The Puppet Master's Theatre

Last updated: X32.7.1
The Puppet Master's Theatre
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4

The Puppet Master’s Theatre is a medium-level dungeon that is a source of Potions of Attack, the Prism of Dancing Swords, the Harlequin Armor, and some dungeon-exclusive skins and cloths. The normal enemies in the dungeon are “puppet” versions of certain classes and mimic their abilities.

Entrances to the Puppet Master’s Theatre are uncommonly dropped from Leviathans.


Theatre Key The Theatre Key was previously available in the Theatre Mystery Box, which costs 51 Gold per spin. It is currently available to purchase in nexus for 50 Realm Gold.


See the Puppet Master’s Theatre Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.



Puppet Layout

The dungeon has a procedurally generated layout, consisting of several rectangular rooms separated by breakable walls.

Dead ends are indicated by one of three ways: a circular room, a room containing Archer Puppets, or a room containing more Priest Puppets and Rogue Puppets than usual rooms.


Maximum number of Treasure Rooms currently found.

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Dungeon Boss

The Puppet Master is the main boss of the Puppet Master’s Theatre.

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Treasure Room Boss

The Oryx Puppet is the treasure room boss of the Puppet Master’s Theatre.

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Tips and Strategies

If alone, or with a single friend, and don’t have enough firepower to take out both the Knight and the Wizard that the Puppet Master spawns, it is advised to drag them 5-7 rooms back. Once the Puppet master has hit the max amount of spawn rates, he will only spawn in the Priests. Once you beat his first phase, the Puppet master will spawn in roughly 4 fake versions of himself.These explode after death with paralysis bullets. With lots of DPS, one or multiple of these may activate their self-destruct very quickly after they spawn. The real one will switch between being invulnerable and armored. It is advised to mainly focus the real Puppet Master, as the fake ones also leave multiple Assasin and Rogue Puppets behind; combined with possible paralysis, this could potentially lead to a swift death.

After enough damage is dealt shall the Puppet Master proceed enter phase 3. In this phase, he sits at the top of the room, shooting the same purple armor piercing bullets that do 75 to 85 damage each. He will also be spawning more Priest, Knight, and Wizard Puppets (Note that these are different enemies than those spawned stage 1; therefore, even if you dragged those, these will still spawn!). Beware of any leftover copies being killed and firing their firing shots, since with the now possible Armor Break, you could die before you even know it. You can then slowly take him out if you have enough DPS to counter the Priest Puppets; since these only heal 75 every ~5-10 seconds, this should not be too hard. Dragging each spawn of Puppets away a little bit, then shooting the Puppet Master may also prove effective.

For the Treasure Room boss, he isn’t very difficult on range, but if you don’t, he is worth a challenge. They aren’t very rare(about .75 per puppet).On his first phase, standing against the wall above him and slightly to the left (if on 0° rotation) he will not shoot at you. If soloing one, kill his minions first, then circle him to avoid his bombs. Then he’ll go into his artifact phase. He is armored during this phase, so back up and wait for it to end. After this, just finish him off, anyone can do it.

If you can’t complete the boss, looking for treasure rooms might be a better idea, as they are much easier to complete and do not require high DPS.
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Drops of Interest

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This dungeon was released in Release 24.