Getting Started

RotMG means Realm of the Mad God. It is an abbreviation used to do away with the whole spelling.

Death is permanent, in other words, when you die, you die. No re-spawning with the same stats. You can’t even keep ANY of your equipment (unless you stored it in your vault).

Realm Gold

You start out with 40 gold but you can buy more with real currency. Gold allows you to buy various items such as dyes, cloths, pet eggs, pet food, equipment, vault chests, and more. The money you spend on realm gold goes to the developers to make a better game. Support the Devs!


Fame is obtained as you survive and gain XP from the monsters you kill in the realm. It can be used to feed pets and buy occasional mystery boxes in the realm. If you’re in a guild, you can use fame to buy upgrades for the guild hall!


There is no standard currency, just equipment you can trade. Trading is the secured method of acquiring wanted items. It is recommended that you check the wiki for an item’s tiers (and therefore value) before trading. Trading is generally verbal, so tell other players what you have and what you’re interesting in receiving. Try not to spam the Nexus with remarks, and be polite to other traders; you’ll generally get a better deal!

Trading Procedure
  1. Get someone to trade with you by offering something or offering to buy something. Click on their character icon and request a trade. If you become a frequent trader or are trading highly valuable items you should get into the habit of using the RealmEye system to see if your trading partner is a reported scammer. See the MrEyeball commands called Tag, Untag, and Scammer for more information. If other players say someone is a scammer, be cautious in trading with them.
  2. Check the other person’s inventory for items you want. Let them inspect yours too.
  3. Select the item(s) you want to trade. The other player will select the item(s) they wish to trade. Generally speaking, it is easier to arrange the deal verbally before entering a trade. Make sure you know what you’re selling and what you’ll receive.
  4. Say thank you, ty, tyvm or whatever.
  5. If the trade is good, you may wish to lock the person, as a way of remembering they are a fair trader. Otherwise, leave them be.


On the mini map, yellow dots represent other players; you can click on these dots in order to teleport to these players. Green dots are fellow guild members. Red dots represent monsters. Zoom in and out by scrolling. To level up fast, teleport to people near quests you have, which are indicated by red, lone dots out of your normal radius of radar.

Each different realm (given names such as Medusa, Flayer, Ogre, etc) randomly generates a world map upon opening. Generally, lower level monsters are towards the outside of the map, while the godlands (areas containing powerful monsters and players alike) are found in the center. If you are a low level player, be careful when teleporting to a large group of level 20 players near the godlands.

On the side you can lock people in your grid. They stay there until you unlock them, and while they are locked, you can teleport to them.

It may help to set your teleport to the nexus hotkey to F so that if you are in trouble you can teleport out fast. For even more convenience, set your health and mana potions to keys near your movement keys in case you need a quick boost of either of them.


Introduced in build 121, guilds are a feature to help players organize and interact. They cost 1000 fame to make, can hold up to 50 members, and allow 5 different ranks.

The Nexus

This is the place where you start. It is where you can safely trade, heal and access your Vault to store items.


The best way to interact with other players is to use social common sense! Be polite and have fun!

Finally, RotMG means Realm of the Mad God. Use this list to understand RotMG slang.

Once you’ve reached level 20 with a few characters, you’ll probably be looking for the next challenge. For information on the trickiest area on the normal game map, see here.

All this is summed up nicely in this Beginner’s Guide to Realm video, made by IanW.

If you are new to Realm of the Mad God, check out these pages for an introduction and tips to help you succeed!