Oryx the Mad God

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Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)

Oryx the Mad God is the main antagonist in Realm of the Mad God. He has three increasingly stronger forms. This page describes his first incarnation that is encountered in Oryx’s Chamber.

After players defeat all of certain quest monsters in a realm, Oryx will seal off entry to the realm. After two minutes pass, Oryx will teleport all players in the realm overworld to his castle. Players must proceed through the castle and defeat the Stone Guardians, which will reveal a portal to Oryx’s Chamber, where Oryx’s first form will be fought.

While this his weakest form, Oryx himself still has 45,000 HP at minimum and does large amounts of damage and multiple status effects spread over numerous attack patterns. This Oryx is just a simulacrum, as he quaintly puts it.

When the simulacrum Oryx is defeated, it will drop a locked portal to the Wine Cellar, where Oryx’s next and stronger form can be fought.

The Alpha and Omega of this Realm. (Steam Trading Card: Oryx the Mad God)

The Realm Eye says:
The story of the Mad God is longer than most others. Are you certain this is the tale you would like me to discuss?
Very well. Though much of the written documentation of Oryx’s past has been erased out of resentment, my memory still serves.
Oryx began as a champion from the shattered kingdom, quickly gaining notoriety as a gladiator of unrivaled skill and might.
It was not long before his prowess as a warrior was known throughout the realm’s many kingdoms. He was granted immense fame and power by those who requested his service as a knight.
Oryx was satisfied for a time. Praise and adoration surrounded him from every corner of the realm, some even hailing him as a god among mortals.
This endless acclaim made him increasingly boastful. Coupled with his alcoholic tendencies, Oryx began to act irrationally, consumed by the fear of losing his status.
In his arrogance, he secretly turned to dark forces such as Shaitan and Lord Ruthven, the very adversaries he had become famous for defeating.
Together, they devised a wicked incantation which would forever change the realm and ensure Oryx’s sovereignty remain untouched.
Traditionally, due to forces beyond the understanding of even the gods, those who fight for just and righteous causes are able to return from the dead after falling in battle.
Oryx’s crowning achievement flipped this force on its head. Instead, any living being which fights against those who oppose Oryx’s authority are granted this power to cheat death.
Those who stand up to his reign, such as yourself, have consequently inherited the curse of permanent death.
All who attempt to kill your kind are shielded by this enchantment, even those who do not necessarily align themselves as a direct ally of Oryx.
Oryx has henceforth beared the mock title of Mad God by your people, a final act of spite against his insatiable ego which cost the realm its freedom.



Base HP: 45,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 60
EXP: 25,000
Location: Oryx’s Chamber

Level 1 Quest
Immune to Stasis

Counts toward Oryx Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Fire Bolt 40 10 20 Minions 1
Green Star 75 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 5s 8 16 Minions 1,2
White Bolt 90 8 12.8 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Minions 2
White Flame 280 10 8 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Silver Shield 290 3 1.5 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Bullet 160 3 2.1 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Bullet 90 Black X Blind for 2s 4 10 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Bullet 400 5.5 11.55 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Dark Gray Spinner 1 Word Bubble Quiet for 8s 9 16.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Dance 1,2, Universe
Gray Spinner 1 Weak Icon Weak for 8s 9 16.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Dance 1,2
White Bullet 120 3 5.7 Dance 2
White Superblast 210 Weak Icon Weak for 4s 5.5 16.5 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Blue Bubble 100 Weak Icon Weak for 3s 3 12 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Gaze, Universe
White Ball 120 3 2.4 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Ball 100 Weak Icon Weak for 8s 1 2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Parametric Shots are parametric
White Ball Blast 100 Weak Icon Weak for 3s 3.5 10.5 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Chase 1, Daze
White Star Stunner 100 Yellow Swirl Dazed for 4s 4 12 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Chase 1,2
White Ball Blast 180 8.5 25.5 Chase 2
Red Bomb 220 8 Radius: 4
Cooldown: 1s


During combat, Oryx cycles through a number of phases randomly. In between phases, he will be invulnerable, and during most of his phases he will have periods of invulnerability. However, there are some exceptions to this random order:

  • He will use Minions 1 when attacked for the first time
  • He will always use Minion Despawn after a Minion phase is complete
  • He will only use Rage when at critical HP


Minions 1
Taunt: ”Go forth minions! Crush these weaklings!!!”
When first approached, Oryx is alone and shoots wide Fire Bolt shotguns and single Green Stars. After being damaged, he goes invulnerable and summons multiple Minions of Oryx, shooting a 4-star shotgun. Slows are everywhere.

Minions 2
Taunt: ”My minions will make short work of you!”
Oryx summons numerous Minions and Assassins while shooting multi-directional, high damage armor-piercing shots and slow stars - beware!

Minion Despawn
”These minions will only get in my way!”
“Bah! I need no minions to destroy you!”
“I will finish you off myself!”
“Leave me my minions…I wish to crush them PERSONALLY!”

Oryx despawns all existing minions and transitions into another phase shortly after.

Taunt: ”My Artifacts will protect me!”
Oryx summons 3 artifacts that rapidly revolve around him from a distance while firing white, triple-shot bullets at you. These bullets deal 50 damage each. Near Oryx, 4 larger artifacts revolve around him that fire white balls at you. Their main task is to protect Oryx while dealing damage to you. Oryx, himself will be firing radial bursts of silver shields and will also be alternating between shooting 3 heavy-hitting bullets (400 DMG!!) and 6 blinding bullets.

Dance 1
Taunt: ”BE SILENT!!!”
Oryx summons Anti-Spectators the rapidly revolve around him from a distance while firing purple shots at you. Near Oryx, a circle of Ring Elements spawn to trap players with him, pulsing white bullets in all directions. Several Minions of Oryx will also spawn around the edges of the ring to attack players who are not trapped. Oryx himself will be throwing 3 simultaneous high-damage (220), red AOE bombs, usually in a “Y” formation, and constantly pulsing white, short-ranged bullets. He will occasionally fire an omnidirectional burst of Weak and Quiet stars. Note that Oryx will throw the red bombs regardless if he is Stunned or not.

Dance 2
Taunt: ”Time for more dancing! Hahahaha!”
Ring Elements are spawned in a circle around Oryx, trapping players. Anti-Spectators rapidly revolve around Oryx from a distance and fire purple shots at you as Minions patrol the outside of the ring. Inside the circle, Oryx is firing a messy barrage of white balls while throwing bombs, equal to the damage and formation of the “Dance 1” phase and occasionally firing bursts of Weak and Quiet stars. Is essentially the Dance 1 phase, but with an additional barrage of shots; Stunning Oryx will stop his barrage of white bullets, but will not stop the bombs.

”I am the master of this existence!”
”I control your fate!”
”The universe bends to my will alone!!!”

Oryx summons White Planets that revolve around him and White Moons that orbit farther away, all of which fire radial attacks. Oryx himself will fire a ring of Quieting stars before firing large medium-ranged shots in a pulsating star manner, along with rings of weakening blasts. After a while, he will fire a spiral of white balls around himself. During the spiral, the white planets start to orbit Oryx closely. After a bit, he will revert to his previous firing pattern, fire another wave of Quieting stars, and return the White Planets to their orbits, signified by a taunt:
”Speak no more, fools!”
You have spoken your last!”
You have uttered your last pathetic whimper!”

Taunt: ”Tremble before my cosmic might!”
Oryx summons Black Planets that circle him at low speed, and Black Moons that orbit the planets. The Planets fire rings of black bullets, while the Moons fire 3 slow moving shots that inflict Dazed. Oryx himself will maintain 3 parametric shots that circle him very closely, and fire 3 evenly spread out shots that do plenty of damage and inflict Weak. He also occasionally fires rings of weakening white bullets.

Note: Oryx tends to use that phase after the chasing grid phase. If he does not manage to get to the center of the chamber before spawning planets, they can pile up near the column, clearing the other side of it and rendering the phase very easy.

”Insufferable fools! If I see you, I will kill you!”
“All who looks upon my face shall die.”

Oryx will stand still and repeatdly fire pairs of large white bullets that deal very heavy damage at the nearest player. At the same time, Oryx will fire a messy spray of white balls around him that inflict Weak.

”You WILL fear me!!!”
“FOOLS! Flee while you can!”
“Yes, run for your worthless lives!”
“You shall never see the light of the day!”

Oryx summons Chase Elements, which fire bullets that form a grid. Oryx will then quickly chase players firing shotguns of 5 stars that inflict Daze, as well as 3-round spreads of white bullets that inflict heavy damage.


Oryx summons many Minions of Oryx and Assassins of Oryx that chase after you. Oryx enlarges, Armors, and heals himself, then starts to chase after the nearest player while firing pairs of extremely powerful white bullets. He also fires shotguns of snowflake-like shots that inflict Daze, as well as White Blasts along the diagonal directions. During this phase, he is always vulnerable but has the armored effect on him. Essentially, this is a combination of his Chase and Gaze phases.
This is Oryx’s final phase, it lasts until his death.

Every so often, Oryx will taunt in the chat, telling players how much health he has left.

Upon his death, all minions will freeze and explode into rings of shots. He will leave behind his loot and a locked portal to the Wine Cellar, along with a taunt.
”You have defeated my simulacrum, but I remain safe in my wine cellar!”

If one has a Wine Cellar Incantation, they can use it to open the portal and fight Oryx Mad God 2.



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Tips and Strategies

  • The Dancing phases are arguably the two phases which net the most deaths in Oryx’s Chamber; however, the first one is very much manageable with good dodging skills. During that phase, focus your attention on Oryx rather than on yourself, in order to be able to read the grenades more easily, which are the hardest part of this phase. With enough practice, you’ll be able to find ways to position yourself between the grenades easily and this part will become mostly trivial to you. High speed helps a ton, though. Don’t bother about the second dancing phase: the white bullets are too numerous and messy to read properly and their damage is notable; it’s better to wait it out.
  • Knights are a godsend against Oryx as he is not stun-immune. A chain stun will allow most of his phases to become laughably easy and make the battle an easy kill.
  • While in rage phase,(low health) Oryx will be extremely dangerous due to his double White Flames that can kill maxed characters very easily. However the space in between the two shots is large enough to not hit the player, so it’s recommended to slowly back away from Oryx Without moving left or right.
  • If a large amount of people went for Janus the Doorwarden before going to Oryx and that the Chamber was entered by a very small amount of people ignoring Janus entirely prior, there is a possibility that Oryx’s HP will not scale properly, and as a result will be shredded to ribbons by the more massive group arriving after killing Janus. It is a known bug, and it’s not recommended to deliberately invoke it as it falls into the bug exploit category, and is liable for banning.

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  • One of the splash arts (created by u/saturnfiftyone) which appear while launching the game depicts a stylized version of The Mad God. In this depiction Oryx’s sword has the word “Exalted” written on his sword in the Nordic Alphabet.

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