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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
801.WGM184281~12y 25d ago2023-12-03 03:02:33USE2
802.DosAmigos183192~12y 4d ago2023-12-02 01:41:28USS
803.18011~12y 144d ago2023-12-01 20:45:11A
804.MilfHunterZ175671~12y 38d ago
805.The NBA173452~12y 24d ago2023-12-03 07:38:52USE2
806.166232~12y 33d ago2023-11-25 05:21:12USW
807.Tchutchuquetes159532~12y 37d ago
808.TaiwanFormosa15751~13y 35d ago2023-12-07 17:16:51A
808.15753~12y 242d ago2023-11-25 15:41:30EUW
810.15691~12y 171d ago2023-12-04 18:22:02USS
811.143102~12y 24d ago2023-12-01 02:59:33USE
812.SEEYA139182~12y 94d ago2023-12-08 15:12:46USNW
813.eRa137551~12y 41d ago
814.Jesters Court134192~12y 221d ago2023-12-05 15:49:32USW4
815.131451~12y 44d ago
816.TrashTalk128212~12y 96d ago2023-12-03 06:50:09A
817.12553~12y 78d ago2023-11-28 10:37:02AUS
818.122492~12y 3d ago2023-12-07 14:36:20EUW
819.MindFuck Pizzeria116211~12y 38d ago2023-11-26 16:58:59EUE
820.Arcanum Squad Seven11511~12y 8d ago2023-12-02 08:00:06A
821.yum yum bubblegum114292~12y 215d ago2023-12-07 05:28:45USE2
822.GLEUFHUNTERS111594~13y 34d ago2023-12-08 19:35:33EUW2
822.Epic Dudes111132~12y 89d ago2023-12-08 03:03:42USMW
824.MyTwentyLetterGuild106382~12y 85d ago
825.105231~12y 37d ago2023-12-02 21:40:45USE
827.103192~12y 165d ago2023-12-08 03:02:26USE
829.The Lup Guild100561~12y 20d ago
830.Lords of the Dead99162~13y 28d ago2023-12-02 00:59:37USW
833.Gorvvars92351~12y 36d ago2023-12-08 08:12:02EUE
834.Randomly90351~12y 15d ago
834.Black Bullet90371~12y 276d ago2023-12-04 13:42:55AUS
836.Promethian Forum87352~12y 289d ago2023-11-30 03:33:19USW
837.Churlish Kittens86762~12y 31d ago
838.85181~12y 23d ago2023-11-26 03:36:12USS
841.The Rarts76171~12y 97d ago2023-12-07 03:28:58
841.The Kings Rangers7632~12y 38d ago2023-11-26 20:27:33USMW2
843.Sexibois75471~12y 6d ago
844.72171~12y 125d ago2023-11-27 09:50:47AUS
844.7221~12y 142d ago2023-12-08 01:01:39EUW
846.69121~12y 35d ago2023-12-05 20:10:08EUN
847.q66281~12y 250d ago2023-12-07 02:31:55USE
848.pots pots pots65633~12y 17d ago
850.61163~12y 166d ago2023-12-05 02:18:35USE2
851.BSOD60653~12y 242d ago2023-12-08 11:43:55EUE
851.TheSwellBoys60203~12y 65d ago2023-11-28 08:02:34USE2
851.BSOD60722~12y 242d ago2023-12-08 19:34:22A
854.56181~12y 37d ago2023-12-08 18:02:03USE2
855.Elundus Core55201~12y 274d ago2023-11-28 22:29:51EUE
856.54143~12y 216d ago2023-12-05 17:28:04EUN
856.Army of Spips54351~12y 36d ago2023-12-06 11:50:54USW
858.Big Bois53281~12y 65d ago2023-12-02 23:27:47USE2
860.SuperTroopers52163~12y 29d ago2023-12-08 20:28:46USS
861.GreenYellowTea5111~12y 37d ago2023-12-06 08:47:02EUSW
862.Pinders49312~12y 36d ago2023-12-08 14:33:39EUW
863.TeamLOLZ48171~12y 39d ago
863.I have no enemies48512~12y 30d ago
865.47361~12y 176d ago2023-12-05 03:30:14USE2
866.the stoners46202~13y 24d ago2023-12-08 05:42:59USMW
866.Ballsy46182~12y 38d ago2023-11-27 08:43:29USE
866.Blockland46361~12y 237d ago2023-12-08 03:11:32USW3
866.Animals46151~12y 21d ago2023-12-05 02:38:45USSW
870.RMXI44901~12y 38d ago
871.42181~12y 2d ago2023-12-03 08:07:11USW4
871.42231~12y 81d ago2023-12-08 12:54:48USE
873.4152~12y 29d ago2023-12-08 00:00:36USMW
873.4111~13y 37d ago2023-12-06 08:32:09EUW
875.BoysAtWork40552~12y 17d ago
875.DeadinDays40332~12y 17d ago2023-12-08 01:27:54USE2
877.NoBeggars38191~12y 33d ago2023-12-08 15:55:48EUW
878.3581~12y 42d ago2023-12-06 11:44:24EUN
879.34542~12y 36d ago2023-11-27 15:44:07EUW
880.Kaunas33121~12y 7d ago2023-11-28 08:53:41EUW
881.31122~12y 51d ago2023-11-30 17:10:58EUW
881.MidnightMafia3131~12y 23d ago2023-12-04 01:56:58EUE
883.LGBTQ29521~12y 37d ago2023-12-08 21:06:25USE2
883.29381~12y 117d ago2023-11-26 00:30:09
883.the oryx ninjas2921~12y 29d ago2023-11-30 03:13:07EUE
887.28281~12y 2d ago2023-12-06 12:16:49USE2
888.27122~12y 12d ago2023-12-03 09:21:08USS
889.Dawn Raiders26401~12y 8d ago2023-12-08 07:44:49USW
890.Gramps25532~12y 24d ago
891.Popeyes24541~12y 215d ago
892.The Bouncy Hunters23221~12y 288d ago2023-12-08 09:51:38EUE
892.Moon Bunny23852~12y 21d ago
894.ITC Reborn22571~12y 32d ago
894.22191~12y 27d ago
894.Get a Life2251~12y 4d ago2023-11-30 03:30:49A
898.The Kindom of Rulers2131~12y 38d ago2023-12-05 19:39:06USS
898.DragonRoar2111~12y 91d ago2023-11-27 12:27:25USS3
898.FireWolves21462~12y 131d ago2023-12-08 19:52:48EUE