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Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
501.Harvesters3825521~12y 87d ago2023-12-07 20:02:44EUN
502.3806253~12y 11d ago2023-11-27 13:17:43USE2
503.hordes of gus3800431~12y 35d ago2023-12-08 14:06:18A
504.Vocivum3682371~12y 17d ago
505.ForgottenSaints3671581~12y 37d ago
506.Delusional3620453~12y 77d ago2023-12-07 04:35:41USE2
507.mamacosbr3599581~12y 38d ago
508.Taglas3589244~12y 168d ago
509.3583522~13y 18d ago2023-12-07 03:35:51USE2
510.Sacrilegious3574331~12y 33d ago
510.Ontarians35745117~12y 95d ago
512.NotaGuild3553292~12y 28d ago2023-12-06 22:06:08EUE
513.3515637~12y 86d ago2023-12-08 16:34:13EUE
514.3476403~12y 57d ago
515.RealmOfTheHappyGod3471282~12y 37d ago2023-12-01 22:24:50EUW2
516.3451383~12y 38d ago2023-12-07 23:42:04EUW2
517.Yellow3412664~12y 38d ago2023-12-08 01:13:19USMW2
518.Carve3406323~12y 50d ago2023-12-08 19:44:08EUW
519.Deadeye3379225~12y 19d ago2023-12-08 20:37:08USMW2
520.Hylian Defenders3372326~12y 189d ago2023-12-08 13:17:43EUW
521.Swag Life3358153~12y 306d ago
522.TiNevire3341445~12y 15d ago
523.Autism of the MadGod3266525~12y 253d ago2023-12-08 20:06:59USE2
524.3259353~12y 23d ago2023-12-08 02:01:26USW
525.FightTillWipe3235233~12y 37d ago2023-12-01 20:29:07EUW
526.Dyslexic Raelmers3231454~12y 160d ago
527.The Ace of Spades3204504~12y 106d ago
528.BeanTards3149438~12y 228d ago
529.Watermelon3135194~12y 260d ago2023-12-07 16:25:38USE
530.DAGGEREXE3122671~12y 152d ago2023-12-02 04:24:37USW
532.Legendary Wolfz3088282~12y 36d ago
533.SpicyBoarZ TeamPL3076353~12y 145d ago2023-12-02 03:11:19EUW
534.ku kluks klan rus306752>13y 79d ago2023-12-04 08:44:24EUE
535.The Realm Elites3052616~12y 27d ago
536.3033213~12y 59d ago2023-12-08 08:07:02
537.Rainbow Rangers3023332~12y 54d ago2023-12-02 19:28:09USW
539.XX Advanced XX3001453~12y 23d ago2023-12-08 22:17:58USE2
540.JogoBom2970791~12y 37d ago
541.2968132~12y 21d ago2023-12-04 21:12:39USSW
542.Prairie Ave2960341~12y 163d ago
543.Kids at heart2950654~12y 107d ago
544.Shidid an fardid2936403~12y 32d ago
545.2928492~12y 91d ago
546.Akina2918146~12y 36d ago2023-12-08 22:15:57EUW
547.lessQQmorePEWPEW2901493~12y 160d ago
548.Moon Bunny2899901~12y 20d ago
549.BulbySquad2854272~12y 32d ago2023-12-05 20:43:32EUW
550.2829562~12y 20d ago
551.Shipwrecked2784342>13y 79d ago2023-12-05 03:00:44EUN
552.Lil Big House2768551~12y 29d ago
553.OnlyWhiteBags2762242~12y 273d ago
554.Northernbound2755682~12y 36d ago
555.Celeste2750802~12y 37d ago
556.WhiteLuckyLags2712364~12y 160d ago2023-12-02 05:01:38EUE
557.BongBoys2699232~12y 30d ago2023-12-07 05:58:09USE
558.TheBandits2666292~12y 3d ago2023-12-02 03:45:53USE2
559.WUMBOLOGY2663567~12y 14d ago
560.Aggressive Atheists2639611~12y 242d ago
561.szerintemnem2589571~12y 32d ago2023-12-06 17:31:41USE
562.25855711~12y 28d ago2023-12-05 09:06:55USE
563.BartSimpson2571833~12y 2d ago
564.2491216~12y 216d ago2023-12-08 18:19:17USE2
565.Sephiroth2441241~12y 19d ago2023-12-08 21:31:54
566.KORT2414411~12y 19d ago
566.Project Nexus2414541~12y 29d ago
568.JoinforHpandMppots2402584~12y 34d ago
568.Carnation2402511~12y 36d ago
570.Fertility2386392~12y 37d ago2023-12-08 01:14:26USE2
570.2386401~12y 95d ago2023-12-07 18:27:45
572.IkZalJeRondleiden2382201~12y 122d ago2023-12-06 03:57:14USW
573.Sephiroth2346702~12y 38d ago2023-12-08 22:29:21EUE
574.DualKnives2344332~12y 5d ago
575.2279521~12y 34d ago
576.Sopulin saalistajat2271521~12y 189d ago
577.DwaterDwellers2248586~12y 3d ago
578.PARTYPOOPERS2166313~12y 232d ago
579.2162367~12y 70d ago
580.A Hat in Time2156412~12y 23d ago
581.TheRotmgMafia2150581~12y 49d ago
582.BananaPower2117332~12y 99d ago2023-12-07 18:42:49USW4
583.Defring2116211~12y 33d ago2023-11-29 05:40:20USE2
584.YSKN2069521~12y 87d ago2023-12-08 00:29:41A
585.Derivation2028462~12y 110d ago
586.Zerkers1999552~12y 163d ago2023-12-08 18:09:39USW4
588.Chas Johns1970548~12y 12d ago
588.Candy Ducks1970313~12y 139d ago2023-12-08 03:48:53USE2
590.SxStim1968452~12y 136d ago
591.Wine Cellar1950461~12y 37d ago
592.Soulpunchers1946283~12y 25d ago2023-12-08 20:06:29USE2
593.enormous sweat gamer19332810~12y 253d ago2023-12-08 14:33:24USE
594.1924341~12y 11d ago2023-12-08 00:15:05A
595.1910582~12y 73d ago
596.1899244~12y 167d ago2023-12-05 17:17:59USE
597.1896521~12y 13d ago
598.Sors Salutis1893187~12y 71d ago2023-12-08 16:09:55USSW
599.SaintPetersburg1859542~12y 176d ago2023-12-08 00:19:41EUE
600.Night1843631~13y 3d ago