Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
601.STLLR1613271~11y 21d ago
602.Endless Frontier1593311~11y 43d ago2022-11-27 13:09:12A
603.Flipped Horizons157591~11y 335d ago2022-11-30 15:03:45EUW
604.Spoons Love Circle1553345~11y 167d ago2022-12-06 02:44:21
605.TlLT1546286~11y 144d ago2022-12-09 19:58:04USE2
606.Sports Club1537503~11y 133d ago
606.TeamVIPPERs1537262~12y 62d ago2022-12-09 08:11:26EUE
609.OhNoNotAgain1518394~11y 23d ago2022-12-08 03:23:47USE2
610.Calamitous1515536~11y 106d ago
611.Trippy1508143~11y 239d ago2022-11-30 01:10:38USE2
612.1494486~11y 212d ago2022-12-01 17:53:54USE
613.NPEME1461205~11y 27d ago2022-12-09 12:05:18USE2
614.NKsecretguild1457471~11y 39d ago2022-12-09 17:29:01EUW
615.1456521~11y 19d ago
616.145252~11y 34d ago2022-12-09 04:46:30USE
617.bonsaibois1435371~11y 164d ago2022-12-08 05:00:36USW4
618.Killa1434581~11y 75d ago
619.Aw Man1422184~11y 23d ago2022-12-09 19:57:18EUW
620.139951~11y 78d ago2022-11-30 02:11:47A
621.Hitsuzen135763~11y 178d ago2022-12-04 13:37:09A
622.Scrub Club1356571>12y 80d ago2022-12-09 08:09:10
623.1337422~11y 39d ago
624.Wine Cellar1303462~11y 38d ago
625.Vocivum1269554~11y 63d ago
626.DELCourageous1254282~11y 32d ago2022-12-08 13:17:05USE
627.BangONG1243273~11y 75d ago
628.LLust1230297~11y 158d ago2022-12-09 00:37:31USS
629.Pack of wolves120241~12y 33d ago2022-11-29 14:25:08EUW
631.MartialPeak1189324~11y 38d ago2022-12-08 18:42:33USE2
632.Phantom Artists1165461~11y 24d ago
633.BurntToast1159472~11y 28d ago
634.Hollywoo1152371~11y 54d ago2022-12-03 01:00:53USMW2
635.Realm of the gamer1144213~11y 170d ago2022-12-08 14:08:12EUN
636.stoppots1140641~11y 152d ago
638.Glory Bound1116415~11y 167d ago
639.Konoyaro1081165~11y 39d ago2022-12-05 16:45:56USW
640.The Toasters1080441~11y 177d ago
641.Orphans of the Realm1074522~11y 32d ago
642.JARFOLAS1073342~11y 86d ago
643.Few1065432~11y 155d ago
644.the stoners1046204~12y 25d ago2022-12-09 04:19:27USMW
645.Fishh1025463~11y 30d ago
647.TRIGGER BOX1015445~11y 129d ago2022-12-05 07:14:25USE2
648.Mini Chaos1014461~11y 79d ago2022-11-27 18:07:12EUW2
649.Big Bois1001282~11y 66d ago2022-12-09 04:17:53USE2
650.AnyPercentDeathRun997583~11y 19d ago
651.XD XD XD XD XD XD XD994282~11y 30d ago2022-12-09 02:02:16USSW
652.Thighs Save Lives970175~11y 113d ago2022-12-07 04:18:35USE2
653.PurpleNinjaGummyBear9484418~11y 25d ago
655.Ramen Warriors938632~11y 360d ago
656.axis powers916251~11y 64d ago2022-12-07 15:31:26USW3
657.LOS WEEBS UwU913382~11y 60d ago
658.Leagues of Legend911461~11y 70d ago
659.910353~11y 15d ago2022-12-09 00:00:23USE2
660.The Riftseekers906331~11y 37d ago2022-11-27 11:03:34USW
661.PvP901101~11y 153d ago
662.890341~11y 23d ago2022-11-27 07:55:20EUE
663.Allbrickedup887482~11y 106d ago
664.IronLords880603~11y 45d ago
665.878581~11y 165d ago
666.Andromedae873403~11y 102d ago
667.CSsquad86371~11y 79d ago2022-11-29 05:40:18USMW2
668.Resurgentes861471~11y 23d ago
668.861341~11y 43d ago
670.Trek858103~11y 248d ago2022-12-02 07:31:40USW4
671.MoistyMilitia844223~11y 207d ago2022-12-04 22:24:02EUW
672.Reckless836552~11y 22d ago
673.Guild of The Randoms832231~11y 18d ago2022-11-26 06:46:27
674.BallersRUs830411~11y 29d ago2022-12-03 19:44:06USE2
676.Deadpeoples820444~11y 74d ago2022-12-08 20:29:11EUW
677.816601~11y 88d ago2022-12-03 17:05:51EUE
678.WLMT815103~11y 144d ago2022-12-08 22:49:34USE2
678.815352~11y 39d ago
680.CherryLine808502~11y 31d ago
681.perky800332~11y 31d ago2022-12-04 17:47:59USS3
682.FugGetAboutIt782341~11y 104d ago2022-12-09 06:48:43USMW2
683.Lucky Looters760538~11y 29d ago2022-12-09 00:47:26EUW
684.Mafia Mexicana755622~12y 11d ago
684.Moth755622~11y 144d ago
686.TheSwellBoys752201~11y 66d ago2022-11-26 03:15:52USE
688.Zerkers740553~11y 164d ago2022-12-09 05:43:46USE2
689.Ty Brutus725592~11y 243d ago
690.Virtuous724298~11y 159d ago2022-12-09 03:16:22USNW
691.720221~11y 25d ago2022-11-26 01:28:45USW4
692.Dragonlords715214~11y 77d ago2022-12-09 15:14:25USE
693.69582~11y 329d ago2022-12-03 00:24:25USW
694.Ballsack690374~11y 31d ago2022-12-09 04:26:13USE
695.GoonSociety666521~11y 27d ago2022-12-05 23:20:25USE
696.657331~11y 122d ago2022-12-04 13:48:21USE
697.NAKADASHI639212~11y 253d ago2022-12-09 08:19:02USE
698.Thaynians638482~11y 28d ago
699.Lords of the Dead636382~12y 64d ago2022-12-09 05:24:12USW
700.630501~11y 75d ago