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Pet Feeding

Items may be fed to pets in the Pet Yard to increase the levels of their abilities. Almost all items have a feed power value, which is displayed in the item description. The amount of feed power required to increase the level of an ability varies depending on the current level of the ability (see Pet Abilities).

Feed power generally increases with the tier of the item, and many untiered items have more feed power than their tiered counterparts. Special food items (Pet Food) can also be purchased with gold in the Nexus or found in the realm on some occasions. They only exist to feed pets and serve no other purpose.

It is advisable to use higher feed power items when possible in order to limit the expenditure on pet feedings, since it costs fame or gold to perform each feeding and the cost per feeding increases with the rarity of the pet (see the bottom of the page for feeding prices).

To feed the pet you must go to the Pet Yard, found in the Nexus or Vault, and use the ‘pets’ button on the yard caretaker to open the pet interface.
Accessing the pet interface.


Pet Interface
All of your pets will appear on the left and a feed/fusing tab will appear on the right. The “Feed” tab is open by default. Select the pet you want to feed in the left side of the interface, click on the items you want to feed, and then the appropriate payment method. Feeding a pet will cost you either 10 to 1000 fame or 5 to 150 Gold for each item, depending on the rarity of your pet.

You can feed up to eight items in a single feeding action, but you will need to pay for each individual item fed. The interface will not see your backpack inventory; you will need to move any items you want to feed into your main inventory in order to feed them, and you will need do this while you’re outside of the pet yard, since moving items within your inventory is blocked in the pet yard.

Required Feed Power per Ability Rarity

Pet Ability 1

Ability Level Feed Power Accumulated Feed Power
1-30 (Common) 2080 2080
30-50 (Uncommon) 8527 10607
50-70 (Rare) 39747 50354
70-90 (Legendary) 185256 235610
90-100 (Divine) 273344 508954

Pet Ability 2

Ability Level Feed Power Accumulated Feed Power
1-50 (Uncommon) 16319 16319
50-70 (Rare) 61148 77467
70-90 (Legendary) 285010 362477
90-100 (Divine) 420530 783007

Pet Ability 3

Ability Level Feed Power Accumulated Feed Power
1-90 (Legendary) 785367 785367
90-100 (Divine) 911147 1696514

Cost per Item

Pet Rarity Feeding Cost (Fame) Feeding Cost (Gold)
Common 10 5
Uncommon 30 12
Rare 100 30
Legendary 350 60
Divine 1000 150