Forbidden Jungle

Last updated: Build 122.0
Forbidden Jungle
Difficulty: 2Difficulty: 2

The Forbidden Jungle is an easy, mid-level Dungeon designed for novice players. Monsters are somewhat more durable than previous dungeons and can put out some decent damage. Enemy quantity is somewhat high as well, but spaced out. Thus, the dungeon is recommended for players between level 10-20.

Entrances to the Forbidden Jungle are dropped from Great Coil Snakes.


Totem KeyThe Totem Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.

See the Forbidden Jungle Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.


  • This dungeon has to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.
  • The boss drops the Crystal Necromancer Set.
The Realm Eye says:
Most residents living in the realm retreated to the Nexus during Oryx’s uprising, but some refused to abandon their land.
The lack of societal structure led these small clans to become much more primitive, forming tribes in the shelter of the realm’s dense jungles.



Jungle Layout

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Dungeon Boss

Mixcoatl the Masked God

Mixcoatl the Masked God is found in a large circular chamber containing four Boss Totems.
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Drops of Interest

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