Themed Set [UT Sets] Special Characteristics


Seeing as DECA is getting the hang of using those special effects when it comes to armor/weapons, so how about a good boost to the current and past Themed Sets?

Whenever something has an or, its just another suggested ability, not giving the set multiple abilities.

Coral Huntress
Breath meter underwater goes down half as slow, doubling the time underwater.

Crystal Necromancer
Immune to Curse status effect.
Summons three tribesmen when under 300 heatlh (similar to the tribesmen of the Forbidden Jungle, acts like the Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi) for 5 seconds, on a 60 second cooldown.

Purified Priest
Gains Energized whenever under a negative status condition.
Immune to Darkness

Ghostly Trickster
Gains Invisibility when taking damage over 70 for 6 seconds. Cooldown for 40 seconds. (Essentially Crystallised Mist as a whole set.)

Mad Scientist Sorcerer
On hit, 25% chance of throwing poison. 100 Impact Damage with 1000 Damage over 5 seconds. Cooldown for 5 seconds. (Essentially Corrosion Core as a set)
When under 200 health, transform into a monster (instantly gain 300 health, gain Damaging, gain Quiet) for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 200 seconds. (A bit of an odd concept but essentially changing form for a short time when in peril)

Marble Paladin
Immune to Armor Broken
Gain +50 Defense; Upon taking damage, -50 Defense for 15 seconds. (Resu but with Defense)

Cultist Necromancer
Gain +30 Wisdom; Upon taking damage, -30 Wisdom for 20 seconds.
Immune to Silence

Void Archer
10% to inflict Stasis and Armor Break to surrounding enemies (5.6 radius) for 3 upon taking damage. Gain Darkness for 2 seconds. Cooldown for 30 seconds.

Spirit Mystic
Releases a Fairy upon taking damage. Fairy will attack closest enemy, inflicting a random status effect for 3 seconds and dealing 100 damage. Cooldown for 3 seconds.
Gain Healing and Armored whenever standing in water. (Does not work underwater)

Summer Solstice Wizard
On taking damage, deploy a Sand Castle. Cooldown for 30 seconds.

Valentine’s Archer
On taking damage, spawns a Valentine Launcher, and spawns a Valentine for 30 seconds. Inflict Stunned to surrounding enemies (radius: 4) for 3 seconds. Cooldown for 30 seconds.

Eggre Knight
(The ring already does a neat effect, this will up the chance to 25% over 10%)

If not these effects, just to put more attention to these Themed Sets, seeing as there is attention to them, but hopefully enough to give them some use.


Coral huntress is ok but too situational.

Crystal necro: curse immunity seems nice, but robe with def is better, summon is weird

Puri priest: I think it should have curse immunity.

Ghostly trick: As you said, it’s basically reused effect so nope for me.

Mad scientist: Monster transformation is interesting but would need minor changes.

Marble Paladin: It could be broken but dunno. Would it also negate armor piercing on projectiles?

Cult necro: +30 may be too high for wismod class, silence immunity is ok, but quiet is way worse.

Void archer: What’s the point of statis and armorbreak?

Spirit mystic: Fairy would be nice, water buffs are too situational.

Last 3 are mostly reskins so they are fine without set bonus imo.


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