Class Quests

Each Class has five Class Quests, which are attained simply by gaining certain amounts of Fame during your character’s lifetime. The player can view your character’s current Fame amount and Class Quest in the Character Select screen. The amounts are the same for all classes.

1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
Fame Required 20 500 1500 5000 15000

Every time the player achieve a Class Quest, their account gains a fame rank, represented by a star. The player’s rank is displayed in the chat and party displays. For every 18 quests completed, the player’s star color changes.

Light blue star 0 to 17 stars
Dark blue star 18 to 35 stars
Red star 36 to 53 stars
Orange star 54 to 71 stars
Yellow star 72 to 89 stars
White star 90 stars

Upon completion of every class quest, one obtains the coveted white star.

Note the fame required was changed in update Also before this update the fame that a character had after death (upon which certain Fame Bonuses are calculated) was used so when a character died you could gain the next star.