What is the point of this game?

To kill enemies, take their drops, level up to level 20, and hopefully get to max all the stats of your character. Have fun!

The goal of the players inside the Realm is to level up and defeat Oryx the Mad God. Oryx has put you in his world, where you are food for his minions, who protect him and must be kept fed. By defeating the minions, you weaken Oryx’s protections.

Eventually, once all the Heroes of Oryx in the realm are defeated, you will be able to reach Oryx and fight his simulacrum. Then, if you can survive, you will actually fight him face to face, presuming somebody opens the Wine Cellar. If you skilled enough, you can fight his final incarnation at full power.

There are many goals for each individual player to reach. Certain dungeons drop stat pots, which will eventually “max” a character’s stats. Exaltation is the step beyond, allowing endgame maxed characters to permanently increase their stats, even after death. Many dungeons possess very rare and valuable Untiered and ST items that one can try to obtain. Lastly, you can build up Fame on your character to complete class quests and eventually, upon death, use that Fame towards raising a powerful Pet!

Does this game have instructions?

Yes. By hitting the Esc menu and seeing the Journal, there’ll be plenty of information about the game explained in some depth. When entering a realm, tips will show up every so often. You can turn these off in the options menu (press O to bring this menu up).

You can also type “/tutorial” to review the game’s basic controls and mechanics.

How do I get out of the Nexus (Home)?

The Nexus has many portals leading to the various Realms where you can fight minions. These portals are located in the main courtyard of the Nexus, to the north of where you spawn. To enter one, stand on the portal and click “Enter” in the lower right of the game screen.

How do I change my controls?

Press O, or while in the Nexus, press the wrench on the right side. This will bring up the options menu, which has several different categories which are found at the top. To change which keystroke handles the function, simply go into the Controls tab, click the letter and press the key you wish to use. Be careful, because if you use a key already in use, other functions using that key will be disabled until you assign a new key! Help on specific functions will be explained later in this FAQ.

How do I pick up loot?

Stand on the loot bag/chest and drag the item into your inventory. This is also explained in the tutorial (type /tutorial in chat to access it) with an example, and will net you a free defense ring! Another way is to double-click the desired item if your inventory is full.

How do you get equipment?

You kill monsters and loot the bags they leave behind, or the chests they were guarding. If you’re lucky, other players may be willing to give you stuff, though many items are Soulbound (unable to be traded). The wiki has a list of known equipment.

How do I use special abilities?

Every class has one special ability from the item in the second inventory slot. To use it, press Space or shift click on the map. Special abilities use mana, which regenerates automatically (or you can use a magic potion). Different abilities will use different amounts of mana. Your special ability item will darken when you do not have the required mana to use it.

How do I heal?

Some monsters will drop health potions or other consumables (some examples of healing consumables are Snake Oil, or Healing Ichor). Save these and use them to heal when you need to. There is dedicated slot for consuming potions in your inventory that holds up, as well as a hotkey for using these HP pots (default hotkey F), which makes them incredibly convenient if you need a quick heal.

Priests, Paladins, and Necromancers can heal themselves and others nearby. You can stay in a group with one of these healing classes to get healed. When your health is low, you will flash red, which can serve as an indication to not only healing classes to use their abilities, but also to you so that you can escape to the Nexus and save your character if you need to!
Priests have instant healing, Paladins heal over a duration, and Necromancers drain the life from enemies to heal their companions.

All characters have a vitality stat which heals you over time. Increasing your vitality through the use of stat pots or items allows you to heal more quickly.

There are also some pets that have the ability to heal the player. The frequency and amount of health restored is determined by the level of the ability, and whenever you are In Combat.

What can my class use for equipment?

All classes can equip a weapon, ability item, armor and a ring.

More detailed descriptions and guides to equipment can be found here.

What is Realm Gold?

Realm Gold is a premium currency that can be used to purchase consumables such as clothing and accessory dyes (and cloth patterns), pet eggs, character skins, loot tier/loot drop potions, XP Boosters/Potions of Max Level, and dungeon keys. Additionally, you can use them to roll Mystery Boxes or buy Packs in the Shop (accessible by clicking the Shop icon in the top left corner of your screen in the Nexus, or by running up to the old wizard northwest of where you spawn in the Nexus).
You can also purchase more Vault Slots or Character Slots using Realm Gold.

Outside of events that DECA hosts, there is no way to obtain Realm Gold for free.

Each account starts with 40 gold for free (which is not renewed each time your character dies). You may purchase gold by clicking the green + icon next to the Realm Gold icon in the top right corner of your screen in the Nexus, or by standing on the gold coin icon located at each market place. There are several options for payment available, depending on the country you are located in. If you are playing on Steam, gold purchases will use the money in your Steam Wallet as with other Steam games.

What’s the best thing to spend my Realm Gold on?

In the Shop, there should be a Beginner’s Pack in the Packages section. This is a pretty good deal for a new player to the game.

Vault Slots and Character Slots are always a good investment, as it’s very convenient to have more storage space or more potential characters to play on. You can buy these individually, or wait and see if there are any packages in the Shop that feature them (for example, Ample Packs contain both Vault Slots and Character Slots).

You can also spend money on Pet Food to power up your pet. Pets are really useful to have around, and can help you get your characters progressing even further.

Ultimately, though, it’s up to you and what you decide would be the best bang for your buck. Even if you’re just buying cool skins!

How do I unlock other classes?

You start out as a wizard, but by reaching certain levels with certain classes, you can unlock even more.

Level 5 required for these:

Level 20 required for these:

You start out with one character. When your current character dies, you get a chance to try a different class. Your character does not have to be alive in order to get the other class; you just have to reach level 20 once.

I’ve just unlocked a new class; how do I change my class?

You may only have one existing character per account at a time until you obtain another character slot.

See How do I get more than one character? for information on obtaining more character slots.

If you only have one slot, to change your class you must kill or delete your current character. This will return you to the character select screen where you can choose your new class.

How do I chat?

Simply hit Enter, write a message, then hit Enter again.
In order to send a private message, or PM, simply hit Enter, type /tell <player name> <text>, and hit Enter again to send. Private messages will be displayed in blue text. The default shortcut for a private message is Tab; it will automatically put /tell into the text field for you.
Lastly, if you are in a guild, it is possible to send a message to all of your guild-mates by simply hitting Enter, typing /g <text>, and hitting enter again to send. Guild messages will be displayed in green text. The default shortcut for a guild message is G.

If a monster shows up while you’re chatting, you can click on the game map to resume combat before you’ve finished typing your chat message. To finish typing your chat message, press Enter again, or click back into the text field.

How do I ignore/block a player in the chat?

To ignore or block a player in the chat, so that you won’t see their chat messages any more, right-click on their name in the chat, and select Ignore.
You can also right-click on the chat bubble above their character to bring up the menu with the Ignore button, or left-click on their name in the list of players below your inventory.

How do I teleport?

There are four ways that you can teleport to other players, assuming that they are on the same map as you. First, if they are nearby or if you have locked onto them, you can click their name in the grey box in the bottom-right of the screen, opening a menu which will allow you to choose to teleport to their location or lock onto them so you can always have them displayed in that box.
Secondly, you can use the minimap and click on a yellow dot representing a player, which you can teleport from.
Thirdly, you can type /teleport <player name>. Some consideration should be observed in using teleportation; it can be rather deadly for low-level players to whimsically teleport to level 20 players in the godlands, for example.
However, this can be a very convenient way to meet up with friends or get around the map quickly.
Finally, if you hold Ctrl and click on a player’s name in chat, it opens up a menu. One of the options is teleport, which allows you to teleport to that player.

Is death permanent?

Yes. Once your character dies, it stays dead, and the items that were on that character are lost. You’re free to make a new character and you will likely end up doing so many times.

How do I respawn?

Leave the death/fame screen by clicking Continue and then you will be sent to the Character Select screen.
If you are having problems getting back into the game, try closing the game and re-opening to see if you can get to the Character Select screen. If the problem persists, you can try looking up any error messages you’re encountering online, or ask members of the community; however, if all else fails, you may also want to contact DECA Support and create a ticket.

How do I save?

The game autosaves. Your characters and everything else present on your account are maintained if you leave and return later.

How do I log out?

Click Logout on the top left corner of the launcher screen. You can get there by pressing on the settings icon next to your name.

How do I turn off the sound/music?

In the options menu, there is a tab for Sounds. You can toggle and adjust the volume of the game’s sound effects and music from here.

Do enemies respawn?

Some do and some don’t. In the Realm, Heroes of Oryx (the bosses you need to kill to close the Realm) won’t respawn (Event Gods may newly spawn though). Regular enemies will respawn over time.

Within dungeons, the bosses of those dungeons will not respawn, and depending on the dungeon, the enemies inside may not respawn either.

Where are tougher monsters located?

Monster levels are usually dictated by the terrain they are located at. Beaches are populated by the weakest monsters. Forests, deserts, and grasslands have the middle level monsters. Rocky (dark gray) and snowy (white) mountains are populated by “gods”. Monsters of all types can wander into other areas, so don’t get too careless. Following roads will keep you within the same general level of monsters. Following rivers uphill, or in general just heading roughly towards the center of the map, will take you into the mountains.

The wiki has a list of monsters.

What are gods?

This is the name given to a monster that inhabits the dark or snowy terrain known as the “godlands”. A list of gods can be found here.

Where are the dungeons?

If you want to enter a dungeon, you must kill the appropriate monsters until a specific dungeon drops, or purchase a dungeon key in the nexus.
You can ask other players in the chat if they’d like to join or help you with doing a dungeon, or teleport to players who have called out that they are at a dungeon as well. Portals last for thirty seconds until they vanish forever, so don’t wait around too long!

The wiki has a list of dungeons. This page also lists which enemies drop each dungeon’s portal.

What is the maximum level?

The maximum level for a character is 20.

Is there anything to do at level 20?

Yes! You can collect stat increase potions to max your character’s stats. Enter dungeons and battle the bosses within to obtain some of these potions. Lead groups of adventurers to defeat the Cube God, Pentaract, and other high level bosses. Help others level to 20 so that your group will be strong enough to defeat Oryx and his minions.
Once you defeat all the Heroes of Oryx in the Realm, you’ll be transported to Oryx’s Castle, which can be tough even at level 20!

How do I get higher tiers of equipment?

Tougher enemies will drop higher tiers of equipment. In the Realm, you can head inwards, towards the center of the map, to find stronger enemies and better loot. The area with the strongest enemies will be the mountains/”godlands”, and this area is characterized by a very dark grey or a white ground color.

If you want to get even higher tiers of equipment, you can enter dungeons in this area and fight the bosses. Additionally, some event/quest bosses in the Realm can drop very high tiers of equipment.

When you’re inevitably transported into Oryx’s Castle once all the Heroes of Oryx in the Realm have been defeated, you’ll also find that Oryx himself drops some powerful gear, even more so if you can additionaly complete the Wine Cellar and defeat Oryx once more at the end of the dungeon.

You can also negotiate trades with other players to obtain higher tiers of equipment. Of course, be reasonable!

If you’re unsure of where a specific tier of item drops, you can check this page and click on the type of equipment you’re looking for, as each page will list some drop locations.

Where can I store my extra items?

In the Nexus, there is a portal to the Vault just south of where you spawn that looks like a gold door. This Vault is account-bound, so any and all characters that you create in the account share it.

You will start out with one Vault slot. You can obtain a single vault slot with Fame, and more by buying them with Realm Gold.

If you don’t wish to spend Realm Gold on a vault slot, there are still some options:

  • The monthly login calendar will usually have a Vault Slot Token available, and you can obtain it by logging in for enough days. Once you have 5 tokens, you can exchange them for a Vault Chest Unlocker.
  • Additionally, during special events such as Month of the Mad God, you may find that Vault Chest Unlockers themselves could appear in the login calendar, or in an event campaign.
  • If you’re really strapped on space, and don’t mind the extra hassle, you could also create an alternate account (often referred to as a “mule”) to store any tradable items. You can trade items to that account for some additional storage.

How do I sell, trade, give away, or destroy my stuff?

To initiate a trade, click on a character’s icon below your inventory slot, click Trade, then wait for them to acknowledge the trade. Once they do, click the item you wish to give/trade and wait for them to select the items they wish to give you in return (if any). When you are satisfied with the trade, click the trade button. This is a safe and effective way to trade with or give items away to a specific person without the risk of losing the item to a ninja-grabber which often happens when you drop an item. Additionally, some items can’t be given to other players by dropping them on the floor, but can be traded.
Before accepting a trade, be sure to check which items you have highlighted in order to avoid accidentally trading items you wish to keep.

Not every item in the game can be traded. Any items that are listed as “Soulbound” cannot be traded to other users. For example, almost all UT items in the game are soulbound.

Trades can be organized in-game or through the RealmEye trades section. In that sense, you can “buy” or “sell” items from and to other players by exchanging them for other in-game items!
You cannot sell any items to obtain Realm Gold.

If you want to get rid of an item, you should check the Feed Power of the item first (if it has a Feed Power value). Depending on how high that value is, you may want to feed the item to your pet instead, to make it stronger, rather than just tossing it. You can feed your pets in the Pet Yard.

If you want to drop an item, drag it from your inventory onto the main game area. A bag will appear with that item. Others can pick up the item from the loot bag if it is in a brown bag (if it is in a purple bag, other players will not be able to view the contents of the bag). Left alone, it will disappear after 30 seconds.

Why am I not able to trade?

Some items are “Soulbound.” This means that you can’t trade them with other players, and the game won’t let you select those for trade.

It’s also possible that you’re in a Realm that has recently closed. When the Realm is closed, you can’t trade with other players. Once the players in the Realm have been transported to Oryx’s Castle, or if you decide to return to the Nexus, you can trade freely with other players again.

What are the best pieces of equipment?

Most equipment in the game is classified by tier, which ranges from T0-T14 for weapons, T0-T7 for abilities, T1-T15 for armors, and T0-T6 for rings. Due to the existence of UT weapons, abilities, rings, and armors, one piece of equipment is not always better than the other. These are several “toss-up” items. The Class Guides do a good job of explaining the pros and cons of each on a case by case basis.

What are pets, and how do I get them?

To obtain a pet, you’ll need to hatch one from a Pet Egg. These can drop from enemies in the mountains/”godlands” area, or from bosses.
Once you’ve obtained an egg, you’ll want to go to the Pet Yard to hatch it (this is the green and brown portal in the Nexus).

Make sure to read the pets wiki page for more information on what to do with a pet once you’ve obtained one, especially on how to level up your pet and make it stronger!

What is Fame, and how do I get it?

Fame accumulates on your character as you defeat more enemies and clear more dungeons. Reaching Fame milestones on your characters is important for completing class quests.

When a character dies, the fame on your character (your “base fame”) will be increased by any fame bonuses that you’ve achieved. The final number of Fame achieved, including the fame bonuses (your “death fame”) will be added to the Fame that your account has overall (your “account fame,” viewable in the top right corner of the screen, to the left of the minimap).

You can use account fame to feed your Pet and upgrade your Pet Yard, or buying specific items in the Nexus Shop.

Where do I find the class quests?

You can’t find them, since in a way you start with them. They are about gaining a certain amount of fame in one lifetime. With each amount of fame you gain 1 star in that class, and there are 5 stars per class. Once you earn a star, you will never lose it. The current levels of fame to achieve are 20 (1 star), 500 (2 stars), 1500 (3 stars), 5000 (4 stars), and 15000 (5 stars).

How do I increase stats after level 20?

Gods and bosses occasionally drop what are called “stat potions” (see list). Drinking one increases the corresponding stat by 1 point (or, in the case of Life and Mana potions, 5 points). They come in 8 varieties: Attack, Defense, Speed, Wisdom, Vitality, Dexterity, Mana, and Life. You may view the wiki entries for each stat pot to see all the enemies that they can drop from.

What is the maximum for stats?

It varies by character class. See the individual class entries here. Once a stat has reached its maximum, the number will be displayed in gold.
After you’ve hit level 20, turning on the “Toggle Pots to Max Text” option under Video Settings in the options menu or type “/t MrEyeball lefttomax” can let you see how many stat pots you need to max out each stat!

How do I get more than one character?

You can purchase one character slot with Fame by using Beginner’s Pack III. Additional character slots can be bought using Realm Gold. If you do decide to buy an extra slot, the first two are on discount; the first is 600 Gold and the second is 800 Gold, but from there on out they’re 1000 Gold per character slot.

If you don’t wish to spend Realm Gold on character slots, you are still able to obtain additional character slots. The monthly login calendar contains Character Slot Tokens; if you log in enough days during that month, you can obtain one token. You can redeem the tokens for a Character Slot Unlocker after collecting 5 of them. Tokens are also occasionally obtainable in other ways, such as through Mystery Boxes that are rolled with Fame, and during special events such as Month of the Mad God, Character Slot Unlockers themselves may also be available in the login calendar.

What is a guild?

A guild is a group of people that have access to their own guild hall, and can chat with each other privately. You can create your own guild for 1000 fame in the Nexus, in a wing to the right of the Realm portals. Alternatively, you can join someone else’s guild if they invite you!

How do you change your name?

To change your name, you stand on the yellow knight in the Nexus and click the “Change Name” button that appears under your inventory.
However, it will cost 1000 Realm Gold to change your name. Pick the name you start with wisely!

How do some people shoot so fast?

It’s because they have a high dexterity stat. This is most commonly achieved by drinking enough dexterity stat potions, wearing equipment that gives bonus DEX, or the Berserk status effect, most commonly from the warrior.

Where is Oryx?

Oryx is in the middle of his chamber, which can be entered through the portal which drops upon completion of the castle (killing the two Stone Guardians at the end).

The screen shook and I was teleported into a castle; what’s happening?

The Realm you were in closed, and Oryx has summoned all the players in that Realm to face him at his castle!

Oryx’s Castle can be rewarding, but treacherous. Tread carefully!

You’ll know when a Realm has closed when you see the message “I HAVE CLOSED THIS REALM! YOU SHALL NOT LIVE TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!” appear in chat from Oryx the Mad God. You can still return to the Nexus or otherwise leave a closed realm, but you can’t get back into a realm that’s been closed.

After two minutes have passed since the Realm closed, the screen will begin to shake and you will soon be teleported to Oryx’s Castle.

What happens when Oryx runs out of minions?

He cannot run out of regular minions. He will constantly spawn new ones to fight. He can, however, run out of Quests/Heroes of Oryx, at which point he will lock the realm from being entered for two minutes before summoning all remaining players to his castle.

What happens when Oryx dies?

He drops a Locked Wine Cellar portal and a bag of loot if you did enough damage. If someone in the group has a Wine Cellar Incantation, you can access the Wine Cellar, an even more difficult dungeon with a much stronger Oryx as its boss.

Where is Oryx’s Wine Cellar?

After Oryx’s simulacrum is defeated in Oryx’s Chamber, a locked Wine Cellar appears. A Wine Cellar Incantation, a drop from Dungeon Bosses, is required to unlock it.

Why did the boss/enemy die so fast?

Higher-leveled and higher-skilled players can take out enemies with more ease and speed.
Bosses (and some regular enemies) are HP-scaled to the number of players in the group, so for these foes it’s much less likely that they’ll be taken out so quickly. However, as HP scaling can take some time to be applied, it’s possible that a boss may have less HP than intended if many players enter the boss’ area at once.

Why did I die even after I killed the enemy?

The shots an enemy shoots don’t disappear even after the enemy has died. This means you can still take damage from and even die to these shots.
Stay on guard, even after you’ve killed an enemy. Don’t be too quick to rush in to grab your loot, especially after a boss dies, because it may have some nasty surprises for you!

How do I reduce lag in the game?

Realm of the Mad God is now fully ported to Unity, allowing the game run a lot smoother and less laggier for everyone. In some occasion it is still possible to experience lag. If you’re lagging, here are some steps to try and alleviate some of the lag.

  • Close any extra programs/windows that are open on your PC that you’re not using.
  • Go into the options menu. There are several settings here that you’ll want to look at if you want to maximize your performance. You can pick which graphical qualities you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of frames.
    In Graphics:
    – “UI Quality”: Set to Low.
    – “Draw Shadows”: Set to Off, this will disable the circular drop-shadows that render under objects.
    – “Particle Effect”: Set to Low.
    – “Draw Text Bubbles”: You can set this to Off if you don’t mind not seeing the text bubbles over players when they chat.
    – “HP Bars”: You can set this to several options (from all hp bars, to maybe just yourself and the enemy’s, or to none at all, plus everything in-between!), up to your own personal preference.
    – “Disable Enemy Particles”: Set to On, this options and the option below will remove the pixel particles that appear whenever you hit something or something hits you.
    – “Disable Players Hit Particles”: Set to On.
    – “Disable Ally Notifications”: Set to On, will make it so that you won’t see text above players for when they reach a new level, for example.
    – “Disable Ally Shoot”: Set to Proj, will make it so that you don’t see other players’ shots. This can help reduce lag by a lot. There is also a hotkey to toggle this (default N).
    – “Disable Particles Master”: Set to On, will remove a lot of particles from displaying in-game.
    – “Disable Enemy Damage Text”: Set to On, will only show the damage that you do to an enemy, and not the damage other players do with their shots.

These countermeasures will help prevent or minimize FPS/frame lag in-game. If the lag you are experiencing is server lag (aka the game is running smoothly, but players are “rubberbanding” all over the place or tiles are not loading), then these fixes may not necessarily help.

My character has died due to lag/a reason I feel is unfair; can it be revived?

Unfortunately, characters cannot be revived for any reason. If your character has died, it’s dead forever.

I’m not seeing a lot of other players; where is everyone?

Servers can have more than one Realm open at once, and not every Realm will be as populated as the rest. You can go back to the Nexus and walk back over to the Realm portals to check how many players are in each Realm (the numbers will be listed below each portal).

Additionally, depending on the time of day you’re playing and the server you’re on, some servers may just naturally be lower in population than others. You can return to the main menu and select Servers to change the server you’re playing on (note that if you switch servers, you’ll have a 2 minute cooldown during which you can’t teleport to any other players, other than your guildmates).

Is there a map of the Realm?

Every time Oryx is defeated, he destroys the world and creates another. There are 13 randomly generated maps currently in use. Brave explorers have mapped these out here.

Is there autofire for your weapon?

Yes; press the I key. It is possible to change this hotkey in the options menu.

How do I level up the fastest?

If you have any XP Booster items (or even better, a Potion of Max Level), you can level your character up much quicker.

More difficult enemies will naturally give more XP, but this comes with additional risk. The Highlands and Mountains are the best places to level up, but are a lot deadlier to a very low level character. If you do wish to risk it, be very cautious!

Why am I not getting any loot?

Not all enemies drop loot, and you can check on the Wiki to see which enemies will drop what kinds of items and equipment.

To get loot, there is a “soulbound/SB threshold” that must be met. Basically, you must deal enough damage to the enemy to qualify for loot.

If you’ve defeated a boss, and it’s dropped a Mark but no other loot or stat pots, you did enough damage to the boss to qualify for loot. Unfortunately, you were just unlucky that time and didn’t get anything other than the Mark.
Remember, loot drops randomly; you can get lucky and you can get unlucky. Don’t lose hope!

What are some tips for keeping my character alive longer?

First of all, you’ll want to get familar with the Nexus hotkey (default R). It’s a lot more convenient than clicking the Nexus icon on the right GUI, and it’ll save your characters many, many times!

Set up your own HP threshold, preferably 30 to 50% HP remaining when you are fighting, to head back to the Nexus.

Getting a pet, especially one that can Heal, can help you survive longer. It’s very worth it to work on and raise a pet.

Practice makes perfect! You’ll die a lot of times, but you’ll also learn something new with every death. Hopefully, you’ll survive longer as you keep on playing.

How do I know who’s online?

Type /who.

What do people mean by ?/8, 1/8, 2/8, 3/8 … 8/8?

These fractions refer to the number of stats a character has maxed out of the eight total stats (HP, MP, ATT, DEF, SPD, DEX, WIS, VIT). The classes page shows all the stat caps.

“?/8” is basically just asking how many stats a character has/had maxed.

What is a PPE/NPE?

“PPE” stands for “Pro Player Experience” or “Pet Player Experience”. A PPE character will never trade to get loot, whether that trading is with other players or with the vaults on that account. Basically, a PPE character has to gather all the loot and gear themselves. It’s a self-induced challenge that’s very popular.

“NPE” stands for “No Pet Experience” or “New Player Experience”. It is like a PPE, except that they will also not use any pets on that account.

If there are any other terms in-game or within the community that you don’t quite understand, feel free to check out the RotMG Slang to English page!

What is rolling/ “rerolling”?

Rolling is when a player continuously levels up a character over and over until the random number generator gives it a substantially above-average HP and/or MP at Level 20 (preferably +5 or more), killing the character off or deleting it if the HP/MP roll is undesirable (usually -5 or lower).
As pots that increase HP and MP are the rarest and most valuable stat pots in the game, not needing so many of them to fully max your character can be beneficial.

What does it mean if someone’s name in chat is a different color?

If someone has a purple name in chat, this means that they reached a certain rank in the Unity Support Campaign. This campaign was for supporting the developers’ efforts to port Realm of the Mad God from Flash to Unity. They are not in-game moderators or admins.

If someone has a yellow name in chat, this means that they are DECA staff!

What does it mean if someone’s character has a glow around them?

If someone has a purple glow around their character, this means that they reached a certain rank in the Unity Support Campaign. This campaign was for supporting the developers’ efforts to port Realm of the Mad God from Flash to Unity. They are not in-game moderators or admins.

If someone has a red glow around their character, that means they have reached top 10 in any one of the current in-game leaderboards (Weekly, Monthly, or All Time).

Where is the trading server?

Currently, the most crowded servers are generally designated as the trading server. Try EUWest or USEast(2).

Where is the key popping server?

Currently, the community has picked EUWest as the key popping servers. During dungeon events, players will be waiting in the area to the south of where you spawn into the Nexus (usually on the left wing where it sells keys), in hopes someone will pop a key for them.
Note that because of the sheer volume of players present during events, it can be very laggy, both frame-wise and server-wise.

Where is the Lost Halls Discord server / What RotMG Discord servers are there?

You can find a list of RotMG Discord servers on the RotMG Discord List Discord server. Within this server, there are categories for different types of servers, including one for running the Lost Halls dungeon.
Many of the dungeons dedicated towards running dungeons or doing other in-game activities have requirements they’d like you to fulfill, and will check them with a verification process. These requirements will be listed on the Discord as well, and some servers will have more accessible requirements than others.

Is there PvP in this game?


*Colloquially, some forms of griefing are called PvP. This usually requires specific dungeon mechanics to do, such as misaiming barrels in the Parasite Chambers or activating counters of Oryx 3. This is generally disliked. There’s no mode where you officially fight other players.

I’m getting an error saying Load Error, Retrying and I can’t get back into the game; what do I do?

You’ve likely gotten the “10 min dc” error. This is caused by connecting into a server too many times within a certain time limit.
To fix it, you should close the game entirely and wait 10 minutes without re-opening the game. Once the 10 minutes are up, you should be able to get back in and play normally.
If you’re still having trouble getting the game to load, you can ask members of the community for help.

How do I make my account on Steam playable on browser, or vice versa?

The in-game option to port your Steam RotMG account to browser has been broken for a while. You can still port your Steam RotMG account to browser by contacting DECA Support.

If you want to port your browser account to play it on Steam, unfortunately there isn’t a way to do so. Your RotMG Steam account will be a new account unassociated with your browser account.

How do I reset my password if the in-game password reset is not working?

If the in-game password reset isn’t working, you can contact DECA Support and start a ticket. They should be able to help you further.

I was banned from the game; what do I do?

Your account can get banned from the game by breaking the game’s Terms of Service (for example, by griefing other players, abusing the chat, or by cheating). When you are banned, you will not be able to play the game. The ban may be lifted, depending on the severity of the act that got you banned, and how many times you’ve broken the rules before.
If you would like to know what you got banned for, or the duration of the ban, you can contact DECA Support.

My question isn’t here. What can I do?

You can ask members of the community for help either in-game, via the Realmeye Forums, the game’s subreddit, or the game’s official Discord server.

I have a suggestion. Where do I submit it?

Suggestions can be emailed to DECA Games as feedback, or you can discuss it on the Realmeye Forums. There is also a feedback channel on the official RotMG Discord that you can use.

This is the end of the FAQ, but there’s still one more thing left to be said…
We hope you have fun playing RotMG!