Linux Issues

Windows Explorer:

  • sometimes you end up moving in 1 direction even though you didn’t press the key to move in that direction


  • Inter-player trade doesn’t work due to an obscure error that causes flash to lose its focus during the interaction.
  • Super lag. Go to “chrome://plugins/”. Find Adobe Flash Player. There should be two files. Look in the location of the two files and disable the one for pepperflash. It should look something like this:

    Applications/Google Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlash/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin

    Make sure you only disable PepperFlash and not the entire Adobe Flash Player plugin

Firefox and Safari:

  • the Chrome issue does not affect flash here.

  • Extreme lag is suffered at times by Firefox/Safari users.

  • If your computer says : “Load Error, Retrying” repeatedly, make sure that your clock is right.


A few people play ROTMG through Steam.
I’m not sure if the issues stated here are Steam Realm exclusive but will list them none the same.

  • Not as much an issue as a harmless bug, if you hold your fire button and move your mouse into the black area outside a dungeon you will continue firing as if you had turned on autofire. This only occurs if you let go of the fire button inside the black area. To undo this, simply re-click the fire button somewhere inside the map.

  • Opening ROTMG from steam will open a window on your computer. If on accident you are pressing a walk button and use your mouse to move or adjust the size of the window you will get the walking glitch. In this glitch you will continue to walk in the direction you were going before until you press the key that normally moves you in that direction. Any of the other movement keys will do nothing.