Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
801.Killer Worms122261~11y 167d agoUSE2
802.TheInsaneAsylum121272~11y 141d ago2022-12-06 03:55:43USW
803.12011~11y 31d ago2022-11-25 18:47:31USW
804.Kathie118321~11y 22d ago2022-11-30 00:05:20EUSW
805.11341~11y 129d ago2022-12-05 00:40:50USW4
806.Swift Death11152~11y 53d ago2022-12-06 07:10:30USE
807.GEEL109192~11y 141d ago2022-12-06 08:26:11EUW2
808.Teh Clan108212~11y 55d ago2022-11-30 03:57:04USMW2
809.peepeepoopoo107271~11y 232d ago2022-11-26 21:13:52USW
810.ETQG105592~11y 81d ago
810.Cult of Dirge105301~11y 31d ago2022-12-06 13:29:32USSW
813.99232~11y 31d ago2022-11-30 02:48:15USW
814.Big Bool95501~11y 36d ago
815.MAKE BR9431~11y 139d ago2022-11-27 12:23:28USS3
816.Crepuscule92451~11y 28d ago2022-12-03 12:34:28EUW
817.Bloodsail Buccaneers91522~11y 36d ago2022-12-03 08:31:40USE2
818.Black Bullet90371~11y 275d ago2022-12-06 14:59:29A
819.89262~11y 244d ago2022-11-25 22:58:58USE2
820.LifeIsGood88422~11y 35d ago
821.8771~11y 27d ago2022-12-07 02:28:04AUS
821.87213~11y 32d ago2022-11-27 23:06:50EUW
823.86481~11y 25d ago
824.Divine Alliance84272~11y 257d ago
825.83131~12y 60d ago2022-12-04 19:13:52
825.We are the ProRotmg8321~11y 158d ago2022-11-25 22:26:11EUN
828.Beginners8061~12y 40d ago2022-12-06 11:06:59EUW2
829.The Best Warriors79542~11y 213d ago2022-11-25 20:36:42EUE
830.Realm Laggar78261~11y 143d ago
830.Couch Potatoes78232~11y 23d ago
833.NoBeggars77141~11y 32d ago2022-12-07 00:36:56EUSW
833.Kleeptoman7741~11y 234d ago2022-11-27 13:55:32EUW2
836.Agents of the MG75361>12y 77d ago
837.Mochi73791~11y 77d ago
838.7221~11y 140d ago2022-12-07 01:07:36EUSW
839.Polish Hussars69151~11y 134d ago2022-12-04 20:24:28USE2
840.Dirkheads68652~11y 35d ago
840.The Light Of Order68131~11y 293d ago2022-11-27 13:07:36EUE
842.The BBGs67392~11y 229d ago
843.The Traders6542~11y 143d ago2022-12-06 01:48:13USE
844.Legion Of Rotmg6441~11y 85d ago2022-12-04 03:49:36USS
845.6292~11y 143d ago2022-11-29 13:35:21EUW
845.Shidid an fardid62332~11y 30d ago
847.BSOD61612~11y 240d ago2022-12-06 15:49:45EUSW
848.Something59162~11y 171d ago2022-11-28 00:40:31USE2
848.ApexPredators59222~11y 48d ago2022-12-01 06:29:33USW4
851.White Bags56252~11y 79d ago2022-12-02 21:19:19USW
851.Blood Pact56191~11y 128d ago2022-11-25 16:19:05EUE
853.dont steal my acct55223~11y 36d ago2022-12-06 16:55:48USE2
854.54392~11y 20d ago
855.Mindless53435~11y 150d ago
856.The Trust52281~11y 209d ago2022-12-06 00:08:46USMW2
856.52181~11y 89d ago2022-12-06 20:48:50USW
858.Dead Pixel5142~11y 145d ago2022-12-04 16:52:25USE2
858.51133~11y 128d ago2022-11-25 18:45:51USSW
858.Nogger51523~11y 109d ago
862.Sors Salutis46123~11y 69d ago2022-12-07 01:27:33USSW
862.46201~11y 252d ago2022-12-05 15:02:48EUE
862.46411~11y 141d ago2022-12-02 20:30:53USE2
865.God News45112~11y 27d ago2022-12-06 06:02:03USE
866.TheDiviners44591~11y 35d ago
867.4381~11y 54d ago2022-12-04 17:17:54EUW2
867.43201~11y 119d ago2022-12-02 14:14:32EUW2
869.Expert Log42733~11y 36d ago
869.42191~11y 51d ago2022-12-05 06:27:33USE2
871.hordes of gus40431~11y 33d ago2022-12-07 01:42:22A
871.4071~11y 126d ago2022-12-04 19:23:47USW4
873.35361~11y 175d ago2022-12-03 21:33:36USE2
874.REALM PLAYAS34372~11y 155d ago2022-12-07 01:23:47USE
874.Rising Sun34503~11y 128d ago
874.3411~11y 47d ago2022-11-30 03:18:05USMW2
877.3311~11y 120d ago2022-12-04 09:02:47USS3
878.Just Me2882~11y 43d ago2022-11-26 19:46:56EUN
880.2712~11y 36d ago2022-11-28 00:31:05EUW2
880.ButYtho27141~12y 1d ago2022-11-30 07:21:48USMW2
882.The Funeral Parlor2611~11y 171d ago2022-11-27 08:09:55EUW
882.26132~12y 33d ago2022-11-27 03:13:04USE2
884.2502~12y 65d ago2022-12-04 15:09:07EUE
884.2511~11y 131d ago2022-12-05 00:42:25USW4
884.25241~11y 31d ago2022-11-27 09:06:22EUSW
884.2561~11y 168d ago2022-12-06 04:38:18USE2
888.Aw Man24181~11y 20d ago2022-12-04 02:42:08EUSW
889.Boss23231~11y 213d ago2022-11-25 07:37:06USNW
889.2311~11y 72d ago2022-11-26 21:22:40A
891.Cones22341~11y 153d ago2022-11-24 10:53:41AUS
891.ITC Reborn22471~11y 30d ago
891.Assassins of AIecio22251~11y 34d ago
891.Intrepidity22512~11y 22d ago
891.SandmanConvention22301~11y 72d ago
896.Dirkheads21521~11y 68d ago
896.Blood Pact21291~11y 89d ago
896.21211~11y 132d ago
896.21411~11y 129d ago2022-12-03 10:44:37EUW2