Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
901.Yeti Clan2510830181~10y 184d ago2021-10-27 07:16:57USMW2
901.257514162~10y 179d ago2021-10-26 18:37:14USS3
903.Up Your Bot24928151~9y 352d ago
903.Tcho Tchoi24800621~11y 15d ago2021-10-14 19:36:56USW
905.Nubz23738971~10y 51d ago2021-10-23 12:16:32USMW2
905.23691411~9y 361d ago2021-10-24 09:02:23AUS
907.DaMulyMules22574011~10y 134d ago2021-10-14 01:35:39AUS
908.21338361~9y 347d ago2021-10-16 19:16:06EUSW
908.Space Cowboys212485511~9y 361d ago
908.DieKrassenWiggas212229331~9y 358d ago
912.Subzero201777171~9y 352d ago2021-10-27 01:55:22USW
912.Mythica2084221~10y 72d ago2021-10-26 22:52:50EUE
912.2042041~10y 36d ago2021-10-15 13:09:13AUS
912.20178221~9y 351d ago2021-10-26 18:44:27USSW
912.Cyrodiil204161~10y 123d ago2021-10-27 00:17:40USS
912.TheMindsOfDecay200491~9y 359d ago
912.Obamamen200641~9y 359d ago
912.The Sugoi Baka200401~10y 45d ago
912.static200301~9y 360d ago2021-10-26 16:51:58EUW2
912.200571~9y 364d ago
912.Hakai200121~10y 90d ago
912.BaristaAntifascista200531~10y 136d ago
912.Realm Defender200151~9y 359d ago
912.Black Bullet200371~10y 234d ago2021-10-27 13:26:26A
926.AcidDrop1625351~9y 357d ago2021-10-23 06:19:30USE
928.131319111~10y 216d ago2021-10-24 13:56:48USW3
928.1393702~10y 194d ago2021-10-25 18:05:49USE
928.1385301~10y 107d ago2021-10-22 05:22:00USW
931.Gods Guild121341~9y 360d ago2021-10-17 00:11:46USW3
932.knights of old11103653~10y 112d ago2021-10-19 02:10:15USS
933.The Administrators101232361~10y 23d ago
933.Caracas Loca101181112~10y 66d ago2021-10-24 23:06:35USS3
933.Disturbed Ones10966142~10y 41d ago2021-10-24 02:28:36EUE
936.ffs83451~10y 118d ago2021-10-13 19:23:07EUE
937.746211~10y 108d ago2021-10-16 08:06:38USW4
937.DICK JAMMERZZ728982~10y 64d ago2021-10-14 02:10:26USE2
939.swag team xD687761~10y 113d ago2021-10-24 21:59:57USW
939.684701~9y 359d ago2021-10-18 23:36:34USW4
939.DummyGang6466242~10y 60d ago2021-10-25 20:03:57EUW
939.ZoneGaming621111~9y 359d ago2021-10-16 12:43:41USNW
943.564121~10y 317d ago2021-10-17 22:31:45USW4
944.368392~9y 346d ago2021-10-21 23:13:21USE
944.Nocna Straz3374222~10y 78d ago2021-10-16 16:44:39EUE
944.Doors Tomorrow3373241~10y 36d ago2021-10-27 15:42:27USS3
947.KEM count235871~9y 354d ago2021-10-17 06:28:50AUS
947.224201~10y 113d ago2021-10-20 02:12:19USW3
947.TheDogofBirds2156122~9y 360d ago
947.213701~9y 356d ago2021-10-27 11:02:08USMW2
947.The Laboratory22001~10y 136d ago2021-10-17 15:28:55USE2
952.1177432~10y 70d ago
953.Shidid an fardid0227181~9y 355d ago2021-10-16 02:02:47USW3
953.Sunder Shard013791~10y 109d ago2021-10-26 03:39:36USE
953.rozpylacze mordoru013321~9y 352d ago2021-10-20 12:13:16EUE
953.RotMG Brothers012301~10y 43d ago2021-10-27 05:20:05USW3
953.0120241~10y 31d ago2021-10-27 02:35:11USE2
953.010361~10y 87d ago2021-10-17 07:37:43USW3
953.Void Mantle085451~10y 133d ago
953.Bodacious Boobies034121~10y 171d ago2021-10-27 01:37:37USE
953.BOSENESS03001~10y 110d ago2021-10-15 00:55:26USE2
953.027431~10y 169d ago
953.02601~10y 26d ago2021-10-25 20:08:46EUSW
953.Tuna Harbor010141~10y 109d ago2021-10-27 00:44:46USE2
953.Legit Businessmen05461~10y 187d ago
953.The Delinquents05241~10y 97d ago
953.0011~10y 102d ago2021-10-26 00:12:21USW
953.0081~9y 359d ago2021-10-24 10:04:28EUW
953.Mentors00241~10y 42d ago
953.UnarmedSoldiers0021~9y 354d ago2021-10-17 16:10:36USW4
953.Traps aint gay00361~10y 136d ago
953.00151~9y 355d ago
953.Honor0031~10y 173d ago
953.0021~10y 120d ago2021-10-25 23:58:35USNW
953.Survivor Twelve0031~10y 170d ago2021-10-26 23:41:51USE
953.0041~11y 13d ago2021-10-25 03:58:34EUE
953.Family Friendly00201~9y 355d ago2021-10-23 01:51:12USW4
953.Coffee Shop Lolis0011~9y 361d ago2021-10-18 12:28:24USNW
953.00201~10y 9d ago2021-10-27 02:28:07USE
953.TheParliament00351~9y 360d ago2021-10-26 00:12:51USW4
953.00131~9y 346d ago2021-10-23 10:21:43AUS
953.Agents of the MG00341>11y 36d ago
953.00131~9y 346d ago2021-10-22 08:32:18AUS
953.0001~10y 4d ago2021-10-21 18:17:57USNW
953.0031~10y 202d ago2021-10-19 19:43:15EUW
953.Emanrseu00151~9y 356d ago2021-10-16 23:15:14EUW2
953.Chaos Legion0011~9y 361d ago2021-10-16 15:09:57USE
953.Vault Attack00271~10y 30d ago2021-10-27 01:42:18USS3
953.THE DEVILSTOMB ARMY0001~10y 60d ago2021-10-21 09:22:01USW3
953.00211~10y 77d ago
953.Nouveau monde0071~9y 355d ago2021-10-16 13:03:31EUW2
953.0051~9y 361d ago2021-10-21 18:19:51A
953.0011~9y 358d ago2021-10-26 03:18:17USW4
953.Twice00361~9y 359d ago
953.Age of the Meemeson00301~10y 35d ago2021-10-17 04:39:41USSW
953.KnightsOTBlood00261~10y 124d ago
953.Stone Peaness0051~10y 55d ago2021-10-26 23:29:45USS
953.The Dawnguards0091~10y 131d ago2021-10-20 16:56:41A
953.00181~10y 88d ago2021-10-18 01:17:02USW3