Controls and Commands

Last updated: Build 21.2.1

The controls can be found by hitting the “Wrench” icon in the Nexus or hitting the default key O (the letter, not zero), but you can use this page as a reference for all of the default keys and settings. This means that you can change these preset controls to your preference.

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: Shoot / Interact / Move Items (via drag & drop)
  • Scroll Wheel: Mini-Map Zoom In/Out
  • SHIFT + Left Click: Use Special Ability / Use Consumable Item
  • CTRL + Left Click: Move Items from Inventory to Backpack
  • Double Click: Use Consumable Item / Move Items into Inventory / Put On or Switch Equipment
  • Right Click: right clicking on names in the chat window opens the player menu

Keyboard Controls

  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Right
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • Off: Allow Camera Rotation
  • Q: Rotate Left
  • E: Rotate Right
  • Spacebar: Use Special Ability
  • I: Autofire Toggle
  • R: Reset to Default Camera Angle
  • [Unset]: Toggle Performance Stats
  • [Unset]: Toggle Centering of Player
  • 0: Interact/Buy
  • Off: Double Click for Gold
  • Off: Potion Purchases

Hot Keys

  • F: Use/Buy Health Potion
  • V: Use/Buy Magic Potion
  • 18: Use Inventory Slot 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • =: Mini-Map Zoom In
  • -: Mini-Map Zoom Out
  • R: Escape To Nexus
  • O: Show Options
  • B: Switch Tabs
  • [Unset]: Hardware Acceleration Hotkey
  • On: Switch Item to/from backpack
  • [Unset]: Toggle Fullscreen Mode (Only on Steam client)


  • Enter: Activate Chat
  • /: Start Chat Command
  • Tab: Begin Tell
  • G: Begin Guild Chat
  • On: Filter Offensive Language
  • PgUp: Scroll Chat Up
  • PgDn: Scroll Chat Down
  • Off: Force High Quality Chat Text
  • Off: Hide Chat Window
  • 1: Star Requirement
  • On: Player Chat
  • On: Whisper Chat
  • On: Guild Chat
  • On: Trade Requests


  • 45: Default Camera Angle
  • On: Center On Player
  • On: Show Quest Portraits
  • On: Show Tips
  • On: Draw Shadows
  • On: Draw Text Bubbles
  • On: Show Trade Request Panel
  • On: Show Guild Invite Panel
  • Off: Hardware Acceleration
  • On: Toggle HP/MP Text


  • On: Play Music
  • On: Play Sound Effects
  • On: Play Weapon Sounds

Experimental Menu
Activated by typing decamenu into the in-game chat. Typing it again will disable it.

  • Off: Disable Enemy Particles
  • Off: Disable Ally Projectiles
  • Off: Disable Players Hit Particles
  • Off: Toggle Pots to Max Text
  • Off: Toggle New Mini Map Colors
  • Off: Disable Particles Master
  • Off: Disable Ally Notifications
  • Off: Disable Enemy Damage Text
  • Off: Disable Ally Damage Text
  • Off: Always Show EXP


You can type the following commands in as chat messages.

  • /tell <player name> <text> sends a private message to a player with a unique (gold) name. /t is functionally identical.
  • /who shows a list of who’s online in your realm.
  • /classes shows a list of how many of each class there are in your realm. Does not show classes that are not present in your realm. /class and /c are functionally identical.
  • /help shows a partial list of commands in the chat window.
  • /lock <player name> locks a player (Must be on the same map as you).
  • /unlock <player name> unlocks a player (Must be on the same map as you).
  • /ignore <player name> will ignore player.
  • /unignore <player name> will unignore player.
  • /tutorial teleports the player to the tutorial dungeon. NB: must be in nexus to use
  • /pause will enter you into a paused state where you can’t be harmed, but you can’t use items or regenerate hp/mp. Can only be used when no enemies are nearby, and cannot be used in dungeons. /pause again exits the paused state. /p is functionally identical.
  • /trade <player name> opens a trade request with the player you named. Will not work if the player is not nearby.
  • /teleport <player name> teleports you to the player name you entered. /tp <player name> is functionally identical
  • /server tells you which realm you are in.
  • /yell <text> broadcasts your message throughout the entire Nexus (instead of just within 15 tiles). Unfortunately, the yell command is disabled in the Nexus.
  • /invite <player name> invites a player to your guild, only available if you are a Founder, Leader, or Officer of said guild.
  • /join <guild name> joins a guild that you have been invited to.
  • /nexustutorial teleports the player to the tutorial Nexus. NB: must be in nexus to use
  • /event shows the current dungeon events (if any)