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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
303.Meruem11492731~11y 335d ago
304.Tacos de Pastor11369434~11y 353d ago
305.11250376~11y 326d ago
306.NarutoShuppuuden11229534~12y 146d ago
307.Spirit of Valor11218443~12y 69d ago
308.Agentes do Caos11176296~12y 298d ago2023-09-30 05:27:48USE
309.Thaynians11013472~11y 322d ago
310.RealmRANGER11012557~11y 308d ago
311.SINS10971183~12y 90d ago2023-09-28 03:48:08USE2
312.The Salty Spitoon10893486~12y 191d ago
314.OMGP and Overague10484544~11y 337d ago
315.Aeolus10470902~12y 88d ago
316.Guild of The Randoms10458249~11y 313d ago2023-09-29 08:37:00
317.Rainbow Rangers10454238~11y 350d ago2023-09-28 01:42:07USW
318.10431224~12y 32d ago2023-09-27 04:57:54USE2
319.Joker10407582~11y 363d ago2023-09-30 09:18:07
320.Forced10387741~12y 41d ago
322.TheAEsir10346255~12y 18d ago
323.Da Capo10337733~11y 307d ago
324.REGALDEEP10280463~12y 75d ago
325.GSH10243711~11y 329d ago
326.TeamGoGetters102057212~11y 313d ago
327.MAFIA10137491~12y 208d ago
328.Extreme Demon10120607~12y 143d ago
329.ChineseMesoFarmers10092356~12y 195d ago2023-09-27 12:57:54USE2
330.vMPF9918586~11y 329d ago
331.Kim9896287~11y 318d ago
332.SwordPlay98685213~12y 39d ago2023-09-29 00:43:58USE
333.game is dead9830491~11y 304d ago
334.Dws God Squad9779494~11y 333d ago
335.9757413~11y 321d ago
336.The Toasters9744532~11y 333d ago
337.Immensity9735354~11y 310d ago2023-09-26 19:10:52USE2
338.Humble Men9714537~11y 334d ago
339.DEAD or ALIVE9570425~12y 290d ago
340.GLEUFHUNTERS9526548~12y 330d ago2023-09-30 17:41:16EUW2
341.Hipsters9469608~12y 46d ago2023-09-30 01:05:45USS
342.Corsair9399578~11y 327d ago2023-09-30 09:17:48EUW
343.9356233~11y 322d ago2023-09-27 19:17:25USW3
344.MemoriSimps9267342~12y 190d ago
345.Babyz got Attitude9246574~12y 55d ago
346.the killing people9178272~12y 87d ago
347.Thanos Car9105235~12y 5d ago
348.I N C E S T9059523~12y 241d ago
349.Reds Queendom9051673~12y 87d ago
350.MadGodsMinions90364110~11y 322d ago
351.Neighborhood Watch90314311~12y 74d ago2023-09-30 06:11:43USMW
352.CakeOfTheMadGod8999406~12y 41d ago
353.Mask8951504~11y 330d ago
354.8908493~12y 2d ago
355.8904473~12y 79d ago
356.8633442~12y 22d ago
357.Returning8521504~11y 333d ago2023-09-28 01:35:06USMW2
358.JURRASIC BOYZ82115210~12y 82d ago
359.Sakura Swim Club8076399~11y 329d ago
360.The NBA8072453~11y 320d ago2023-09-25 03:12:28USE
361.Vileplume8069314~12y 95d ago2023-09-29 23:20:57USE
362.7991266~12y 330d ago2023-09-30 14:11:31EUW
363.High Octane7934416~11y 307d ago
364.7930664~11y 310d ago
365.Exalted Swag7884382~12y 81d ago
366.Delusional7845413~12y 8d ago2023-09-28 22:20:08USMW2
367.WeebCumZone7800473~11y 333d ago
368.PAJAKI7794514~11y 354d ago
369.madgodJP7598563~12y 169d ago2023-09-28 00:49:58USE2
370.Hakugyokurou7586394~12y 127d ago
371.Aggressive Atheists7561613~12y 172d ago
372.Logical Nonsense7492496~11y 334d ago
373.Unknown Brothers7447375~11y 316d ago2023-09-29 22:46:15USE
374.TheChronic74414110~12y 62d ago2023-09-30 18:54:12USE
375.YallSexy7420569~12y 55d ago
376.Bwarg7407463~11y 326d ago2023-09-25 23:55:46
377.WE R TEH BEST7338642~11y 332d ago
378.Sunnyvale7268413~11y 330d ago
379.Churlish Kittens7217762~11y 327d ago
380.Renegades of Pixels7157372~11y 334d ago
381.7122601~12y 16d ago2023-09-26 19:37:04
382.Boofing70582811~11y 322d ago2023-09-30 02:12:09USW
383.Hylian Defenders7024321~12y 120d ago2023-09-23 12:32:05EUW2
384.Crossed Borders6988436~11y 332d ago
385.Rainbow Rangers6931263~12y 36d ago2023-09-27 07:06:48USW
386.IcyCats6923374~11y 318d ago2023-09-28 23:10:39USMW
387.Poverty6896641~11y 331d ago
388.6867564~11y 315d ago
389.GlizzyKids6858432~12y 94d ago
390.Chainsaw Massacre6797555~11y 327d ago2023-09-27 04:35:33USS
391.6692218~12y 8d ago
392.6655285~12y 101d ago2023-09-30 14:12:47EUW
393.6601591~11y 363d ago
394.Doomers6532427~12y 199d ago
395.NKsecretguild6466516~11y 334d ago2023-09-30 07:16:30EUW
396.Sheepies Friends6368454~12y 9d ago
397.LuckerDogs6351464~11y 316d ago
398.Yamashiro Syndicate6344634~11y 349d ago
399.VOLVO6308575~11y 322d ago
400.63005810~12y 95d ago