Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.


Last updated: Release X.20.1

A full list of enemies that count toward God Kills can be found here.

Regular Gods

Short of the powerful and feared Event Bosses, these are the most powerful and toughest monsters in the Realm. They live in the mountaintops, generally in areas of empty terrain or black rock, gradually respawning when an area is depopulated. These areas, shown as black or white areas on the minimap, are called the Godlands. Many of the game’s servers are named after the Gods. The gods of the realm usually have between one thousand and two thousand HP, though some even higher, generally have high firepower, and can deal a variety of status effects. One of the most notorious gods, and one that should be avoided if alone is the Leviathan. He has the most hit points, defense and shot amount than all the other gods. Even the strongest must be wary.

MedusaSprite GodBeholderDjinnLeviathanEnt GodFlying BrainGhost GodSlime GodWhite DemonRock ConstructSteel ConstructWood Construct

Lesser Gods

Obviously weaker than the Gods, but a step above the normal monsters. It should be noted that most Lesser Gods (with an exception to the Minotaur) give more EXP than regular Gods.

Flayer GodLizard GodMinotaurUndead Dwarf God

Uncommon Gods

Wandering Gods found in the Mountains, considerably rarer than their brethren. They are significantly tougher than your usual God, and each drop the entrance to a comparatively high-level dungeon.

Headless HorsemanSting SpiderGreat Owl

Lucky Gods

Rare golden variants of the Gods, who have much higher stats and more complex attack patterns. These Gods drop their respective stat potion and dungeon portal at a guaranteed rate.

Lucky MedusaLucky Sprite GodLucky BeholderLucky DjinnLucky LeviathanLucky Ent GodLucky Flying BrainLucky Ghost GodLucky Slime GodLucky White Demon

Event Gods

These Gods spawn only on certain seasons or days.

Snow ConstructChill Snowman GodCold Snowman GodCool Snowman GodFrost Snowman GodIcy Snowman God