Magic Potion

Magic Potion
Magic Potion: A potion that instantly restores magic points.

+100 MP, consumed with use.

Feed Power: 5

Players can click and drag Magic Potions into their inventory to stack up to six at once. Double-clicking, shift-clicking, or using the assigned hotkey will use the potion.

Drop Locations:

Red Spider
Black Bat
Pink Blob
Adult White Dragon
Greater Nature Sprite
Gray Blob
Little Green Slime
Elf Mage
Elf Wizard
Red Gelatinous Cube
Purple Gelatinous Cube
Green Gelatinous Cube
Goblin Mage
Hobbit Mage
Dwarf Mage
Dwarf King
Fire Sprite
Ice Sprite
Magic Sprite
Orc Mage
Ogre Mage
Ogre Warrior
Ogre Wizard
Flayer Veteran
Mummy King
Imp of the Abyss
Native Nature Sprite
Treasure Pot (Lost Halls)