Game Objectives

Realm of the Mad God pits every player against Oryx and his innumerable horde of monsters. Killing as many of his heroes as possible to summon the Mad God himself for a final battle is the main objective of the game. However, there’s more to see and do.

Work Together

Forming parties with other players is very beneficial. After all, it was the main objective of the game; kill enemies faster with more players! Join a guild; playing with others which will lead to more loot, or you can also invite some friends to play the game.

Maximize your stats

Gods (the normal enemies in the Mountains biome), Event Bosses, and most dungeon bosses drop stat potions in potion bags upon death. Most dungeon bosses have a guaranteed potion drop for a certain number of players, while gods drop potions uncommonly. Either way, collecting and using these potions (by double clicking or Shift-clicking) increases your statistics. Drink potions as you go, or collect them as reserve funds for recovering from an untimely death. Either way, you are improving your character’s potential and working towards the prestige of an 8/8 character, which will be stronger, faster and more durable than a 0/8 character. Potions also represent the main form of “currency” in the game for trading.

Defeat Oryx

Band together with other players to defeat all Heroes of Oryx in the Realm, which will initate the final battles with Oryx the Mad God. All players in the current realm will be transported to his castle, a multi-area dungeon that ranges from mid-game to endgame difficulty.

Defeating the Stone Guardians guarding the main area in the castle will bring you to Oryx’s Chamber, where Oryx’s first and weakest (but still powerful) form will be encountered. When Oryx is initially defeated, he will drop a locked portal to the Wine Cellar, where his next and stronger form resides. The portal can be unlocked for everone in the chamber by using a Wine Cellar Incantation, which is rarely dropped by most dungeons. In the Wine Cellar, players will encounter Oryx’s second, stronger form.

When Oryx 2 is defeated, he will leave behind three empty monuments. Coordinated groups of players will possess the three Oryx Runes needed to activate the monuments. These runes rarely drop from event bosses, the Court of Oryx dungeons, and very high-level to endgame dungeons dropped by certain event bosses in the realm. Upon activating all monuments, the screen will darken, and an enormous, imposing portal to Oryx’s Sanctuary will open. Truly skilled and well-prepared players will be able to overcome the incredible challenges within the Sanctuary and defeat Oryx’s strongest form for a chance at some of the best loot in the game.

Complete endgame dungeons

Though Oryx is the main antagonist of the game, there are a variety of dungeons dropped by event bosses in the realm that can pose formidable challenges to players. These dungeons can drop two of the three runes needed to unlock Oryx’s Sanctuary. The most prominent endgame dungeons are The Shatters, The Nest, the Fungal Cavern / Crystal Cavern, and the Lost Halls, all of which take considerably more time to beat, but are also much more rewarding than most other dungeons. Not including Oryx’s Sanctuary, The Shatters and Lost Halls are the only two sources of T6 Unbound rings (the highest tier rings in the game). The other dungeons in this list can drop the second-highest tiered weapons (T13) and armor (T14) available, with the Shatters even dropping the highest armor (T15). All of these dungeons also contain some of the most powerful and prestigious UT items available.

Collect the best equipment

As you level up, you’ll find plenty of equipment that your class may or may not be able to equip. Trade with others to get good tiered equipment for your character as described in the Equipment section. The maximum level is 20, but as with RPGs, equipment is separate from EXP, Fame and Level.

The highest tiers of weapons/armors (T14 weapons, T15 armors) and the highest tier of abilities (T7) are not tradable, so players who wish to obtain these items must defeat the enemies that can drop them. Most untiered and most Set Tier equipment are also not tradable.

Gain experience points and fame

As you gain experience points that are needed to level up, you also gain fame for your character through standard playing or in a train (a coordinated group of people killing gods). Multiply your base fame by fame bonuses and your character might get onto the leaderboards when it dies. Account fame also allows you to feed pets, which are helpful in every sense of the word.

Obtain the coveted White Star

As you complete class quests, you’ll gain stars. With 5 stars per class, and (currently) 18 classes total, there are a total of 90 class quests to complete. For every 18 stars you gain, the color of your star changes:

Light blue fame star 0-17
Dark blue fame star 18-35
Red fame star 36-53
Orange fame star 54-71
Yellow fame star 72-89
White fame star 90

Upon completion of every class quest, one obtains the coveted white star.

Note that this used to be achieved after death as a result of the fame bonuses such varying god kill and others, but got changed in update

Each star represents the number of stars each class has (in theory). For example, in order to obtain the dark blue star, you must have 18 stars, or one star for each class. Red for two, orange for three, yellow for four, and white for all five.

Exalt your characters

Exaltation is designed to be a long-term goal for players who have mastered the game, giving permanent rewards for consistently clearing endgame content on many different maxed characters. Exaltation is completed over a lengthy period of play and is an arduous task for even the most dedicated of players, but those able to achieve these milestones can permanently increase attributes of their characters, alongside other rewards.

Reach the leaderboards

This is only achievable by the longest-living and best characters. By getting an immense amount of fame, one can have their name placed on the character leaderboards. Fame bonuses also help in this endeavor. The in-game leaderboards, called the legends, are only applicable to the top dead characters with the most total fame. Placing in the top 10 in any category (weekly, monthly, all time) will award a red aura around one’s characters for as long as they remain there. The unofficial leaderboards for living characters with the most fame are hosted on Realmeye.

Raise a pet

Pets are unique in that they persist after character death. Depending on their abilities, pets will assist players in battle in various ways, such as by attacking enemies or most prominently in restoring health and magic points. Powerful healing pets can therefore greatly improve survivability in nearly all situations. Players will need to spend account fame or Realm Gold for most functions related to pets, such as upgrading the Pet Yard, feeding, or fusing. All items in the game have an associated “feed power” value and can be fed to pets to improve their abilities.

Complete daily quests

The Daily Quest room is accessible from the Nexus and contains The Tinkerer and the Login Seer. Players can exchange marks in exchange for quest chests, which have a chance of dropping useful loot depending on their tier. The Tinkerer also has a variety of other quests, including ones that are only active during seasonal events. The Login Seer allows players to claim an item each day they log in each month, including items that are normally obtainable with Realm Gold.