Game Objectives

Realm of the Mad God pits every player against Oryx and his innumerable horde of monsters. Killing as many of his creatures as possible to summon the Mad God himself for a duel is the main objective of the game. However, there’s more to see and do.

Work Together

Forming parties with other players is very beneficial, after all it was the main objective of the game; kill enemies faster with more players! Join a guild; playing with others which will lead to more loot, or you can also invite some friends to play the game.

Kill the Gods

In addition to dropping good equipment, the gods also drop potions that can permanently increase your stats. Many players have taken to farming the gods for these potions to get rich, sometimes killing thousands of gods per day.

Collect the best equipment

As you level up, you’ll find plenty of equipment that your class may or may not be able to equip. Trade with others to get good equipment for your character as described in the Equipment section. The maximum level is 20, but as with RPGs, equipment is separate from EXP, Fame and Level.

Maximise your stats

Gods and dungeon bosses drop stat potions in potion bags upon death. Many dungeon bosses have a guaranteed potion drop, while gods have a certain drop rate of potions, which are usually quite rare from them. Either way, collecting and using these potions (by double clicking or Shift-clicking) increases your statistics. Potion up as you go or collect and instantly maximise your statistics, either way you are improving your character’s potential and working towards the prestige of an 8/8 character, which will be stronger, faster and more durable than a 0/8 character.

Defeat Oryx

Band together with other players to defeat all Quest Monsters, and then Oryx will finally show up to finish the party. All players in the current realm will be transported to his huge, bad castle, where his Stone Guardians will do their best to protect him, and prevent you from invading his wine cellar and stealing his favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.

After killing the Guardians ( if you succeed of course! ) will bring you to Oryx’s simulacrum. In both forms large groups will help defeat him due to high health and annoying minions. Oryx’s simulacrum can absorb 85 thousand damage before revealing his real identity in his Wine Cellar, the portal to the area where his real form resides. Within two minutes if someone uses a consumable called the Wine Cellar Incantation which is rarely dropped by nearly all dungeons, the Wine Cellar will open and a much deadlier version ( and more real ) of Oryx will emerge with more damage, more status effects and more… Loot!

Do the Shatters

Do you feel bored after defeating Oryx the Mad God? Do you have nothing to do with your hard-earned 8/8 character? Are you tired of not knowing where to get better loot? The Shatters is widely accepted as the hardest dungeon in the entire game, dropping end game loot, including 3 extremely beneficial rings and top-tier equipment. Whether in a clean ( Not activated enemies randomly without thinking, done everything as it should ), co-ordinated one or a messy, public one, this nerve-breaking dungeon will really test your abilities at the game with 3 different bosses and high-HP monsters. On top of this, the Shatters is also the only place you can get the top-tier Unbound rings which will give you additional HP, MP, Dexterity, Wisdom, Attack, Defense, Vitality or speed.

Gain the most Experience/Fame

As you gain experience, you also gain fame for your character through standard playing or a train (a coordinated group of people killing gods). Multiply your base fame by fame bonuses and your character might get onto the leaderboards when it dies. Account fame also allows you to feed pets, which are helpful in every sense of the word.

Obtain the coveted White Star

As you complete class quests, you’ll gain stars. With 5 stars per class, and 14 classes total, there are a total of 70 class quests to complete. For every 14 stars you gain, the color of your star changes:

Light blue fame star 0-13
Dark blue fame star 14-27
Red fame star 28-41
Orange fame star 42-55
Yellow fame star 56-69
White fame star 70

Upon completion of every class quest, one obtains the coveted white star.

Note that you can achieve this after death as a result of the fame bonuses such varying god kill and accuracy percentages. For example, one might have a character with 1300 base fame upon death. Due to bonuses such as mundane, well-equipped, etc., the total fame may be boosted to 2000, granting the fifth class star.

Reach the Legends

This is only achievable by the longest-living and best characters. By getting an immense amount of fame, one can have their name placed on the character leader boards. Fame bonuses also help in this endeavor. Reach upon the legends, and your character receives a strange red glow…

Pro Player Experience / New Player Experience

Pro Player Experience (or PPE) is a self-imposed challenge for players who know the ins and outs of the game. You start a new character with just your pet and you try to reach a certain goal (usually maxing stats and hunting for rare UT/ST items). you have to obtain everything you get on that character - no trading for your PPE’s benefit or using already owned items. Some people want a challenge, some want a goal and some just want an alternate way to max a character.

More can be seen at the guide here

New Player Experience (or NPE) is essentially a PPE but you have to make a new account, and theres still no trading. It is many degrees harder, thus it deters most players.

Pixelmanns’s assasin PPE montage
KarlF’s archer PPE montage
Statakaka’s wizard NPE