Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
894.Unbound Illusions20145311~10y 230d ago2022-07-02 00:33:59USW
894.Mentors201334241~10y 234d ago2022-06-20 01:50:05USSW
894.2084012~10y 350d ago2022-06-21 08:50:37A
894.PvP20399101~10y 360d ago
894.Onxiety20275481~11y 57d ago
894.German Gild2018161~11y 2d ago2022-06-23 19:11:39EUE
894.KFGs20136431~11y 54d ago2022-06-30 02:53:44USE
894.Seldom200441~10y 220d ago
894.Farm Ville200461~10y 215d ago
894.20011~10y 361d ago2022-06-30 16:51:03A
894.VeggieExp200501~10y 237d ago
894.Rodent200191~11y 12d ago
914.15153291~10y 228d ago2022-06-20 00:36:25USS
914.PassionHD15140031~10y 240d ago2022-06-27 13:42:08USMW2
916.The Derpenburgers1419091~10y 238d ago2022-06-20 23:02:59EUN
916.145901~10y 249d ago2022-07-02 22:25:37EUW
918.12133423~10y 360d ago2022-07-01 17:51:01USS
919.1149791~10y 256d ago2022-06-28 00:03:08USMW2
920.Disturbed Ones71060152~10y 290d ago2022-07-01 15:35:16EUE
920.The Realmkings71023411~10y 245d ago
920.Xx Baller Bros xX774251~10y 348d ago2022-06-25 20:40:10USS
920.SemiproBros763021~10y 257d ago2022-06-20 15:18:57USE2
924.649921>11y 286d ago2022-06-29 11:13:19USS3
925.Change5719202~10y 215d ago2022-07-03 19:15:14USE2
925.Da Capo5665501~11y 202d ago
927.Aypic Team431631~10y 353d ago2022-06-19 23:33:50USE
928.3596101~11y 15d ago2022-07-03 19:48:40USW4
928.357392~10y 228d ago2022-07-01 00:19:38USW
928.CodeBrown355571~10y 254d ago2022-06-29 06:09:15USNW
928.The High Rollers3493121~10y 243d ago2022-07-02 17:10:17EUW2
932.230011~11y 259d ago2022-06-29 04:34:22USSW
932.FruitNinjas216411~10y 238d ago2022-06-28 22:27:37USMW2
934.133711~11y 4d ago2022-06-27 04:06:58USE2
934.11911~10y 296d ago2022-06-30 00:40:44A
936.Tsukuyomi0313351~10y 222d ago
936.RussianMeatAcademy012801~10y 269d ago2022-06-30 19:45:51EUE
936.BokeMeUuflakke09031~11y 203d ago2022-06-28 11:46:56EUE
936.Sator Squad066551~11y 4d ago
936.Beef Jerky05771~10y 249d ago2022-07-01 05:45:27USMW
936.BAD DUDES04001~11y 79d ago2022-06-20 04:51:48USE2
936.Mischgoth037111~11y 262d ago2022-07-03 23:01:13EUE
936.stayin alive03111~10y 327d ago2022-06-29 22:44:16USSW
936.Tuna Harbor012141~10y 358d ago2022-07-03 13:48:05USW4
936.06271~10y 260d ago2022-07-03 22:22:19USW4
936.alts0601~11y 143d ago2022-06-27 01:15:29EUN
936.seals05461~10y 218d ago
936.Dont Back Down0551~10y 221d ago2022-06-30 21:04:58EUSW
936.0511~11y 4d ago2022-06-24 04:16:35EUE
936.With the Lord02451~10y 209d ago2022-07-03 04:44:59USW4
936.0011~11y 226d ago2022-06-30 16:45:02A
936.0021~11y 226d ago2022-06-30 16:41:21A
936.Mad Lab Lads0021~10y 233d ago2022-06-30 20:00:07EUSW
936.xXhaNaKo LoVeRzXx0011~11y 235d ago2022-06-28 21:32:20EUE
936.0011~10y 357d ago2022-06-30 18:51:17A
936.0011~10y 210d ago2022-06-28 23:45:08USMW2
936.00161~10y 245d ago2022-06-30 19:45:13A
936.TwistedNip00361~10y 245d ago
936.DieKrassenWiggas00331~10y 243d ago
936.eQuix0011~11y 15d ago2022-06-20 17:54:59USE
936.0001~11y 20d ago2022-06-27 01:23:09EUN
936.0011~11y 20d ago2022-06-30 16:48:01A
936.TOMBERISM00471~11y 30d ago
936.huj00401~10y 302d ago2022-06-27 09:22:31
936.Spicy Beans00281~10y 222d ago2022-06-24 06:27:30EUW
936.Cats of Agony00211~10y 294d ago2022-07-03 11:17:43EUE
936.0031~10y 304d ago2022-07-03 05:41:00USE
936.Survivor Twelve0031~11y 55d ago2022-07-02 23:35:19USMW2
936.0011~11y 12d ago2022-06-29 14:42:35EUW2
936.00191~10y 221d ago2022-06-25 18:16:44USW
936.00591~10y 308d ago
936.Honor0031~11y 58d ago
936.THE DEVILSTOMB ARMY0001~10y 310d ago2022-06-25 17:31:06AUS
936.0001~10y 286d ago2022-06-27 01:25:04EUN
936.0001~10y 321d ago2022-06-24 15:29:57EUE
936.Lucky Looters00251~10y 226d ago2022-07-03 21:54:26EUE
936.0061~10y 284d ago2022-06-26 05:59:33USW
936.Zerkers00551~11y 5d ago2022-07-03 20:35:14USSW
936.TheEpsilonProgram00520~11y 63d ago
936.GuildThatsSoonToBe00271~10y 227d ago2022-06-24 10:43:25USE2
936.0001~10y 277d ago2022-07-03 18:33:07EUE
936.SCC0051~10y 218d ago2022-06-27 03:59:53USE2
936.UselessFunction00111~10y 218d ago
936.0061~10y 239d ago2022-06-26 12:09:51EUW
936.Divin Dragon Allianc00161~11y 94d ago
936.Brute Force0011~10y 230d ago2022-06-30 17:31:51EUSW
936.00381~10y 321d ago
936.0011~11y 109d ago2022-07-02 21:25:27USE
936.00181~11y 114d ago2022-07-03 11:37:28EUW2
936.The Heroes of ROTMG00391~10y 215d ago2022-06-28 10:01:36USE2
936.Lights Divine Shadow00161~10y 239d ago2022-07-01 04:52:50USW
936.SCC00381~10y 215d ago
936.0011~10y 352d ago2022-06-29 03:17:01USE2
936.00131~11y 128d ago2022-07-01 02:43:37USE
936.0091~10y 257d ago2022-07-03 23:09:23EUW2
936.0041~11y 216d ago2022-07-03 18:40:55EUE
936.STUPREME00451~10y 241d ago