Pet Wardrobe

Pet Wardrobe Interface
The Pet Wardrobe is used to change the appearance of your Pets. This helpful interface will allow you to change your pet’s appearance and even change it to a different family.

Opening the Interface

In order to access the pet wardrobe interface, move to the monitor near the entrance of the pet yard, and select “Wardrobe” in the lower-right corner of the game UI. This will open the pet wardrobe interface (as shown in the above photo).
Accessing the Wardrobe

Pet Skin Collection

Your collection of pet skins is shown on the right side of the wardrobe interface. You are able to change your selected pet to any skin that is shown in a light-gray box and in color. Any skins that are grayed out are unavailable for you, and you can not change your pet to those skins. You can unlock new skins for your collection by hatching pet eggs, fusing to a rare or divine pet, or by using a pet stone. Your pet skins are graded by rarity as follows:

  • Common Skins - Can commonly be obtained through hatching or fusion.
    These skins represent the usual look of your pets resulting from hatching eggs or fusing your pets to the rare or divine tiers.
  • Rare Skins - Can rarely be obtained through hatching or fusion.
    These skins are possible to obtain by hatching or fusing, but it is not a likely occurrence.
  • Exclusive Skins - Can not be obtained through hatching or fusion.
    The only means of obtaining these pet skins are through the use of pet stones.

Selecting A Pet

Choose A Pet Interface
In order to select a pet to change its shape, click on the square icon on the top-left of the interface. This icon will show the pet that is currently following you, and it will appear blank if no pets are following you. After clicking on this icon, you then select the pet you want to change using the pop-up window (example shown above). This action can also be used to select a pet that you want to bring with you, if you can’t find it easily in the pet yard itself.

Changing Your Pet’s Appearance

Changing your pet's family is much more costly.
There is a cost associated with changing the shape of your pet. To change your pet to another skin within the same pet’s family, it costs 200 Fame or 20 Gold. It will cost you 1000 Fame or 100 Gold to change your pet to a skin associated with a different pet family. The latter action will change your pet’s family to the one associated with its new skin. This is useful if you wish to match the family of one of your pets with another pet so that you can fuse them.