Gold Cnidarian

Last updated: X.27.0.0

Gold Cnidarian

Gold Cnidarians are enemies found in the Cnidarian Reef. They are a key enemy in the boss battle against the Royal Cnidarian.



HP: 4,000 (+20% [800 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 15
EXP: 500
Location: Cnidarian Reef

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Paralyze

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Blind for 3s


Gold Cnidarians are spawned in varying numbers during the Royal Cnidarian’s battle (1 in Phase 1, 3 in Phase 3, and 5 in Phase 5). They will circle the room passively, with the exception of the ones in Phase 5, which will fire radial bursts of blinding ink bubbles.

All Gold Cnidarians in a phase must be slain in order to drop ther boss’s vulnerability. Note that when being damaged, Gold Cnidarians will suddenly pick up speed in order to flee.


Spawns from:

Royal CnidarianRoyal Cnidarian

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Tips and Strategies

Focus the Gold Cnidarians whenever they arrive to shorten the boss’ phases. The longer it takes to kill them, the longer you’ll have to deal with the Royal Cnidarian’s attacks.

Mystics are invaluable for this purpose, as the Gold Cnidarian is the only one of the smaller minions that is immune to Stasis. Not only will stasising a group expose the Gold Cnidarians to attack, but it will also curse them to boost your damage against it.

Staff classes with the Staff of Extreme Prejudice or Sword Classes with a Demon Blade (or anything of the like) can sit on the Gold Cnidarians in order to deal massive damage. However, this is ill-advised in Phase 5, since they will begin to retaliate with radial attacks.
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