Stun Immunity

Stun immunity is a property of some enemies which renders the knight’s shield attack ineffective. Enemies with this status immunity will take damage as normal, but the status will not be applied. For more information on status effects see this page.

The following is a list of enemies with stun immunity:

Enemy Location Notes (phases, etc)
Cube GodSkull Shrine Realm
When below 1/3 HP
Thessal OT

Ocean Trench
During Armor Break/Wave phases
Puppet Master

Oryx PuppetWizard PuppetMinion PuppetKnight PuppetPriest PuppetAssassin PuppetPuppet Bomb
Puppet Master's Theatre

Puppet Master’s Theatre
Including false puppet masters
Gulpord the Slime GodGulpord the Slime God MediumGulpord the Slime God SmallGolden Rat Toxic Sewers

Toxic Sewers
Gulpord is immune only during Chase phase.
Stone Guard L Stone Guard R Janus the Doorwarden Oryx's Castle

Oryx’s Castle
Trickster Puppet (Encore)Puppet of Pain
The Puppet Master (Encore)Cursed BlastHuntress PuppetEncore Trap
Puppet Master's Encore

Puppet Master’s Encore
Shaitan the AdvisorHand of Shaitan Lair of Shaitan

Lair of Shaitan



Limoz the Plague Bearer

Ivory WyvernMirror Wyvern

Lair of Draconis
Forgotten Ice Mage Ice Adept Glacier Archmage
TitanumPaladin Obelisk
The Forgotten SentinelBlobomb
Magi GeneratorBlizzard
Twilight Archmage
The Forgotten King
The Shatters

The Shatters
The two Paladin Obelisks found in The Forgotten Sentinel’s room can be stunned (though this does nothing).
Daichi the Fallen Mountain Temple

Mountain Temple
Esben the Unwilling Ice Cave

Ice Cave
AvaKiller Pillar realm

Jade Statue Garnet Statue Realm

Lost Sentry Realm

Ghost Ship Realm

Alien UFO Realm

Nightmare Colony Swarm Colony Horror MawSword Wielding Host Parasite Chambers
Parasite Chambers
BellaBella Bella Garden

Belladonna’s Garden
Crusade SoldierCrusade ShipwrightCrusade Explorer
Oryx SwordsmanOryx ArmorbearerOryx Admiral
Grotto Bat Grotto Rat Grotto Slime
Golem of Anger Golem of Fear Golem of Sorrow
Marble DefenderMarble Colossus
Agonized Titan
MalusMolekBalaamVoid Entity
Lost Halls
Lost Halls
Malus is only Stun Immune in Phase 2.
Bomb DevilBomb FatherFire BlightSilent Wizard The Arena

The Arena
Royal CnidarianPink Cnidarian Cnidarian Reef

Cnidarian Reef
Blue Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacRed Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacSilver Son of Arachna Giant Egg SacGreen Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac The Crawling Depths

The Crawling Depths
Heroic Archdemon Malphas Heroic Abyss of Demons

Heroic Abyss of Demons
Heroic Septavius the Ghost God Heroic Undead Lair

Heroic Undead Lair
NullThe Servers The Machine

The Machine
Only USMidwest, USMidwest2, USEast, USEast2, USEast3, EUWest2, EUNorth, EUSouth, and EUEast are immune to stun.
Enraged Blue Killer BeeEnraged Yellow Killer BeeYellow Killer Bee The Nest

The Nest
Giant Oryx Chicken Oryx's Chamber

Oryx’s Chamber
Permafrost LordBiff the Buffed BunnyBonegrind the Undead ButcherMegamad Oryx StatueMegamad Brute of OryxStone Guardians (Oryx Horde Version)Stone Guardians (Oryx Horde Version)Spirit of OryxPossessed Oryx StatueThe GlitchThe Keyper Realm

Tezcacoatl the Great BasiliskEl DoradoInsect TribesmanXolotl the Lightning God Secluded Thicket

Secluded Thicket

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