Realm Gold

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Buy Gold

Realm Gold is the premium currency in Realm of the Mad God, obtained through purchase with a credit card, using real-life money. Other forms include, but are not limited to: PayPal, Subway Gift Cards, Amazon Pay, and many more.

Realm gold is not tradeable and is used to purchase Dungeon Keys, Pet Eggs, Food, feeding, fusing and Yard upgrades, Dyes and Cloths, as well as weapons, abilities, armor, and rings.

As of build 12.0.0, weapons through T12, T5/6 abilities, armors through T13, and T5 rings are available for purchase in the Nexus. Each account starts with 40 Realm Gold to spend. Certain items cost 51 gold or more to prevent people from creating accounts for the sole purpose of free items with free gold.

Purchasing Gold

Enter the Nexus on your character and locate one of the Buy Gold icons in the Nexus, and stand on the icon. Click the “Buy” button that will appear in the lower right corner. Alternatively, you can purchase Realm Gold through the green + button next to your Realm Gold amount in the top right corner.

If you enabled the “Double click for Gold” option in the Options menu, you may go directly to the gold purchase menu by double-clicking the fame/gold display on the top right. If you attempt to buy a item, but don’t have enough Realm Gold, a window will pop up asking you if you want to buy Realm Gold.

You can click the “Buy Gold” button to open the gold purchase menu.
The Buy Realm Gold coin in the Nexus

Lastly, you may click on the green “+” button next to your Realm Gold amount, which will appear only if you have selected a character on the title screen.
Example of a player's realm gold total and the "+" button

The next steps vary, depending on the platform you use to play the game (However, for all payment methods, your payment could take a few minutes to appear. If it takes longer than five minutes, send a support ticket.)

For the Flash Projector or (Browser) versions of the game:

Select how much gold you would like to purchase.

Gold Purchase Menu

Once you have selected the amount of gold you wish to purchase, you can select your payment method.

Gold Purchase via Xsolla

After you have paid for the gold, you will get a confirmation screen. Your transaction is now complete.

For the Kongregate version of the game:

You need to first use a payment method to buy the correct amount of Kreds, the Kongregate paid currency, to exchange for the amount of Realm Gold you’d like to purchase. You may do this through the Kongregate website outside of the game, or the much easier and conveient way described below:

First, select the amount of Kreds you would like to purchase to convert to Realm Gold. This step will also list the conversion rates.

Gold Purchase via Kongregate's system

Once you have selected the amount of Kreds you wish to buy, you can then select from the various payment methods Kongregate offers to purchase the Kreds.
Kongregate Kred Menu

After this, you may be presented with the option to use your Kreds, or save them for later. You must use your Kreds to obtain your Realm Gold. Your transaction is complete once you use your Kreds and exchange them for Realm Gold.

For the Steam version of the game:

To purchase Realm Gold, you must have the proper amount in your Steam Wallet so it can be drawn from your Steam wallet. If you don’t have enough funds in your Steam wallet, it will prompt you to add money into it first. Otherwise, it works similarly to buying money in the Flash Projector/Browser versions of the game.

Select the amount of gold you would like to purchase. Steam will automatically convert the price of the gold based on your local currency, listed here is CAD (Canadian Dollars), along with showing the conversion rate of real currency to Realm Gold.

Steam Purchase Menu

Upon pressing “Buy Now”, you will get a popup through the Steam Overlay. This will function like a regular Steam transaction with your wallet. Steam may charge Sales Tax for the sale depending on various factors.

Gold Purchase through Steam

Once you have added the funds to your wallet, or redeemed the funds you already had in your Steam Wallet, it will ask you to return back to the game to confirm the transaction. The transaction is now complete.