A core aspect of the game is finding and collecting items that will enhance your character in various ways. There is plenty of loot to collect in the Realm, and plenty of monsters to take it from. Naturally, more desirable loot comes from increasingly difficult areas of the game, but everything can be utilized in one way or another. For unreleased items, go to Unreleased Content.


The primary form of loot is equipment, items that can go into either your weapon, ability, armor, or accessory slot. The most basic form of these are tiered drops. Tiered items have a number assigned to them that indicates how strong they are, relative to the other tiered items within their class. A T6 weapon is stronger than a T5 weapon, a T9 armor is stronger than a T8 armor, and so on.

Weapons have 14 tiers (15 counting T0 starting equipment), abilities have 7 tiers (8 counting T0 starting equipment), armors have 15 tiers, and rings have 6 tiers (7 counting the unique T0 Ring of Minor Defense).

There are other types of equipment as well. Untiered drops are special items that break from the standard tier progression. They typically only drop from a single monster, such as a dungeon boss. Rather than being a direct tier upgrade, UT items usually fulfill a more specialized purpose. Certain UTs are weak, but others are among the most highly desired items in the game.

Reskinned equipment is a type of item that is functionally identical to a different tiered or untiered item, but with aesthetic differences. These are often released for limited periods during seasonal events. They also often have an increased xp bonus, but not all the time.

The last form of equipment is ST items, standing for Set Tier items. ST items are a set of four items designed to be used together. When used in conjunction on the appropriate class, they will change the player’s skin into a 16x16 sprite and grant additional stat bonuses, enhancing the set as a whole. (With the exception of the Oryx Awesome Set, which does not confer any additional stat bonuses for wearing the entire set, although it does still transform the players sprite into a 16x16 sprite.)


Unlike equipment, consumables cannot be placed into usable slots and must remain in the inventory itself. Instead, they are used directly from the inventory to activate their designated effect, unless you choose to drop the items on the ground and then use them to keep the “Thirsty” fame bonus. Depending on the item, consumables can do any number of things, ranging from restoring or boosting your stats, permanently increasing your stat maximum, opening a dungeon portal, granting a cosmetic item, recipes for crafting untiered equipment, or other miscellaneous functions. Most disappear upon usage, but certain consumables can be reused.

Pet Food

Pet food is used exclusively for feeding pets in the Pet Yard. These items include those with the highest feed power in the game.

Other Items


Mark of DreadstumpMark of Mama MegamothMark of MixcoatlMark of the Queen BeeMark of Arachna

Mark of the Sandstone TitanMark of SthenoMark of LimonMark of the Fountain SpiritMark of SeptaviusMark of MalphasMark of the ArchivistMark of GulpordMark of Dr TerribleMark of the Puppet MasterMark of RuthvenMark of Skuld

Mark of the EffigyMark of Parasitic HorrorsMark of BilgewaterMark of the MegamothMark of the Son of ArachnaMark of Davy JonesMark of DaichiMark of the WyvernMark of the Tesseract GoddessMark of EsbenMark of ThessalMark of GebMark of OryxMark of Janus

Mark of the Forgotten KingMark of the Killer Bee QueenMark of the Crystal EntityMark of the Marble ColossusMark of MalusMark of the Void EntityMark of the Exalted God

Quest Chests

Beginner Quest ChestStandard Quest ChestMighty Quest ChestHoneyed Epic Quest ChestRoyal Epic Quest ChestCrystallized Epic Quest ChestMarble Epic Quest ChestCultish Epic Quest ChestVoided Epic Quest Chest


Chest CouponChar Slot CouponMystery ST ShardMystery ST Skin ShardCrystal of FortuneCrystal of Extreme FortuneHalloween Candy TokenCandy Cane TokenSnowflake TokenMoss TokenStone TokenMad God TokenMagic PumpkinPumpkin Seed TokenBone TokenIce ShardPrimal IceBellOrnamentMagic EggGolden EggPlatinum Dungeon ShardObsidian Dungeon ShardRuby Dungeon ShardGold Dungeon ShardHeartLove LetterOryx April ShardLesser Alien Tech FragmentGreater Alien Tech FragmentMalogia FragmentUntaris FragmentForax FragmentKatalund FragmentMetal ScrapUniversal FragmentSupreme TokenLesser Nexus FragmentGreater Nexus FragmentNexus CrystalShard of the Mad GodCursed CoinSoul SparkBone SigilShard of the DoorwardenCarnival TokenPatty TokenExalt TokenShard of the InternMusic NoteNailScrewPlankConstruction Weapon BoxConstruction Armor BoxConstruction Skin AgreementFood VoucherZombie HandZombie FootBrainHalloween Mystery ST ShardShard of the AdvisorBlue ScarfRed ScarfYellow ScarfSanta's ArsenalCrystal FragmentAvarice MedallionWar STory Chest

Vanity Pets

Valentine GeneratorBeach BallBeer SlurpValentine LauncherPet RockVeteran of 2017Rainbow CloverPaddy's Flying HatExalt Trophy

Dungeon Treasures

Golden AnkhEye of OsirisPharaoh's MaskGolden CockleGolden ConchGolden Horn ConchGolden NutGolden BoltGolden FemurGolden RibcageGolden SkullGolden CandelabraHoly CrossPearl NecklaceGolden ChaliceRuby GemstoneThe Fool Tarot CardThe Devil Tarot CardThe Sun Tarot CardDeath Tarot CardThe Tower Tarot CardThe Magician Tarot CardThe World Tarot CardThe Chariot Tarot CardThe Moon Tarot Card


Energy SignetGuild PresentBronze TicketSilver TicketGolden Ticket

Loot Containers

Loot containers designate the type of loot found in a bag when a monster dies. Aside from the occasional treasure chest found within the main realm, loot will always come in some form of bag. Brown and pink bags drop publicly and the contents are visible to everybody. All other types of bags are soulbound, meaning it is only visible to the user who it specifically dropped for.

Brown Bag Pink Bag Purple Bag Egg Basket Yellow Bag Cyan Bag Blue Bag Orange Bag Red Bag White BagTreasure Chest