damage to enemies within 5 sqrs and poison them for 500 damage over 5 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • On Equip: +4 ATT → +6 ATT

  • New Sprite

Leaf Hide Dragon Armor

  • On Equip:
    • +3 VIT → +5 VIT
    • +3 WIS → 0 WIS
  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Increase defense by 15 for 5 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds

  • New Sprite

Water Dragon Silk Robe

  • On Equip:
    • +12 DEF → +13 DEF
    • +3 WIS → 0 WIS
    • 0 VIT → +5 VIT
  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Heals 100 HP and applies healing for 3 seconds when under 75% HP. Cooldown 15 seconds

  • New Sprite

Ring of the Sphinx & Enchanted Ice Shard

  • On Equip: +4 WIS → +4 ATT

Tome of Holy Protection & Tome of Frigid Protection

  • On Equip: +4 VIT → +4 DEF

Pharaoh’s Requiem

  • Changed mask behavior to orbit in place instead of randomly wander
  • Reduced mask size 120 → 100
  • Mask radius: 2.5 → 3

Hivemaster Helm

  • Cooldown removed
  • Bees are now summons (meaning using the ability again replaces the existing 3 bees!)
  • Curse chance 50% → 100%

Ritual Robe

  • On Equip: +15 WIS → +20 WIS

Bloodshed Ring

  • On Equip:
    • +100 HP → +110 HP
    • +5 DEF → +6 DEF
    • +5 WIS → +6 WIS

Quiver of the Shadows

  • On Equip: +2 DEF → +6 DEF
  • Arc Gap: 8 → 5
  • XP Bonus: 7% → 8%
  • Pierces through obstacles

Armor of Nil

  • On Equip:
    • +24 DEF → +26 DEF
    • -4 SPD → -3 SPD


  • Projectile size reduced by 25%

Gambler’s Fate

  • Throw Time: 0.8 → 0.6 seconds
  • Throw Object color: FFD800 (gold)

Turncoat Cape

  • Invisibility: 2 → 3 seconds
  • Proc Activated on taking: 40 → 30 damage


  • Projectile size reduced by 25%

Divine Coronation

  • On Equip:
    • +90 HP → +110 HP
    • +40 MP → +55 MP


  • Arc Gap: 6 → 12
  • Speed: 140 → 130
  • Lifetime (MS): 420 → 410
  • Range: 5.88 → 5.33

Enforcer’s key change comes from the adjustment of its arc gap from 6 degrees to 12 (14 on PT), which we know was a controversial one when first revealed. Our reasoning for this is not just that Enforcer outclassed every other katana, which is NOT the goal of endgame UTs, but that the weapon had no real specialization. The previous arc gap of 6 was so tight that it was effectively decorative, meaning DPS was always maximized even as its generous range for a katana.

With these changes, Enforcer is now a more distinctly dual-purpose weapon. Its true range is not the same as its max range, but it still has the reach to hit targets with at least one shot at a distance, which itself is still strong. And by being more daring, you can get closer to land both and regain that extreme DPS for a risk/reward balance. This is still FAR from the proximity required for DBlade as some comparisons made, but it makes Enforcer not instantly the best and safest choice in every situation.

Ballistic Star

  • Shots now pass through objects for less interruption
  • offsetAngle of main shot 0 → 45
  • offsetAngle of secondary shot – 90 → 135

This change is so that one of the stunning projectiles of the star is shot out straight ahead
instead of sideways.

Centaur’s Shielding

  • Proc Duration: 3 → 4.5 seconds

Battalion Banner

  • Duration of the Damaging buff from the banner: 1 → 0.6
  • Cooldown of buff application 1.0 → 0.2

Effectively making it more consistent, like the Marble Seal: If players stand in the banner they ‘just get the buff’. It shouldn’t be missable if players stand in the radius!

Oryx’s Escutcheon

  • Throw Time: 0 | 0.8 → 0.6 | 1.6 → 1.2 seconds
  • Stun Duration: 1.4 → 2 seconds
  • Damage: 850-900 → 1000-1200
  • Radius: 2.25 → 2.75
  • Max Cast Range: 2.5 → 3.0

Thousand Shot & Blazon Bow & Sunny Side Bow

  • Damage: 45-130 → 60-125
  • On Equip: -5 SPD → 0 SPD

Sealed Crystal Skull

  • Min Wis: 30 → 25
  • Ignore Def: 55 → 70

Bottled Medusozoan

  • Removed cooldown

Cloak of the Mad God

  • Cooldown: 6.5 → 6
  • MP Cost: 125 → 110
  • On Equip: 0 DEF → +5 DEF
  • Feed Power: 900 -> 950

Lightshow Scepter

  • Mana Cost – 125 → 100
  • Wisdom on Use – 10 → 20
  • Mana on Use – 30 → 50 (Only if using the full set)

Performer’s Hat

  • On Equip: +70 HP → +77 HP
  • Procs Cooldown: 20 → 15 seconds
  • Procs Chance: 15% → 20%

Ancient Spell & Spectral Spell

  • Damage 53-115 → 55-115
  • On Equip:
    • 0 SPD → +2 SPD
    • 0 VIT → +5 VIT

Harmonious Harp

  • Speed: 50 → 65
  • Lifetime (MS): 1200 → 1000
  • Total Range: 6 → 6.5
  • Rate of Fire: 80% → 85%

Nectar Crossfire

  • Damage: 35-60 → 50-65

Oryx’s Greatsword

  • Damage: 185-245 → 185-215
  • RoF: 110% → 120%
  • Range: 2.8 → 3.5

Tricorne of the High Seas

  • Cooldown: 5 → 0
  • Proc Cooldown: 6 → 3
  • Applied wismod formula of tiered helms
  • Proc damage threshold: 60 → 40

Staff of Eruption

  • Amplitude: 0.35 → 0
  • Lifetime (MS): 300 → 366
  • Range 4.5 → 5.5


  • Damage: 190-260 → 220-270


  • MP Cost: 100 → 80

Reinforced Root Armor

  • Negative speed proc removed
  • On Equip: +4 SPD → 0 SPD
  • New “On Hit” Proc: While wearing “Traveler’s Trinket” and taking 40 damage, + 20 vit for 4 seconds. 6 seconds cooldown.

Daring Discoverer ST Set Bonuses:

  • On Equip 2 Pieces:
    • +3 DEF → +4 DEF
    • +3 ATT → +0 ATT
    • +2 SPD → +4 SPD
    • +0 MP → +40 MP

  • On Equip 3 Pieces:
    • +3 SPD → +0 SPD
    • +3 DEF → +4 DEF
    • +0 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +0 MP → +50 MP

  • On Equip All Pieces:
    • +6 ATT → +8 ATT
    • +5 DEF → +8 DEF
    • +40 HP

This information is a bit difficult to digest at face value. Hence, this is the difference of the whole set bonus, compared to before:
-5 SPD, +40 MP, +3 ATT, +5 DEF

Additional Feed Power & XP changes:

  • Arcane Rapier (600 → 700 FP)
  • Snake Charmer Pungi (600 → 650 FP)
  • Cloak of Cubic Enigma (1000 → 800 FP | 6 → 7% XP)
  • Seal of Cubic Conundra (1000 → 800 FP | 6 → 7% XP)
  • Shadow Serpent Sidearm (500 → 800 FP | 6 → 7% XP)
  • Sealed Crystal Skull (6 → 7% XP)
  • Skull of Endless Torment (8 → 7% XP)
  • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires (6 → 7% XP)
  • Crystal Sword (400 → 600 FP)
  • Enchanted Ice Blade (400 → 600 FP)
  • Crystal Wand (600 → 700 FP)
  • Frozen Wand (600 → 700 FP)
  • Jade Storm (900 → 950 FP | 6 → 7% XP)
  • Shield of Flowing Clarity (900 → 950 FP | 6 → 7% XP)
  • Tome of Holy Furor (6 → 7% XP)
  • Mayhem Medallion (350 → 850 FP)
  • Ring of Wrath (350 → 850 FP)
  • Autarch Amulet (350 → 850 FP)

Additional Sprite changes:

  • Celestial Blade

  • Midnight Star

  • Skullish Remains of Esben

  • Esben’s Shaman Attire

  • Esben’s Wedding Ring

Note: the patch notes had no mention of sprite changes and contained no new sprite images


  • Fixed a bug with the black king incorrectly checking squares under attack by white pawns.
  • Fixed a bug where castling was initiated when moving the king onto a “castling square” outside of the real castling sequence.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could skip an opponent’s move while promoting a pawn.

Dungeon Caps

  • Court of Oryx Dungeons have all a maximum number of players of 25.
  • Other Dungeons that have had a maximum number of players of 65 have now been reduced to 50.

These changes are related to our long-term plans, and it’s important for both performance improvements and overall game balance. We feel these changes will fit better the intended game experience and work with mechanics like bosses’ HP scaling.


  • Enemies no longer ignore any changes made to the map. An example of this would be when the setpiece for the Lost Sentry is created. Previously, any enemies would ignore the walls and go straight through them. Now they are blocked by it instead as they should. Another example is the Beehemoths getting stuck on seemingly nothing, because the setpiece overwrote once unwalkable ground (Cyclops God castle). Instead they move over traversable ground as normal.

  • This change affects some enemies that used this behaviour as a feature. All of these have been adapted to work in this new setting. Externally, it should seem as though nothing changed. Some examples of this:

    • Hermit God can still move through its deep water, as well as any arbitrary enemy. However, players still cannot.
    • Chief Beisa can still walk over the space tiles he creates, but not escape the boss room.
    • Oryx 3 cannot escape the boss room at the start, despite the gate being open.

Please note: There’s a small chance we might have missed something affected by this collision issue. If players notice any weird behavior, please record that part of the gameplay and send us a support ticket.

New Skins

  • Paladin Beachcake and Beefcake skin
  • Glyph Researcher Trickster Skin
  • Rainmaker Sorcerer Skin
  • Oryx the Baby God Pet Skin
  • Paladuck Paladin Skin
  • Biard Pet Skin
  • Malus? Pet Skin
  • Possessed Earring Sorcerer Skin
  • Lonesome Swordswoman Samurai Skin

New Skins –

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that caused enemy icons to be enlarged when a user enters the dungeon.
  • We believe we have fixed the bug which caused thrown objects (such as tossed minions or AoE attacks) to be invisible and not render their sprite. Although we were no longer able to reproduce the bug on our side after fixes, please let us know if it still occurs anywhere!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the players to get a “You can not download this build” error on the launcher on Production after switching from Production to Testing environment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user not to receive the verification email after clicking on the “Resend Mail” button when creating an account.
  • Fixed the /ignore command.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new players to get the tutorial only on the second launch of the game.
  • Fixed a bug that causes disconnections when a player spams the fire button as soon as he removes the weapon from the weapon slot.


May 18

Hello Realmers,

This update brings new drop locations for the Nordic Knight Set and Cuboid Necromancer Set. There are also many bug fixes, some of which you have been requesting, like the ability to hide projectiles from allies. We are also making some visual changes and refactoring some bullet animations, and even added a new splash screen.

Here are the latest changes to your favorite game:

Notification Log

  • You can now access the last notifications in your interface! Click the small arrow below your profile and a list of the last notifications will display.

Robe of the Mad Scientist

  • DEF +12
  • VIT +7
  • WIS +7
  • Discount 25% MP on ability use

Nordic Knight Set and Cuboid Necromancer Set

  • These STs are now dropping from following:

Cuboid Necromancer and Nordic Knight ST items will now drop from the Mystery ST Chest, replacing the older set for each of the classes. They will be updated in their respective quest chest with the next release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Oryx 3 in which, in rare instances, it could not produce a portal.
  • Fixed a problem in Bottled Medusazoan that affected its fire rate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players’ ability projectiles to be visible despite “Hide Projectiles/Hide All” being selected for the “Ally Shoot” option.
  • Fixed the issue with an item disappearing while present in the slot right next to the item which is being consumed in sorted lists of vault chest or gift chest
  • Corrected the bug that caused a visual duplicate potion to appear when dragging any potion from the Quick Slot to the inventory.
  • Fixed the bug that rendered the user unable to shoot at 45 degrees in some situations.

Other changes

  • Projectiles of Midnight Star had a sprite change to match the item.
  • Blueprints now all drop in golden bags instead of cyan bags.
  • Slow immunity added to Crystallised Lizard and Crystallised Cyclops in Crystal Cave
  • We have temporarily disabled the Lock and and Ignore functions, but rest assured, we’ll get them back as soon as possible. It is not permanent.
  • Added new Splash Screen
  • Lair of Shaitan now has a 25 player limit as all Court of Oryx dungeons.
  • Savage Trap and Ravenheart Sword now give 1% XP Bonus.
  • Marks requirements for crating in the Item Forge now display in the craft panel.


June 1

Hello Realmers,

This is a minor update, but don’t be fooled by the name. It brings important changes that will affect the way you play and enjoy RotMG. Well, at least for those of you who are really interested in the lore and overall narrative of the game. Some things will start to make more sense now, as a new chapter unfolds in the Mad God’s story.

This is what we are changing:

Unstable Status Effect

  • Instead of 360º, now the Unstable Status Effect will restrict the angle that a shot from your weapon can deviate up to a certain limit. So it will mess up with your aim (more noticeable at longer distances) but won’t completely nullify your attacks. This is to make the effect more distinct and less frustrating, so it isn’t redundant alongside effects like Weak, Stunned, or Dazed. Instead of effectively just stopping all damage, it now nudges you toward getting more dangerously close to an enemy to improve your chances of hitting. Note that abilities are still aimed in a 360º angle and will miss more frequently.

Janus the Doorwarden

  • Fixed a problem where Janus started with some HP but then didn’t rescale to the correct amount of players.

ST Drops

Quest Chest Drops

Standard Quest Chest

Mighty Quest Chest

Scientific Summoner Set


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Necromancer ability skull does not to correctly calculate damage as per tooltip description.
  • Fixed an issue that made the tooltip description of the items not to appear when the players placed the cursor over the items.
  • Fixed issue that caused disconnections when a user moved out of the boundaries in the space stage, after defeating O3.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the current server not appearing highlighted in the server list.

Other changes

  • Added attack frame to Oryx the Exalted God pet skin.
  • Treasure Hunter Archer Set.
    • Fixed a problem with the conditions for which these items can drop.
  • Item Visual Improvements.
    • Certain items have been realigned to be correctly centered on their inventory slot.
  • Added Mechanical Mace to the pool of Shard of the Intern x15.
  • Added Mechanical Mace to the Oryx Abilities quests, which are now three.
  • Added the Scientific Summoner ST set to the Mystery ST Chest.

Patch – Soundtrack

June 15

Hello Realmers,

We are happy to let you know that the music we all love and cherish is making its way back into the game. With this minor update we are bringing the Original Soundtrack back. It also fixes some bugs.

Here are the changes that were made:

  • Added the OST music back into the game. OST By WangleLine and Aiden Strozzi (aka Spave)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pet skins text to spill out of the borders of the tooltip.

Patch – Star Ranks

June 29

Hello Shiny Realmers,

In this update, we reshaped the Star Ranks, re-decorated the Nexus, and fixed a few bugs.
If you got curious and want to know more, here are the changes that affect the game:

Star Ranks

For those of you who have seen and tried the new Star Ranks, we would like you to know that we gathered your feedback and it’s being taken into consideration. Yes, the Class quests are changing. As we mentioned before, we keep reviewing and adjusting the Fame values. Due to the new way of acquiring Fame, Star Ranks got to a point where they were much easier to acquire and thus much less representative of the player’s mastery of the different classes.

We want to change that. We want to make Star Ranks somewhat more aligned with your mastery over a class, and we decided to introduce some important variations to how Class Quests are unlocked:

  • Now it is unlocked based on the Base Fame (the Fame you obtain while you are alive with a single character, without Fame Bonuses). This means you need to be alive and acquire a big enough amount of Fame (Bonuses not counted) on a single character to unlock the Class Quests stars.
  • Also, we increased the costs and reviewed them with the current base fame growth rate we observe from our data.

Overall, these are the new Base Fame costs of each Class Quest star. These are the same for all Classes:

Class Quest Star Before (Total Fame) Now (Base Fame)
First Star 20 20
Second Star 150 500
Third Star 400 1500
Fourth Star 800 5000
Fifth Star 2000 15000

These changes will be retroactive, which means that players who don’t meet the criteria might be readjusted to a lower Star Rank. Now, acquiring a White Star will be a bit more challenging and an impressive feat!

Fame Changes

  • Fame Bonuses tweaks:
    • Beachzone now correctly counts completions
    • Heroic Abyss of Demons and Heroic Undead Lair no longer have Fame Bonus associated.
    • “Seasons’ Beatin” and “Realm of the Mad God” Fame Bonuses now require Beachzone but not Heroic Abyss of Demons nor Heroic Undead Lair.

  • Fame gain per minutes
    • Until now, players would earn a little bit of Fame accounting for the time you are “active”.
    • However the amount earned by this method was irrelevant and even confusing. So we have decided to deprecate this mechanic.
    • While the stats will still be tracked by the system, no Fame will be gained with time.

  • XP-to-Fame conversion
  • We have decided to simplify and deprecate the old Fame conversion formula.
  • Now it will be done in two phases instead of the previous 5.
  • Phase 1: Up to 18050 XP (Total XP to reach LVL 20)
    • Fame is worth ~1:900 XP (x0.00111)

  • Phase 2: For above 18050 XP
    • Fame is worth 1:2000 XP (x0.0005)

  • In short, this means that every 2000 XP you get with your character (assuming LVL 20) you will gain 1 Fame.

A Story of War VI

All new ST items

Paladin Set Credits:

Design: Dystratix
Special thanks: Aurum, Moonshoot, Seelpit

Trickster Set Credits:

Design: Moonshoot, Aurum
Art: Aurum, Maelstrom
Special thanks: Deplington, Seelpit

The ones beyond the realm’s eyes, the Daeva, have been witnessed for the first time in generations. As reticent as ever, their exact goals are unclear. But there is no doubt that they would not reveal themselves if not for sensing some great disruption in the order of the realm.

That disruption is surely related to a more unnerving sight in recent days: Corrupted paladins, wholly subject to the whims of the lingering evil the realm’s heroes know all too well. These twisted entities have rejected the holy nature of paladins and embraced a far more malicious force. Powerful, yes, but such strength never comes without consequence.

Today we are excited to bring you the bonus program “Story of War VI.” We are sure most of you are already familiar with how these go, but we will explain it anyway:

The bonus program is a time-limited event that can be accessed in the Shop. It allows players to collect Bonus Points with gold they spend in the Shop (or by directly boosting it via the Boost button) and claim Bonus Rewards. You can collect BP by purchasing Mystery Boxes, Packages, and Items in the Nexus and Cloth Bazar areas with Realm gold.

Please note that slot unlockers and name changing do not count for the bonus program. Fame purchases do not count, either.

Avarice Medallions will have an option to reward the Mini Skin, and in two neat quests at the Tinkerer, you’ll be able to swap a duplicate mini skin for a new Mystery ST Crate of the same class.

More details below:

  • Start: June 29th, 2021
  • End: July 15th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Grace Period: till July 19th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Quests at the Tinkerer: till July 19th, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC
Ranks Bonus reward Total Points Tier Points
1 1 x War STory Chest 1200 1200
2 1 x War STory Chest 2400 1200
3 1 x War STory Chest 3600 1200
4 1 x War STory Chest 4800 1200
5 1 x War STory Chest 6200 1400
6 1 x War STory Chest 7600 1400
7 2 x War STory Chest 9000 1400
8 1 x Avarice Medallion 10600 1600
9 1 x War STory Chest 13600 3000
10 3 x War STory Chest 16600 3000
11 3 x War STory Chest 20800 4200
12 2 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion 26000 5200
13 4 x War STory Chest 32600 6600
14 3 x War STory Chest 36200 3600
15 2 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion 41600 5400
16 6 x War STory Chest 48600 7000
17 2 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion 53100 4500
18 5 x War STory Chest + 1 x Avarice Medallion 62000 8900
19 Corrupted Paladin Set + Mini Skin 72500 10500
20 Daeva Fighter Trickster Set + Mini Skin 83000 10500

Other Changes:

  • Added Summer decorations to the Nexus

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a grammatical error in the Infernal Archdragon tooltip
  • Notifications listed in the Log list no longer appear overlapped with messages pop-ups in the chat console
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to lag and skip a few frames when a user clicked the log list.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Whisper function to not work properly.
  • Fixed the issue where equipping ‘Entropy Reactor’ temporarily increases the attack fame bonus along with attack stats. Now after equipping the item, the user gets increased attack stats only and no attack fame bonus
  • The stats are now sorted in a way to achieve consistency across all equipment.


There is an error with the Trickster ST Ring name on the ST crate description. It’s written Regalia of Justice, but the actual name is Flames of Genesis.

Hotfix – Star System Changes

July 2

Hello Realmers,

With the latest update, we made a few changes to how the Star System works. Today we release a small fix to that update. But the essential is that we have changed the way Fame is calculated.

The amount of Fame is recalculated and you might note some differences from the previous formula. The new formula is on this blog post, under the “XP-to-Fame conversion” bullet. But, in general, it means that every 2000 XP you get with your character (assuming LVL 20) you will gain 1 Fame.

Like we mentioned before, we want to make Star Ranks more aligned with your mastery over a class. So we changed how Class Quests are unlocked:

  • Now it is unlocked based on the Base Fame (the Fame you obtain while you are alive with a single character, without Fame Bonuses). This means you need to be alive and acquire a big enough amount of Fame (Bonuses not counted) on a single character to unlock the Class Quests stars.
  • Also, we increased the costs and reviewed them with the current base fame growth rate we observe from our data (follow the link for the table with the costs).

And, most importantly, this is retroactive: The players who don’t meet the criteria were readjusted to a lower Star Rank.

Another important point to underline: on the character selection screen, you will see the base fame. On the Stats panel, you’ll have the base fame plus the fame bonuses.


July 20

Hello Realmers,

This update brings some minor changes and bug fixes that you may notice. Here’s what changed:

  • Fixed the Mystery Trickster ST Crate description: the correct name of the Ring ST is “Flames of Genesis”.
  • Mystery ST Crate now drops items from the Corrupted Paladin ST Set as well as the Daeva Fighter Trickster ST Set.
  • Fixed a typo in the Prankster Primate Summoner Skin Sprite Credits.
  • Fixed the Teleportation Cooldown issue
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Character Selection panel and Fame Bar (Right Panel) to show incorrect base fame (alive fame) for some players.

Update 2.0 – Month of the Mad God

August 17

Hello Mighty Realmers,

Change. Change across the Realm. Crumbling over the multiple, fragmented realities of a world with thousands of destinies, and yet, a vast power is sweeping through them all. The winds of Chaos have permeated into every single plane, mortal or divine, and that was just one of the many signs. Even the Daeva, the race who remained neutral to the cruelest rulers of the worlds, could not stay quiet this time.

Forgotten forces awaken. And nowhere is safe.

An apocalyptic battle is descending upon the Realm. Month of the Mad God: Antinomy is all about choices and opposites, and it is finally beginning. In the wake of this battle between Void and Light, the Realm might not emerge the same as it’s been before… Throughout the next couple of weeks, you’ll experience events and improvements that will forever change the way you play Realm.

Before we get started with this kickoff to MotMG, we’d like to inform you right away that Dungeon Modifiers will be added to the game on Tuesday, the 24th, and the Shatters rework on Thursday, the 26th. We are finishing the last touches on both features and want to ensure they are released when ready. To get your hands on the new Enchantments feature, you will have to wait a little while longer still.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the things you can experience right now:

Reskinned (Dark) Nexus

Dark Nexus

The imminent awakening of the Shatters and the dark powers that surround it are plaguing the Realm in unspeakable ways. Darkness is spreading quickly, rotting the souls of the unwary. The heroes of the Nexus will have to deal with the coming of the Void.

UT Trading

Much has been said about the legend of UT trading. For the moment it will be active during MotMG 2021. We want to enable trading in a gradual way and gather its impact on how the game is played. To be clear, this is an experimental feature that we may roll back after MotMG, leave it activated, or tweak things as we review the results.

Here are all the items that you’ll be able to trade:

  • All items that were already tradable so far
  • All Eggs up to “Rare” tier
  • All Nildrops
  • Some UTs:
    • Demon Blade
    • Sprite Wand
    • Wand of the Bulwark
    • Snake Skin Shield
    • Snake Skin Armor
    • Poison Fang Dagger
    • Doom Bow
    • Coral Bow
    • Snake Eye Ring
    • Spider’s Eye Ring
    • Ring of the Sphinx
    • Enchanted Ice Shard
    • Cloak of the Planewalker
    • Staff of Extreme Prejudice
    • Prism of Dancing Swords
    • Chicken Leg of Doom
    • Amulet of Dispersion
    • Coral Ring
    • Robe of the Tlatoani
    • Staff of the Crystal Serpent
    • Cracked Crystal Skull
    • Crystal Bone Ring
    • Coral Silk Armor
    • St. Abraham’s Wand
    • Tome of Purification
    • Chasuble of Holy Light
    • Ring of Divine Faith
    • Bone Dagger
    • Anatis Staff
    • Captain’s Ring
    • Spectral Cloth Armor
    • Spirit Dagger
    • Ghostly Prism
    • Scepter of Fulmination
    • Experimental Ring
    • Robe of the Mad Scientist
    • Conducting Wand
    • Candy Ring
    • Candy-Coated Armor
    • Plague Poison
    • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
    • Soul’s Guidance
    • Cheater Light Armor
    • Cheater Robe
    • Cheater Heavy Armor
    • Pirate King’s Cutlass
    • Doctor Swordsworth
    • KoalaPOW
    • Spicy Wand of Spice
    • Robobow
    • Sunshine Shiv
    • Skull-splitter Sword
    • Staff of Adoration
    • Wand of Budding Romance
    • Heartfind Dagger
    • Vinesword
    • Cupid’s Bow
    • Wand of Egg-cellence
    • Staff of the Rising Sun
    • Thousand Suns Spell
    • Robe of the Summer Solstice
    • Ring of the Burning Sun
    • Bow of the Morning Star
    • Sword of Illumination
    • Dagger of the Amethyst Prism
    • Unstable Anomaly
    • Precisely Calibrated Stringstick
    • Barely Attuned Magic Thingy
    • Lethargic Sentience
    • Toy Knife
    • Harlequin Armor
    • Wand of Ancient Terror
    • Dagger of the Terrible Talon
    • Bow of Nightmares
    • Staff of Horrific Knowledge
    • Staff of Esben
    • Skullish Remains of Esben
    • Bow of Eternal Frost
    • Frostbite
    • Present Dispensing Wand
    • An Icicle
    • Staff of Yuletide Carols
    • Murky Toxin
    • HoneyScepter
    • Orb of Sweet Demise
    • Frozen Wand
    • Enchanted Ice Blade
    • Staff of Iceblast
    • Eternal Snowflake Wand
    • Arctic Bow
    • Frost Drake Hide Armor
    • Frost Elementalist Robe
    • Frost Citadel Armor
    • Apocalypse Feather
    • Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit
    • Clover Bow
    • Sword of the Rainbow’s End
    • Clover Star
    • EH Yellow Bee Armor
    • EH Red Bee Armor
    • EH Blue Bee Armor
    • Scepter of Sainthood
    • Snowbound Orb
    • Pathfinder’s Helm
    • Coalbearing Quiver
    • Skull of Krampus
    • Vigil Spell
    • Greedsnatcher Trap
    • Resounding Shield
    • Ornamental Prism
    • Nativity Tome
    • Holly Poison
    • Cloak of Winter
    • Advent Seal
    • Ilex Star
    • Icicle Launcher
    • Frost Lich’s Finger
    • Frosty’s Walking Stick
    • Winter’s Breath Wand
    • Saint Nicolas’ Blade
    • Heart of Gold Prism
    • Spirit Staff
    • Enchantment Orb
    • Woodland Robe
    • Fairy Ring
    • Random Spell Extraction Device
    • Silex’s Hammer
    • Sealed Crystal Skull
    • Tlatoani’s Shroud
    • Peppermint Wakizashi
    • K.I.D.D. Force
    • MMace MMurderer
    • Mister Mango
    • Butter Bow
    • Caduceus of Current Craziness
    • Mirror Cloak
    • Archerang
    • Spelling Spell
    • Tome of Moral Support
    • Challenger Helm
    • Shield of Pogmur
    • Seal of Eternal Life
    • Lightning in a Bottle
    • Epiphany Skull
    • Helium Trap
    • Karma Orb
    • Fool’s Prism
    • Honey Scepter Supreme
    • Unshuriken
    • NSFWakizashi
    • Necronomicon
    • Scholar’s Seal
    • Ronin’s Wakizashi
    • Corruption Cutter
    • Foramite Staff
    • Gaseous Glaive
    • Sun’s Judgement
    • Dueling Daggers
    • Keychain Cutlass
    • Crystal Key
    • Mimicry Trap
    • Prismimic
    • Greaterhosen
    • Mighty Stein
    • Esben’s Shaman Attire
    • Esben’s Wedding Ring
    • Oryxmas Ornament: Energized
    • Oryxmas Ornament: Weak
    • Oryxmas Ornament: Exposed
    • Mask of Anubis
    • Mask of Lightning
    • Mask of Cnidaria
    • Mask of Mucus
    • Rainbow Rod
    • Painbow
    • Prismatic Slasher
    • Staff of the Saint
    • Botany Book
    • Arcane Rapier
    • Sandstone Seal
    • Amber Encrusted Helmet
    • Bramble Bow
    • Cocoon Quiver
    • Nail Gun Bow
    • Spatula Dagger
    • Screwdriver Staff
    • Measuring Wand
    • Hammer Sword
    • Magic Construction Vest
    • Fitted Construction Vest
    • Heavy Construction Vest

Free Pack:

This one starts on the 17th, and ends on the 23rd, August, at 12 PM UTC.

Antinomy Campaign

Antinomy: Chaos

The Antinomy: Chaos Campaign will have you confront the Void and claim its power – whether through cooperation or force depends on the side you choose in the battle this MotMG is all about. Embrace (or exploit) the darkness and claim the power to forge one of its most powerful artifacts, The Forgotten Crown. Have your Warriors become Sentinels of the Void, the very incarnation of the Void’s vanguard with the last Campaign reward! Gather Antinomy equipment. And of course, gain an adorable, and probably quite evil Penguin companion…

Gift of the Void

  • Staff of Silver Wings
  • Bow of the Sky’s Glory
  • Skybound Blade
  • Sword of the Unending Chaos
  • Dagger of Eternal Chaos
  • Wand of the Summoned One
  • Shadowbeast Hide
  • Robe of Dark Summoning
  • Armor of Heavenly Light
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Dark Ambrosia
  • Void Venom
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Shard of the Intern x1
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Basic Sulphur
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Greater Ore
  • Weapons of Duality
  • Garments of Duality

Gift of the Daeva

  • Staff of Silver Wings
  • Bow of the Sky’s Glory
  • Skybound Blade
  • Sword of the Unending Chaos
  • Dagger of Eternal Chaos
  • Wand of the Summoned One
  • Shadowbeast Hide
  • Robe of Dark Summoning
  • Armor of Heavenly Light
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Sanctified Ambrosia
  • Daeva Elixir
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Shard of the Intern x1
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Basic Sulphur
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Greater Ore
  • Weapons of Duality
  • Garments of Duality

New Tokens

New MOTMG Tokens

  • Void Fragment – 5 Campaign points
  • Void Shard – 20 Campaign points
  • Void Crystal – 30 Campaign points
  • Daeva Fragment – 5 Campaign points
  • Daeva Shard – 20 Campaign points
  • Daeva Crystal – 30 Campaign points
  • Weapons of Duality – Exchange at the Tinkerer for an Antinomy weapon of choice
  • Garments of Duality – Exchange at the Tinkerer for an Antinomy armor of choice
  • Antinomy Stone Token – Exchange a stack at the Tinkerer for a Stone skin of choice
  • Antinomy Mad God Token – Exchange a stack at the Tinkerer for a Kingdom skin of choice

Token Drop Specifics:

The Campaign tokens will drop with the following distribution:

Dungeon/Encounter Fragments Shards Crystals Points
Pirate Cave Void/Daeva Fragment (20% chance) ~1
Forest Maze Void/Daeva Fragment (20% chance) ~1
Spider Den Void/Daeva Fragment (20% chance) ~1
Forbidden Jungle Void/Daeva Fragment (20% chance) ~1
The Hive Void/Daeva Fragment (20% chance) ~1
Sprite World Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Snake Pit Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Magic Woods Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Cave of A Thousand Treasures Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Ancient Ruins Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Candyland Hunting Grounds Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Undead Lair Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Manor of the Immortals Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Mad Lab Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Abyss of Demons Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Puppet Master’s Theatre Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Toxic Sewers Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 25
Dungeon/Encounter Fragments Shards Crystals Points
Haunted Cemetery Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Davy Jones’ Locker Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Untaris Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
The Machine Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Malogia Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Ice Cave Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Katalund Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Battle for the Nexus Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Forax Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Ocean Trench Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Puppet Master’s Encore Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Mountain Temple Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Parasite Chambers Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Cnidarian Reef Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Lair of Draconis Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Ice Tomb Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Belladonna’s Garden Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Tomb of the Ancients Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Mad God Mayhem Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Oryx’s Chamber Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Oryx’s Castle Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
High Tech Terror Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Third Dimension Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Lair of Shaitan Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55
Crystal Cavern Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
Wine Cellar Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
Secluded Thicket Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
The Shatters Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
Cultist Hideout Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
The Nest Void/Daeva Crystal x3 90
Lost Halls Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x4 140
Oryx’s Sanctuary Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x4 140
Encounters Void/Daeva Fragment x1 Void/Daeva Shard x1 Void/Daeva Crystal x1 55

Fragments, Shards and
Crystals work in the same
way, and give 5, 20 and 30
points respectively.
Void tokens should drop for: Daeva tokens should drop for:
Bard Summoner
Knight Huntress
Assassin Ninja
Samurai Rogue
Archer Wizard
Mystic Sorcerer
Priest Warrior
Necromancer Paladin
Trickster …with a small chance of an opposite token
also dropping for the same class. Moral ambiguity!

Campaign Tokens and Skin Battles

The Classes we all know and love have already taken sides in the battle between Light and Void.

The Bard, Knight, Assassin, Samurai, Archer, Mystic, Priest, Necromancer, and Trickster will be getting Void Fragments, Shards, and Crystals from dungeons and encounters, while the other classes will be getting their Daeva counterparts.

Each week we will count how many of each side’s tokens are consumed, and thus determine how you will be acquiring the Antinomy skins.

A new face-off will be announced every week. The winning side will have their skin released the following week as a free package, and the losing one – in a quest.

The first faceoff is Wizard vs Knight!

What if, for example, I want to support the Void, but I only play Wizard?

The Void and Daeva Prisons will be spawning after a minute in new Realms, with 10 of each spawning across the map. These will have a chance to drop determined thematic tokens, as well as other loot:

Void Prison:

  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Antinomy Mad God Token x 1
  • Antinomy Stone Token x 1
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Backpack
  • Basic Sulphur
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Common Ore
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Dark Ambrosia
  • Deadly Dapperling
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Garments of Duality
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Rare Mystery Key
  • Rare Mystery Pet Skin
  • Rare Ore
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x3
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Void Venom
  • Weapons of Duality

Daeva Prison:

  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Antinomy Mad God Token x 1
  • Antinomy Stone Token x 1
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Backpack
  • Basic Sulphur
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Common Ore
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Daeva Elixir
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Garments of Duality
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Grapes of Heaven
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Lucky Clover
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Rare Mystery Key
  • Rare Mystery Pet Skin
  • Rare Ore
  • Sanctified Ambrosia
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x3
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Weapons of Duality

The Shards of the Mad God will become Doorwarden Shards as September begins.

Antinomy Equipment

View post on


Later in MotMG, the Embers of the Void and Daeva will be able to be combined into a new, powerful Ring. Risk those or keep them – up to you!


↑ Click the image for the full size ↑

Realm Events

The Appetizer, having succumbed to the Void and looking rather tentacley, will be spawning in Realms from 17th of August until the 6th of September, and upon death, he will drop a portal to the Lost Halls.
The Gardener and Glitch have also been consumed by forces of the Void and will be spawning in Realms according to the Event Calendar.

Dungeon Events

This year, we bring back content from previous Months of the Mad God that may otherwise have stayed unacquirable.

For starters, Stone and Mad God tokens are back in a slightly different way (now as Antinomy Stone and Mad God Tokens), and associated skin quests will also be there. You can get Antinomy Stone Tokens from the Chest Events in Cursed Library and Puppet Master’s Theatre, and Antinomy Mad God Tokens from the events in Parasite Chambers and Mountain Temple.

Aside from that, all Construction Gear except the Foreman’s Hard Hat will drop in some formerly reconstructed dungeons with Chest Events: Abyss of Demons, Undead Lair, and Deadwater Dock. And the notorious Foreman’s Hard Hat will be obtainable in Mad God Mayhem, along with the rest of the… PPE.


At the start of MotMG, the following Event quests will be available:

Name Requirement Reward Type Duration
Weapons of Duality Weapons of Duality Staff of MotMG Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Sword of MotMG
Bow of MotMG
Dagger of MotMG
Masamune of MotMG
Wand of MotMG
Garments of Duality Garments of Duality Armor of MotMG Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Hide Armor of MotMG
Robe of MotMG
Stone Skins I Antinomy Stone Token x 10 Stone Rogue Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Stone Archer Skin
Stone Wizard Skin
Stone Priest Skin
Stone Warrior Skin
Stone Knight Skin
Stone Skins II Antinomy Stone Token x 10 Stone Paladin Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Stone Assassin Skin
Stone Necromancer Skin
Stone Huntress Skin
Stone Mystic Skin
Stone Trickster Skin
Stone Skins III Antinomy Stone Token x 10 Stone Sorcerer Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Stone Ninja Skin
Stone Samurai Skin
Stone Bard Skin
Stone Summoner Skin
Kingdom Skins I Antinomy Mad God Token x 10 Kingsman Cavalry Warrior Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Kingsman Guard Knight Skin
Kingsman Armorbearer Paladin Skin
Court Wizard Skin
Demon Summoner Necromancer Skin
Wandering Gypsy Mystic Skin
Kingdom Skins II Antinomy Mad God Token x 10 Village Peasant Trickster Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Blackguard Mercenary Assassin Skin
Sensei Ninja Skin
King of Thieves Rogue Skin
Kings Bowman Archer Skin
Forest Tracker Huntress Skin
Kingdom Skins III Antinomy Mad God Token x 10 Carthusian Monk Priest Skin Repeatable, Item of Choice All of MotMG
Royal Sorcerer Skin
Foreign General Samurai Skin
Traveling Songster Bard Skin
Menagerie Master Summoner Skin
Path of the Void I Void Shard x6 Gift of the Void Once per account Aug 17 – Aug 20
Path of the Daeva I Daeva Shard x6 Gift of the Daeva Once per account Aug 17 – Aug 20
Path of Duality I Void Shard x3, Daeva Shard x3 Gift of the Void + Gift of the Daeva Once per account Aug 17 – Aug 20

The Path of the Void, Path of the Daeva and Path of Duality will be updated every Tuesday and Friday, gradually increasing in the value of their requirements and rewards. You may choose to devote yourself to one Path, or to attempt to walk multiple. Does the difficulty lie in compromising your morals and duplicitously playing both sides, or with reaching mastery over both as an entity above petty conflict?

New Food

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New Cosmetics

Week 1 Cosmetics

Guild Keys

The loot tables of Guild Keys have been updated to have the chance to drop any Agents of Oryx shard. Here are the loot tables of those you will be able to buy this MotMG:

Fungal Cavern

  • Fungal Cavern
  • Radiant Heart
  • Luminous Armor
  • Crystalline Kunai
  • Quartz Cutter
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Crystal Cobra Pet Stone
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Mad Dwarf Paladin Skin
  • Shroom Warrior Skin
  • Dark Ambrosia
  • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
  • Power Pizza
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Potion of Attack (SB)
  • Potion of Mana (SB)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • Fungal Cavern Key
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Intern x1

The Nest

  • Nectar Crossfire
  • Honeytomb Snare
  • Apiary Armor
  • Honey Circlet
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Wind Flower Skin
  • Sunflower Archer Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Party Crow Pet Skin
  • Killer Bee Queen Pet Skin
  • Sanctified Ambrosia
  • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
  • Power Pizza
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Potion of Attack (SB)
  • Potion of Mana (SB)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • The Nest Key
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Intern x1

Lost Halls

  • Carved Golem Remains
  • Brain of the Golem
  • Golem Garments
  • Rusty Cuffs
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Cloaked Ascendant Rogue Skin
  • Mini Malus Sorcerer Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Fusion Golem Pet Skin
  • Spooky Boi Pet Skin
  • Dark Ambrosia
  • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
  • Power Pizza
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Potion of Attack (SB)
  • Potion of Mana (SB)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • Lost Halls Key
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Intern x1

The Shatters

  • Sentient Staff
  • Ancient Spell
  • The Robe of Twilight
  • The Forgotten Ring
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Moss Magus Wizard Skin
  • Fire Goddess Mystic Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Armored Orc Pet Skin
  • Crowned Penguin Pet Skin
  • Dark Ambrosia
  • Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
  • Power Pizza
  • Mystery Cloth (Large)
  • Mystery Cloth (Small)
  • Mystery Dye (Clothing)
  • Mystery Dye (Accessory)
  • Potion of Attack (SB)
  • Potion of Mana (SB)
  • Mystery Stat Pot
  • Lucky Clover
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
  • Potion of Max Level 1
  • Backpack
  • Shatters Key
  • Shard of the Advisor x1
  • Shard of the Doorwarden x1
  • Shard of the Mad God x1
  • Shard of the Intern x1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cooldown timer to fail to trigger when using the /teleport command.
  • Fixed a bug that led to the player getting an “Email sent already! Or please wait 10 minutes to try - again!” error after repeatedly hitting the submit button in the “Forgot Password” panel of the Launcher.
  • Solved an issue where hovering over inventory slots would show incorrect information.
  • Fixed a bug where the players would have to press the backpack hotkey ‘B’ twice for it to switch the tabs after entering the new room.
  • The Dagger sound is now consistent throughout the time when the players keep attacking with it continuously.
  • Pressing navigation keys (WASD) no longer incorrectly affects the user interface.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused potions in the Potion Vault to render with double shadows.
  • Solved an issue that made the loot drop bonus timer display incorrect values over 24 hours.
  • Graveyard now shows only the last 10 entries.

Other Changes:

  • Tentative fix for the killaura hack, which we will continue working on if the cheat persists.
  • Lowered the minimum number of stars required to use keys to 10.
  • Added a “Cancel” button on the death screen to be able to select an already-existing character after death (if you have more than 1 total character alive).
  • Hirejou Tenne now drops from Xolotl the Lightning God.

Hotfix – About the insta-kill bug

August 17

Hello Realmers,

Thank you for your patience with the latest issue. We hope to have fixed the bug that was causing some of your characters to be insta-killed. If it happened to you, please reach out to our Customer Support agents. They will revive the characters that died due to the bug.

We can assure you that is not the way we wanted to start Month of the Mad God and that we are constantly monitoring our servers. When something like this happens we are immediately putting our efforts into a fix.

The bug, as many of you were asking, was caused by… a cat. This actual cat. (Is it too early to call it a cat-astrophic bug?). The cat was “eating” bullets that disappeared and hit the players afterwards.

We also needed to fix a small issue with the Void Fragments, so if you are holding any, they might have disappeared. A free pack with some more will be waiting in the shop for you!

On other hand, we’ve also noticed that some items that should have been tradable, are not. They will be tradable after the next release, on the 24th of August.

  • Useless Katana
  • Doku No Ken
  • Arbiter’s Wrath
  • Void Blade
  • Katana of Good Fortune
  • Yuki
  • Krathana
  • Blade of Ages
  • Fire Blade
  • Snake Charmer Pungi
  • Sawblade Katana
  • Lullaby

Thank you to the community for quickly pointing that out.

Update – Dungeon Mods

August 24

Hello Antinomized Realmers,

This week you’ll get two updates that will change the way RotMG is played. In two days you’ll get the reworked version of The Shatters. But today, you get the first.

Dungeon Modifiers

Say hi to the new Dungeon Modifiers system! Hoping you will learn a little bit more about the new feature that will forever change how you explore dungeons.

Now, dungeons can spawn with Dungeon Modifiers (or Dungeon Mods, for short). You can now hover over the portal to see a full description of the Dungeon Mods it has.

Dungeon Mods can be “positive” to you (green color) or “negative” (red color), in the sense that they can increase or decrease the risk of the dungeon, and the rewards you can obtain from it.

Once you are inside a Dungeon, you can quickly see the Dungeon Mods applied to it. Press the “Log” key (default: K) and you will see a list.


If the dungeon has Dungeon Mods, then it will have a Grade. The Grade of a dungeon will indicate, as an overall measurement, how intense the Dungeon Mods of that dungeon are. The best (and the most dangerous) Dungeon Mods belong to the highest grades. It’s important to note that Dungeons spawned in the realm do not always spawn with Dungeon Mods.

As we think the Grade of a Dungeon might be an interesting factor for you, the Portal itself has a highlighted border of the color of the Grade. This might help you identify them faster.

Quick color reference:

Furthermore, if you hold the Quick-Look key (default: CONTROL (Win) / COMMAND (Mac)) you will also see the name and grade of the Dungeon portal.

Another interesting usability tip: if you hold the Quick-Look key (CONTROL(Win)/COMMAND(Mac)) and click on a Dungeon portal, you will do a Callout.

Everyone in the same realm as you will get a Notification about this Dungeon. You don’t need to type “wlab” in the chat anymore if you don’t want to! 😉

Of course this quality of life feature also works with normal portals that don’t have Dungeon Mods.

Difficulty rating

The Difficulty rating of Dungeons was changed from the previous design: now it supports up to 10 “gravestones” of difficulty. The more “gravestones”, the harder the dungeon is. The Dungeon Mods on a particular Dungeon can also affect this difficulty rating.

When you enter a dungeon, you will also see this new Difficulty meter in the loading screen.


Keys can have Dungeon Mods too! Hover over the tooltip to show a description of any Dungeon Mods it can have. So you can see which ones it has before you use it.

And the coolest of all, try CTRL+Clicking a Key to open the Key Refining Panel where you can manipulate the Dungeon Mods of a Key!

These are the operations you can do:

  • Upgrade a “normal” Key to “D Grade”.
  • Upgrade a modded Key to any Grade you want.
  • Reroll a modded Key, discarding the current Dungeon Mods and replacing them with new ones.
  • Downgrade a Key to a previous Grade.
  • Reset a Key completely, stripping it out of any mods whatsoever.

Bear in mind that any upgrade or reroll operation has a Gold cost. Downgrading and resetting has no cost.

Want to know more? What is the list of Dungeon Mods?

We have prepared a more detailed guide to go with this release. Please follow the link to find an extensive list of all the Dungeon Mods in the current version!

Other changes:

  • A counter now shows how many characters (from a total 128) you can input before the message is too long to send.
  • Void and Daeva Prisons now spawn 10 minutes after a Realm opens.

Known bug:
We have noticed that The Shatters have stopped dropping tokens. While the tokens will be back in the new Shatters, for now you can do the once-per-day Tokens of the King quest to make up for it.

New Skins:

Imgur Album

Known Bug:

  • Mods are not working inside the vault. Please, exit the vault in order to pop a modded Key. We are working on this, and we will be fixing it with the next release.

Update – The Shatters

August 26

Hello Realmers,

The Shattered Kingdom has resurged! After years of requests and months of development, the Shatters reconstruction is here at last. We’re beyond excited to release this next endgame experience and we hope you are too! (And we are starting an Event there soon to spice it up even more!).

To help you prepare for the challenge ahead, we’re going to break down the dungeon’s various parts so you know what you’re getting into.

The Shatters


Given the polarizing, love-it-or-hate-it nature of the original Shatters, we’ve strived to keep the spirit of the dungeon familiar while still massively expanding on its potential. With the small exception of Oryx’s Castle, the fully handmade structure of the dungeon is quite unique for Realm and is something we wanted to capitalize on. That extends beyond just gameplay to supplemental qualities too, such as deepened lore, environmental storytelling, and the most custom art of any dungeon.

The dungeon is still split into three acts with a boss for each, but those individual acts now feature completely different objectives, structures, and enemies. That last part has been especially increased, with remakes to all existing enemies and a dramatically increased unique enemy count (over 40, and that’s not even including the accursed).

Speaking of the accursed, these fiends are an overarching mechanic throughout all three acts of the dungeon. Accursed enemies, marked by their twisted and purple appearance, are versions of normal mobs with heightened damage, aggression, and sometimes even totally unique tricks compared to their normal counterparts. Most notably, accursed enemies become a corrupt grave when killed, eventually resurrecting to fight another day. Every enemy has an accursed variant, and the area is never truly safe when they’re around.

Now let’s get into the details, starting with Act I!

Act I: The Derelict Village

You’ll begin on the outskirts of the castle, faced with the remains of commoner civilization. To enter the castle, you’ll first need to find and destroy eight Derelict Monuments throughout the island. Unlike the original, however, the locations of these monuments are randomized each time with dozens of possible positions. Furthermore, the map itself has multiple variants rather than being the same every time.

As you hunt, you’ll contend with many obstacles. Hollow humans roam the streets of the fallen village, complete with patrol routes allowing hunting parties to find you even in areas that appear safe at first. Stone enemies may blend in with harmless statues, only to awaken and strike. The untamed forest trails are a favorite spot of huntsmen eager to snipe you from the trees. And of course, the impenetrable Stone Idol poses a formidable, ever-present threat. Like a certain crustacean, he too patrols certain areas, forcing you to evade and change course. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may just be able to avoid his sight before he notices you.

You’re certainly not short on options for how to handle this open-ended area! Rushing can be a viable option if you’re confident, both alone and in groups. Navigating carefully and stealthily is a strong option too, as the mindless villagers have rather poor vision when unalerted, easily being avoided. Larger groups may favor a divide and conquer approach, fanning through the map efficiently and meeting up at the bridge. Whatever you roll with, we hope you’ll enjoy what we believe to be a very unique challenge for Realm!

Act I Boss: The Great Bridge

With the Derelict Monuments in pieces, the drawbridge lowers. Before you stands the Bridge Sentinel, the last bastion of the castle’s seal. Don’t let your memory of him fool you, he’s no shotgun-spewing statue anymore. This is a full-fledged boss fight, and perhaps the most agile opponent in the game.

As you duel with the noble knight, you’ll periodically weaken him enough to destroy the holy Paladin Obelisks on the bridge. The void’s influence will increase as you do so, changing the supplementary threats you have to deal with from spinning swords to hordes of the infamous blobombs. Learning the telegraphs and attack combos of this mobile opponent is critical! The most skilled of the realm’s heroes will find clever ways to shift through each pattern. Beware, even decoys cannot withstand the force of his blade.

Act II: The Royal Castle

Continuing your march into the castle, you must make your way through the courtyard and its welcoming committee before coming upon a diverging path. The castle is divided into four wings, with nine possible room types in any position, each with its own distinct challenges. Mathematically that makes for 3024 possible castle layouts, and that’s not including other randomized elements!

You may have seen a few spare sightings of mage and noble enemies in the village, but now they’re the main act. These enemies are more advanced than what came before them, most sporting several different attacks and some with unique abilities. Two notable examples are the Herald and Jester. The former is of little direct threat but will sound an alarm with his trumpet when he notices you. This sound alerts all nearby enemies who have not yet been aggroed, potentially swarming you. Meanwhile, the Jester will deflect attacks with powerful, rapid blasts. Prudent players will only attack when ready, taking control of the situation better.

Your main goal in the castle is to power on the generators and awaken the Twilight Archmage. To do that, you must find a Source Generator in each castle wing, release its colored Untempered Magic, and guide this stray power to the dormant central generators through a string of Magi Conductors. Each color has its own properties and effect when nearby, which can be either positive or negative, and most must be pushed along by having at least one person standing nearby.

Enemies will attempt to sabotage your work by deactivating Magi Conductors, so make sure to defend them! Otherwise, you’ll be faced with a timer to repair the severed connection before your magic vanishes. And remember, you only need to activate three of the four generators to succeed and awaken the archmage. If you see a certain room type or color you find unfavorable, it may be in a party’s best interest to leave well enough alone and claim the other three wings!

Act II Boss: The Central Chamber

Power is restored, and so is the Twilight Archmage. This dusky menace is still a master of ice and fire but has graduated from a single shotgun to an array of advanced tricks. The fight is based around the three generators you activated, randomizing between fire and ice states at the archmage’s whims. These elemental states create a ratio system, dictating the next attack type. For instance, 2 fire generators and 1 ice generator will cause a “fire majority” attack. 3 fire generators and 0 ice generators would cause a “fire nuke” attack. The inverse is true for ice.

As you progress through the battle of mind and magic, the archmage will attempt to siphon your health at certain intervals, leaving the generators vulnerable. By attacking one, you can lock it into its current elemental state, gradually forcing the ratio of elements to your choices and influencing the rest of the fight. Each time you do this, the archmage will start to call upon his undying phoenixes based on the current elemental majority (and later both at once) to act as his health. You’ll need to shift attention to them in order to weaken the archmage and pierce his defenses!

Act III Boss: The Grand Hall

You’ve pushed through the stronghold! All that remains now is the king’s last line of defense, his own royal guard. These are the kingdom’s elite, a family of enemies almost entirely exclusive to this section of the dungeon with vicious and varied attacks. Waves of slow marching knights who shift to dodge some attacks, thaumaturges with swarming spell casts, cavalry riders who can mount and dismount from their steed to attack as separate forces or together, and more dangers await to stop your crusade.

If you want an audience with the king, you must destroy the five Tablets of the Monarchy defending this last stand. They appear one after another when shattered, each in a random location, and the final two will both appear at once for extra strategic potential. The key here is to balance your attention between destroying the tablets and managing the endless onslaught of guards. Groups big and small may have their own ways of dealing with this before chaos completely takes over. Even a lone character can succeed, but you must be at the very top of your game. If you managed to solo the dungeon up to that point, though, you’re surely up for the challenge.

Act III Boss: The Throne Room

At long last, the Forgotten King. Simply getting this far proves you’ve succeeded where others have failed, but you haven’t won until his last breath. Don’t let his appearance fool you into assuming he’s incapable in combat. The Forgotten King is an unrelenting fight of two halves.

Initially, the monarch will move around the arena in several varied yet learnable patterns, all the while having his crystals form numerous patterns to navigate through. The king himself will visibly use multiple different stances. Specifically: Normal (attacks while moving), defend (stays stationary and repels you), reflect (attacks reactively only when shot himself), and chase (breaks from his movement path to directly pursue). Recognizing these and matching them to the ongoing phase variant is essential to learning and outsmarting the king.

The Forgotten King is a cunning foe, even able to see past your decoys if any tricksters try to pull a fast one. But beyond this point, you’ll have to find out for yourself. The king has more in store if you make it that far.


There’s much to gain in the Shatters! By venturing through, you’ll be able to get:

  • The 3 original UT rings, which have been revised and buffed (with the exception of crown).
  • T12/13 weapons, T6 abilities, T13/14 armors, and a much- improved chance at T6 rings.
  • Many greater potions, no longer as stingy as the original.
  • A fully reworked Twilight Archmage ST wizard set.
  • 3 new UT armors, which are dropped by dungeon enemies and tablets.
  • 3 new UT weapons, incredibly powerful tools which reward skillful play.
  • 6 new UT abilities, 2 per boss, bolstering the movesets of many classes.
  • A valuable reskin of the Ring of Decades, rewarding those who break monuments and tablets.
  • Several new consumables to help you along, including the return of a long- forgotten legend.
  • New sets of cloths, stylized after bosses and themes in the dungeon.
  • And 3 exclusive pet skins!

We sincerely hope you’ll find the Shatters to be rewarding in both a literal sense and for the fun of the challenge. The whole team is very passionate about this dungeon and we’re thrilled to release this for Month of the Mad God after so long. Good luck!


Shatters soundtrack by 2Scallions: Ilja / @Slapjack (IGN: Howdiedew) and Jeroen / @Jerponymus

Support the artists by buying the soundtrack at Bandcamp:

Other Changes:

  • Appetizer now drops The Shatters’ portal.
  • No new items will drop in current Shatters Quest Chests.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Gardener and Appetizer’s resprite maps not showing.
  • Fixed Shaitan’s HP scaling not updating appropriately when the fight begins.
  • “Generous” Dungeon Mod will now provide a 10% chance (rolled per player) of dropping the Quest Chest.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the probability distribution of Dungeon Mod “Souvenir II”.

Update – The Light takes over

September 7

Hello Realmers,

Since the beginning of time, the angelic realms have existed and have been known to the other realms. They are famous for having little to no interaction at all with the rest. They are usually silent, but the awakening of the Forgotten King and the rise of the Void forces were the tipping point for direct intervention. The Daeva cannot allow such two reality-defiant powerhouses – Oryx AND the Forgotten King – in a single Realm. That’s simply too much to allow existing.

The Heroes of the Nexus, on the other hand, appreciate the Daeva’s help. The Realm was just too unstable due to this much power, and these angelic-like creatures came to help balance the scales.

The arrival of the Daeva turned the Nexus to the Light side, but will it remain that way?

Although the Daeva’s help is appreciated – They even brought in a Free Pack (shameless plug – please check further down the text!), the Heroes of the Nexus can’t help but wonder the creatures’ intentions, and if they have their own hidden agenda…

This update brings

Antinomy: Light Campaign

Imgur Album

New cosmetics:

Imgur Album

Enchantments & the Mysterious Object:

We know you have been eagerly waiting for the Enchantments feature to come out and unfortunately your wait continues. We are committed to delivering a feature that not only adds to the way you play the game but does so in a meaningful and positive way. While we planned and hoped to release the feature during the Month of the Mad God, it is not ready or in a state we are happy with. Postponing the release also gives us a chance to apply all the learnings from the Dungeon Modifiers to make sure we deliver a great Enchantments feature. We are truly sorry for teasing you with their arrival and then not being able to deliver it. Now, we will take time to re-evaluate and as soon as we have a confirmed date for their release, we will let you know!

The Mysterious Object some of you have been holding onto was going to turn into an Enchantment with the release of the feature. Not to waste your inventory space any longer, we have turned the object into an item of roughly the same planned value – Ember of the Daeva.

Corrupted Paladin and Daeva Trickster new ST drops

Corrupted Paladin Set

Item Drop Location Enemy
Fallen One’s Blade Fallen One’s Blade The Nest Killer Bee Queen
Abyssal Insignia Abyssal Insignia The Shatters Forgotten King
Vortex Plating Vortex Plating Ice Cave Esben the Unwilling
Eye of the Void Eye of the Void Realm Crystal Prisoner

Daeva Trickster Set

Item Drop Location Enemy
Archangel’s Judgement Archangel’s Judgement The Shatters Forgotten Sentinel
Daevite Progenitor Daevite Progenitor Fungal Cavern Crystal Worm Mother
Seraphim’s Guard Seraphim’s Guard Ocean Trench Thessal the Mermaid Goddess
Flames of Genesis Flames of Genesis Realm Crystal Prisoner

Free Pack!

The Daeva arrived bearing gifts. The Embrace Justice Free Pack will be available until September, 13th and includes:

  • Antinomy Rogue Skin
  • Antinomy Necromancer Skin
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Daeva Fragment
  • Daeva Shard
  • Daeva Crystal
  • Gift of the Daeva
  • Grapes of Heaven
  • Mystery ST Chest

Other Changes:

  • Introduced the Antinomy Artifact, a new ring that can be crafted by combining Ember of the Void and Ember of Daeva. It will spawn a summon that heals and deals damage. It also works with MotMG 2021 equipment set bonuses.
  • Added new loading screens
  • Daeva Fighter Trickster Set and Corrupted Paladin Set have been added to the Mystery ST Chest, replacing the Lost Golem Set with the Swoll Paladin Set.
  • The Keyper, Gardener, and Glitch have joined the forces of the Daeva!
  • We are removing the servers Asia East, EUEast2, EUSouth, EUNorth2, USWest2, USEast3, USEast4 and USSouth2.

Quests Update:

For the next few Path quests, you will need some new tokens – the Essence of the Void, Essence of the Daeva and Essence of Duality. Get them by exchanging 8 of the corresponding Crystal (or 4 and 4, for Duality) at the Tinkerer!

Changes to the Shatters

  • Changed the display difficulty to 8.5 as intended
  • Reduced HP scaling on enemy families, with the exception of the Royal Guard in the Grand Hall gauntlet
  • Fixed the special portal animation from the Avatar
  • Added a portal of cowardice to the spawn area
  • Reduced enemy spawns in the village marsh
  • Toned down excessive enemy spawn density in certain sections of the village maps
  • Fixed a potential tree barrier in the village marsh which would force walking on corruption tiles
  • Fixed a misplaced rug tile in the village mansion
  • Made the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand slightly more opaque in cloaked state
  • Very slightly increased the warning time of the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand once visible (catching them beforehand is still the best way to counter them)
  • All village Magi Gate teleporters are now visible on the minimap after activation
  • Magi Gates will no longer display a teleport button prompt until active
  • All decoys during the Bridge Sentinel’s DM are now removed as intended
  • Fixed the Untempered Magic in the Study wing sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed enemies lingering outside the Twilight Archmage room during the fight
  • Fixed a safe spot in the Twilight Archmage’s Fire Finale attack
  • Slightly decreased the invulnerability time of gauntlet tablets
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand Hall exit could be already opened by an object deleting the wall
  • Fixed crystal death animations sometimes not using the correct color when shattering
  • Added invulnerability to the Forgotten King’s “Guitar Hero” phase during crossing skull attacks
  • Added Quiet to the blue skulls in the Forgotten King’s corrupt tentacle attack
  • Fixed the Primal Arcana tooltip still stating it to be a work in progress
  • Reduced the size of the wizard ST set’s phoenix summons and their projectiles
  • Rearranged summon order for Peacekeeper so the Knight is despawned first.

The Avatar of the Forgotten King himself went through some changes:

  • Eyes Phase stack shots fixed, now Eyes will not shoot immediately when they are spawned
  • Eyes cannot be dragged out of Avatar grounds, and instead will re-position them closer to Avatar after some time
  • Fixed the soft lock issue connected with the Pillars phase

In the Crystal Cavern

  • Crystal Dark Flower no longer fires stacked shots while Skilled Minions mod is active.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip of the item to follow the cursor after dropping from an enemy
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player not to be able to put the items from inventory to backpack using control+click
  • Fixed the issue that caused disconnections when affected by the “inspire” status effect
  • Fixed inheritance of Dungeon Mods for the Machine -> The Inner Working and for the Lost Halls -> Cultist Hideout. We are still working on The Void inheritance issue.


September 13

Hello Realmers,

We made a small release in order to revert the Nexus to its Summer decorations. We believe that the increased activity on the Light Nexus caused some of the issues we were facing with disconnections. We will stay on top of the issue, and further interventions may follow during this week if needed.

Again, thank you for your patience.


September 14

Hello Realmers,

We released a small update in order to tackle the loading times issues.

We would also like you to know that we are still very committed to fixing the disconnection issues associated with The Nest. Aside from that, we will give you 3 more days of The Nest event starting on the 29th of September. We will also be compensating the players who opened The Nest during the time it was heavily affected by disconnection issues. If you are were one of those cases, please reach out to the support team for help.

Exalt Version

September 20


Did you enjoy this weekend’s Open Testing session? We hope you did. For us, it resulted in some optimization fixes that we are releasing today. Next week we will have another release and you can expect even more tweaks on that one.

Update – The Shatters Tweaks

September 28

Hello Realmers,

Although we called it “The Shatters Tweaks”, this update brings a lot more to the table. We have reduced the loading times and worked on other bug fixes, improved the usability, and did some changes to the loot distribution (no Krathan’s Gift jokes allowed!). And answering all the requests we got on Discord… yes, Sadamune is now tradeable as meant to be!

At the end of the post, you’ll find a little bounty that gives you the opportunity to claim some very cool rewards. Enjoy!


  • Paladin and Trickster ST’s now appear in the appropriate Quest Chests
Corrupted Paladin Set Quest Chest
Fallen One’s Blade Fallen One’s Blade Honeyed Epic Quest Chest
Abyssal Insignia Abyssal Insignia Royal Epic Quest Chest
Vortex Plating Vortex Plating Mighty Quest Chest
Eye of the Void Eye of the Void Mighty Quest Chest
Daeva Fighter Trickster Set Quest Chest
Archangel’s Judgement Archangel’s Judgement Royal Epic Quest Chest
Daevite Progenitor Daevite Progenitor Crystallized Epic Quest Chest
Seraphim’s Guard Seraphim’s Guard Mighty Quest Chest
Flames of Genesis Flames of Genesis Mighty Quest Chest
  • Royal Quest Chest has now been turned into Legacy Royal Quest Chest.
  • A new Royal Quest Chest has been introduced which now contains the new items from The Shatters.
  • The Tome of Holy Furor will now be permanently added to the Decaract’s drop table.


  • Improved the callout feature with a better timeout. Now portals have a global timeout after being pinged where any other players need to wait before pinging them again.
  • Fixed a bug where Fungal Caverns’ boss dropped loot in the damaging water. Now loot always spawns on land.
  • “Spinal Quiver“ and “Quiver of Shrieking Specters“ no longer have a 0.5 second cooldown and can be used back to back (as long as there is enough MP).
  • Fixed a bug in boss battles in Puppet Master’s Encore and Mountain Temple; where certain attacks disappeared instantly after being executed.

The Shatters

  • Reduced base HP to varying degrees on all standard/accursed dungeon enemies (as always we’ll continue keeping an eye on things to hit that balance of challenge and pacing)
  • Added a unique sprite for the Stone Paladin’s special super attack (and the accursed counterpart)
  • Reduced the damage of the Stone Gargoyle (+ accursed variant) paralyzing slash attacks and buffed the damage of its special boulder blast
  • Changed the projectile sprite of the Accursed Stone Gargoyle special attack to be more visually fitting
  • Tweaked the Fire Bomb animation to be more obvious and fluid
  • Added a blue shield icon to players when being granted invincibility via village teleporters to clarify you are safe for a few moments
  • Increased the circling range slightly on Fire Adepts and their Accursed variants.
  • Lowered the chase speed slightly on Stone Mages and their Accursed variants to prevent shot stacking.
  • Lowered projectile range and projectile count on Blobombs.
  • Reduced Invulnerability of The Forgotten King on his phase 1 attacks by 2 seconds.
  • Reduced HP scaling of all three bosses.
  • Increased the drop rate for Defiled Equilibrium on mage enemies.
  • The Forgotten King now drops a minimum of 1 of each of his tiered item drops similar to O3.

New cosmetics:

Imgur Album

Other Changes:

  • Improved loading times
  • Removed MotMG token drops and encounter resprites
  • The Appetizer is no longer dropping The Shatters
  • Sadamune is now tradeable
  • The abilities are now triggered instantly after using a magic potion. There was a delay of around 1 second.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some typos in certain entities’ messages
  • Dungeon Mods no longer affect the Chess Dungeon
  • The tooltip of Ancient Eminence now properly fits on the UI panel.
  • Disconnection won’t happen if a player spams the ability of a Trickster while moving around certain parts of The Shatters anymore
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Trickster to become unable to shoot or use abilities after teleporting
  • Fixed a bug that caused quick slot items to disappear when moving the item into inventory or backpack slot in the Pet yard
  • Fixed an issue with Mana not being restored after consuming a magic potion, if the player has the Ninja equipped with the Daybreak Chakram.
  • Fixed the visual issue with the stats displayed in the character selection panel for Necromancer
  • Fixed a bug for the player on some STs/classes that caused Mana to stop regenerating after using the ability.

Autumn Bounty

With the arrival of Autumn in the northern hemisphere the days are getting smaller and colder. It’s cozier to stay inside, playing Realm. And for those of you that stuck with us during quarantines and are still joining during this time, we want to give a little extra something for your support. Whenever you make a purchase of select boxes or packs, you will get one or several Autumn Gifts, a mystery item that contains many rewards with potentially very high value. Autumn Gifts don’t add to the price of the box or pack.

The last time we had a similar program we gave out over 1 million in Realm Gold, over 200 skins, and 150 STs. This time we want to give out even more. But we are also aware of the fuss it caused: we will keep a close eye on the submissions and try to react as fast as possible to abuses (and rest assured we will not take occasional bugs for abuse!).

If you get Autumn Treasures from the Gift, it will drop one of the treasures for you: Secret Hoard, Backup Stash, Key to Oryx’s Armory, or Mirror of Vanity. You’ll have to reach out to customer support in order to claim the bounties. Please keep in mind that bounties from Secret Hoard or Backup Stash will be added to your account after the end of the program.

Autumn Bounty starts today, September 28th, and will end on November 2nd. You will be able to claim your bounties until November 16th.

Autumn Gift drops:

  • Autumn Treasure
  • Solar Energy Drink
  • Paramount Ore
  • Heart-shaped Chocolate Box
  • Legendary Mystery Skin
  • Epic Mystery Skin
  • Epic Mystery Pet Skin
  • Legendary Mystery Pet Skin
  • Mystery ST Chest
  • Chocolate Bonbon x3
  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x10
  • Rare Mystery Skin
  • Rare Mystery Pet Skin
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x20
  • Superior Ore
  • Chalice of Ambrosia
  • Crystal of Fortune x20
  • Exalted Sulphur
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Crystal of Fortune x10
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x10
  • Chocolate Bonbon x1
  • Vial of Pure Ambrosia
  • Force Nildrop
  • Cinder Nildrop
  • Blood Nildrop
  • Moon Nildrop
  • Golden Lucky Clover
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x5
  • Crystal of Fortune x5
  • Paramount Sulphur
  • Droplet of Ambrosia
  • Mystery ST Shard x3
  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • Greater Ore
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x3
  • Crystal of Fortune x3
  • Char Slot Coupon x 1
  • Legendary Mystery Key
  • Superior Sulphur
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x2
  • Crystal of Fortune x2
  • Lucky Clover
  • Teal Nildrop
  • Hazel Nildrop
  • Onyx Nildrop
  • Amaranth Nildrop
  • Azure Nildrop
  • Crimson Nildrop
  • Scarlet Nildrop
  • Beryl Nildrop
  • Chest Coupon x 1
  • Loot Tier Potion
  • Loot Drop Potion
  • Backpack
  • Mystery ST Shard x1
  • Epic Mystery Key
  • Crystal of Extreme Fortune x1
  • Crystal of Fortune x1
  • Greater Sulphur
  • Basic Ore
  • Rare Mystery Key
  • Minor Teal Nildrop
  • Minor Hazel Nildrop
  • Minor Azure Nildrop
  • Minor Crimson Nildrop
  • Minor Scarlet Nildrop
  • Minor Beryl Nildrop
  • Minor Onyx Nildrop
  • Minor Amaranth Nildrop
  • Basic Sulphur


September 29

Hello Realmers,

We wanted to let you know that we are currently working on two known issues with the latest update.

  • The Shatters Fire Bomb sprites not appearing correctly
  • Oryx’s Sanctuary appearing with Dungeon Modifiers, which is not intended

Our plan is to release a fix for these tomorrow around 11 CEST.

Thank you!


October 12

Hello Realmers,

With this release, we are introducing important security measures to target DDoS attacks and multiboxing. We aim towards a more stable and secure Realm, with better loading times.

Other Changes:

  • Adjusted the loading screen size, so that the image does not appear stretched.
  • Added HP scaling anti-instakill failsafe to Puppet Master’s Encore, Royal Cnidarian, Lair of Shaitan, and Secluded Thicket;
  • Added a Server Status message area to the Launcher. A yellow, orange or red bar will now appear when there are server issues. The darker the bar, the more serious the issue;
  • The Exalt launcher will now remember your login credentials when you switch between production and testing environments;
  • The Noble Boss modifier is temporarily disabled.

Bug Fixes:

  • Players are now able to ping a dungeon after another player enters it.