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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
901.5506451~8y 81d ago2019-12-02 01:37:38USW
901.Sew Gang TP5483211~8y 113d ago2019-12-06 03:06:21USE2
903.Kings Park4528311~8y 235d agohidden
903.Marvle men4526101~8y 79d ago2019-12-07 13:16:30EUE
903.4499211~8y 36d ago2019-12-08 02:22:54USW2
903.The DragonMasters4487501~8y 62d ago2019-12-08 06:30:15USW2
903.4390121~8y 215d ago2019-12-08 02:18:06USE
903.429461~8y 84d ago2019-12-04 16:33:36EUE
903.The Grand Warlocks4254121~8y 331d ago2019-11-26 01:02:02USNW
903.418211~8y 84d ago2019-12-03 12:54:34USS3
903.4114161~9y 45d ago2019-12-01 23:21:02EUN2
903.TappoMasiinah4591~8y 40d ago2019-12-03 22:39:51EUN2
913.Full Time Streakers385311~8y 112d ago2019-12-01 07:01:12AUS
914.Isono239561~8y 60d ago2019-12-05 01:45:09USW2
914.Sungarde2365211~8y 55d ago2019-11-24 15:01:01USE
914.2202291~8y 39d ago2019-11-28 16:19:47USE2
914.aaaaa2135101~8y 92d ago2019-12-01 16:06:14EUE
914.219211~8y 87d ago2019-11-30 15:30:10AE
914.215181~8y 121d ago2019-11-29 19:45:19USMW2
921.1287631~8y 84d ago2019-11-29 06:24:38USS3
921.RotMG Brothers1123231~8y 84d ago2019-12-06 04:35:19USW2
921.197731~8y 40d agohidden
921.TheNotChosenOnes152251~8y 68d ago2019-12-07 10:07:40EUW
921.15171~8y 53d ago2019-12-01 19:24:34EUSW
921.112121~9y 41d ago2019-12-08 03:01:02USW2
921.17201~8y 216d ago2019-12-02 04:36:07USE
928.SoproTtalure0229191~8y 48d ago2019-12-07 18:46:36USW2
928.Pallet Town0223151~8y 84d ago2019-11-28 02:33:11AUS
928.Trasher0178311~8y 119d ago2019-12-06 15:49:19EUE
928.014711~8y 58d ago2019-12-06 07:56:05USW2
928.ADVENTURE0110181~8y 94d ago2019-12-05 06:49:44USMW2
928.Pikapapa Elites095141~8y 141d ago2019-11-29 02:56:45USW3
928.BirdsOfAFlock045211~8y 77d ago2019-12-04 21:44:18EUE
928.04221~8y 131d ago2019-12-02 00:05:13USE2
928.Disturbed Ones040421~8y 82d ago2019-12-07 17:00:25EUW2
928.PolishOnions038291~8y 81d ago2019-12-06 01:14:49USW2
928.036121~8y 271d ago2019-12-05 00:07:42EUE
928.PinskiePaachani032251~8y 258d ago2019-11-26 23:05:04USW2
928.030191~8y 158d ago2019-12-08 07:32:27USS3
928.030241~8y 136d ago2019-11-25 04:28:45USMW2
928.02941~8y 51d ago2019-11-27 01:09:06EUSW
928.RogueNation029221~8y 70d ago2019-11-27 18:39:27EUSW
928.02671~8y 201d ago2019-12-05 11:29:42AE
928.02031~8y 95d ago2019-11-29 17:02:24USE2
928.Hentai Hoes020321~8y 76d ago2019-12-02 03:29:32USW
928.Guild Of Legends013121~8y 149d ago2019-12-05 18:40:55USW
928.Humilates011101~8y 143d ago2019-12-06 12:33:19USS3
928.09121~8y 69d ago2019-12-02 07:22:11USMW2
928.Epic Flutter08241~9y 17d ago2019-12-06 15:28:42USW2
928.GloryandFame07331~8y 165d ago2019-12-05 20:19:12USW2
928.Farming06351~8y 98d ago2019-11-24 22:59:16USE2
928.Leet Speakers05161~8y 53d ago2019-12-08 07:04:25USW2
928.HEROES OF NEXUSST00221~8y 150d ago2019-12-08 05:26:50USW2
928.0041~8y 258d ago2019-11-26 07:50:11AE
928.RATZAF00151~8y 36d ago2019-12-01 00:23:27USW2
928.DragonFruit00750~8y 168d agohidden
928.Gud00750~8y 92d agohidden
928.Tres Grande00211~8y 167d ago2019-11-27 02:09:59USE
928.00111~9y 64d ago2019-11-26 19:03:08AUS
928.NOICE00161~8y 166d ago2019-12-03 10:25:27EUW
928.Vault Attack00341~8y 71d ago2019-12-08 05:02:14USW2
928.The New York Mets00311~8y 165d agohidden
928.Delusional00451~8y 76d ago2019-12-02 23:55:16USW2
928.Crescent00421~8y 83d ago2019-11-29 11:50:55USW
928.lessQQmorePEWPEW00671~8y 51d ago2019-12-07 04:11:41EUE
928.00111~8y 51d ago2019-11-30 12:26:29EUSW
928.alts0011~8y 299d ago2019-11-28 02:17:34USW
928.Speed Highway00421~8y 132d ago2019-12-02 23:32:09USS3
928.0021~8y 125d ago2019-11-26 04:38:25USW
928.Friendly Guild00101~8y 48d ago2019-12-07 19:37:10EUE
928.00601~8y 48d ago2019-12-01 02:37:52USW2
928.Call of the Void00661~8y 48d ago2019-12-06 17:47:33USE
928.00201~8y 196d ago2019-11-26 03:17:55AUS
928.Gurren Lagann00261~8y 46d ago2019-11-30 02:36:08USW
928.0061~8y 55d ago2019-12-08 04:37:50USW2
928.Change00611~8y 142d ago2019-12-07 19:04:04USE3
928.0011~8y 115d ago2019-11-27 22:17:36USW
928.00111~8y 113d ago2019-11-26 05:42:43USW2
928.0011~8y 58d ago2019-11-26 21:45:45USE2
928.Stainless00751~9y 1d agohidden
928.0061~8y 113d ago2019-11-24 14:54:24USW2
928.Gods of the Abyss00501~9y ago2019-12-07 01:51:24USW2
928.LegendaryFighters0051~8y 183d ago2019-12-01 13:54:43EUW
928.Da Capo00701~8y 183d agohidden
928.Corrupt Souls00331~8y 113d ago2019-12-05 06:40:54USW2
928.The Last Resort00341~8y 145d ago2019-12-02 00:25:58USE
928.Kings Park00211~8y 236d ago2019-11-30 05:19:32AUS
928.Triti0011~8y 65d ago2019-12-07 08:44:31EUW
928.Boku No Pico0041~8y 103d ago2019-12-07 23:12:33USE
928.The Dire00241~9y 43d ago2019-11-27 13:30:49USW
928.LOREL00531~8y 67d agohidden
928.Cat00650~8y 174d agohidden
928.The Banana Boat00231~8y 148d ago2019-12-06 04:44:52USW3