Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest players seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
895.247671~7y 215d ago2018-12-06 05:39:15USMW
895.Isono239561~7y 65d ago2018-11-29 17:16:41USW2
895.JokeStars2190171~7y 175d ago2018-12-05 21:41:00EUE
895.273182~7y 235d ago2018-12-02 16:26:37USS3
895.219211~7y 91d ago2018-11-30 13:30:00AE
906.1201121~7y 218d ago2018-12-10 13:50:04AE
906.EXTERMINIO1152261~7y 88d ago2018-11-29 02:06:48USSW
906.183261~7y 117d ago2018-12-02 06:09:13USE2
906.15861~7y 96d ago2018-12-05 22:38:42EUW
906.Guild Of Legends16101~7y 153d ago2018-12-05 18:22:25USW
911.0236101~7y 255d ago2018-12-10 21:28:02EUN2
911.The Last Resort093281~7y 150d ago2018-12-04 23:25:20USE
911.093141~7y 165d ago2018-12-09 21:52:10USMW2
911.Blood Brothers073211~7y 71d ago2018-12-05 17:39:18EUW
911.04871~7y 87d ago2018-12-08 15:00:31EUE
911.Tokazaki042241>8y 81d ago2018-12-08 14:33:55EUE
911.041251~7y 87d ago2018-12-07 14:37:54USS3
911.QueueQQ041421~7y 220d ago2018-12-09 07:12:33AUS
911.SDKILLERS039211~7y 171d ago2018-12-02 20:52:45USW
911.InstantNoodles037311~7y 148d ago2018-12-12 04:46:35AUS
911.03761~7y 152d ago2018-11-30 22:42:24USS2
911.03451~7y 93d ago2018-11-30 10:48:08EUE
911.03341~7y 146d ago2018-11-30 17:35:13AE
911.031191~8y 21d ago2018-11-30 17:45:11AE
911.030611~7y 96d agohidden
911.Sanguine Shadow Fall02811~7y 152d ago2018-12-05 05:49:59USW
911.Guards of God025391~7y 84d ago2018-12-01 12:29:36EUE
911.Rir022561~8y 21d ago2018-11-30 00:26:50EUS
911.SPRT020481~7y 69d ago2018-12-12 15:27:51USW2
911.F A C C019141~7y 162d ago2018-12-08 06:42:16USW
911.UDOSAMEL019101~7y 341d ago2018-12-05 01:38:38AE
911.Sanguine Shadow Fall01811~7y 108d ago2018-12-11 05:15:17USNW
911.Masters Of Noobs01261~7y 125d ago2018-12-05 18:24:37USMW2
911.010411~7y 157d ago2018-12-09 15:32:38AUS
911.The Kool Club08511~7y 109d agohidden
911.Blue Ribbon05341~7y 149d ago2018-12-12 00:42:01USNW
911.ViviD0411~7y 150d ago2018-12-10 23:25:43USW3
911.Dont Cry03401~7y 64d ago2018-11-28 19:35:23USW2
911.The Cosmic Warriors01211~7y 82d ago2018-12-02 23:18:49USE2
911.01301~8y 37d ago2018-12-04 16:31:26EUE
911.0071~7y 138d ago2018-11-30 17:31:11AE
911.Golden Time00171~7y 98d ago2018-12-03 14:15:49EUW
911.0021~7y 97d ago2018-12-08 07:24:30USE2
911.Sleeping Knights00311~7y 68d ago2018-12-02 19:51:09USW
911.Rising Sun00471~7y 68d ago2018-12-12 11:48:52USS
911.Cannabis Connoissuer00441~7y 154d ago2018-12-10 18:56:35USW2
911.Night Owls00750~7y 140d agohidden
911.Imperio00531~7y 262d ago2018-12-11 19:42:28USS3
911.LegionPL00291~7y 231d ago2018-12-12 13:18:58EUE
911.TankSpot00181~7y 144d ago2018-12-07 11:52:23USMW2
911.00151~7y 152d ago2018-11-29 23:41:09USMW2
911.00501~7y 241d agohidden
911.mitei00541>8y 81d ago2018-12-12 13:34:42USW2
911.00331>8y 81d ago2018-11-30 15:01:39AE
911.FatBois00171~7y 146d ago2018-12-02 20:45:33USSW
911.Graveyard00151~7y 209d ago2018-12-01 12:27:26EUE
911.0051~7y 156d ago2018-11-30 17:38:16AE
911.The Kool Club00621~7y 109d agohidden
911.00191~7y 111d ago2018-12-11 00:30:02USS
911.assasins x gods00191~7y 189d ago2018-12-02 15:16:37EUW
911.Hentai Hoes00281~7y 80d ago2018-11-29 04:43:53USW
911.0031~7y 181d ago2018-11-30 17:44:07AE
911.Kill00161~7y 176d ago2018-12-09 01:09:07USE
911.Atomicity00191~7y 216d ago2018-12-02 18:37:47USW2
911.00671~7y 216d agohidden
911.00151~8y 21d ago2018-11-28 22:24:10USSW
911.Championship0031~7y 81d ago2018-12-10 20:40:32EUSW
911.God Mortys00201~7y 104d ago2018-12-12 03:49:01USW3
911.0011~7y 171d ago2018-12-01 06:20:44USMW
911.00750~7y 75d agohidden
911.Tendies N Tots00301~7y 169d ago2018-12-10 22:20:10USNW
911.Millennium00191~7y 102d ago2018-12-07 09:08:11AUS
911.Cosmic Kings00131~7y 102d ago2018-12-12 01:16:11EUE
911.0020~7y 166d ago2018-11-29 15:28:17USS2
911.0021~7y 102d ago2018-12-03 05:12:54USMW2
911.00171~7y 74d ago2018-12-11 12:37:06USW2
911.00211~7y 165d ago2018-12-12 09:20:42USW2
911.00701~7y 73d agohidden
911.lessQQmorePEWPEW00731~7y 163d agohidden
911.Team Pepsi0061~8y 37d ago2018-12-12 06:50:19USE2
911.00401~7y 85d ago2018-12-10 13:35:28ASE
911.iron knights0051~7y 162d ago2018-12-07 11:45:49EUE
911.00211~7y 85d ago2018-12-01 14:01:23EUW
911.Realmbreakers00211~7y 101d ago2018-12-12 15:28:18EUW
911.00571~7y 157d ago2018-11-30 16:29:51USS
911.0021~8y 45d ago2018-12-09 07:56:03USW2
911.For Great Sadness00351~7y 334d ago2018-12-08 22:49:55USE2
911.00441~7y 85d ago2018-12-10 21:59:46USSW
911.The Emmanina Way00281~8y 49d ago2018-12-12 04:30:24USS
911.Distorted00611~7y 136d ago2018-12-11 16:43:27USSW
911.Base Twelve00221~8y 54d ago2018-12-01 20:10:00USW2
911.Rir00601~7y 138d agohidden
911.0051~7y 100d ago2018-11-30 17:30:13AE