The official lore of Realm of the Mad God comes from a variety of sources, in and out of game. Though the story has been built upon over the years, the main premise of the game remains simple:

You have been captured by the Mad God Oryx and transported to his realm as food for his vile minions. Will you proceed quietly to your fate or fight back?


Lore from in-game dialogue spoken by NPCs.

Item Lore

Lore found in item descriptions.

Release Note Lore

A collection of lore published in official patchnotes or announcements.

Research Logs

The Research Logs are a series of short log entries regarding the creation and backstory of The Nest, accessible by entering a password into The Beekeeper’s computer after defeating him. They are written from the perspective of the Beekeeper.

Records of the Lost Halls

Records of the Lost Halls consists of five journal entries written from the perspectives of the wretched souls trapped within the Lost Halls. It was published in July 2017, in anticipation of the dungeon’s release.

Craig’s Christmas Chores

Craig’s Christmas Chores is a two-part comic made to tease the release of Santa’s Workshop for December 2017.

Realm Eye Responses

A compilation of potential responses from The Realm Eye, which provide insight into the game’s lore.

Oryx’s Sanctuary Lore

Excerpts from the Realm Remastered blog that describes backstory of the four Oryx’s Sanctuary minibosses. These were published in 2020, in anticipation of the dungeon’s release.

Shipping Logs

The Shipping Logs are logs of short log entries regarding the shipping to and from the Deadwater Docks. They are dropped in the form of items - the Forgotten Log I & II - that can be “read” by double-clicking on them.

Shattered Kingdom Pages

The Shattered Kingdom Pages are a series of pages depicting the history of The Shatters prior to its ruination, released as part of a limited event leading up to the 2021 Shatters rework. They are dropped in the form of items (Page I-XX) that can be “read” by double-clicking on them. By submitting them to The Tinkerer, they can be compiled into four tomes (The Shattered Kingdom: Tome I-IV), which serve the same purpose but in a condensed form.

History of the Realm

A lengthy, comprehensive infographic-timeline depicting the history of the game universe from its creation up to the day of its release (July 23, 2021).

Interregnum Lore

A series of letters depicting the backgrounds of The Wanderer and the other members of The Syndicate, as well as their plan to permanently defeat Oryx the Mad God.

Engineer’s Records

A series of records depicting the tragic story of Toven, Head Kobold Engineer, as he oversaw the transformation of the Kobold race into Kogbolds under the Factory Control Core.

The Princess and the Fox

The Night Prince

Pages of children’s tale The Night Prince translated by Realm Eye.