Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
101.Rainbow Rangers496265718~11y 200d ago
102.Arigato48809557~11y 132d ago
103.Order of Pixel Arms48344902~11y 349d ago
104.479015913~11y 24d ago2022-11-27 14:14:25USE
105.Epistemic47679606~11y 62d ago
106.SuperGod47260752~11y 24d ago2022-11-26 00:49:06
107.hppotionsformeplease466736715~11y 62d ago
108.Wealthy45969678~11y 146d ago
109.Bongers454565810~11y 25d ago
110.Nocna Straz45432381~11y 110d ago
112.No Feet43952248~11y 31d ago
113.Fantasy43104795~11y 27d ago
114.crossguild424116015~11y 20d ago
115.bonsaibois423347414~11y 145d ago
116.CanisMajor419307311~11y 207d ago
117.418996312~11y 75d ago2022-11-28 07:35:43EUE
118.Lil Squids41533814~11y 25d ago
119.CLOAK414455417~11y 19d ago
120.Presidential411546510~11y 111d ago
121.Dex Effusion Addicts41055642~11y 23d ago
122.The Outer GODS408966211>12y 68d ago2022-11-28 11:24:16USE
123.Douche Squad40783539~11y 12d ago2022-11-28 12:25:43USE2
124.Space Cadets40343448~11y 322d ago2022-11-28 05:40:55A
125.Mask392926812~11y 27d ago
126.TheGirlfriends384126611~11y 90d ago
127.Swagger Wagon378274015~11y 14d ago
128.37656657~11y 24d ago2022-11-28 09:44:02EUW
129.Stray Dogs375857011~11y 20d ago
130.CellarDoors37340672~11y 186d ago
131.HPHPMPMP37154827~11y 12d ago
134.362725517~11y 358d ago
135.Inverted36173612~11y 76d ago
136.Logical Nonsense35852511~11y 25d ago
137.Kinda Sucks352605814~11y 138d ago
138.Tamal351705515~11y 27d ago
139.The Citadel35013822~11y 156d ago
140.50349585215~11y 109d ago2022-11-28 06:55:19
141.Carnation347775117~11y 25d ago
142.34493453~11y 34d ago
143.FellStar344816112~11y 299d ago2022-11-28 01:22:09USE2
144.hecantbeatgoku341535813~11y 28d ago
145.TST34004566~11y 73d ago2022-11-27 16:31:44EUW
146.Mochilinha33914608~11y 142d ago
147.KatarNair331175013~11y 24d ago
148.33111609~11y 134d ago
149.327913913~11y 11d ago2022-11-28 12:13:50USE
150.327555815~11y 37d ago2022-11-28 08:12:31USE
151.Small Dicks31909462~11y 152d ago
152.IronLords317386014~11y 34d ago
153.Cyberbully312954214~11y 9d ago
154.qweasd311775813~11y 27d ago2022-11-28 11:13:04
155.Da Capo30907753~12y 32d ago
156.Yamashiro Syndicate308806310~11y 42d ago
157.Indisposed30701602~11y 19d ago2022-11-28 02:59:22EUE
158.SC Gaming305265417~11y 16d ago
159.GaysComBolsonaro29433903~11y 27d ago
160.Da Capo29235552~11y 174d ago
161.Midnight Star290385217~11y 128d ago
162.Thepps284255012~11y 26d ago
163.Gelato277645511~11y 111d ago2022-11-28 02:58:04
164.27726541~11y 203d ago
165.275975210~11y 162d ago2022-11-28 12:18:50EUE
166.Melon Cult27202728~11y 205d ago
167.bloodbutt271326112>12y 68d ago
168.LordBingus271136113~11y 18d ago
169.TheEpsilonProgram27054535~11y 210d ago
170.BananaLinSanity26092264~11y 131d ago2022-11-28 11:20:57USE
171.House of the Mad God25964617~11y 13d ago
172.LittleHeroes25926612~11y 114d ago
173.CherryLine257605016~11y 20d ago
174.25708541~11y 18d ago
175.25518505~11y 100d ago
176.WWBTB255106316~12y 63d ago
177.25231171~11y 206d ago
178.TeamBN25149426~11y 206d ago2022-11-28 09:46:37USE2
179.Rising Sun24561467~11y 118d ago
180.Terrarians243945211~11y 24d ago
181.Mercury Knights24345399~11y 26d ago2022-11-28 06:02:59USE
182.WeLoveFlexing24172734~11y 85d ago
183.Pardipere24109615~11y 23d ago
184.Alpha Legacy24094536~11y 14d ago
185.TRUMP ADMINISTRATION23815636~11y 19d ago
186.DarkFood237714610~11y 47d ago
187.Bongers23504387~11y 117d ago
188.23384727~11y 21d ago2022-11-27 22:25:31USE2
189.Hipsters23362496~11y 104d ago2022-11-27 22:01:25USS
190.Super Suck23349673~11y 17d ago
191.233165418~11y 18d ago2022-11-28 05:29:55USE
192.23158593~11y 31d ago
193.LosCracks23157712~11y 49d ago
194.Paketeatoren23032634~11y 75d ago
195.Budweiser227855111~11y 205d ago2022-11-28 09:45:54
196.Recluses224494710~11y 139d ago2022-11-28 07:23:52USE
197.GODSLAYERSXD218005713~11y 135d ago2022-11-28 08:30:50USE
198.213515213~11y 7d ago
199.21083576~11y 16d ago