Translated names 

Last updated: Release 20.0.1

These names appear differently in the game than in the XML.


XML name Actual name
NM Green Dragon Shield Counter DeuxAbundant Shield
NM Green Dragon Shield DeuxAbundant Shield
Arena Ghost 1Apparition
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 1Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 2Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 3Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 4Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 5Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 6Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 7Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 8Arachna Element
Epic Arachna Web Spoke 9Arachna Element
shtrs Archmage of FlameArchmage of Flame
shtrs S Archmage of FlameArchmage of Flame
Area 5 ControllerArena Master
shtrs Defense SystemAvatar of the Forgotten King
Bandit EnemyBandit
Bat Swarm 1Bat Swarm
Bat Swarm 2Bat Swarm
vlntns Bella BudsBella Bud
vlntns Loot Balloon BellaBella Chest
vlntns Botany BellaBelladonna
Tomb DefenderBes
Tomb Defender StatueBes Statue
shtrs BlizzardBlizzard
shtrs BlobombBlobomb
shtrs Blue CrystalBlue Crystal
vlntns WhiteBreathtaking White Flower
Oryx BruteBrute of Oryx
Canopic Jar 1Canopic Jar
Canopic Jar 2Canopic Jar
Canopic Jar 3Canopic Jar
Canopic Jar 4Canopic Jar
Oryx Insect CommanderCommander of Oryx
md1 CreepyHandsCreepy Small Hands
md1 CreepyHeadCreepy Small Heads
Arena MushroomDeadly Mushroom
Dr Terrible Escaped ExperimentEscaped Experiment
shtrs eyeswarmerEye of the Avatar
Dragon HeadEye of the Dragon
shtrs EyeguyEyes of the King
Arena Statue LeftFate
shtrs Fire AdeptFire Adept
shtrs FirebombFire Bomb
shtrs Fire MageFire Mage
shtrs Fire PortalFire Portal
Treasure Flame Trap 1.2 SecFlame Trap
Treasure Flame Trap 1.7 SecFlame Trap
Woodland GoblinForest Goblin Bruiser
Woodland Goblin MageForest Goblin Nechromancer
Troll 1Forest Troll
shtrs Ice MageForgotten Ice Mage
Arena Blue FlameForgotten Soul
Tomb AttackerGeb
Tomb Attacker StatueGeb Statue
Arena Ghost BrideGhost Bride
Arena Small Ghost BrideGhost Bride
GhostShip RatGhost Ship Rat
Ghost Ship AnchorGhost Ship Whirlpool
Area 1 ControllerGhost of Skuld
Area 2 ControllerGhost of Skuld
Area 3 ControllerGhost of Skuld
Area 4 ControllerGhost of Skuld
BattleMasterGhost of Skuld
shtrs Glassier ArchmageGlacier Archmage
shtrs S Glassier ArchmageGlassier Archmage
Arena Statue RightGlory
vlntns YellowGorgeous Yellow Flower
Arena Grave CaretakerGrave Caretaker
Arena SpiderGrave Spider
Gray Satellite 1Gray Satellite
Gray Satellite 2Gray Satellite
Gray Satellite 3Gray Satellite
shtrs Green CrystalGreen Crystal
Wooland Armor SquirrelGrizzled Armored Squirrel
Guardian Element 1Guardian Element
Guardian Element 2Guardian Element
Guardian Element 3Guardian Element
Guardian Element 4Guardian Element
Outer Guardian ElementGuardian Element
Oryx Suit of ArmorHaunted Armor
Arena Ghost 2Haunting Spectre
Arena Headless HorsemanHeadless Horseman
Arena Horseman AnchorHeadless Horseman
shtrs Lava SoulsHelpless Souls
Mad Lab Open WallHorrific Creation
shtrs Ice AdeptIce Adept
shtrs Ice PortalIce Portal
shtrs Fire Portal 2Ice Sphere
shtrs Ice Portal 2Ice Sphere
shtrs Ice ShieldIce Sphere
shtrs Ice Shield 2Ice Sphere
vlntns RedImmaculate Red Flower
shtrs InfernoInferno
Oryx Insect MinionInsect Minion
shtrs Pillar 1Killer Pillar
shtrs Pillar 2Killer Pillar
shtrs Pillar 3Killer Pillar
shtrs Pillar 4Killer Pillar
Oryx KnightKnight of Oryx
md1 Left Hand of ShaitanLeft Hand of Shaitan
md1 Left Hand of Shaitan fakeLeft Hand of Shaitan
md1 Left Smashing HandLeft Hand of Shaitan
Limon Element 1Limon Element
Limon Element 2Limon Element
Limon Element 3Limon Element
Limon Element 4Limon Element
NM Green Dragon God DeuxLimoz the Veridian Dragon
Log Trap ClockwiseLog Trap
shtrs MagiGeneratorsMagi-Generator
Epic Mama MegamothMammoth Megamoth
Woodland Ultimate SquirrelMecha Squirrel
Epic LarvaMegamoth Larva
Woodland Mini MegamothMicro Megamoth Sentinel
Dr Terrible Mini BotMini Bot
Murderous Megamoth DeuxMurderous Megamoth
Nile Artifact 1Nile Artifact
Nile Artifact 2Nile Artifact
Nile Artifact 3Nile Artifact
Tomb SupportNut
Tomb Support StatueNut Statue
Oryx the Mad God 1Oryx the Mad God
Oryx the Mad God DeuxOryx the Mad God
Oryx’s Living Floor Fire DownOryx’s Living Floor
shtrs Bridge Obelisk CPaladin Obelisk
shtrs Bridge Obelisk FPaladin Obelisk
shtrs Paladin ObeliskPaladin Obelisk
Oryx PetPet of Oryx
Arena Possessed GirlPossessed Child
Arena Pumpkin KingPumpkin King
Pyramid Artifact 1Pyramid Artifact
Pyramid Artifact 2Pyramid Artifact
Pyramid Artifact 3Pyramid Artifact
Dr Terrible Rampage CyborgRampage Cyborg
Arena SkeletonReanimated Remains
shtrs Red CrystalRed Crystal
md1 Right Hand of ShaitanRight Hand of Shaitan
md1 Right Hand of Shaitan fakeRight Hand of Shaitan
md1 Right Smashing HandRight Hand of Shaitan
Arena Risen ArcherRisen Archer
Arena Risen BrawlerRisen Brawler
Arena Risen MageRisen Mage
Arena Risen MummyRisen Mummy
Arena Risen WarriorRisen Warrior
Rock BotRock Construct
Dragon Head LeaderRock Dragon
Active SarcophagusSarcophagus
shtrs shadowmansShades of the Avatar
md1 Head of ShaitanShaitan the Advisor
Shield Orc FlooderShield Orc King
Shield Orc KeyShield Orc Queen
Shield Orc ShieldShield Orc Warrior
Sphinx Artifact 1Sphinx Artifact
Sphinx Artifact 2Sphinx Artifact
Sphinx Artifact 3Sphinx Artifact
shtrs SpikeSpike
Steel BotSteel Construct
Oryx Stone Guardian LeftStone Guardian
Oryx Stone Guardian RightStone Guardian
Oryx Guardian SwordStone Guardian Sword
shtrs Stone KnightStone Knight
shtrs Stone MageStone Mage
shtrs Stone PaladinStone Paladin
Suit of Armor SmSuit of Armor
Tomb Bomb Trap SwitchSwitch
shtrs Loot Balloon BridgeTest Chest
shtrs Loot Balloon KingTest Chest
shtrs Loot Balloon MageTest Chest
shtrs The Forgotten KingThe Forgotten King
shtrs Bridge SentinelThe Forgotten Sentinel
Thessal the Mermaid Goddess WoundedThessal the Mermaid Goddess
shtrs Bridge TitanumTitanum
shtrs TitanumTitanum
shtrs Bridge Obelisk ETitanum of Cruelty
shtrs Bridge Obelisk BTitanum of Despair
shtrs Bridge Obelisk ATitanum of Hate
shtrs Bridge Obelisk DTitanum of Lies
Center Tomb Fire TurretTomb Fire Turret
Center Tomb Frost TurretTomb Frost Turret
Center Tomb Thunder TurretTomb Thunder Turret
135-315 Diagonal TrapTrap Element
45-225 Diagonal TrapTrap Element
Left Horizontal TrapTrap Element
Top Vertical TrapTrap Element
Treasure EnemyTreasure Mimic
Inactive SarcophagusTreasure Sarcophagus
Troll 3Troll Matriarch
Troll 2Troll Pathfinder
shtrs Twilight ArchmageTwilight Archmage
Vampire Bat Swarmer 1Vampire Bat Swarmer
Vampire Bat Swarmer 2Vampire Bat Swarmer
Arena VampireVengeful Vampire
Oryx Eye WarriorWarrior of Oryx
Water Mine PathWater Mine
Paper BotWood Construct
Beam PriestWorshiping Priest
Beam PriestessWorshiping Priestess
shtrs Yellow CrystalYellow Crystal
shtrs Encounter Chestshtrs Encounter Loot Chest


XML name Actual name
Beach Ball GeneratorBeach Ball
Beer Slurp GeneratorBeer Slurp
Amulet of ResurrectionCursed Amulet of Zombification
Elixir of Health 1Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 2Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 3Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 4Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 5Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 6Elixir of Health
Elixir of Health 7Elixir of Health
Elixir of Magic 1Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 2Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 3Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 4Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 5Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 6Elixir of Magic
Elixir of Magic 7Elixir of Magic
Sand Pail 1Sand Pail
Sand Pail 2Sand Pail
Sand Pail 3Sand Pail
Sand Pail 4Sand Pail
Sand Pail 5Sand Pail
Valentine GeneratorValentine