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Lab Vat

Last updated: Release 14.0.0
Lab Bad Vat Lab Good Vat



Lab Vat is found only in the Mad Lab with two color variations of blue and green. Each color has different effects.

  • Oh no! A Trickster has been transformed into a pet!

  • Whew! The Trickster found the blue Lab Vat.
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    The green Lab Vat (called Lab Bad Vat in the game files) inflicts Hexed, Stunned, and Speedy on players. These effects do not wear off until the player contacts blue Lab Vat (called Lab Good Vat), which instantly removes the effects.

    If the player is purified (ex. from the Tome of Purification) after contacting Bad Vat, the Hexed and Stunned conditions will be removed, while Speedy will remain. This can be useful in rushing the dungeon.

    Lab Vat plays a critical role during the fight with the Horrific Creation. The boss is invulnerable until players lure it into a pool of Bad Vat, which makes it vulnerable for a few seconds. Afterwards, the boss will run to a pool of Good Vat, revert to its original form, and the cycle repeats. Players can paralyze the boss when in the Bad Vat to prevent it from reverting.

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