Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
901.The Sugoi Baka20421~12y 82d ago
901.20611~12y 364d ago
901.PvP20101~12y 148d ago
901.Mad Mages2011~12y 95d ago2023-12-02 18:46:09EUW
901.FFSU2092~12y 17d ago2023-11-28 10:42:35AUS
901.2011~12y 149d ago2023-12-01 20:40:19A
901.The Ace of Spades20501~12y 102d ago
901.20101~12y 31d ago2023-11-28 23:34:02USE2
901.Unbound Illusions2011~12y 18d ago2023-11-30 02:28:59USNW
901.2011~12y 92d ago2023-12-01 20:54:20A
901.Chip20481~12y 24d ago
901.Get a Life2051~12y 21d ago2023-11-30 03:50:49A
901.The Pixel Plunderers20251~12y 163d ago
915.Exalted Killers1621~12y 59d ago2023-11-21 04:48:56USE2
915.Weaponized Ism16103~12y 93d ago2023-12-04 02:18:46USW4
917.Heroes of Koradai1522~12y 19d ago2023-11-21 18:39:25USMW2
917.UnarmedSoldiers1541~12y 27d ago2023-11-26 15:12:53EUW
919.1001~12y 89d ago2023-11-28 11:59:31USE
920.CoomerBros8321~12y 30d ago
920.811~12y 46d ago2023-11-24 12:39:50EUE
922.701~13y 50d ago2023-11-22 18:29:36USE2
922.Straten RotMG7141~12y 26d ago2023-12-04 02:29:25USMW2
922.Nocna Straz7421~12y 116d ago
925.RottenTomatoes691~12y 33d ago2023-11-23 01:15:55EUW
926.Da Capo5501~12y 356d ago
926.532~12y 149d ago2023-11-20 14:18:14USS3
930.311~12y 133d ago2023-12-02 04:04:19USE
930.Emanrseu3152~12y 29d ago2023-12-03 22:40:59EUW
930.312~12y 22d ago2023-11-29 09:37:58AUS
930.Oryx Hoodie3512~12y 11d ago
934.201>13y 74d ago2023-11-23 10:48:41EUE
935.171~12y 37d ago2023-12-03 20:47:21USNW
935.ThinkingPCGamers101~12y 92d ago2023-11-25 23:18:36USS
935.SLOVAKIA coming soon1311~12y 28d ago2023-12-03 15:48:02EUN
935.The Heroes of ROTMG1401~12y 4d ago2023-12-03 22:01:17USE2
935.101~12y 248d ago2023-11-27 19:56:18USW3
935.111~12y 84d ago2023-11-30 03:39:09A
941.Sasquatch0121~12y 33d ago2023-11-23 02:34:28USMW
941.STUPREME0451~12y 29d ago
941.ZUKULEMTO0101~12y 29d ago2023-11-29 02:07:03USS3
941.0311~12y 74d ago2023-11-25 19:00:34EUSW
941.Mongolian Peanuts0541~12y 29d ago
941.FapIntenso0291~12y 78d ago2023-12-04 01:04:55
941.Ontarians0630~12y 28d ago
941.XX Advanced XX0431~12y 18d ago2023-12-02 15:12:12USE
941.Tuna Harbor0141~12y 146d ago2023-12-04 00:27:17USW4
941.001~12y 145d ago2023-11-30 23:55:46USW3
941.011~12y 145d ago2023-12-01 20:42:48A
941.GreenTea0561~12y 145d ago
941.Moth0161~12y 139d ago2023-11-26 19:54:19USE2
941.The DeGGENerates0321~12y 27d ago
941.0201~12y 138d ago
941.011~13y 14d ago2023-12-01 20:33:47A
941.Still Thinking051~12y 4d ago2023-12-04 05:13:26USE
941.Swagon001~12y 9d ago2023-11-20 16:30:33EUW
941.Balls Deep001~12y 20d ago2023-11-25 13:46:00USE2
941.0381~12y 92d ago
941.061~12y 20d ago2023-11-26 17:31:21USE2
941.NazrinCult0141~12y 22d ago2023-12-03 00:37:49USW
941.Mischgoth0111~13y 51d ago2023-12-03 16:54:25EUE
941.geysRus0111~12y 95d ago2023-11-21 21:12:54EUN
941.041~12y 26d ago2023-12-02 20:33:03USE2
941.Xenophile0511~12y 33d ago
941.Okami0511~12y 26d ago2023-11-24 20:19:16USW4
941.Aweonaos culiaos0471~12y 23d ago
941.0151~12y 1d ago2023-11-30 07:37:48A
941.001~12y 1d ago2023-12-04 01:09:35USMW
941.achromatic0311~12y 23d ago2023-11-25 21:55:14USS
941.011>13y 74d ago2023-11-21 00:48:28USE2
941.MomsSpaghetti0101~12y 102d ago
941.061~12y 123d ago2023-12-04 04:06:43USE2
941.OnlyForPotsPots0381~12y 23d ago2023-11-25 16:56:38EUW
941.0651>13y 74d ago
941.021~12y 110d ago2023-11-28 03:15:50USW
941.021~13y 14d ago2023-12-01 20:31:33A
941.The Infamous0221~12y 31d ago2023-12-03 20:57:32USSW
941.TheChildrenOfJamie0461~12y 31d ago2023-11-21 18:00:56EUW2
941.Unholy Crusaders0491~12y 10d ago
941.Musketeers001~12y 8d ago2023-11-23 12:15:48EUW
941.Honor031~12y 211d ago
941.Like A BadAss071~12y 46d ago2023-11-20 22:39:24USMW2
941.Mochi0671~12y 60d ago
941.Survivor Twelve031~12y 208d ago2023-12-03 23:00:41USS3
941.0191~12y 268d ago2023-12-04 00:55:26EUW2
941.SWE021~12y 174d ago2023-11-24 10:12:28EUW
941.Strietzer0451~12y 268d ago
941.011~12y 174d ago2023-12-01 20:37:43A
941.Vault Attack0301~12y 68d ago2023-12-04 01:40:31USW3
941.0161~12y 166d ago2023-12-01 13:55:34EUW
941.MadeInPortugal001~12y 29d ago2023-12-02 18:22:24EUSW
941.Epistemic0610~12y 68d ago
941.011~12y 68d ago2023-11-20 19:51:58USE
941.0101~12y 159d ago2023-11-21 00:45:05USE2
941.001~12y 37d ago2023-12-03 13:02:53EUW