Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
301.Celeste10602767~11y 36d ago
302.notittietouchclub10562704~11y 35d ago
303.10420761~11y 69d ago2022-11-29 20:05:08USW
304.Blockland10296366~11y 236d ago2022-12-07 02:04:20USW3
305.10208442~11y 67d ago
306.Totally Didnt Crash10142573~11y 234d ago
307.MAFIA10137491~11y 276d ago
308.Old School ROTMG10136408~11y 20d ago
309.Super Suck10117678~11y 26d ago
310.Ultimation10087602~11y 209d ago
311.10074296~11y 167d ago2022-12-06 20:22:39EUW
312.TheGrinks9984446~11y 44d ago
313.9959499~11y 34d ago2022-12-07 01:36:39USE
314.vsixsteen9952651~11y 83d ago
315.FellowshipOTMG97793910~11y 55d ago
316.her9617722~11y 257d ago
317.ChessClub9400574~11y 188d ago
318.DrexelNights9354602>12y 77d ago
319.Churlish Kittens9351602~11y 27d ago
320.Nocturne9339365~11y 32d ago
323.PrincesOfTweak9250553~11y 164d ago2022-12-06 02:09:48USE2
324.Monsanto9236506~11y 32d ago
325.9167574~11y 34d ago
326.VeggieExp9089534~11y 29d ago
327.BananaPower9024331~11y 98d ago2022-12-06 17:37:51USW4
328.She is my wife8910525~11y 84d ago
329.8892711~11y 187d ago2022-12-06 23:27:34USW3
330.YallSexy8843407~11y 26d ago2022-12-06 00:17:56USE2
331.8835401~11y 93d ago2022-11-26 19:21:24
332.Sleep8773651~11y 142d ago
333.Dirkheads8765643~11y 256d ago2022-12-06 22:30:30
334.Exquisite Moms8732457~11y 36d ago2022-12-02 02:35:56USE2
335.Zadymka8710353~11y 153d ago
336.8641583~11y 46d ago2022-11-28 08:12:31USE
337.Meruem8634711~11y 37d ago
338.8614302~11y 257d ago
339.KrakaktuskKRKrokodil8431514~11y 66d ago
340.8349314~11y 153d ago2022-12-07 02:46:33USE
341.Popeyes8241303~11y 125d ago
343.Alpacha8194462~11y 266d ago2022-12-06 01:55:46USE2
344.Orphans of Oryx81873910~11y 36d ago
345.FULCRUM COME IN8141672~11y 34d ago
346.FriendsRUs8117655>12y 77d ago2022-12-07 02:41:04
347.8074488~11y 36d ago
348.Hentai Hoes8048431~11y 75d ago
349.Kris owes me a hundy8047202~11y 21d ago2022-11-27 08:13:12AUS
350.Lil Big House8027552~11y 27d ago
351.Vocivum7956555~11y 61d ago
352.7912533~11y 46d ago
353.TOMBERISM7770494~11y 143d ago2022-12-06 18:34:57USE
355.7694641~11y 36d ago
356.Oryx Horde7590732~11y 81d ago
357.AnnointedBros7586604~11y 36d ago
358.AAAce7545485~11y 155d ago2022-12-06 03:37:54USE2
359.Gramps75024613~11y 36d ago2022-12-06 22:41:51USE2
360.NightWolfs7341571~11y 162d ago2022-12-05 09:29:44EUW
361.BaltimoreStoners7315603~11y 151d ago
362.Anti Furry Force7296686~11y 23d ago
364.Deified7239316~11y 154d ago2022-12-07 01:32:10USE
365.CueBall7180577~11y 173d ago2022-12-07 02:40:14USE2
366.Skyscar7170395~11y 36d ago2022-12-06 00:30:58USE
367.Antwan7150648~11y 36d ago
368.7135243~12y 28d ago2022-12-06 15:56:27EUW
369.Guilld7116532~11y 33d ago
370.Autism of the MadGod7108478~11y 251d ago2022-12-06 17:30:32EUN
371.ThebeMedupes7025494~11y 115d ago2022-12-07 02:48:49USE2
373.The Order Of Chaos6920314~11y 185d ago2022-12-06 04:50:16USE2
374.SpaceTravelDungeons6860802~11y 21d ago
375.Da Capo6727536~11y 357d ago
376.rilr6691424~11y 67d ago2022-12-06 11:05:46EUW
377.League Of Mad Gods6625264~11y 46d ago2022-12-06 00:46:39EUW
378.Tribo6579373~11y 33d ago
379.PirateCave6501652~11y 110d ago
380.pal poc loud6441172~11y 34d ago2022-11-29 02:18:07USMW2
381.6370152~11y 36d ago
382.CoomerBros6363253~11y 33d ago2022-11-26 23:46:11USE2
383.CLOAK6319293~11y 26d ago2022-11-24 10:09:27USE2
384.Lovers of Woman6263352~11y 33d ago
385.Bridge Four6262644~11y 32d ago
386.Mochi6257634~11y 63d ago2022-12-02 01:01:59USW4
387.WhiteLuckyLags6244366~11y 158d ago2022-12-06 15:51:38EUW
388.6239561~11y 55d ago
389.SaintPetersburg6210547~11y 174d ago2022-12-07 02:33:13EUE
390.Los Palmettianos6122464~11y 70d ago
391.6118342~11y 48d ago2022-11-24 20:52:28EUW
392.6059522~11y 36d ago
393.Viciados60554612~11y 43d ago2022-12-06 23:55:03USE
394.MadChief5934476~12y 50d ago2022-12-06 10:41:39USE
395.TlLT5918255~11y 141d ago2022-12-06 19:30:07USE2
396.5900471~11y 200d ago2022-11-28 03:45:47USE2
397.SmackDab5883396~11y 142d ago
398.RealFakeGuild58162611~11y 56d ago2022-12-06 17:10:24USE
399.5792772~11y 211d ago
400.5761286~11y 170d ago2022-12-07 02:13:08USE