Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.


Dungeons consist of a network of rooms (in some cases a single room), containing various monsters based on the theme of the dungeon. The last room will contain one or more boss enemies, which may drop special items. Many dungeons also have one or more “treasure rooms” containing minibosses that drop unique loot. Dungeon loot varies widely in quality, but harder dungeons generally drop better loot.

To reach a dungeon, it is necessary to kill certain enemies, which have a chance of dropping an entrance to that dungeon. For certain enemies, this chance is guaranteed. Any player can enter the dungeon by clicking “Enter” or using the interact key when standing on an entrance portal.

All portals stay open for 30 seconds before vanishing, except for the Locked Wine Cellar Portal which will remain for two minutes if not opened. An unlocked Wine Cellar portal remains open indefinitely.

Most dungeons have a player limit of 65 players. Attempting to enter a full dungeon will only result in a “Dungeon is full” message appearing in the chat. The exceptions to this limit are:

All dungeons have an associated difficulty rating, indicated by the number of gravestones on the loading screen for the dungeon. This rating ranges from 0 (harmless) to 5 (high-level to endgame). Note that dungeons with a difficulty of 5 can vary considerably in difficulty.

Some dungeons have a multi-stage layout with portals connecting different stages. Details of these are described on the individual dungeon pages.

Dealing soulbound damage to the boss results in a completion statistic being counted on that player’s character. The Tunnel Rat fame bonus is awarded to characters that have completed all the requisite Tunnel Rat dungeons. These are indicated in the tables below. Not every dungeon tracks a completion stat - the dungeons that have no functioning counter are indicated with NC. Some dungeons have no completion/exit portal, these are indicated by NP.

Realm Dungeons

Unless stated otherwise, none of the enemies in this section are guaranteed to drop their respective dungeon.

Name Portal Key Dropped Difficulty TR
Pirate Cave Pirate Cave Pirate Cave Key Pirate Piratess Green Gelatinous Cube Red Gelatinous Cube Purple Gelatinous Cube Giant Crab Sand Devil Goblin Warrior 1 Y
Forest Maze Forest Maze Forest Maze Key Forest Nymph Goblin Mage Elf Wizard Hobbit Mage Undead Hobbit Mage Sandsman King Dwarf King Drake Baby Enraged Bunny 1 N
Spider Den Spider Den Spider Den Key Orc King Werelion Red Spider Shambling Sludge Swarm Desert Werewolf 1 Y
Snake Pit Snake Pit Snake Pit Key Lizard God Undead Dwarf God Ogre King Medusa 1 Y
Forbidden Jungle Forbidden Jungle Totem Key Great Coil Snake 2 Y
The Hive The Hive The Hive Key Warrior BeeWasp Queen
Guaranteed drop from Warrior Bee
2 N
Magic Woods Magic Woods Magic Woods Key Ent AncientEnt God 2 N
Sprite World Sprite World Sprite World Key Sprite Child 2 Y
Candyland Hunting Grounds Candyland Hunting Grounds Candy Key Candy Gnome
Guaranteed drop
3 N
Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins Key Dark Elf Queen Hunter Centaur Minotaur Flayer God 3 N
Cave of a Thousand Treasures Cave of a Thousand Treasures Treasure Map Djinn 3 N
Undead Lair Undead Lair Undead Lair Key Ghost God 3 Y
Abyss of Demons Abyss of Demons Abyss of Demons Key White Demon 4 Y
Manor of the Immortals Manor of the Immortals Manor Key Kage Kami
Guaranteed drop
4 Y
Puppet Master’s Theatre Puppet Master's Theatre Theatre Key Leviathan 4 N
Toxic Sewers Toxic Sewers Toxic Sewers Key Toxic Sewers 4 N
Cursed Library Cursed Library Cursed Library Key Beholder 4 N
Haunted Cemetery Haunted Cemetery Cemetery Key Headless Horseman 4 N
The Machine The Machine The Machine Key Steel Construct The Glitch
Guaranteed drop from The Glitch
4 N
The Inner Workings The Inner Workings The Inner Workings Key Null
(Drops under certain circumstances; see page for solution)
0 N
Mad Lab Mad Lab Lab Key Flying Brain 5 N
Parasite Chambers Parasite Chambers Parasite Chambers Key Scout Colony
Guaranteed drop
5 N

Realm Event Dungeons

These dungeons drop from enemies which can spawn up to once per realm. With a few exceptions, they are generally more difficult than Realm Dungeons and include some of the hardest dungeons in the game. All of the dungeons listed below drop at a guaranteed rate.

Note that the enemies listed under “dropped” do not include seasonal reskins, which can be found here.

Name Portal Key Dropped Difficulty TR
Beachzone Beachzone Beachzone Key Beach Bum 1 NP
Davy Jones’ Locker Davy Jones' Locker
Davy's Key Ghost Ship 4 N
Mountain Temple Mountain Temple Mountain Temple Key Jade Statue Garnet Statue 4 N
Lair of Draconis Lair of Draconis Draconis Key Rock Dragon 5 N
Deadwater Docks Deadwater Docks Deadwater Docks Key Crystal Prisoner 5 N
Woodland Labyrinth Woodland Labyrinth Woodland Labyrinth Key Lucky Ent God 5 N
The Crawling Depths The Crawling Depths The Crawling Depths Key Lucky Djinn 5 N
Ocean Trench Ocean Trench Ocean Trench Key Hermit God 5 Y
Ice Cave Ice Cave Portal Ice Cave Key Lord of the Lost Lands 5 N
Tomb of the Ancients Tomb of the Ancients Tomb of the Ancients Key Grand Sphinx 5 Y
Fungal Cavern Fungal Cavern Portal Fungal Cavern Key Crystal Worm Father 5 N
Crystal Cavern Crystal Cavern Portal Crystal Cavern Key Crystal Worm Mother 5 N
The Nest The Nest Portal The Nest Key Killer Bee Nest 5 N
The Shatters The Shatters Shatters Key Avatar of the Forgotten King 5 N
Lost Halls Lost Halls Lost Halls Key Lost Sentry 5 N
Cultist Hideout Cultist HideoutCultist Hideout None Agonized Titan
(portal opens after being defeated)
5 N
The Void The Void None Marble Colossus
Must use Vial of Pure Darkness to open
5 N


Wormholes are portals to four alien worlds. None of these are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Once the Alien UFO is defeated, Commander Calbrik orders his soldiers to retreat and leave a malfunctioning wormhole generator behind. Several wormholes subsequently appear across the realm, and are visible on the minimap as colored dots. Each wormhole is guarded by a small party of enemies from the dungeon.

Wormhole keys can only be used in the Vault and Guild Hall.

Name Portal Key Difficulty TR
Malogia Malogia Malogia Key 5 NC
Untaris Untaris Untaris Key 5 NC
Forax Forax Forax Key 5 NC
Katalund Katalund Katalund Key 5 NC

Oryx’s Castle

Two minutes after the realm closes, all players within the realm (not in dungeons) will be transported to Oryx’s Castle, which consists of multiple areas. None of these are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Name Portal Dropped Difficulty TR
Oryx’s Castle No portal Automatically transported into it 2 minutes after realm closes 4 NC
Oryx’s Chamber Oryx's Chamber Stone Guardians Stone Guardians
Guaranteed drop
5 NC
Wine Cellar Wine Cellar Wine Cellar Oryx the Mad God
Locked portal is a guaranteed drop
Must be opened with a Wine Cellar Incantation
5 NC
Court of Oryx Court of Oryx Janus the Doorwarden
Guaranteed drop
- NC
Oryx’s Sanctuary Oryx's Sanctuary Oryx the Mad God 2
Oryx the Mad God 2 is guaranteed to drop three monuments that must be activated with the Oryx Runes for the Oryx’s Sanctuary portal to appear.
5 NC

Mini Dungeons

Mini dungeons are accessible from Court of Oryx by defeating Janus the Doorwarden in Oryx Castle. None are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Heroic Dungeons

These dungeons are a more difficult version of the boss room of their non-heroic counterparts, although they do provide better rewards in compensation. All heroic dungeons do not allow pets. None of these are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Both heroic dungeons used to have a chance of dropping from the bosses of the respective non-heroic dungeon (Septavius the Ghost God and Archdemon Malphas) but they currently do not drop, meaning they are only accessible from keys. However, the keys are not currently sold in the Nexus. These dungeons are typically only accessible during special events.

Name Portal Key Dropped Difficulty TR
Heroic Undead Lair Heroic Undead Lair Heroic Undead Lair Incantation None 5 NC
Heroic Abyss of Demons Heroic Abyss of Demons Heroic Abyss of Demons Key None 5 NC

Special Event Dungeons

Special Event Dungeons are dungeons whose portals will drop from enemies and keys obtainable only during seasonal events. The exceptions are Belladonna’s Garden and the Ice Tomb, whose keys are always available for purchase in the Nexus.

None of these dungeons are required for Tunnel Rat.

Name Portal Key Dropped Difficulty Available TR
Battle for the Nexus Battle for the Nexus Battle Nexus Key None 5 Sep 2013; Occasional mystery boxes N
Belladonna’s Garden Belladonna's Garden Bella's Key None 4 Player Appreciation Event Feb 2014; Valentine’s Day since 2017 N
Ice Tomb Ice Tomb Ice Tomb Key Permafrost Lord 5 Christmas/Winter Events since 2016 NC
Rainbow Road Rainbow Road Rainbow Road Key Leprechaun
Guaranteed drop
1 St. Patrick’s Day Events since 2017 NP
Santa’s Workshop Santa's Workshop Santa's Workshop Key None 1 Christmas (Oryxmas) Events since 2017 NC
Mad God Mayhem Mad God Mayhem Mad God Mayhem Key Spirit of Oryx
Guaranteed drop
N/A Month of the Mad God Events since 2018 NC

Other Dungeons

These dungeons are neither dropped by enemies nor opened by keys. None are required for Tunnel Rat.

Name Portal Found Difficulty TR
Tutorial Tutorial Spawn point for new players, and also can be accessed directly by /tutorial command 0 NC
Oryx’s Kitchen Oryx's Kitchen The third stage of the tutorial, can be accessed indirectly via /tutorial or /nexustutorial commands 0 NC


  • Dungeons were added to the game in Build 74, representing the largest addition of content to the game since the extra Classes were first introduced.
  • When the first dungeons were added, monsters dropped Dungeon Keys, which were then used to open the portal. This was changed in build 110, with the exception of the Beach Bum.
  • Since build 111, Keys are available in the Nexus for Realm Gold.
  • Prior to Release X.32.7.0, most dungeons had a loosely enforced player limit of 85 players. It was easy to bypass this limit if many players entered a portal at once, because the player counter took several seconds to update.