A list of in-game dialogue, Past or Present, and taunts spoken by enemies of the Realm and characters in the Nexus. Dialogue not spoken anymore is italicized. Dialogue that is not spoken because the character that spoke it has been removed is italicized and bolded. (Please do not italicize text that is still spoken at some point in the game.)

Nexus Dialogue

The Tinkerer

If you can provide me with what I require, I’ll turn it into something new!.
Aye, I would fetch the items myself if I were m’same strength a few decades past.

Login Seer

Close the door! It is freezing outside.

Mystery Box Shop

Amaze your friends!
Welcome back!
Free shipping to your Vault on all Mystery boxes!
Surprise yourself with a Mystery Box!
Welcome to the Mystery Box Shop!
What’s in the box? Find out!
We’re here all day to help you get lucky.

Creepy Talking Jack-O-Lantern

…wanna see a magic trick?…
…join forces to cleanse the realm…
Happy Halloween!
…the spambots are pure evil…
…what are you waiting for?…
…blah blah something meaningful…
…trick or trickster…
…look behind you…
…there’s nothing to fear…
…down with pumpkin carving contests!…
…beware The Shatters…
…I’m not evil, just misunderstood…
…advice pumpkin says don’t take advice from a pumpkin…
…what does the pumpkin say?…

Nexus Crier

All items have become temporarily soulbound! This will be changed back to normal soon!
Here ye, here ye!
Don’t be mean!
I’m not fat, I’m big-pixeled!



Realm Dialogue

Altar of Draconis

Adventurers! I was expecting you.
Choose the Dragon Soul you wish to commune with!
Do not test my patience! Choose and perish.
Gaze into the darkness…Feargus will consume you!
Limoz is the nicest of the lot, but he still hates all sub-creatures!
Burn!!! Pyrr will rend your flesh and char your bones!
Do not let the tranquil surroundings fool you!

Avatar of the Forgotten King

Foolish whelps…leave me be…
I must gather my strength…
Be consumed by shadow!
You show some strength, but your conviction is lacking.
EYE see you!
You shall be food for the ether. Blobs, attack!
I shall destroy you!
You give me no choice…
Fools, this should take care of you.
Destroying me will only serve to bring you closer to death.

Bandit Leader

Forget this… run for it!


You dare enter my home?
Begone insects.
You are nothing more than nutriment for my roots.
You will be as food to my children!
Be consumed by my young!
Roots, Flowers, Vines, destroy these villains!
My children…aid me…
I will not be silenced, I will not be destroyed!


Impudence! I am an immortal, I needn’t waste time on you!
The others use tricks, but I shall stun you with my brute strength!
Awe at my wondrous defense!
Nut, let them wish they were dead!
Nut, disable our foes!
Geb, eradicate these cretins from our tomb!
My artifacts shall prove my wall of defense is impenetrable!
The end of your path is here!

Biff the Buffed Bunny

You have stolen and broken eggs at your leisure. I will put a stop to this!

Bonegrind the Butcher

Ahhhh!! Fresh meat for the minions!
The meat ain’t supposed to bite back! Waaaaa!!

Craig, Intern of the Mad God

Oh. This is unexpected. We’ve never gotten anything like you before.
Well, before I explain how this all works, let me tell you that you can always say SKIP and we’ll just get on with it. Otherwise, just wait a sec while I get everything in order.
Ok, ok, jeeze. Give me a moment.
So, you’re probably here to see a member of the court. Problem is, I’m new here.
This is the deal: I open a door, we hope for the best, and no one tells Oryx. Cool? Alright! Let me get that for you.
Ok, go up ahead and there should be a gate.
What are you still doing here? Leave, before Oryx finds out!

Creepy Weird Dark Spirit Mirror Image Monster


Crystal Prisoner

I’m finally free! Yesss!!!

Crystal Prisoner Clone

I am everywhere and nowhere!

Cyclops God

Leave my castle!
You will be my food, [Player Name]!
I will suck the marrow from your bones!
More wine!
I will floss with your tendons!
Die, puny human!
I smell the blood of an Englishman!

Daichi the Fallen

Ha ha fools, you are too late. Lord Xil will arrive soon in this realm.
You think you can defeat me? Then let me show you the true power of Xil!
Fear the Elements!
Fear my wrath!
You are no match for my powers! Execute order 66!
You don’t lack skills! But you have underestimated the power lying within this Temple. Let me show you.
ENOUGH! You fought well but now it’s time for you to die.
Unlimited power!
Nooo! What is happening? How can I lose with such great power? Xil, help me.
Xil! Finally you arrived. Deal with these maggots!

Davy Jones

On your knees ye slimy sea slurp!
Be gone with ye!
Avast, ye filthy mongrel!


My skeletons will make short work of you.
[Player Name], you are no match for my army of undead!
[Player Name], you will soon be my undead slave!
You will never leave this graveyard alive!
More bones for my collection!

Drake Baby

Awwwk! Awwwk!

Dreadstump the Pirate King

It is a glorious thing to be a Pirate King!
More rum!
Hah! I’ll drink my rum out of your skull!
Eat cannonballs!

Dwarf King

You’ll taste my axe!

Dr Terrible

Try my latest concoction!
Have a deadly potion!
For Science!
My automatic turret will destroy you!
Side effects may include your death!
Don’t worry, your death will be documented closely.
If my calculations are correct, this will hurt you.
Time to feed my pets!
You’ll make a nice snack for my creations.
Time to delegate your death to my minions.
At least my final creation is safe…
You must have eaten a apple today.
Great Scott! I must retreat!
This isn’t going to plan at all!
What a terrible situation.
You’ve beaten me back.

Ent Ancient

Uhh. So…sleepy…
Mmm? Did you say something, mortal?
It will be trivial to dispose of you.
Little flies, little flies… we will swat you.
You are many, yet the sum of your years is nothing.
With each attack, I only grow stronger.
Little mortals, your years are my minutes.
Yes… yes…
No axe can fell me!
I am the FOREST!

Esben the Unwilling

A Strange Presence

..kill the large ones….open the way….they are meaningless….
Innocent souls. So delicious. You have sated me. Now come, I shall give you your reward.

Esben the Unwilling

Come in…come in.
Welcome…Come closer to accept your reward.
Ah, fresh meat. I must thank you for the souls…
Bad puns I may use to cause offense, but the pain you will feel shall be immense!
The ice I throw is of my construction, but when it hits you it means destruction!
Ice is cold, blood is thick, you being alive makes me SICK!
Your soul will soon nourish me.
Your entrails will make fine decorations!
Icicles, rend their flesh!
I will cut you to shreds!
YOU FOOLSssS…s…ssss
End it…Quickly! Before he returns.
I can barely hold on. Please. Do it.
Please…do not let him consume my soul…
You must destroy me. It is the only way to banish him.
Fools! You thought it SO EASY!!
You will not have him. He is mine.
Noooo! Shades, come to me. Protect the corpus.

Event Chest

The Reward Chest has spawned! It will be Invulnerable for 15 seconds.

A Voice from Beyond

FOOLS! I WILL LIVE AGAIN. Esben was just one mortal. There are many.
Thank you for this kindness, friends. I am free now. Take of what I have left. I hope it is enough.
Why don’t you have a look in that chest? Nothing cursed in there….


Nut, protect me at once!
Imbeciles, don’t think your attacks are special, we have mastered them long ago!
My ancient powers shall make even the most skilled tremble with fear!
We have ancient powers you have never seen before!
My artifacts shall destroy you from your soul to your flesh!
Argh! You shall pay for your crimes!

Feargus the Obsidian Dragon

Until we meet again…

Feargus the Demented

Prepare to meet your doom. There is no mercy here.
Until we meet again…sub-creature…

Ghost King

No corporeal creature can kill my sorrow
Aye, let’s be miserable together.
Just you? I guess you don’t have any friends to play with.
Such a small party.
There’s a MOB of you.
What a HUGE MOB!
I feel almost manic!
Misery loves company!
I cannot be defeated while my loyal subjects sustain me!
I feel my flesh again! For the first time in a 1000 years I LIVE!
Will you release me?
You have sapped my energy. A curse on you!
I am still so very alone.

Ghost of Skuld

Welcome to my domain. I challenge you, warrior, to defeat my undead hordes and claim your prize…
Say, ‘READY’ when you are ready to face your opponents.
Prepare yourself…Say ‘READY’ when you wish the battle to begin!
The next wave will appear in 3 seconds. Prepare yourself!
I hope you’re prepared because the next wave is in 3 seconds.
3 seconds until the next attack!
The next onslaught will begin in 3 seconds!
The next challenge will begin in 3 seconds.
Congratulations on making it past the first area! This area will not be so easy!
Your prowess in battle is impressive…and most annoying. This round shall crush you.
Congratulations on your victory, warrior. Your reward shall be…

Ghost Ship

Fire at will!!!

Golden Oryx Effigy

You destroy my guardians in my house? Blasphemy!
You Mongrels are ruining my beautiful treasure!
My protectors!
My guardians are gone!
My protectors are no more!
What have you done?
I’m weakened.
You shall never leave with your pilfered loot!

Grand Sphinx

You hide like cowards…But you can’t hide from this!

Haunted Armor

Haunted Spirit


Helpless Souls


Horrid Reaper


Horrific Creation

Me door is open. Come let me crush you!
You no hurt me.
Little people’s attack tickles.
Me can do this all day!
You stay still!
You hurt master!
What, you scared???
Attacks no hurt me!!!

Ivory Wyvern

Thank you adventurer, you have freed the souls of the four dragons so I may consume their powers.
I owe you much, but I cannot let you leave. These walls will make a fine graveyard for your bones.
Behold the glory of my true powers…
Run little hero, as fast as you can.
My magic can no longer sustain my mirrors, what have you done?!
So you wish to fight your fate? Alright then, I will not hold back any longer.
You may have beaten me this time, but I will find a way to leave this place! And on that day, you will suffer greatly…

Janus the Doorwarden

You thrash His Lordship’s castle, kill his brothers, and challenge us. Come, come if you dare.
You bear witness to Janus, Doorwarden of Oryx. You will soon regret your decisions, your soul sealed away - forever.
Keys, protect your master.
Laughable attempt. I will erase you from this world.
You think that disabling the keys will stop me?
I shall never open to the likes of you!
I will protect the Court of Oryx with my life!
Sorcery! Brutality! I will not falter!
I cast you off, fools! Do not come near.
I…I am dying. I…I have failed…

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

With Dreadstump gone, I’m the new King!
Dreadstump was a DreadCHUMP! And so are you!
HAR HAR HAR! You can’t stop me!
Har Har Har!
Hahaha! Ye can’t kill me.
Dodge this!
Now you’re making me angry! PARROT BARRIER ACTIVATE!

Kage Kami

Kyoufu no kage!
You brought this upon yourself!
Fear me!!
Fear the shadows!
You shall pay!!!
You shall pay for sullying this hallowed earth!
Who dares to desecrate this sacred ground?
You dare to desecrate this sacred ground?

Killer Pillar

PROTECT THE AVATAR [Said four times in chat to represent each Killar Pillar saying it once]

Left Hand of Shaitan

Yes, little mortals. Meet your doom at the hands of SHAITAN!
My fiery fingers of frustrating flame force foes to fumble, fall, and fail!
You think it wise to use such cheap tricks?
You make a foolish mistake, mortal.




New recruits for my undead army? Wonderful!
Time to meet your future brothers and sisters…
…it’s a small family, but you’ll enjoy being part of it!
… and there’s more where they came from!
…there’s a lot of them! Hahaha!!
… there’s an ARMY of them! HahaHahaaaa!
My minions have stolen your life force and fed it to me!
I will eat your soul, (Player Name)!
How dare you disturb my eternal slumber, (Player Name)!
All that I touch turns to dust!
You will drown in a sea of undead!
Kneel before me! I am the master of life and death!

Limoz the Veridian Dragon/Limoz the Plague Bearer

My own hide is but one of my defenses!
Tiny mortal, my shields give me life!
Taste my wrath!
Give me strength!
Flee my servants, I can no longer protect you as you have protected me…

Lord of the Lost Lands


Masked Party God

Oh no, Mixcoatl is my brother, I prefer partying to fighting.
Lets have a fun-time in the sun-shine!
Nothing like relaxin’ on the beach.
Chillin’ is the name of the game!
I hope you’re having a good time!
How do you like my shades?
What a beautiful day!
Whoa there!

Master Rat

Hello young adventurers, will you be able to answer my question correctly?
What time is it?
Where is the safest place in the world?
What is fast, quiet and hidden by the night?
How do you like your pizza?
Who did this to me?
It’s time you turtles learned your place!

Mysterious Crystal

Break the crystal for great rewards…
Help me…
Sweet treasure awaits for powerful adventurers!
Fire upon this crystal with all your might for 5 seconds
If your attacks are weak, the crystal magically heals
Gather a large group to smash it open
Yes! Smash my prison for great rewards!
If you are not very strong, this could kill you
If you are not yet powerful, stay away from the Crystal
New adventurers should stay away
That’s the spirit. Lay your fire upon me.
So close…
I think you need more people…
Call all your friends to help you break the crystal!
Perhaps you need a bigger group. Ask others to join you!
You cracked the crystal! Soon we shall emerge!
Come closer, my children, and we will show you the meaning of our existence!
Come closer, let us feast upon your life force!
We are swelling with energy!
Yes, yes! I’m free! Absorb my energy to achieve ascension!
This is your reward! Imagine what evil even Oryx needs to keep locked up!
Free at last!

Mysterious Ice Shard

Welcome champions. Break me free from this ice prison and I shall reward you!

Nikao the Azure Dragon

Prepare to meet your maker!
Tasty morsels!
If I don’t kill you, my minions will!
Look out! My minions will return!
You’re a nasty little pest!
My children will feast on your soul!
You cannot handle the full power of my onslaught!
Nooooooo! This cannot be! Defeated by such a tiny thing…

Nikao the Defiler

If I don’t kill you, my minions will!
Look out! My minions will help me!
You’re a nasty little pest!
My children will feast on your soul!
You cannot handle the full power of my onslaught!
Nooooooo! This cannot be! I have underestimated your power…


Geb’s scarab venom is quite nasty. I use it on my finest arrows!
Bes, become my wall of defense!
Geb, eradicate these cretins from our tomb!
My artifacts shall make your lethargic lives end much more swiftly!
This cannot be! You shall not succeed!

Oasis Giant

I rule this place, [Player Name]!
Minions! We shall have [Player Name] for dinner!
You must be thirsty, [Player Name]. Enter my waters!
Come closer, [Player Name]! Yes, closer!
Surrender to my aquatic army, [Player Name]!

Oryx Puppet

Am I not an uncanny likeness to Oryx himself?
You don’t see the similarity? Well then, let me show you!
I may not have all the power of Oryx, but my artifacts should still be enough to kill the likes of you!
Nooooo! This cannot be!

Oryx the Mad God

[Oryx the Mad God’s dialogue is after Pinata’s dialogue for consistency purposes]


The Pinata has spawned! It will be invulnerable for 15 seconds.

The Realm

You are food for my minions!

Quest Taunts

Cyclops Gods

My # powerful Cyclops Gods will smash you!
Cretins! I have # Cyclops Gods to guard me!
My last Cyclops God will smash you to pieces!
My final Cyclops God shall crush your puny skulls!

Ent Ancients

Mortal scum! My # Ent Ancients will defend me forever!
My forest of # Ent Ancients is all the protection I need!
My final Ent Ancient will destroy you all!
My final Ent Ancient shall crush you!

Ghost Kings

My # Ghost Kings give me more than enough protection!
Pathetic humans! My # Ghost Kings shall destroy you utterly!
A mighty Ghost King remains to guard me!
My final Ghost King is untouchable!


My # Liches will feast on your essence!
I am invincible while my # Liches still stand!
My final Lich will protect me forever!
My final Lich shall consume your souls!

Phoenix Lords

Maggots! My # Phoenix Lords will burn you to ash!
My # Phoenix Lords will serve me forever!
My last Phoenix Lord will blacken your bones!
My final Phoenix Lord will never fall!

Oasis Giants

My # Oasis Giants will feast on your flesh!
You have no hope against my # Oasis Giants!
A powerful Oasis Giant still fights for me!
You will never defeat me while an Oasis Giant remains!

Red Demons

Fools! There is no escape from my # Red Demons!
My legion of # Red Demons live only to serve me!
My final Red Demon is unassailable!
A Red Demon still guards me!

Event Announcements

Avatar of the Forgotten King

The Shatters has been discovered!?!
The Forgotten King has raised his Avatar!

Cube God

Your meager abillities cannot possibly challenge a Cube God!

Ghost Ship

A Ghost Ship has entered the realm.
My Ghost Ship will terrorize you pathetic peasants!

Grand Sphinx

At last, a Grand Sphinx will teach you to respect!

Hermit God

My Hermit God’s thousand tentacles shall drag you to a watery grave!

Lord of the Lost Lands

Cower in fear of my Lord of the Lost Lands!
My Lord of the Lost Lands will make short work of you!


Behold my Pentaract, and despair!

Rock Dragon

The Rock Dragon has been summoned.
Beware my Rock Dragon. All who face him shall perish.

Skull Shrine

Your futile efforts are no match for a Skull Shrine!

Jade/Garnet Statues

Awake Guardians! You must protect the Mountain Temple!
No one can enter the Temple and disrupt the Summoning.
The entrance to the Mountain Temple will forever be guarded.

Killer Bee Nest

The Killer Bee Queen has made her nest in the realm!
You obtuse half-wits stand no chance against the Killer Bee Queen and her children!
My horde of insects will easily obliterate you lowbrow pests!
Beehold the Killer Bee Nest! Not even the sturdiest armor or most powerful healing spell will save you now!

Lost Sentry

That lowly Paladin has escaped the Lost Halls with a vessel!
What is this? A subject has broken free from those wretched halls!
The catacombs have been unearthed?! What depraved souls have survived so long?

Zombie Horde

At last, my Zombie Horde will eradicate you like the vermin that you are!

Event Taunts

Avatar of the Forgotten King

Attacking the Avatar of the Forgotten King would be… unwise.
Kill the Avatar, and you risk setting free an abomination.
Before you enter the Shatters you must defeat the Avatar of the Forgotten King!

Cube God

You piteous cretins! # Cube Gods still guard me!
Your pathetic rabble will never survive against my # Cube Gods!
Filthy vermin! My # Cube Gods will exterminate you!
You feeble creatures have no hope against my # Cube Gods!
Loathsome slugs! My # Cube Gods will defeat you!
Your meager abilities cannot possibly challenge a Cube God!
Worthless mortals! A mighty Cube God defends me!
Wretched mongrels! An unconquerable Cube God is my bulwark!

Ghost Ship

My Ghost Ship will send you to a watery grave.
You filthy mongrels stand no chance against my Ghost Ship!
My Ghost Ship’s cannonballs will crush your pathetic Knights!

Grand Sphinx

A Grand Sphinx is more than a match for this rabble.
Gaze upon the beauty of the Grand Sphinx and feel your last hopes drain away.
You festering rat-catchers! A Grand Sphinx will make you doubt your purpose!

Hermit God

You stand NO CHANCE against my mighty Hermit God!
You will be pulled to the bottom of the sea by my mighty Hermit God.
Flee from my Hermit God, unless you desire a watery grave!
My Hermit God awaits more sacrifices for the majestic Thessal.
My Hermit God will pull you beneath the waves!
You will make a tasty snack for my Hermit God!

Lord of the Lost Lands

Give up now! You stand no chance against a Lord of the Lost Lands!
Pathetic fools! My Lord of the Lost Lands will crush you all!
You are nothing but disgusting slime to be scraped off the foot of my Lord of the Lost Lands!


Wretched creatures! # Pentaracts remain!
You detestable humans will never defeat my # Pentaracts!
My # Pentaracts will protect me forever!
Your weak efforts will never overcome my # Pentaracts!
Defiance is useless! My # Pentaracts will crush you!
Behold my Pentaract, and despair!
I am invincible while my Pentaract stands!
Ignorant fools! A Pentaract guards me still!

Rock Dragon

My Rock Dragon will end your pathetic existence!
Fools, no one can withstand the power of my Rock Dragon!
The Rock Dragon will guard his post until the bitter end.
The Rock Dragon will never let you enter the Lair of Draconis.

Skull Shrine

Insects! # Skull Shrines still protect me.
You hairless apes will never overcome my # Skull Shrines!
You frail humans will never defeat my # Skull Shrines!
Miserable worms like you cannot stand against my # Skull Shrines!
Imbeciles! My # Skull Shrines make me invincible!
Pathetic fools! A Skull Shrine guards me!
Miserable scum! My Skull Shrine is invincible!

Jade/Garnet Statues

The Summoning of Xil is almost done!
You will not dare interrupt the summoning of Xil.
The Garnet and Jade statues will never grant you access to the Mountain Temple!
Fools! The Mountain Temple is protected bu the mighty Jade and Garnet Statues!

Killer Bee Nest

Feel the fury of a thousand piercing stingers from the hive of the Killer Bee Queen!
You disgusting peasants will experience searing pain from the wrath of the Nest!
Excruciating agony awaits you at the writhing depths of my insect legion!
Beeware the might of my impenetrable Nest!

Lost Sentry

The Spectral Sentry must be subdued!
The Lost Sentry cannot be allowed off those unholy grounds!
Hundreds of corrupted souls will be unleashed if that golem is not inhibited!

Zombie Horde

The full strength of my Zombie Horde has been unleashed!
Let the apocalypse begin!
Quiver with fear, peasants, my Zombie Horde has arrived!
A small taste of my Zombie Horde should be enough to eliminate you!
My Zombie Horde will teach you the meaning of fear!

Event Deaths

Avatar of the Forgotten King

The Avatar has been defeated!
How could simpletons kill The Avatar of the Forgotten King!?
[Player Name] will never survive what lies in the depths of the Shatters.
[Player Name], you have awoken the Forgotten King. Enjoy a slow death!
Enjoy your little victory while it lasts, [Player Name]!

Cube God

You have dispatched my Cube God, but you will never escape my Realm!
[Player Name], you pathetic swine! How dare you assault my Cube God?
[Player Name], you wretched dog! You killed my Cube God!
[Player Name], you may have destroyed my Cube God but you will never defeat me!
I have many more Cube Gods, [Player Name]!

Ghost Ship

My Ghost Ship will return!
Alas, my beautiful Ghost Ship has sunk!
[Player Name], you foul creature. I shall see to your death personally!
[Player Name], has crossed me for the last time! My Ghost Ship shall be avenged.
[Player Name] is such a jerk!
How could a creature like [Player Name] defeat my dreaded Ghost Ship?!
The spirits of the sea will seek revenge on your worthless soul, [Player Name]!

Grand Sphinx

The death of my Grand Sphinx shall be avenged!
[Player Name], you up-jumped goat herder! You shall pay for defeating my Grand Sphinx!
[Player Name], you foul ruffian! Do not think I forget your defiling of my Grand Sphinx!
[Player Name], you pestiferous lout! I will not forget what you did to my Grand Sphinx!
My Grand Sphinx, she was so beautiful. I will kill you myself, [Player Name]!
My Grand Sphinx had lived for thousands of years! You, [Player Name], will not survive the day!

Hermit God

This is preposterous! There is no way you could have defeated my Hermit God!
You were lucky this time, [Player Name]! You will rue this day that you killed my Hermit God!
You naive imbecile, [Player Name]! Without my Hermit God, Dreadstump is free to roam the seas without fear!
My Hermit God was more than you’ll ever be, [Player Name]. I will kill you myself!


I thank you, Mortals! That Leprechaun has no business serving ME! There are far better ways to have you served as food for my minions!

Lord of the Lost Lands

How dare you foul-mouthed hooligans treat my Lord of the Lost Lands with such indignity!
What trickery is this?! My Lord of the Lost Lands was invincible!
You win this time, [Player Name], but mark my words: You will fall before the day is done.
[Player Name], I will never forget you exploited my Lord of the Lost Lands’ weakness!
[Player Name], you have done me a service! That Lord of the Lost Lands was not worthy of serving me.
You got lucky this time [Player Name], but you stand no chance against me!


That was but one of many Pentaracts!
You have razed my Pentaract, but you will die here in my Realm!
[Player Name], you lowly scum! You’ll regret that you ever touched my Pentaract!
[Player Name], you flea-ridden animal! You destroyed my Pentaract!
[Player Name], by destroying my Pentaract you have sealed your own doom!

Rock Dragon

My Rock Dragon will return!
The Rock Dragon has failed me!
You shall not live to see the next sunrise, [Player Name]!

Skull Shrine

You defaced a Skull Shrine! Minions, to arms!
[Player Name], you insignificant cur! The penalty for destroying a Skull Shrine is death!
[Player Name], you contemptible pig! Ruining my Skull Shrine will be the last mistake you ever make!
[Player Name], you will rue the day you dared to defile my Skull Shrine!
[Player Name] razed one of my Skull Shrines – I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

Jade/Garnet Statues

You have been warned, Xil will not stand for this.
You destroyed the statues, but will you vanquish Xil?
You fools, Xil will have your head for this!

Killer Bee Nest

Preposterous! The other insect army was superior in every way!
[Player Name] has unleashed a far greater threat than they can handle!
[Player Name], the residents of the Nest will avenge their brethren that you so foolishly squashed!
Accursed fleas! The Nest houses an overwhelming army!
The Nest was but a fraction of the Killer Bee Queen’s army!
The Killer Bee Queen will surely handle you personally, [Player Name]!
You piteous cretins! The bees will sue humanity over this!

Lost Sentry

[Player Name] has reduced the Lost Sentry to rubble!
[Player Name], your fate was sealed the moment you laid hands on the Lost Sentry!
You fool, [Player Name]! Even my top infantry could not withstand the evils of the Lost Halls!
The Spectral Sentry has been repressed… for now.
The Lost Sentry has crumbled!
Do not enter those vile halls! You cannot possibly comprehend the wicked acts that once took place within them!

Zombie Horde

The death of my Zombie Horde is unacceptable! You will pay for your insolence!
[Player Name], I will kill you myself and turn you into the newest member of my Zombie Horde!

Rare Announcements

Beach Bum

An elusive Beach Bum is hiding somewhere in the Realm.
What is this lazy Beach Bum doing in my Realm?!

Beach Bum Death

The innocent Beach Bum has been slain!
[Player Name] has killed the innocent Beach Bum!

Realm Closing


Oryx’s Castle Announcement


Oryx’s Chamber

Go forth my minions! Crush these weaklings!
My minions will make short work of you!
These minions will only get in my way!
I will finish you off myself!
Leave me my minions…I wish to crush them PERSONALLY!
Bah! I need no minions to destroy you!
My Artifacts will protect me!
Time for more dancing! Hahahaha!
I am the master of this existence!
I control your fate!
The universe bends to my will alone!!!
Speak no more, fools!
You have spoken your last!
You have uttered your last pathetic whimper!
Tremble before my cosmic might!
Insufferable fools! If I see you, I will kill you!
All who look upon my face shall die.
You WILL fear me!!!
FOOLS! Flee while you can!
Yes, run for your worthless lives!
You shall never see the light of the day!
Fools! I still have # hitpoints!
Puny mortals! My # hitpoints are more than enough!
I have # hitpoints and I shall destroy you!
Insignificant peons! I have # hitpoints!
You cosmic peasants! My # hitpoints make me mightier than you!

Oryx the Mad God 2

Pathetic mortals! I have # hitpoints!
Foolish humans! My # hitpoints give me strength!
I have # hitpoints and I shall annihilate you!
Miniscule worms! I still have # hitpoints!
Galactic serfs! Cower before my # hitpoints!
Can’t… keep… henchmen… alive… anymore! ARGHHH!!!
You puny mortals! I….shall….return….!

Phoenix Lord

Purge yourself, [Player Name], in the heat of my flames!
Alas, [Player Name], you will taste death but once!
I have met many like you, [Player Name], in my thrice thousand years.
Some die and are ashes, but I am ever reborn!
The ashes of past heroes cover my plains!
This place is not for mortals, [Player Name]. Begone whence you came!

Pyyr the Crimson Dragon/Pyrr the Wicked

I will fight you until my last breath…

Red Demon

Would you attempt to destroy us? I know your name, [Player Name]!
Our anguish is endless, unlike your lives!
What do you know of suffering? I can teach you much, [Player Name],
I will deliver your soul to Oryx, [Player Name]!
There can be no forgiveness!
You cannot hurt us. You cannot help us. You will feed us.
Oryx will not end our pain. We can only share it… with you!
Your life is an affront to Oryx. You will die.

Right Hand of Shaitan

Hah. Weaklings. This will be slightly enjoyable.
You are in the presence of demi-god, mortal.
What hath the keepers brought Shaitan?
You disturb an ancient evil…
You think it wise to use such cheap tricks?
You make a foolish mistake, mortal.

Rock Construct

We utilize strength in numbers!

Shaitan the Advisor

Let loose the fists of war!

Steel Construct

Silly squishy. We heal our brothers in a circle.

Stone Mage


Sumo Master

Engaging Super-Mode!!!!

The Cursed Crown

The Forgotten King

You have made a grave mistake coming here. I will destroy you, and reclaim my place in the Realm.
I will make quick work of you. Be gone.
You would challenge me? I am the King of this place.
Do not think, even for a moment, that you will best me.
You fools. Guards, surround me.
Guards, come to my aid!
Be consumed, you wretched whelps.
Laughable attempt.
Do not mistake your success so far as progress.
So. You are still here. Adorable. Perhaps a nice dip in the LAVA!?
Drown, and be swallowed by those who have failed before.

The Forgotten Sentinel

Who was woken me…? Leave this place.
Good. Pests must be gone.
You live still? DO NOT TEMPT FATE!
I tried to protect you…I have failed. You release a great evil upon this realm…

The Heroic Observer

You will not be able to pass alone.
You cannot defeat me alone.
You will need many heroes.
Destroy me and you shall pass.
Focus your attacks on me to pass.
In order to destroy me you will need many heroes.
Destroy me…and enter this forsaken place.
You need more than that!
Hah, I have seen stronger cubes.
You have dealt a decent blow. Continue and you shall be given access.

The Puppet Master

Welcome to the Final Act, my friends. My puppets require life essence in order to continue performing…
It’s not much, but your lives will have to do for now!
Watch them dance, hero, as they drain your life away!
Find me if you can hero, or die trying!
You may have killed me, but I am only a pretender. I hope you’re ready for a plot twist!
Lucky guess hero, but I’ve run out of time to play games with you. It is time that you died!
No!!! This cannot be how my story ends!! I WILL HAVE MY ENCORE, HERO!

The Puppet Master 2

Hello, Hero. Did you truly think that I was gone forever?
No! I cannot allow you to end my story in such a way.
You fail to appreciate my puppets, hero… You do not understand my art. If you cannot be sensible of their beauty then you must die.
You cannot return from whence you came. Face me now, hero and prepare to become the finest of my puppets when I am done with you!
Awaken, my dear puppet. Hunt them down!
How dare you destroy my prized puppet! You shall pay for this with your life!
Awaken, my dear puppet. Fear its blades!
No! You will suffer for destroying my precious puppets!
Awaken, my puppets, and avenge your fallen brethren. Destroy these so-called heroes, leave them to rot here and become one with the dust.
I will rend your souls from your bodies and turn you into my puppet slaves when this is over!
I don’t understand, it wasn’t supposed to end this way! Noooo!!!

Thessal the Mermaid Goddess

Is King Alexander still alive?
Thank you kind sailor.
You speak LIES!

Titanum of Lies/Hate/Despair/Cruelty


Treasure Sarcophagus

Those who damage me may find great treasure, [Player Name], but the gods will not forget this insult!

Troll Matriarch

This forest will be your tomb!
I call upon the aid of warriors past! Smite these trespassers!

Twilight Archmage

Ha…ha…….hahahahahaha! You will make a fine sacrifice!
You will find that it was…unwise…to wake me.
What shall I use to sacrifice you?
Let us see what I can conjure up!
How best to kill you…
Ahh…lets see…
The fire I command will consume you!
Burning. This will suffice.
Ahh…Ice should do the trick.
I will freeze the life from you!
Toahc Xiflis’TOh Merilmeril Qualtinoc!
Firos Xiflis’TOh Gantsualo Quantinoftus!
You leave me no choice…Inferno! Blizzard!
Your souls will feed my King.
Darkness gives me strength!
The Generators may be gone…but I shall DESTROY YOU!

Worshipping Priest/Worshipping Priestess

Who dares interrupt our sacred ceremony?
Beware - the tomb gives power to those who protect it.
Interrupt our ceremony and we’ll interrupt your life!
Haha, yes, we feed the artifact power!
Haha, yes, this tomb’s power gives us strength as well!
It flows through us like the great Nile itself!
The tomb…shall tend to my wounds…
The tomb’s power…will tend to my wounds…
The power…it’s too much!
The ancients have chosen me! The power is immense!

Xil Hand

Daichi, you failed me. I’m not here to save you. I’m here to call in your debt.