Templates are a wiki feature that allows for redundant information/formats to be displayed.

Instructions for use

  • Each wiki page is a template.
  • Templates have a name and arguments. The name of a template is the path of the wiki page after /wiki/. E.g. it’s swords for /wiki/swords
  • Templates can call other templates using the familiar syntax. E.g.: {{swords-navigation}}
  • Templates can have parameters, which can be specified upon template call. E.g.:
    | page=short-sword
    | tier=T0
    | name=Short Sword
    | icon=Weapons/Swords/T0%20Short%20Sword.png}}
  • Parameters can be accessed using triple brackets: {{{parameter-name}}}. By default white space characters will be trimmed off of the parameter value. If you want to keep the passed value, you can use {{{#parameter-name}}}.
  • There are some macros, which act as built-in templates. Macro names begin with a #.
    • {{#page}} - evaluates to the name of the current page (the part after /wiki/)
    • {{#trim|…}} - trims surrounding white space characters off of its arguments
    • {{#comment|…}} - a comment which only appears on its own page
    • {{#case|value-to-match|potential-match1|value-to-display1|potential-match2|…|optional-value-to-display-when-no-match-was-found}}
  • In the editor, templates calls are evaluated when you click on the Compile button.

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