Valentine's Day Archer Set

Valentine's Day Archer Set
Class Archer
Themed on Valentine’s Day
Obtained from Valentines Tinkerer Quests
2nd Piece Bonus +20 HP, +3 DEX, +3 VIT
3rd Piece Bonus +30 HP, +5 SPD, +5 VIT
4th Piece Bonus +40 HP, +4 DEF, +7 VIT
Subtotal of Bonuses +90 HP, +4 DEF, +3 DEX, +5 SPD, +15 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus +270 HP, +5 ATT, +20 DEF, +7 DEX, +13 SPD, +15 VIT
Total Fame Bonus 28%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Release X.22.1.0

The Valentine’s Day Archer Set was the first themed set made up entirely of untiered item reskins. Released by Deca in Release X.22.1.0 (February 2018), the items were only available via quests at The Tinkerer. In Release X32.6.0, additional stat bonuses were given to the set.

The full set, being higher fame bonus reskins of Leaf Bow, Quiver of Thunder, Coral Silk Armor and Ring of Unbound Health, with additional stat bonuses, is perfectly viable to use.