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Initiating a Trade

To initiate a trade you click the the name of the user you’re trading with in the list at the bottom right corner and click Trade.

Trades can only be initiated within 10 tiles of each player and both players need to stay in the same realm while trading.

The Trade Process

  • To cancel the trade at any time click Cancel.
  • To choose the items you wish to trade you must click on it.
  • Once both parties have chosen the items you may click trade.
  • If either player changes the selected items, both players must approve the trade again.
  • After a trade, if you have an empty equipment slot that can be filled with one of the traded items you gained, it will automatically equip.

  • One way trading (gifting) is allowed as long as both players agree to the trade.

One-way trading

  • If after a trade, you would have more than 8 items in your inventory, you cannot accept and must make more room in your inventory.

Insufficient space to complete a trade


You cannot trade with an unregistered player or someone who has not selected a unique name. Also, unregistered players cannot request trades with other players. Similarly, trading with a player with a gray name is not possible. Likewise, anyone playing on a guest account is incapable of trading.

Items that are soulbound cannot be traded, and show up darker than normal items in one’s inventory while trading.

Reading the trader’s etiquette page will help you in your trading endeavors.

Use RealmEye’s own Trading Offers page to find and create offers!