Last updated: Exalt Version (July 2020)
Music: Fountains

The Nexus is the hub area in Realm of the Mad God and a safe zone from enemies. In the Nexus, you can interact and trade with other players, customize your options, purchase Realm Gold and items, and access the Shop. It also allows access to your Vault, Guild Hall and Pet Yard, as well as The Tinkerer, the Login Seer and the Wall of Fame. Finally, the Nexus is the gateway to the Realm.

A portal to the Nexus will appear when any of Oryx’s three incarnations are defeated. However, players can return to the Nexus at any time from anywhere by pressing the “Nexus” icon on the right sidebar, or most commonly from pressing a hotkey (default R, but customizable from the Options menu). Players can return to the Nexus with no delay (not counting the loading screen) by using any of these methods. Therefore, “Nexusing” is a common way to prevent death if players suddenly find themselves in a bad situation.


The Nexus changes themes seasonally, and during holidays or certain events. There are currently 6 themes:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Halloween
  • Autumn
  • Christmas
  • Winter

There exists a generic-themed Nexus using the Vault tileset, but that theme has not been used since the implementation of all the seasonal themes.

The current Nexus has an 8-hour day-sunset-night-sunrise time cycle, with four maps. Artwork is by Beige.

When the cycle switches in Nexus, the map for the new cycle will overlay any map tiles you have previously uncovered.

Fall Nexus

Map of the actual Nexus:
Christmas Nexus Layout

Spawn Point


It is here that players go when they escape to safety by pressing the Nexus key – R by default, clicking the temple icon Temple, or entering a Nexus portal.

  • Name Change Statue
    Golden Statue
    The shiny gold statue in the northwest corner of the spawn platform allows you to choose a unique name for yourself. This name must contain no more than 10 characters, and only letters are allowed. Once you have your name, it will cost 1000 Realm Gold to change it again.

  • Guild Hall Portal
    Guild Hall Portal
    The brown door in the southwest corner of the spawn platform is a portal leading to the Guild Hall, where you can meet with members of your guild. You may only go through this door if you are in a guild.

  • Vault Portal
    Vault Door
    Located in the southeast corner of the spawn platform, the Vault allows you to store items that you don’t currently need or want. Items in the vault are not lost with the death of a character.

  • Pet Yard Portal
    Pet Yard Portal
    In the northeast corner of the platform is the Pet Yard, an area where pets can be hatched, fed, and upgraded.

  • Character Change Statue
    Stone Statue
    Two grey statues north of the spawn platform. These take you back to the character selection screen, where you can switch to a different character, switch to a different server, or log out of your current account.


Fountain Map Fountain

Six fountains are placed around the Nexus: two by spawn and four by the Realm portals. They are not marked on the map but can easily found near the water.

The fountains will heal a nearby injured player at a rate of +100 HP every 1-2 seconds, though they only heal one person at a time.



  • Regular Shops
    Key Shop
    The Nexus has eight shops, in which Realm Gold (and rarely, Fame) can be used to purchase items. They can have up to 12 items on display, which appear throughout the day. Prices remain constant until a few minutes before the item sales end, at which point they can be found at a discount. All current rates can be seen here.

    Each shop area deals in a particular type of goods:

  • Mystery Box Shop
    Mystery Box Shop
    North of the spawn area is the Shop which sells Mystery Boxes, offering the chance to receive a variety of items, along with item Packages. Step on the yellow tiles to see what is being offered. The shop is manned by an NPC also named “Mystery Box Shop”

  • Cloth Bazaar Portal
    Cloth Bazaar Portal
    Between the middle and lower shops of the eastern and western walls are portals to the Cloth Bazaar, which offers dyes and cloths. For more information, see Cloth Bazaar.

The Daily Quest Room

Daily Quest Area Daily Quest Portal
To the right of the Mystery Box Shop is the Daily Quest Room which leads to the Tinkerer and the Login Seer. The Tinkerer offers rewards for bringing specific items, and the Login Seer offers rewards for logging in daily.

Realm Portals

Realms Location Realm Portal

Once you’re ready to return to combat with Oryx’s minions, you come to the northernmost part of Nexus to enter a Realm portal.

The number of realms available changes often, depending on the population of the current server and which realms are sealed off. There can be up to 8 available at once, or there can be none at all (although having fewer than 2 is rare and temporary). Each is named after a minion, usually a god.

Below each portal is some fraction, with a denominator of 85 and the numerator displaying the current number of players in that realm. All realms are instances of the identical game; there are no differences in difficulty, skill level, or guild inclusion.

Guild Book

Guild Book Location Guild Book

After getting at least 1000 fame, you can come to the northwest wing of Nexus to create a guild by interacting with the guild book. You will need to choose a unique name for your guild.

If you have already joined a guild, you can come here to leave the guild.

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame Location The Wall of Fame
To the left of the Realm Portals is the Wall of Fame which there is a structure, when you stay closer to it, it shows an option in which it shows the option to open. When opened, it displays every person that bought the Unity Support Campaign.


The Bunny runs away from you.
The snowballs can be located in the outside at right, when you touch then, it rolls that the player was moving in like the Explosive Barrel from Parasite Chambers, it moves 4-5 tiles and can explode when hits a wall/tree
Craig is located below the snowballs, it circles around.

Old Entities

In Under Construction Fall Nexus

The penguins moves side to side, the Beefcake Knight and builders just walk around. They can be located everywhere.
Builder Penguin 1
Builder Penguin 3
Builder Penguin 1 & Beefcake Builder Knight

Builder Guy with a big hammer
Builder Guy with a wrench
Builder Guy with a hammer

As a fall nexus, it also needs the Bats and Turkeys, the bats circles around you and turkeys just move around. Turkey can be located anywhere outside Nexus and bats at the tombstones.
Bat and Turkey

Summer Nexus

Duck and Ducklings. The duck just moves around, the ducklings moves away from you.
Duck & Ducklings

Hermit Crab at the small island and crabs at beach. It just moves around.
Crab & Hermit Crab

Cows, can be found at barn and outdoors. It just moves around.

Chickens and chicks can be found at corral. Chickens just moves around, the chicks follows you but it doesn’t go away from corral.
Chickens & Chicks

When nexus is set at night, fireflies appear at the hidden lake.

Spring Nexus

Bunny and Butterfly
The Spring Nexus, has a Bunny blue,orange,pink,red and white Butterflies and Guill. The Bunny runs away of you, the butterflies just moves around. Guill can be found at the Hot Spring

Autumn/Halloween Nexus

Bunny1Bunny2Scary MobsWitchyBatsRatsFlying Rat?Flying FlamesSpooky Boi
The “Halloween” Autumn Nexus has a Pumpkin Bunny, Witch Bunny, Flying Pumpkins, Ghosts, Scary Faces, Flying Skulls, Witch, Bats (They can quiet, that you can’t use your ability), Rats, Flying Rats, Flying Flames and the scariest one: SPOOKY BOY, but no ones of them can hurt you.

The Flies (shown in the 5th picture from the top) can follow you. The Witch and Spooky Boi supposingly only spawn when the maze has been completed (so if they aren’t there hurry up and complete the maze to get the candy). If you stand still, The floating ghosts and pumpkins will swarm you.

There are also little mushrooms(NexMushroom) at around the edge of the nexus building (you might need to go outside of the main nexus complex to the path around the nexus to see them) that you can kill by shooting at them. Once killed, they will explode and make everyone within its blast radius hullucinate (for 30 sec???).

There’s also a portal that spawns after the maze is finished that will teleport you directly to the witch’s house if you stand on it (portal will glow brightly 2-3 seconds after standing on it then you will teleport). This portal is located at the top left of the nexus.

Fall Nexus

Bats and Turkeys
The Fall Nexus has Bat and Turkeys, the Turkeys circles anywhere and bats follow you. Bats can only be found at graveyard.

Winter Nexus

The Winter Nexus has Bats and Bunnies, The Bunnies run away of you and bats follow you. Bats can only be found at graveyard.

Classic Nexus

Old Spring Nexus Animals

baa baa


The basic-theme Nexus is inhabited by sheep. Other Nexus themes see different animals outside the walls. The Halloween Nexus contains bats, the Harvest Nexus has turkeys, and the Winter Nexus has snow hares

Previous Nexus Layouts:

Halloween Nexus (no alchemist)
Halloween Nexus (no alchemist - brightened labyrinth)
Halloween Nexus (with alchemist)
Halloween Nexus (with alchemist - brightened labyrinth)
Christmas Nexus
Classic Nexus 2010 (not full)
Classic Nexus 2011 v1 (not full)
Classic Nexus 2011 v2 (not full)
Default Nexus
Autumn Nexus
Autumn Nexus (without alchemist)
Old Halloween Nexus
New Spring Nexus
Old Spring Nexus
Winter Nexus
Winter Nexus (without alchemist)

In February 2014 following the hacking of Realm by SwatSec, the Nexus was devastated with many player graves. This look was echoed in the Battle for the Nexus dungeon which was released afterwards.