Controls and Commands

This is a list of default controls and chat commands.


Keybindings can be changed in the options menu.

Note that the F5 for Nexus hot key cannot be changed, nor can mouse controls (excepting the toggle for CTRL + Left Click in the Hot Keys menu).

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: Shoot / Interact / Move Item (via drag & drop)
  • Right Click: Open Player Menu (when in chat)
  • Scroll Wheel: Mini-Map Zoom In/Out
  • Double Click: Use Consumable Item / Move Items into Inventory / Put On or Switch Equipment
  • SHIFT + Left Click: Use Special Ability / Use Consumable Item
  • CTRL + Left Click: Move Items from Inventory to Backpack

Keyboard Controls

  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Left
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • Q: Rotate Left
  • E: Rotate Right
  • Space: Use Special Ability
  • I: Autofire Toggle
  • H: Toggle HP Bars
  • Z: Reset to Default Camera Angle
  • [Unset]: Toggle Performance Stats
  • X: Toggle Centering of Player
  • 0: Interact/Buy

Hot Keys

  • F: Use/Buy Health Potion
  • V: Use/Buy Magic Potion
  • 18: Use Inventory Slot 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • =: Minimap Zoom In
  • -: Minimap Zoom Out
  • R/F5: Escape to Nexus
  • O: Show Options
  • B: Switch Tabs
  • [Unset]: Hardware Acceleration Hotkey
  • N: Toggle Ally Projectiles
  • M: Toggle Particles
  • [Unset]: Show Friend List
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z: Clear HUD and Overlay


  • Enter: Activate Chat
  • /: Start Chat Command
  • Tab: Begin Tell
  • G: Begin Guild Chat
  • PgUp: Scroll Chat Up
  • PgDn: Scroll Chat Down


You can type the following commands in as chat messages.

  • /help shows a partial list of commands in the chat window.
    • Aliases: /h
  • /tell <player name> <text> sends a private message to a player.
    • Aliases: /t, /whisper, /w
  • /teleport <player name> teleports you to a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
    • Aliases: /tp
  • /trade <player name> opens a trade request with a player. Will not work if the player is not nearby.
  • /lock <player name> locks a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
  • /unlock <player name> unlocks a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
  • /who shows a list of players present in the current map, by join order.
  • /classes counts the players of each class present in the current map.
    • Aliases: /class, /c
  • /ignore <player name> causes a player’s messages to be blocked.
    • Player must be on the same map as you or have sent a message in the current map.
  • /unignore <player name> will unblock a blocked player.
    • Player must be on the same map as you or have sent a message in the current map.
  • /tutorial teleports you to the tutorial dungeon.
    • Cannot be used in realms or dungeons.
  • /server tells you which server and zone you are in.
  • /yell <text> broadcasts your message throughout the entire Nexus (instead of within 15 tiles).
    • Disabled in the Nexus.
  • /invite <player name> invites a player to your guild (if you are a Founder, Leader, or Officer).
  • /join <guild name> joins a guild that you have been invited to.
  • /event lists the dungeons (if any) in which an event is running.
  • /addfriend <player name> sends a friend request to a player.

Admin commands

  • /admin
  • /create
  • /createn
  • /enter
  • /genocide
  • /gift
  • /kill
  • /move
  • /setpiece
  • /spawn
  • /unadmin
  • /map
  • /vanish