Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
501.TheGirlfriends3341512~11y 179d ago
502.LootGoblinZ3329384~11y 39d ago2022-12-08 22:33:43EUW
503.Stay Gold3321582~12y 60d ago2022-12-07 02:57:12EUW
504.3278268~11y 171d ago2022-12-09 19:16:14EUW
506.Inactivity3247684~11y 18d ago
508.NoobDown3193241~11y 36d ago2022-12-06 20:23:18EUW
509.Saturdays3179542~11y 173d ago
510.Sephiroth3178561~11y 39d ago2022-12-08 08:59:57EUE
511.3166285~11y 64d ago
512.majas quilt3130323~11y 155d ago2022-12-09 19:25:21EUW
513.AstralFury3124214~11y 61d ago
514.NITRO RUT3092613~11y 121d ago
515.malachite3090507~11y 32d ago2022-12-08 06:53:51USE2
516.Tsumino3080582~11y 18d ago
517.Rogues of the Galaxy3076233~11y 167d ago2022-12-06 20:55:01EUW
518.3069551~11y 18d ago
519.3058282~11y 144d ago2022-12-05 01:00:20USS3
520.The Damned Hunters3039192~11y 232d ago2022-12-07 21:52:24EUW
521.AdAstra3021481~11y 38d ago
522.THC SNOW3012232~11y 39d ago2022-12-09 14:55:00USE2
523.TheDiviners3001535~11y 93d ago
524.2977293~11y 268d ago2022-11-28 19:49:52
525.The Phenomenons2975612~11y 218d ago
526.FULCRUM COME IN2957553~11y 48d ago
527.2901235~11y 37d ago
528.FixThisGame2897243~11y 38d ago2022-12-07 20:42:37USE2
529.Kids at heart2878563~11y 108d ago
530.2872254~11y 32d ago2022-12-05 22:18:04USE2
531.TOMBERISM2868677~11y 189d ago
532.Vextrium2851232~11y 72d ago2022-12-08 18:03:00EUW
533.BulbySquad2848272~11y 32d ago2022-12-07 09:13:05EUE
534.2754452~11y 77d ago2022-12-09 09:42:56USE
535.Traps aint gay2743501~11y 39d ago
536.SplitRaiders2729541>12y 80d ago2022-12-09 04:13:43USMW
537.Order of Pixel Arms2710231~11y 106d ago2022-11-26 20:56:32EUW
538.Tacos de Pastor2657412~11y 58d ago
540.SisterFisterss2632593~11y 30d ago
541.Pbag2535542~11y 218d ago
542.Akihiro2529452~11y 38d ago
542.Pandorum2529225~11y 155d ago2022-12-04 02:38:33USS
544.PocketSage2498371~11y 54d ago
545.MerchingFTW2474552~11y 42d ago2022-12-09 00:05:51USE2
546.Shipwrecked2419343>12y 80d ago2022-12-09 06:44:10USMW2
547.2412593~11y 35d ago2022-12-06 02:04:28
548.OTB2392432~11y 38d ago2022-12-01 22:22:45USMW
549.2371253~11y 73d ago2022-12-06 00:28:00USW
550.MadChief2366473~12y 53d ago2022-12-09 07:44:02USE
551.Another Way2365554~11y 27d ago
552.Not Sexually Active2335471>12y 80d ago
553.Casualties2306411~11y 78d ago2022-12-07 08:18:25
554.VOLVO2249574~11y 27d ago
556.FirePunch2241382~11y 144d ago
557.WeenieHutJrs2225234~11y 32d ago2022-12-06 07:21:43USW
558.AlleShababs2221255~11y 208d ago
559.SweatyTryhards2220423~11y 163d ago
560.snacks2213461~11y 160d ago2022-11-27 13:30:12
561.2192581~11y 268d ago
562.PHANTIUM2187394~11y 213d ago
562.Serotonin2187663~11y 19d ago
564.Pollen Powder2167133~12y 3d ago2022-12-05 23:00:51USE2
565.T W I C E2164442~11y 32d ago
566.2151447~11y 112d ago2022-12-07 17:21:20USE
568.FriendsAndCompany2147601~11y 15d ago
569.Sephiroth2141242~11y 20d ago2022-12-08 22:07:51
570.2118363~11y 97d ago2022-12-09 19:28:55USE2
571.Penguins In Paris2113492~11y 19d ago
572.Vocivum2112371~11y 18d ago
572.2112591~11y 68d ago
574.OutOfFame2107265>12y 80d ago2022-12-09 06:52:45USE
575.TheLimpWrists2089582~11y 98d ago
576.YSKN2069521~11y 88d ago2022-12-09 00:27:12A
577.madgodJP2056525~11y 239d ago2022-12-08 00:58:44EUW
578.wouldntyouliketoknow2035563~11y 214d ago
579.Lost City2025673~11y 150d ago
580.Buttered Fate1997233~11y 33d ago2022-12-06 06:15:22USE2
581.1983212~11y 102d ago2022-12-09 03:58:33USE
582.1982277~11y 151d ago2022-12-09 06:14:30USE2
583.via Charity1937542~11y 167d ago
584.WhiteGold1935364~11y 18d ago
585.joshegg1934712~11y 22d ago
586.GuysDoingThings1897383~11y 65d ago
587.SoloLevels1877392~12y 50d ago2022-12-09 01:10:38USE2
587.Shidid an fardid1877181~11y 33d ago2022-12-04 08:30:08USE
589.Chillan1843442~11y 58d ago2022-12-09 00:16:49USS
590.Zippys1840364~11y 37d ago2022-12-09 18:36:38EUW
591.The Dragon Empire183792~11y 37d ago2022-12-03 00:24:09AUS
592.1819211~11y 17d ago2022-12-04 15:48:39USE2
593.Turbomachinery1761272~11y 167d ago2022-12-06 01:56:34USE2
593.Neighborhood Watch1761355~11y 144d ago2022-12-09 18:32:22USE2
595.1754232~11y 30d ago2022-12-08 03:49:58USE2
596.1723501~11y 112d ago
597.OldDudes1714232~11y 123d ago2022-12-09 17:46:54USW
598.1711355~11y 360d ago2022-12-09 17:25:16EUW
599.1678487~11y 27d ago
600.pal poc loud1641172~11y 36d ago2022-12-09 19:29:33USE2