Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameExpRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
899.Hoher Rat10608161~8y 351d ago2020-05-16 21:27:57EUW
902.998371~8y 333d ago2020-05-24 02:28:59USE4
902.Mighty Intellect9348282~9y 23d ago2020-05-21 17:18:00EUW
902.reddust946141~8y 333d ago2020-05-24 03:30:25USS2
905.Kyomonemui8512162~9y 31d ago2020-05-16 08:32:31AE
905.8436121~8y 282d ago2020-05-22 06:55:28USW2
905.ZJAWA8371281~9y 68d ago2020-05-16 08:55:20EUE
905.836451~9y 179d ago2020-05-16 21:30:19USNW
905.the power of allies8135271~9y 20d ago2020-05-23 17:07:11USW3
910.7540201~8y 310d ago2020-05-16 04:09:01ASE
910.712201~8y 345d ago2020-05-16 20:32:34USE
912.671331~8y 337d ago2020-05-19 21:36:13USSW
912.Emoji663711~8y 290d ago2020-05-23 01:51:28USE4
912.6588241~9y 230d ago2020-05-25 15:01:09AUS
915.PhoenixSK Lord5747211~9y 69d ago2020-05-19 02:02:24USSW
915.5513361~9y 22d ago2020-05-24 15:26:53AE
915.Less QQ More PEWPEW5423211~9y 207d ago2020-05-16 05:42:18USNW
915.5304101~9y 63d ago2020-05-25 21:59:25EUN2
919.Face The Raven4401271~8y 328d ago2020-05-13 18:09:24USW
919.436641~9y 221d ago2020-05-23 00:24:05USSW
921.3322141~8y 360d agohidden
921.Aypic Team3100111~8y 315d ago2020-05-19 15:35:37USE
923.Kick Ass2515291~8y 315d ago2020-05-22 14:31:29USS
923.228931~8y 331d ago2020-05-25 17:53:40EUN2
923.2265151~9y 8d ago2020-05-25 15:08:20USSW
923.2255141~9y 34d ago2020-05-23 16:21:38AE
923.KawaiiAcademy2104141~9y 173d ago2020-05-13 22:40:05USE
923.295111~8y 311d ago2020-05-15 04:14:48USW
923.269401~9y 16d ago2020-05-25 00:14:51USS2
930.The Light Of Order1232441~8y 346d ago2020-05-16 17:38:44USS
930.Athanatos1137191~8y 331d ago2020-05-15 19:20:06USSW
930.Oryx For Orgy1131151~8y 286d ago2020-05-14 05:59:57USNW
930.Sky Legion161331~9y 179d ago2020-05-23 23:37:17USW
930.The WORMs135181~9y 16d ago2020-05-27 00:19:38USMW
930.Warriors of Revenge119331~8y 294d ago2020-05-25 08:14:35USW
930.112142~9y 212d ago2020-05-21 14:17:44USW3
937.SKillS0188151>9y 248d ago2020-05-26 15:15:14EUE
937.014631~8y 314d ago2020-05-27 01:15:20USS
937.BeatStation0137111~8y 339d ago2020-05-23 22:17:09USS3
937.ultimate godkillers09281~8y 291d ago2020-05-20 22:57:33USSW
937.d guild of immortals087171~8y 319d ago2020-05-15 23:09:14USS
937.072181~8y 306d ago2020-05-14 01:03:44EUW
937.CookieLand067241~9y 198d ago2020-05-24 12:40:32USW4
937.Mad God Murderers047121~8y 284d ago2020-05-20 11:34:52USW2
937.SoulSociety032261~8y 305d ago2020-05-23 15:58:22EUN2
937.Black Men030531~8y 311d agohidden
937.025281~8y 336d ago2020-05-24 20:18:28EUE
937.02321~9y 43d ago2020-05-17 16:55:18EUE
937.01721~8y 288d ago2020-05-23 15:35:53USW3
937.The Casual Elites015311~8y 313d ago2020-05-21 11:17:51EUW
937.orxy team010221~8y 337d ago2020-05-22 09:49:56USW3
937.03261~8y 312d ago2020-05-27 03:03:53USS2
937.Batman00361~8y 315d ago2020-05-25 04:52:06USS
937.Fire Sword Reborn00241~8y 307d ago2020-05-20 05:04:22EUE2
937.The Elvish Empire0051~9y 22d ago2020-05-15 09:49:29EUW2
937.00611~8y 323d ago2020-05-25 10:04:57USW4
937.Choobs00201~9y 198d ago2020-05-16 01:39:28USE3
937.00151~8y 308d ago2020-05-15 02:59:22AUS
937.Ganymede00591~8y 308d agohidden
937.00141~9y 43d ago2020-05-24 00:51:16EUN2
937.00221~8y 314d ago2020-05-26 22:57:33EUW2
937.Kings Park00311~9y 41d agohidden
937.00331~8y 333d agohidden
937.F a i t H0091~8y 329d ago2020-05-25 14:56:09AE
937.ILikeCuteGirls00451~8y 337d ago2020-05-27 04:16:51USW
937.jajecznica00181~9y 38d ago2020-05-24 07:40:46USW2
937.power ranger00121~8y 284d ago2020-05-20 16:59:14EUN2
937.00481~9y 216d ago2020-05-20 16:59:25USMW2
937.M II R A G E00571~9y 79d ago2020-05-25 05:46:21USW
937.GrandElder00101~8y 325d ago2020-05-25 14:58:21AE
937.00421~8y 333d ago2020-05-23 04:55:59USW2
937.UltraInstinctShaggy00311~8y 284d ago2020-05-27 01:30:02USMW
937.00100~9y 33d agohidden
937.LegendarityBuzzers00391~8y 342d ago2020-05-16 16:15:18USW3
937.Pixielated00341~8y 297d agohidden
937.Polskie wojsko00191~8y 311d ago2020-05-25 20:52:17EUE
937.F a i t H0011~8y 326d ago2020-05-25 14:54:50AE
937.0011~8y 294d ago2020-05-27 01:59:48USW4
937.The Banana Boat00241~8y 319d ago2020-05-26 22:31:00USSW
937.0011~8y 314d ago2020-05-19 17:44:19USS
937.hceel00571~8y 331d ago2020-05-19 18:32:38USW3
937.USSW0081~8y 319d ago2020-05-27 01:21:33USS2
937.00411~8y 328d ago2020-05-20 14:58:57USE3
937.Fight Club forever00261~8y 340d ago2020-05-19 14:56:54EUW
937.QueueQQ00441~9y 22d ago2020-05-27 02:29:04AUS
937.Moth00710~8y 313d ago2020-05-16 12:56:42USW
937.TheInsaneAsylum00471~8y 312d ago2020-05-24 08:45:56USNW
937.0091~8y 322d ago2020-05-24 18:31:26USW3
937.0011~8y 347d ago2020-05-17 09:54:57USW4
937.Friendss00101~8y 291d ago2020-05-27 04:40:35ASE
937.Scheev00501~8y 348d ago2020-05-14 08:37:41USMW2
937.00441~8y 291d ago2020-05-21 06:03:06USW3
937.00151~8y 352d ago2020-05-17 06:56:15USS3
937.Gods of the Abyss00501~9y 171d ago2020-05-24 01:40:21USW2
937.00371~8y 303d ago2020-05-17 01:48:53USW3
937.The Last Resort00361~8y 316d ago2020-05-24 22:23:49USS
937.TeamSakuSaku00341~8y 316d ago2020-05-26 12:46:03AE
937.thepubes00201~8y 316d ago2020-05-27 03:54:31USS2
937.Za warudo00641~9y 137d ago2020-05-23 01:41:17USS3