Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
899.Caelus1246241~8y 113d ago2019-10-12 19:14:43USW
899.Cult of Admin1239341~8y 86d ago2019-10-15 02:47:32USE
899.Investors1232131~8y 47d ago2019-10-02 10:46:56AE
899.1196121~8y 90d ago2019-10-12 02:22:34USW2
899.1192101~8y 13d ago2019-10-02 18:22:36USMW2
899.power ranger1127121~8y 59d ago2019-10-01 17:45:07EUN2
899.197731~7y 352d agohidden
899.PingPong17971~8y 47d ago2019-10-15 01:24:55USSW
899.151161~8y 110d ago2019-10-08 10:43:32USW
899.150111~7y 348d ago2019-10-11 05:55:56EUN2
899.Gang Bang Party145401~8y 27d ago2019-10-15 10:50:50USW2
899.RespectMyAuthority139161~8y 135d ago2019-10-10 12:29:29USW2
899.13121~8y 29d ago2019-10-15 07:10:57USW3
899.OryxTheMadGod122371~8y 202d agohidden
899.112121~8y 352d ago2019-10-15 04:16:03USW2
916.Platinum OG027291~8y 277d ago2019-10-06 17:20:00USMW
916.0259541~8y 217d agohidden
916.Clash of the Gnomz0236131~8y 71d ago2019-10-01 22:13:47USMW2
916.018661~8y 28d ago2019-10-13 21:39:11EUN2
916.017911~8y 346d ago2019-10-13 16:22:47EUN2
916.File Format0116221~8y 80d ago2019-10-07 20:22:16USW
916.010911~8y 123d ago2019-10-10 01:44:03USS3
916.The Dire0100241~8y 354d ago2019-10-12 14:07:37USW
916.ThePheonixs098211~8y 101d ago2019-10-02 02:24:11USW2
916.Da Oryx Slayers062121~7y 348d ago2019-10-15 15:58:51USS2
916.DARKHOLE046241~8y 67d ago2019-10-15 13:55:52AE
916.PolskiTeam04231~8y 23d ago2019-10-11 17:04:58EUE
916.042411~8y 99d ago2019-10-04 06:10:09USW2
916.Welp039101~8y 86d ago2019-10-12 17:59:57USW3
916.Kneegrows034301~8y 59d ago2019-10-15 04:45:50USE
916.02811~8y 141d ago2019-10-12 14:27:14USSW
916.lagi sodat EPIC027211~8y 21d ago2019-10-12 10:49:09EUN
916.02511~8y 77d ago2019-10-14 21:58:24USE3
916.01011~8y 135d ago2019-10-04 04:23:04USW
916.0811~8y 141d ago2019-10-12 14:25:04USSW
916.Gods of the Abyss05501~8y 312d ago2019-10-14 14:34:24USW2
916.05361~9y 4d ago2019-10-15 13:42:47USW2
916.DMWCREW05391~8y 185d ago2019-10-12 22:34:25EUW2
916.fighters for oryx05121>9y 23d agohidden
916.0471~8y 173d agohidden
916.0011~8y 4d ago2019-10-07 19:39:33USW2
916.00301~8y 5d ago2019-10-11 17:11:57EUE
916.Vault Attack00291~8y 17d ago2019-10-15 03:59:11USW2
916.The Vampire Seers00211~8y 59d ago2019-10-08 04:20:11USSW
916.00101~8y 122d ago2019-10-13 17:47:29USW2
916.RogueNation00221~8y 17d ago2019-10-09 15:32:11EUN
916.00611~7y 348d ago2019-10-14 20:35:17USE2
916.The High Rollers00141~8y 11d ago2019-10-13 22:06:09EUN2
916.00101~8y 116d ago2019-10-15 07:24:58USS
916.Demons of Abyss0061~8y 11d ago2019-10-06 09:23:19USMW2
916.00750~8y 51d agohidden
916.BoloIsGay00321~8y 11d ago2019-10-02 13:41:37EUE
916.Get Out Of My Swamp00401~8y 189d ago2019-10-14 19:38:58EUN
916.PoliticallyCorrect00221~7y 348d ago2019-10-04 03:15:30USW2
916.TheChamps00221~8y 89d ago2019-10-05 00:38:10USW2
916.Disturbed Ones00421~8y 28d ago2019-10-10 18:12:49EUE
916.Change00601~8y 88d ago2019-10-14 22:19:27USW2
916.00261~8y 15d ago2019-10-11 13:24:28EUW
916.00131~8y 183d ago2019-10-03 15:14:08USW2
916.Stark00271~7y 361d ago2019-10-03 15:58:06USS3
916.0011~7y 357d ago2019-10-07 01:35:40USW2
916.0081~8y 181d ago2019-10-10 04:24:50USMW2
916.00101~8y 27d ago2019-10-02 07:59:48EUE
916.00381~8y 169d ago2019-10-11 14:32:28EUN2
916.LOREL00521~8y 13d agohidden
916.LameGangLand00471~7y 363d agohidden
916.Spicks00641~8y 84d ago2019-10-06 06:49:50USMW2
916.00451~8y 93d agohidden
916.0081~7y 364d ago2019-10-09 18:03:25USMW
916.00311~8y 84d agohidden
916.Mighty00471~8y 84d agohidden
916.00241~8y 82d ago2019-10-09 18:50:09USS
916.Bonde do CJ00301~8y 94d ago2019-10-15 00:58:35USW2
916.STAR GODS00491~8y 82d agohidden
916.0071~8y 51d ago2019-10-08 01:09:21USS3
916.00131~8y 94d ago2019-10-10 16:51:23USW
916.00231~8y 38d ago2019-10-04 17:30:02EUE
916.0041~8y 157d ago2019-10-07 21:13:07USW2
916.00211~8y 284d ago2019-10-12 21:55:14USE
916.Elemental Bloods00651~8y 77d agohidden
916.Cats Are My Friends00501~7y 364d ago2019-10-13 07:54:02USW2
916.00131~8y 304d ago2019-10-06 12:51:33USS2
916.Dumb Ducks00551~8y 156d ago2019-10-03 00:38:12USE2
916.Anime love00201~8y 306d ago2019-10-10 01:43:17USW2
916.00171~8y 97d ago2019-10-15 02:36:54USW
916.GGX GANG TRIHARD00331~8y 77d ago2019-10-04 19:33:04USW
916.RSD00501~8y ago2019-10-13 17:50:37EUW
916.00341~8y 74d ago2019-10-14 13:23:47EUW
916.Stainless00751~8y 313d agohidden
916.Freared Light00601~8y 73d agohidden
916.0041~8y 2d ago2019-10-15 04:43:35EUE
916.The Lost Hungarians00351~8y 71d ago2019-10-14 12:16:59EUE
916.00190~8y 328d ago2019-10-07 12:24:25USW3
916.00201~8y 3d ago2019-10-10 17:05:58USW
916.ThePizz00101~8y 100d ago2019-10-13 18:40:21USW3
916.TheKingsArmy00261~7y 348d ago2019-10-12 18:46:38USE2