Highlands Enemies

Highlands enemies can be divided into three groups: High Plains, High Forest, and High Sand. Because of random enemy wandering and the gradual transition between different terrain types, it is often difficult to tell the difference between the areas.

Urgles, especially, seem to not be strictly bound to the High Plains.

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High Plains
High Forest
High Sand
Undead Dwarf God Undead Dwarf Warrior Undead Dwarf Axebearer Undead Dwarf Mage Undead Dwarf King Soulless Dwarf
Lizard God Night Elf Archer Night Elf Warrior Night Elf Mage Night Elf Veteran Night Elf King
Flayer God Flayer Flayer Veteran
Shield Orc King Shield Orc Queen Shield Orc Warrior
Ogre King Ogre Mage Ogre Warrior Ogre Wizard
Flamer King Flamer
Urgle Trap Element
Dragon Egg Adult White Dragon Juvenile White Dragon White Dragon Whelp
Dark Elf Queen Dark Elf Swordsman Dark Elf Scout Dark Elf Cleric Dark Elf Royal Guard
Beer God Mad Santa