Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
501.4354132~13y 55d ago
505.MisleadEntities4144562~12y 237d ago
507.WeTheWarMans4109304~12y 223d ago2024-07-24 19:25:15EUW
508.Third Strike4099626~13y 223d ago
509.Rift Walkers4066122~12y 267d ago2024-07-24 16:59:29EUW
510.Zuzu4042593~12y 296d ago2024-07-24 14:38:53USE2
511.Monkey Buccaneer4035263~12y 262d ago2024-07-24 21:43:27USE2
512.4008482~12y 337d ago
513.The Keypers3996721~12y 282d ago
514.malachite3992561~12y 260d ago2024-07-18 12:36:07USSW
515.SnackPack3963521~12y 259d ago2024-07-22 14:57:00USE2
516.Tom3906561~12y 261d ago2024-07-14 19:36:48USE2
517.StrawHat389431~12y 236d ago2024-07-11 18:33:04USE
518.LegendarityBuzzers3866381~13y 16d ago2024-07-16 12:20:54EUE
519.Cones3860436~13y 19d ago2024-07-22 07:41:06AUS
520.ApeScape3851312~12y 263d ago
521.PoDu3843345~12y 311d ago
522.With the Lord3771452~12y 231d ago2024-07-24 04:38:14USE2
523.BloodKnightss3696447~12y 216d ago
524.Eight Bit Death3684164~13y 81d ago2024-07-12 02:34:27USE
526.ForgottenSaints3671581~12y 266d ago
528.FatehChickenBowl3668541~12y 247d ago2024-07-14 14:56:03USE
529.3656303~12y 250d ago2024-07-24 18:27:49USS
530.SolitarySingularity3641671~12y 266d ago
531.The Epic Circle3619491~12y 236d ago2024-07-18 00:18:24USS
532.WeebCumZone3610332~13y 131d ago2024-07-20 15:41:30
533.P s y c h o p a t h3596321~12y 257d ago damage3592426~12y 262d ago
535.WhiteBag Guild PRO3570423~12y 263d ago2024-07-14 21:44:21USE2
536.Dirkheads3548815~12y 312d agoUSE
537.Gummy Bear3481283~13y 35d ago2024-07-23 18:41:13EUW
538.3459301~12y 256d ago2024-07-19 21:58:11EUE
539.3372451~12y 250d ago
540.3355275~12y 248d ago
541.Epic Title3354711~12y 307d ago
542.The Ninja3341235~12y 286d ago2024-07-24 20:23:03USE
543.KiloAssassins3294172>13y 308d ago2024-07-20 15:23:28EUW
544.Old Boys3287404~12y 265d ago2024-07-24 09:36:23EUSW
545.ClanGoobernaughts3235484~13y 37d ago
546.SryForFlexing3199493~12y 274d ago2024-07-19 01:02:58USE2
547.Ogmur Overdose3196681~12y 267d ago2024-07-21 15:10:50
548.Slap3178453~12y 219d ago
549.Post Mortem3160566~13y 50d ago
549.The Fun House3160328~12y 266d ago2024-07-25 00:26:19USE
551.have faith3154681~13y 40d ago
552.UsGuri3130592~12y 287d ago
552.3130593~12y 237d ago
554.Pressed3121693~12y 250d agoUSE
555.The Realm Elites3036627~12y 256d ago
556.2984132~12y 250d ago2024-07-23 16:01:39USSW
557.sahDude2976184~12y 253d ago2024-07-24 21:09:53USE2
557.Rozpierdalacze Godow2976122~12y 353d ago2024-07-23 18:43:41EUE
559.the idiotic idiots2973381~12y 332d ago2024-07-24 00:28:34USS3
560.2924373~13y 13d ago2024-07-21 15:44:02USE2
560.UTGods2924402~12y 344d ago2024-07-16 17:56:57USE2
563.KEY POPPER2865441~12y 258d ago2024-07-24 00:52:38USW3
564.ShadowWizardMoneyGng2848639~12y 243d ago
565.2834692~13y 103d ago
566.GOAT2811242~12y 247d ago2024-07-24 03:41:59USMW2
567.Popeyes2809681~12y 266d ago
568.Wig2808311~13y 7d ago2024-07-21 05:47:27USE
569.2803243~13y 31d ago2024-07-21 01:25:45EUE
570.280282~12y 236d ago2024-07-24 02:41:02USE2
571.Autism of the MadGod2794524~13y 117d ago2024-07-24 14:55:30USE2
572.BACKPACKBACKPACK2782452~13y 43d ago2024-07-24 23:33:22
573.2725442~12y 230d ago2024-07-15 16:22:17EUW
574.the mafia chile2719352~12y 294d ago
575.Hampters2717553~12y 266d ago
576.Ling Lings2692325~13y 9d ago2024-07-24 13:42:46USMW2
577.CRYPTIDS2627331~13y 13d ago2024-07-23 03:59:07USE2
578.Drury Lane2613213~12y 350d ago2024-07-24 07:28:59EUE
579.2605212~12y 263d ago
580.Gothboiiclique2591401~12y 223d ago2024-07-14 04:51:08AUS
581.Private2548134~12y 234d ago2024-07-14 20:30:39USE
582.A Hat in Time2547276~12y 248d ago2024-07-23 23:29:32USW4
583.The NUT Masters2528412~13y 77d ago2024-07-25 00:35:17USMW2
584.2527353~12y 267d ago
585.Sephiroth2491261~12y 249d ago2024-07-24 18:41:40EUSW
586.KONAHA2472452~12y 265d ago2024-07-24 15:15:10USE2
587.MAFIAs2449134~12y 239d ago2024-07-14 19:42:54EUSW
588.Death Poets24195211~12y 265d ago
589.SonsOfArachna2355641~12y 267d ago
590.Crafted Legend2351122~12y 237d ago2024-07-24 21:18:28USW
591.2342342~12y 265d ago2024-07-18 21:01:49USE2
592.2249212~12y 360d ago2024-07-24 22:58:25EUW
593.TOMBERISM2246732~13y 52d ago
594.Joy Luck Club2235251~12y 244d ago
595.Mini Chaos22324913~12y 308d ago2024-07-24 21:34:11EUW
596.z2224552~12y 318d ago2024-07-22 20:25:57USE
597.ThisGameDog2209642~12y 218d ago
597.2209322~13y 101d ago
599.Night2203632~13y 232d ago
600.DualKnives2195342~12y 235d ago