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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
201.Shiranui22625585~12y 30d ago
202.Fansly22392595~12y 30d ago
203.Load22347601~11y 353d ago
204.Thugg Life219805014~11y 310d ago2023-10-02 01:41:26USE
207.Spicy Beans21257354~11y 313d ago2023-09-27 05:56:25EUW
208.Kokushi Musou21255471~12y 260d ago
209.TheSwordAndTheShield21164902~11y 334d ago2023-09-28 17:50:57USE2
211.20904567~11y 325d ago
212.Elder Necromancers20883514~11y 330d ago
213.Inactivity20813715~11y 315d ago
214.207413610~11y 326d ago2023-09-21 06:28:56USE
215.206285218~12y 3d ago
216.Mongolian Peanuts20604528~11y 331d ago
217.DeathRow20481675~11y 310d ago2023-10-02 15:29:23USE
219.The Fraternity20197625~12y 137d ago
220.TheSevenDeadlySins19749432~11y 333d ago
221.RMXI19589902~11y 335d ago
222.Afected193895412~12y 76d ago2023-10-02 04:51:02USMW2
223.Afected192875112~12y 70d ago2023-10-02 02:44:53USW
224.Teartear19281523~11y 319d ago
225.please stop19269586~11y 335d ago
226.BINGBING19241537~11y 336d ago2023-09-29 19:37:59
227.Mommas Boys19095615~12y 150d ago
228.19056672~12y 33d ago
229.Aokiji190365310~11y 327d ago
230.18967654~12y 89d ago
231.18550532~12y 92d ago
232.Leagues of Legend18205475~12y 1d ago
233.18176348~11y 329d ago
234.Dont worry Be happy17828262~11y 360d ago2023-09-25 01:04:25USW
235.Plum Smuglers17582681~11y 311d ago
236.Stray Dogs17451769~11y 328d ago
237.Weak17440376~11y 312d ago2023-09-30 03:51:12USE
238.Boku No Pico17400568~12y 99d ago
239.17392507~11y 354d ago
240.TheBigDicks17146563~12y 19d ago
241.RealmRANGER16865559~11y 310d ago
242.TheWhiteHouse16811725~11y 309d ago
243.Regen16576622~12y 271d ago
244.The Legendary Falls16242569~11y 352d ago2023-09-28 20:22:10
245.Grand Chase16133562~12y 27d ago
246.mamacosbr15942582~11y 336d ago
247.NightWolfs15647571~12y 96d ago2023-10-01 17:35:07USMW
248.I like to hug Medusa15621837~12y 58d ago
249.Get Out Of My Swamp15581487~12y 18d ago
250.Fantasy15540833~11y 335d ago
251.Oongus15496831~11y 330d ago
252.eRa154465510~11y 339d ago
253.zero accuracy15355339~12y 72d ago
254.BUSCUS15345122~12y 235d ago2023-09-27 09:07:46EUN
255.15150463~12y 88d ago2023-09-27 04:12:07USE2
256.15078684~11y 335d ago
257.DanielMihranHano15018686~12y 135d ago
257.RefugeeParty15018411~12y 99d ago2023-09-22 01:53:38USMW2
259.NotaGuild14896266~11y 325d ago2023-10-02 07:14:20EUE
260.fishe148054212~12y 72d ago2023-09-30 03:07:56USNW
261.RealmOne14758689~11y 349d ago
262.Harvesters14234526~12y 19d ago2023-10-01 20:01:31EUN
263.Afected141823910~11y 342d ago
264.Hatsa14152725~11y 320d ago
265.DarkFood14093477~11y 356d ago
266.Stone Peaness14006657~12y 87d ago
267.13877572~11y 319d ago
268.POTPOTPOTPOTPOTPOTPO13723542~12y 3d ago2023-09-25 00:36:09
269.The Sinned13684175~12y 72d ago
270.Five Guys13625584~12y 89d ago
271.DarkAge ROTMG13591308~11y 364d ago2023-09-28 09:14:42USE2
272.Fpm13589173~12y 31d ago
273.Stray Dogs13572687~11y 331d ago
274.Awesome135292610~12y 80d ago2023-10-01 11:31:29USE
275.The DeGGENerates13465316~11y 330d ago
276.Mask13460734~11y 336d ago
277.the mafia chile13446285~12y 18d ago2023-09-25 05:05:45USW4
278.Red Coast Base133294510~12y 63d ago
279.NoobScrubs13261593~11y 336d ago2023-10-02 05:47:37USW4
280.13257363~11y 339d ago
281.SilverSkulls13245553~12y 87d ago
283.VoidOfDestruction13160527~11y 328d ago
284.TeamGoGetters130477214~11y 314d ago
285.Juiice13012657~12y 114d ago
286.12935654~11y 332d ago2023-10-01 15:29:22EUW
287.Perihelion12874612~11y 344d ago
288.12860684~11y 304d ago
289.Agency12805392~11y 312d ago
290.La Tecnica12749753~11y 354d ago2023-10-01 22:42:14USSW
291.SpaceTravelDungeons12714725~12y 32d ago
292.PHOENIX of DEATH12644359~12y 8d ago
293.BigBonanza12561345~11y 309d ago
294.The Keypers12529365~12y 180d ago
295.12509692~11y 332d ago2023-09-20 10:56:32USE
296.SuperSchoolNews12241691~11y 324d ago
297.Hung Chicks12217516~12y 3d ago
298.SINS12109183~12y 92d ago2023-10-01 20:24:49USE
299.The Sandlot12069532~12y 107d ago2023-09-28 09:05:58USE
300.Tom12065484~11y 329d ago2023-09-27 23:40:42USMW