Pet Families

All pets fall under a certain family, and only two pets of the same family can be fused together to make a new pet with higher rarity. Mystery Eggs can hatch any type of pet.

Uncommon pets look identical to their Common counterparts, and Legendary pets are larger versions of their Rare counterparts. All of these can be hatched from eggs except Divine pets, which must be fused.

Hover your mouse over each image to see the pet’s name. Some pets like the Peppermint Snail are hatched from a dungeon egg.

Pets of Family
Common Aquatic EggUncommon Aquatic Egg
Blue SnailCrabGreen FrogPurple FrogPurple SnailSea SlurpTurtle
Rare Aquatic EggLegendary Aquatic Egg
Demon FrogPeppermint Snail
Blue LandfishGolden CrabGreat Shark
Common Automaton EggUncommon Automaton Egg
Rare Automaton EggLegendary Automaton Egg
Common Avian EggUncommon Avian Egg
Blue ParrotBluebirdCardinalGoldfinchOriole
Rare Avian EggLegendary Avian Egg
EaglePigeonRavenUSA Eagle
Common Canine EggUncommon Canine Egg
Brown FoxBrown PupGolden PupGrey FoxGrey PupGrey WolfSheepdog
Rare Canine EggLegendary Canine Egg
Black WolfGold BulldogGolden Sheepdog
Golden HyenaMidnight Wolf
Common Exotic EggUncommon Exotic Egg
Rare Exotic EggLegendary Exotic Egg
King GorillaWar Elephant
Common Farm EggUncommon Farm Egg
Rare Farm EggLegendary Farm Egg
Enraged YakNight Mare
Common Feline EggUncommon Feline Egg
Black CatGrey CatOrange CatTan CatWhite CatYellow Cat
Rare Feline EggLegendary Feline Egg
LionNinja CatWhite Lion
Pink LionTiger
Common Humanoid EggUncommon Humanoid Egg
BabyMuddy Tidechaser
Rare Humanoid EggLegendary Humanoid Egg
Battle GodCentaurForest FairyMarid
Common Insect EggUncommon Insect Egg
Black AntBlue AntDragonflyGreen AntPurple AntRed Ant
Rare Insect EggLegendary Insect Egg
BeePraying Mantis
Common Penguin EggUncommon Penguin Egg
Grape PenguinGrass PenguinGreen PenguinPenguin
Rare Penguin EggLegendary Penguin Egg
Karate BlueKarate RedKarate PurpleKarate Yellow
Battle PenguinTank Penguin
Common Reptile EggUncommon Reptile Egg
ChameleonDinoTomb Snake
Rare Reptile EggLegendary Reptile Egg
Baby DragonFrilled
Poison DrakeTandem Cobra
Common Spooky EggUncommon Spooky Egg
BatLil' GhostSpirit
Rare Spooky EggLegendary Spooky Egg
Lil' CyclopsMonster EyeSkullWerewolf Cub
Glowing SkullMonkey HeadReaperJaco
Common Woodland EggUncommon Woodland Egg
Rare Woodland EggLegendary Woodland Egg
ReindeerSkunkSnowy Owl
Silver DoeSolar Owl
Common ???? EggUncommon ???? Egg
Blue ThingDreidelSprite Star
Rare ???? EggLegendary ???? Egg
Gummy BearJalapeñoJellySnowman
Great JellyLil' OryxShroom
Common Mystery EggUncommon Mystery EggRare Mystery EggLegendary Mystery Egg
A random pet of the given level from above.

Vanity Pets

These are pets that still behave similarly to the old pets. They are summoned using a pet generator, but are despawned everytime you enter the loading screen of a new area. To bring these pets with you, you will need to have the pet generator in your inventory and re-summon the pet. If your character dies with the pet generator, then you will lose the generator and thus the pet.

Valentine Generator Valentine Valentines will follow the player while slowly bobbing up and down. Valentine Generators can be traded. These were initally available on Valentines Day 2012 and were again available for the Player Appreciation Event in 2014.
Beach Ball The Beach Ball does not follow the player. Once it is spawned it can be tossed and passed between players. These were available for the Beach Party Madness Event in 2012.
Beer Slup Generator Beer Slurp The Beer Slurp follows the player, and when a Beer God is nearby the the Beer Slurp will have an exclamation point over its head and will continuously try to move towards the Beer God. These were available for Oktoberfest 2012.
Valentine Launcher Valentine Heart The Valentine Launcher functions similarly to the Beach Ball, except it launches a large heart to the closest player. These were available for Valentine’s Day 2017.