Summer Solstice Set

Summer Solstice Wizard
Class Wizard
Themed on The Summer Solstice
Overall Stat Bonus +20 HP, +75 MP, +4 ATT, +21 DEF, +12 WIS
Final Stats at 8/8 690 HP, 460 MP, 79 ATT, 46 DEF, 50 SPD, 75 DEX, 40 VIT, 72 WIS
Total Fame Bonus 16%
Released Release 21.6.0 (June 2014)

The Summer Solstice Set is a collection of Wizard items available during Month of the Mad God. The pieces are reskins of tiered equipment (Staff of the Cosmic Whole, Elemental Detonation Spell, Robe of the Grand Sorcerer, and Ring of Exalted Defense). Though untiered, the set is tradeable.

The items drop from MotMG Event Chests and the Dungeon Leprechaun. Throughout the month of August, a full set can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a T13 weapon or T14 armor (once per account).

The set is perfectly fine to use, being made up of high tiered reskins, though pure DEF rings have fallen out of fashion recently and many players would switch in a ring that gives HP or mixed stats. In addition, the staff and spell are quite desirable due to their projectile sprites being a bit more visible than their tiered equivalents.

The set was released in June 2014 for Month of the Mad God, the pieces temporarily dropping in the same locations as their tiered equivalents.

The staff was added as a bonus drop to the first Event Chest in August 2016, and the Solstice items reappeared in MotMG chest events over the following two years.