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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
101.Hurricane Tortilla51813756~13y 2d ago
102.VWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW51789692~11y 330d ago
103.Mochi510566617~11y 361d ago
104.OpioWraki50060777~12y 64d ago
105.LittleHeroes49923645~12y 56d ago
106.need pots winky face491596413~12y 79d ago
107.White Bag Oasis490766211~11y 331d ago
108.MAFIA488236214~11y 302d ago2023-09-30 05:11:52USE
109.TheEpsilonProgram47509627~12y 151d ago
110.473685514~12y 70d ago
111.Narwhal Inc473045911~11y 333d ago
112.Derivation470994014~12y 41d ago
113.Comunidad del Fungus466896016~11y 349d ago
114.TheSwordAndTheShield46374904~11y 332d ago2023-09-28 17:50:57USE2
115.Da Capo46313687~12y 30d ago
116.PirateCave46221813~12y 43d ago
117.szerintemnem45178575~11y 328d ago2023-09-30 16:52:26USE
118.TheeSaltySpitoon44465587~12y 10d ago
119.PepegaBlind44355497~12y 109d ago
120.Moon Bunny43808903~11y 316d ago
121.Painfully Bad43669636~11y 314d ago
122.feel the burns431666215~11y 326d ago2023-09-30 05:29:32USW
123.Rising Dynasty430465918~11y 328d ago
124.Feeble42853532~12y 80d ago2023-09-30 11:38:44USMW2
125.blue fairy423368613~12y 37d ago
126.Perihelion42032617~11y 342d ago
127.Infinite Loading41893585~12y 72d ago
128.Girthtrude41813905~11y 329d ago
129.CoolVibes415255810~11y 342d ago
130.RealmOfTheCalmGod41519661~11y 333d ago
131.Prukogi404688116~12y 17d ago
132.The Keypers403766518~11y 349d ago
133.MinistryOfBetterLids40244518~11y 329d ago
134.The Outer GODS40196697>13y 10d ago2023-09-30 14:57:56USE
135.Vocivum39691647~11y 358d ago
137.Decent38521449~12y 4d ago
138.Pyongyang37016654~11y 314d ago
139.DarkElite37004495~11y 319d ago
140.36763325~11y 349d ago
142.35767703~12y 144d ago
143.Beppi The Clown35543643~12y 76d ago
144.Maccabi House350855716~11y 322d ago
145.pots pots pots34637648~12y 146d ago
146.TheeSaltySpitoon34560579~11y 307d ago2023-09-28 00:24:28USE2
147.Contreras34459639~11y 362d ago2023-09-30 08:16:29
148.34392545~11y 324d ago
149.Ill Advised339286311~11y 347d ago
150.Hatsa33762666~12y 140d ago
151.Sizzigorru335643812~11y 326d ago
153.XjuNEARVxc33242901~12y 184d agoEUSW
154.AdobeFlashPlayer330826510~12y 63d ago2023-09-30 20:15:39
155.QTazQ32845684~12y 8d ago
156.I like to hug Medusa328428311~12y 56d ago
157.THE VANGAURD326366913~12y 55d ago
158.Ontarians32142577~11y 328d ago
159.Appellation32086645~11y 343d ago
160.Kanyes Quest32048729~11y 327d ago
161.OK BOOM31751795~11y 325d ago2023-09-21 08:42:08
162.Casualties31468458~12y 8d ago2023-09-21 20:39:04
163.Sanguine Sanctuary312076113~11y 354d ago2023-09-30 19:28:44
164.House of the Mad God31193746~11y 319d ago
165.Teartear30585528~11y 318d ago
166.Guilld305035514~11y 334d ago
167.FOR NOSTALGIA30216563~11y 315d ago2023-09-21 22:15:03USNW
168.The Champions Of God30199648~11y 342d ago2023-09-28 15:13:40USE
169.Okami301754610~11y 326d ago2023-09-30 20:20:01USE
171.BigOlWetDonnies29572599~11y 334d ago
172.29447609~11y 338d ago2023-09-30 07:26:37USE
173.Popeyes29010363~12y 57d ago
174.Cutlass Creed28964587~11y 302d ago
175.Celeste28727806~11y 333d ago
176.Gyoza28690713~11y 327d ago2023-09-21 04:59:23
177.Hisoutensoku28571459~11y 314d ago
178.Cats of Agony28512604~12y 18d ago2023-09-29 19:05:53
179.Dragonlords28351447~12y 7d ago2023-09-30 00:18:54EUW
180.Bred28262171~12y 147d ago
181.RealmRANGER28231471~11y 360d ago
182.the mafia chile28006358~11y 361d ago
183.274585310~11y 333d ago
184.RealmRANGER27147468~11y 358d ago2023-09-30 01:28:32USS
185.The Crown27082614~12y 28d ago
186.TeamVIPPERs262435012~11y 338d ago2023-09-30 17:48:06USW
187.TheRealMafia25969519~11y 345d ago2023-09-30 13:10:56USE
188.The Legendary Falls25910459~11y 345d ago
189.25398589~12y 143d ago
190.RobboRidesYutes25393478~11y 330d ago
193.hornyfororyx24476693~12y 70d ago
195.Moon Bunny239498510~11y 317d ago
196.Peace and Serenity239145512~12y 76d ago2023-09-30 02:51:45USW
197.Cold23831628~11y 325d ago
198.23509611~12y 17d ago
199.MrsShort23397602~11y 343d ago
200.BSOD23186652~12y 173d ago2023-09-30 13:13:13EUE