Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
401.Valhalla Awaits8322341~12y 323d ago
402.The Salty Spitoon82925513~12y 266d ago
403.Harvesters8287541~12y 316d ago2024-07-24 09:17:25EUW2
404.HABA8189493~12y 258d ago
405.81096013~13y 77d ago
406.Hurricane Tortilla8106821~13y 300d ago
407.herosi8030347~12y 243d ago
408.Gulag8025382~12y 242d ago
409.7971272~13y 264d ago2024-07-16 20:54:06EUW2
410.FOR NOSTALGIA7901632~12y 249d ago2024-07-17 03:30:32USE
411.AAAce7863515~13y 21d ago2024-07-24 11:59:23EUW
412.WeenieHutJrs7849714~12y 263d ago
413.Sephiroth7832714~12y 267d ago2024-07-24 18:30:19EUE
414.Janus Gang7744751~12y 275d ago
415.BatterieAbklemmer7732741~12y 217d ago
417.Treasure hunters xX7703212~12y 252d ago2024-07-24 00:57:46USMW
418.GameMen7615493~12y 222d ago2024-07-16 12:27:48AUS
419.RealmOfTheCalmGod7592751~12y 266d ago
420.Hipsters7584617~12y 344d ago2024-07-24 23:11:37USS
420.7584443~13y 38d ago
422.Kings Of The Mad God75795210~12y 266d ago2024-07-24 20:38:51EUW
423.NightWolfs7421571~13y 28d ago2024-07-22 16:48:18USMW
424.7399362~13y 53d ago2024-07-24 07:01:39USW
425.Cutie Patoties7393612~13y 7d ago
426.7335399~12y 264d ago2024-07-23 02:18:40USMW2
427.TRIGGER BOX7202479~12y 357d ago2024-07-24 05:49:31USE2
428.Resurgentes7182514~12y 251d ago
429.Drunken7179463~12y 278d ago2024-07-24 01:18:35USE2
430.Glory Bound7078599~12y 292d ago
431.SandmanConvention7008435~12y 303d ago
432.Stray Dogs7005571~12y 220d ago
433.6980434~12y 271d ago
434.Islets Of Langerhans6907587~12y 263d ago
435.DGUTTERNE6788451~12y 252d ago
436.Max6787483~12y 224d ago
437.Fungi6762539~12y 348d ago2024-07-24 04:57:04USE
438.OnlyWhiteBags6738266~13y 137d ago
439.TaiwanFormosa6623287~13y 264d ago2024-07-24 15:15:05A
441.GLEUFHUNTERS6564613~13y 263d ago2024-07-24 11:36:09USE
442.Bleed6527369~12y 351d ago2024-07-24 05:35:52USW3
444.Pigeons of Oryx6449272~12y 332d ago2024-07-23 12:57:03USE
445.brennan6412555~13y 19d ago2024-07-23 23:54:52USE2
446.Saturated Fat6381283~12y 282d ago2024-07-23 19:38:07USE2
447.Anti Furry Force6280721~12y 254d ago2024-07-16 03:53:59
448.SuperFools6189517~12y 267d ago2024-07-23 16:05:29USE2
449.Exaltam6150517~13y 70d ago
450.AGamersGuild6123243~12y 243d ago2024-07-16 04:41:07USE2
451.TaintedFalls6024242~13y 253d ago2024-07-24 20:54:47
453.LegionFive5959552~13y 37d ago2024-07-21 19:12:17USW
454.Kush Bush5909642~12y 229d ago
455.VeggieExp5866565~12y 259d ago
456.eQuix5865431~13y 43d ago
457.The Crown5792742~12y 326d ago
458.LOTM Hjoyn5658531~13y 1d ago
459.I Like Nests5645601~12y 263d ago
461.KTFO5532245~13y 25d ago2024-07-25 00:14:37USE2
462.Corrupted Void5480535~12y 224d ago
463.The Wolfpack5474254~12y 282d ago2024-07-24 19:23:36USMW
464.DinoNuggies Enjoyers5461481~12y 314d ago
465.5421356~12y 267d ago2024-07-21 16:33:18USMW
466.FreeWiFi5412607~13y 135d ago
467.Magic City5407516~12y 237d ago
468.Last Of Our Name5395712~12y 234d ago2024-07-24 21:58:13USE2
469.majas quilt5392442~13y 18d ago2024-07-24 14:59:06EUW
470.Femboy Hooters5345612~12y 350d ago
471.5269612~13y 247d ago2024-07-13 22:40:56USE2
472.5268111~12y 282d ago2024-07-16 12:53:44USE2
473.Sors Salutis5258238~12y 300d ago2024-07-24 23:32:50USW
474.ynnuFyreV5221811~12y 306d ago
475.choofers5217338~12y 318d ago2024-07-16 21:19:00USMW2
476.Revenge of Craig5181252~12y 266d ago2024-07-23 04:43:30USE2
477.5157513~12y 244d ago
478.slapslap5134274~13y 163d ago
479.EJGA5107254~12y 255d ago2024-07-24 02:34:31USE2
480.Immensity5085387~12y 243d ago2024-07-24 17:51:46USE2
481.TheMilkyWay5018554~12y 327d ago
482.La Tecnica4949771~12y 286d ago2024-07-24 00:37:31USSW
483.PalusterParty4946362~12y 289d ago
485.Oakland4876724~12y 242d ago
486.4863291~13y 17d ago
487.Fishh4830548~12y 258d ago
488.Grailed4803405~12y 222d ago2024-07-18 01:57:15USE2
489.4731192~12y 257d ago2024-07-21 01:49:18USE2
490.LifeIsGood4663373~13y 7d ago2024-07-24 17:57:19USE
491.roguelikes4641411~12y 240d ago2024-07-24 00:38:08AUS
491.FreeHpMpPots4641546~13y 7d ago
493.LosTequileros4569633~12y 223d ago
494.Get Played4566552~12y 269d ago
495.Calvin Klein4463516~12y 255d ago2024-07-24 17:03:27USE
496.BG Warriors4462561~12y 237d ago
497.APAGNAN4414622~12y 264d ago
498.Churlish Kittens4398593~12y 266d ago
499.TiNevire4389661~13y 81d ago
500.Ty Brutus4362593~13y 107d ago