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Realm Gold

Last updated: Release 12.0.0
Buy Gold

Realm Gold is the premium currency in Realm of the Mad God, primarily obtained through purchase using real-life money.

Realm gold is not tradeable and is used to purchase Dungeon Keys, Pet Eggs, Food, feeding, fusing and Yard upgrades, Dyes and Cloths, as well as weapons, abilities, armor, and rings.

As of build 12.0.0, weapons through T12, T5/6 abilities, armors through T13, and T5 rings are available for purchase in the Nexus. Each account starts with 40 Realm Gold to spend. Certain items are worth 51 gold to prevent multiple accounts from buying them.

Purchasing Gold

Enter the Nexus on your character and locate the Buy Gold icon in the Nexus. Click it.
If enabled, you may go directly to the gold purchase menu by double-clicking the fame/gold display on the top right.

The Buy Realm Gold coin in the Nexus

Select your preferred method of payment, and the amount of gold that you would like to purchase.

Gold Purchase Menu

Once the payment module has directed you to your chosen method of payment, complete your purchase.

Gold Purchase via UltimatePay

Your payment could take a few minutes to appear. If it takes longer than five minutes, send an appropriate support ticket.