Stasis Immunity

Stasis Immunity is a property of some enemies that renders the Mystic’s Orbs’ Stasis ineffective. Enemies with this status immunity may be affected by any other status effect applied (unless stated on that enemy’s respective page), but Stasis will not be applied. For more info on status effects, see this page.

The following is a list of enemies with Stasis Immunity:

Enemy Location Notes (phases, etc.)
MalphasAbyss Idol Abyss of Demons
Abyss of Demons
Bomb DevilBomb FatherFire BlightSilent Wizard The Arena
The Arena
Lord Ruthven DeuxArchdemon Malphas DeuxStheno the Snake Queen DeuxLimoz the Veridian Dragon DeuxOryx the Mad God Deux Battle for the Nexus
Battle for the Nexus
BelladonnaBreathtaking White FlowerImmaculate Red FlowerGorgeous Yellow Flower Belladonna's Garden
Belladonna’s Garden
Royal CnidarianGold Cnidarian Cnidarian Reef
Cnidarian Reef
Son of ArachnaBlue Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacRed Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacSilver Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacYellow Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac The Crawling Depths
The Crawling Depths
Davy JonesGhost Lantern Davy Jones's Locker
Davy Jones’s Locker
Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King Deadwater Docks
Deadwater Docks
Mixcoatl the Masked God Forbidden Jungle
Forbidden Jungle
The Pumpkin MasterHuntress PumpkinEncore TrapTrickster PumpkinPumpkin of PainPumpkin of ChaosCursed Blast Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Troll MatriarchGhost BrideGrave CaretakerGhost of Skuld Haunted Cemetery
Haunted Cemetery
Heroic Malphas Heroic Abyss of Demons
Heroic Abyss of Demons
Heroic Septavius the Ghost God Heroic Undead Lair
Heroic Undead Lair
Queen Bee The Hive
The Hive
Esben the UnwillingCursed Grave Ice Cave
Ice Cave
Mysterious Ice Shard Ice Tomb
Ice Tomb
Feargus the DementedPyyr the WickedNikao the DefilerLimoz the Plague BearerIvory WyvernMirror WyvernBlack Soul of FeargusRed Soul of PyyrBlue Soul of NikaoWhite Dragon Orb Lair of Draconis
Lair of Draconis
Shaitan the AdvisorHand of Shaitan Lair of Shaitan
Lair of Shaitan
Marble DefenderMarble ColossusMarble Colossus PillarMarble CoreAgonized TitanMalusArgusGaiusBasaranDirgeMolekBalaamVoid EntityCommander of the CrusadeChampion of OryxGrotto BlobTormented GolemSpectral SentryTreasure Pot Lost Halls
Lost Halls
NullThe Servers The Machine
The Machine
Dr. TerribleTurret AttackHorrific CreationTesla Coil Mad Lab
Mad Lab
Fountain Spirit Magic Woods
Magic Woods
Lord Ruthven Manor of the Immortals
Manor of the Immortals
Daichi the FallenCorrupted CasterCorrupted SpearmanCorrupted BowmanCorrupted MonkCorrupted Spawn Mountain Temple
Mountain Temple
Killer Bee QueenKiller Bee Nest (Queen)The BeekeeperAdolesecent Blue BeehemothAdolesecent Red BeehemothAdolesecent Yellow BeehemothBlue Soldier BeeEnraged Blue Killer BeeEnraged Yellow Killer BeeExperimental Blue Soldier Bee 2.0Experimental Red Soldier Bee 2.0Experimental Yellow Soldier Bee 2.0Mini Killer Bee Nest The Nest
The Nest
Thessal the Mermaid GoddessCoral GiftDeep Sea Beast Ocean Trench
Ocean Trench
Stone GuardiansStone GuardiansJanus the DoorwardenBrute of OryxCommander of OryxSuit of Armor Oryx's Castle
Oryx’s Castle
Oryx the Mad GodGuardian ElementGiant Oryx Chicken Oryx's Chamber
Oryx’s Chamber
Nightmare ColonyBlob ColonyPterasite ColonySwarm Colony Parasite Chambers
Parasite Chambers
Dreadstump the Pirate King Pirate Cave
Pirate Cave
The Puppet Master (Encore)Huntress PuppetEncore TrapTrickster PuppetPuppet of PainPuppet of ChaosCursed Blast Puppet Master's Encore
Puppet Master’s Encore
The Puppet MasterOryx PuppetMinion PuppetGuardian ElementPriest PuppetPuppet Bomb The Puppet Master's Theatre
The Puppet Master’s Theatre
Pot of Gold Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road
Cube GodSkull ShrinePentaractAvatar of the Forgotten KingKiller PillarEye of the AvatarShades of the AvatarGhost ShipGrand SphinxHermit GodWhirlpoolJade StatueGarnet StatueKiller Bee NestYellow BeehemothRed BeehemothBlue BeehemothLord of the Lost LandsProtection CrystalRock DragonLost SentryBiff the Buffed BunnyMysterious EggEaster EggsBonegrind the Undead ButcherPermafrost LordLichPhylactery BearerEnt AncientGreater Nature SpriteGhost KingGhost MasterScout ColonyTotalia the MalevolentMegamad Oryx StatueMegamad Brute of OryxStone Guardians (Oryx Horde Version)Stone Guardians (Oryx Horde Version)Spirit of OryxPossessed Oryx StatueThe Glitch Realm
Tezcacoatl the Great BasiliskAdult BasiliskEl DoradoInsect TribesmanDemon TribesmanBird TribesmanEl Dorado SpiritJungle FlameXolotl the Lightning GodLightning Totem Secluded Thicket
Secluded Thicket
The Forgotten SentinelTwilight ArchmageInfernoMagi-GeneratorThe Forgotten KingTitanumPaladin Obelisk The Shatters
The Shatters
The two Paladin Obelisks in The Forgotten Sentinel’s room are not immune to stasis.
Stheno the Snake Queen Snake Pit
Snake Pit
Arachna the Spider Queen Spider Den
Spider Den
Limon the Sprite Goddess Sprite World
Sprite World
Sarcophagus Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Gulpord the Slime GodBlue TurtleOrange TurtlePurple TurtleRed TurtleGolden Rat Toxic Sewers
Toxic Sewers
Septavius the Ghost God Undead Lair
Undead Lair
Oryx the Mad God Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar

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