Experience and Fame

Naked and Famous Badge

Experience (XP) is awarded for being near most enemies when they are defeated. XP is needed to level up. In addition, XP is converted into fame during a character’s existence.

The fame obtained from XP is known as base fame. Players will complete class quests after hitting certain base fame thresholds on each class. When the character dies, the player earns fame equal to the sum of their base fame and bonus fame, which is obtained from certain achievements (fame bonuses) during a character’s life. Fame can be used to buy certain items in-game, and also a requirement for completing Class Quests.

Fame can be used to feed and upgrade pets and occasionally roll certain Mystery Boxes. Previously, fame could be used to buy certain items from the Nexus, although this feature is no longer available. The only way players can earn usable fame is by dying.


XP and Leveling

The amount of XP needed to gain a level starts at 50 and increases by 100 for each level up.

Level XP needed to reach level Accumulated XP
1 (initial) 0 0
2 50 50
3 150 200
4 250 450
5 350 800
6 450 1250
7 550 1800
8 650 2450
9 750 3200
10 850 4050
11 950 5000
12 1050 6050
13 1150 7200
14 1250 8450
15 1350 9800
16 1450 11250
17 1550 12800
18 1650 14450
19 1750 16200
20 1850 18050

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XP Received from Monsters

Monsters award XP based on their maximum HP and XPMult value, a parameter found in the game XML. The base XP awarded is:

base XP = HP / 10

The total XP awarded by a monster is the product of their base XP and XPMult:

total XP = base XP * XPMult

In other words,

total XP = (HP / 10) * XPMult

Importantly, the base XP a monster awards is capped at 10% the XP needed for the next level up.

Example: A monster with 1000 HP would have a base XP of 100. A level 5 and a level 15 character receive XP from the monster. For the level 5 character, because it takes 450 XP to reach level 6, he would receive only 45 base XP from the monster. For the level 15 character, because it takes 1450 XP to reach level 16, he would receive the full 100 base XP, because it is less than the cap (1450 * 0.1 = 145).

The XP cap only applies to base XP. Depending on the monster’s XPMult, a low-leveled character can still receive more total XP than the 10% cap. Example: A monster has 1000 HP and an XPMult of 2. A level 5 character receives XP from the monster. Following the example above, the character would receive 45 base XP because the cap would be in effect. However, because the monster’s XPMult is 2, the character would receive 90 total XP, even though this exceeds the cap.

It is important to consider that the XP cap also applies at level 20. The game calculates the amount of XP it would theoretically take to reach level 21 (1950 XP) and applies the cap from there. In other words, any enemy with at least 1950 HP has its base XP capped at 195 XP for a level 20 character. However, the enemy can still award more than 195 total XP if its XPMult is greater than 1.0.

Example: Enemy A has 3000 HP and an XPMult of 1. Enemy B has 3000 HP and an XPMult of 5. A level 20 character receives XP from both enemies. For Enemy A, the XP cap applies, so the player would only receive 195 total XP. For Enemy B, the XP cap also applies but XPMult is greater than 5, so the player would receive a total of 195 * 5 = 975 XP.

Interestingly, the XPMult of many bosses tends to be quite low - the default value of 1.0, only slightly above, or even less than the default. This explains why many bosses give very low amounts of XP relative to the effort needed to defeat them. On the other hand, the Mountains (i.e. godlands), home to many enemies with 1000-2000 HP and XPMult of 1, are one of the most efficient sources of XP/fame in the game, resulting in the popularity of the fame train.

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Base Fame

There are two ways to gain base fame. The major factor is XP and the other minor factor is your active playing time.

Experience Points

XP obtained from killing enemies is automatically converted into base fame. This is done throughout a character’s existence, so a character who is still leveling up will still gain base fame, although only their XP progress to the next level will be displayed. Once the character reaches level 20, their base fame and class quest progress will be displayed instead.

Upon reaching level 20, the icon that appears above a player’s head that shows how much fame one gains after killing an enemy also disappears. However, one can also reactivate this XP icon after level 20 via the Experimental Menu in the settings.

The conversion factor between XP and base fame varies depending on the cumulative XP of the character. The following chart shows the XP per fame at each XP section:

Section EXP (from) EXP (to) Base Fame (per section) Base Fame (accumulated) EXP per Fame
3 (start)4500045400171400
3 (end)79734801001175366
5 (start)10110010280012181700

Exp vs. Base Fame
exp - base fame - diagram

Generally, a character who has just reached level 20 will have around 18-22 base fame.

Up to around 100k XP (or a base fame around 218), players gain fame relatively quickly. After this point, the rate of fame gain slows down significantly, with 2000 XP needed per 1 base fame.

Some tips: Up to level 20, it’s advised to kill lesser gods and quest bosses; these give more XP and fame comes faster. This relationship is very noticeable. If one has a very efficient god-killing class, and sits in the godlands for about an hour, you should expect about 80-100 fame. This is why there are lots of high fame archers and wizards, but not so many high fame Ninjas or Tricksters, as they are out-performed in the godlands.

Active Time

Active time is the time you spent playing the game. For every 6 active minutes, players gain 1 bonus base fame. Active minutes are only gained by periodically killing monsters and/or gaining monster kill assists. The active time bonus base fame is limited to 30 fame. That means after 3 active hours, the character won’t gain any further active time bonus base fame, and thus the only factor that determines base fame is XP.

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Fame Bonuses

Fame bonuses are percentage-based bonuses for your base fame that could be obtained by accomplishing certain “achievements” while alive in the game. These achievements are listed when your character dies. You can also check to see what types of bonuses your living characters are eligible for by clicking the fame icon for that character in the character select screen, or the blue diamond “i” next to your fame amount while in the Nexus.

Exploring the landscape
If your character has seen more than one million tiles, it gains the title “Explorer,” and a 5% fame bonus. Getting above the four million tile mark, you earn the title “Cartographer,” which gives you a 5% bonus in addition to the Explorer bonus.
Helping others level up
You gain bonus fame if the enemies you killed have caused more than 100 level-ups for other players’ characters; this nets the title “Team Player,” and a 10% fame bonus. Above 1000, you get “Leader of Men,” adding a second 10% bonus.
At your first death
Upon your first death, you gain a 10% fame bonus along with 20 extra fame and the title of “Ancestor.”
At later deaths
Upon later deaths, if you achieve more fame than ever before, you gain a 10% fame bonus and the title “First Born.” Note that this is not best fame per character.
Completing a variety of dungeons
If you complete certain dungeons at least once, you’ll receive the title of “Tunnel Rat” and a 10% fame bonus.
Being friendly to cubes
If your character has never killed a cube of any type, then it holds the title “Friend of the Cubes,” and a 10% fame bonus. This only applies to level 20 characters and is immediately revoked upon killing a single cube.
With good aim, you also earn fame
Titles and fame bonuses are earned if your accuracy is above 25% (title: “Accurate,” 10% fame bonus), 50% (title: “Sharpshooter,” 10% bonus in addition to the “Accurate” bonus) or 75% accuracy (title: “Sniper,” 10% bonus in addition to both aforementioned accuracy bonuses).
Killing many gods
If more than 10% of your kills are gods, you receive the title “Enemy of the Gods” and a 10% fame bonus. When 50% of your kills are gods, along with the title “Slayer of the Gods,” you get another 10% bonus. Requires level 20. All enemies that count toward this bonus are on the List of Gods page.
Slaying Oryx
If you land the killing blow on Oryx, you earn the title “Oryx Slayer” and a 10% fame bonus.

Note: For the full list of Fame bonuses and percentages, as well as how Fame bonuses are calculated, view the Fame Bonuses page.

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