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This page gives basic information on what you should and shouldn’t do on the wiki. Discussions related to wiki issues should be directed to the official wiki Discord server or the Realmeye forum thread.

Quick links


All of the links to the Wild Shadow and Kabam Forums no longer work, so please replace those with links to their archives.

Follow this guide for uploading images.

All externally-hosted images should be uploaded to Imgur and NOT any other hosting site (Gyazo, Discord, etc.)

To brush up on HTML/Markdown, feel free to visit the syntax section of the Editing the Wiki page.


Please do not troll; it has no effect as you will be banned from the wiki, and anyone can revert troll actions.

Drop rates and Soulbound Damage thresholds are not public info, and thus cannot be confirmed. Do not add them to the wiki, no matter how accurate they seem to be. “Guaranteed Drop” markers are allowed as they can be empirically tested.

All content which is and will ONLY be available on the testing server (Feed-only items, Semi Apples, Fame consumables, etc) should be categorized under Testing Content. If content is to be released in the near future for the game, put it under Unreleased Content, and not ever on Testing Content. If content is only for Admin or Closed Testing accounts, put it on the Admin Items page.

Please do not add player-created (unofficial) lore to the wiki, regardless of how well-written you think it is. Please remove all and any types of unofficial lore/writing on any page if you find it. Lore does not add much usefulness to pages and can be distracting for readers. However, official lore is allowed.

Please do not attribute yourself when editing or when uploading an image (i.e. explicitly giving credit to yourself on the image/page as the author).

Please try to add to the pages while ONLY ADDING VALID, LEGITIMATE, and REAL INFORMATION. In addition, please try to remain as impartial as possible while editing.

Every little bit helps!

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