Pet Fusing

Pet Fusing is an action which takes place in the Pet Yard, wherein two pets of the same family and rarity are combined to create one new pet of the next rarity level. Pets which are not the same rarity or not from the same family cannot be fused, and the Pet Yard must be of a sufficient level to allow the fuse.

The resultant pet will receive characteristics from the pet placed on the left. The only random outcome is the species, or appearance, of the pet, so make sure to fuse the pets which will result in the outcome you desire!

Fusing Process

The Upgrade Pet modal found in the Pet Yard is used to fuse two pets together. Clicking “Fuse Pet” opens the Fuse Pets modal.

Fuse Pets

There are a few things to observe about the pet Fuse modal:
- First Pet Box (Left): Click this box to select the pet with the abilities you wish to retain in the resulting pet.
- Second Pet Box (Right): This pet must be of the same family and rarity as the first Pet.
- Fusion Strength: The fusion strength indicates how high the maximum level of your new pet will be. For best results, always fuse at MAX strength.

Once you have selected the pets you wish to fuse, click your payment option (fame or gold) to fuse the pets into one new pet of the next rarity.

Pet Rarity Fusing Cost (Fame) Fusing Cost (Gold)
Common 300 100
Uncommon 1000 240
Rare 4000 600
Legendary 15000 1800
Evolving Pet

The Results

These characteristics will be determined for the resultant pet when you fuse:

  • Abilities: The abilities are retained from the pet you selected in the first pet box (left).

  • Ability Levels: The initial level of your new pet’s abilities, determined by the level of the pets before fusing.

  • Level Caps: The maximum level for an ability at a given rarity.

A drawing of the results can be found here.

Fusing also unlocks the pet’s additional abilities. Although all of the abilities are predetermined, a common level pet will only have one functioning ability. When you fuse two commons into an uncommon, the second ability will be unlocked. In order to unlock the third ability, the pet will need to reach the Legendary rarity level.

The initial level of your new pet’s abilities will be the average level of the same ability slot from the two pets you selected. For example, if the fist pet has a level 20 first ability and the 2nd pet has a level 10 first ability, the new pet will have a level 15 first ability.

The level cap for ALL of the unlocked abilities in the resultant pet will be 20 + the average of the two pets’ first abilities. Using our example from above: if the 1st pet has a level 20 first ability and the 2nd pet has a level 10 first ability, the new pet will have a level 35 maximum level (20 + the average of 20 and 10) for all unlocked abilities. Fusing two pets with maximum levels (MAX strength fusion) will result in the highest possible level cap for the new pet.

It is possible that the resulting pet will have a new appearance. The results mentioned above apply in exactly the same way, but the new pet will have a different aesthetic.

Hatched eggs have the same number of unlocked abilities (and caps) as their fused counterparts, but the levels of their abilities vary significantly. The cost to raise a hatched pet of a higher rarity may actually be greater than the cost to hand-raise the pet, depending on the levels of the second and third abilities. So when determining the best course of action for your desired outcome, remember to consider the cost per feeding, the cost to fuse, and the feed power per feeding in order to make the most comprehensive comparison.

However, it is also noteworthy to mention that the max level of the first ability determines the max level of the second and third ability. For example, if you feed a 50/30 uncommon pet and a 50/30 uncommon pet, you will have a max level of 70 for the second ability. This is notably why most players decide to fuse two legendary 90/90/77s in order to get a divine pet(since they want to max out the third ability later of course, it takes so many ambrosias just to max the third ability).

Another useful tip would be to use a pet skin to revert one of your pets family to another one of the pet skin, allowing you to fuse this new pet with another one that is of the same family, saving time and feedpower.