Mad Lab

Last updated: Exalt Version (July 2023)
Mad Lab
Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4Difficulty: 4

The Mad Lab is a medium level dungeon that is a source of Potions of Wisdom, Potions of Defense, the UT Mad Scientist Sorcerer Set and two pieces of the Horrific Sorcerer ST Set: the Grotesque Scepter and Horrific Claws.

Entrances to the Mad Lab are commonly dropped from the Flying Brain.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Explosive Journey‘, ‘King of the Mountains‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Realm Eye says:
The Mad Lab was transported from a dimension far removed from ours. The methods of alchemy practiced within are unlike any other known science.
The technology stolen from the laboratory was eventually repurposed to transform passive creatures into powerful sidekicks.
The pets your kind uses as allies would not be possible without Dr. Terrible’s highly advanced scientific tools.


Lab Key The Lab Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.


See the Mad Lab Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.



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Out of all these enemies, the Crusher Abomination takes the title for being the most dangerous in the dungeon. It has a wide, quarter circle-patterned shotgun of 3 bullets that steadily increase in size, damage and speed as the Crusher Abomination’s HP decreases. Although a person with decent dodging skill may be able to avoid the bullets, caution is advised. Circling the Crusher Abomination can be done, but often there won’t be enough open space to do so.

Environmental Hazards

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Dr Terrible is the main boss of the Mad Lab.

The Horrific Creation is the second boss of the Mad Lab. The barrier to its chamber is removed once all Tesla Coils in the dungeon have been destroyed.

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Mad Lab is part of the Standard Quest pool from The Tinkerer and has three associated quests.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
The Mad Scientist Defeat Dr. Terrible in the Mad Lab. Mark of Dr TerribleMark of Dr TerribleMark of Dr TerribleMark of Dr Terrible Standard Quest Chest
To the Mountains! Head to the mountains to take down Oryx’s generals! Mark of SeptaviusMark of LimonMark of GulpordMark of Malphas
Mark of Dr TerribleMark of the Puppet MasterMark of Skuld
The Cost of Wisdom I was never the most book smart, but there’s still time for you! Mark of Dr TerribleMark of Dr TerribleMark of the ArchivistMark of the Archivist

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Tips and Strategies

  • When there are two paths, the one that is blocked off by a wall is always the correct path towards the boss room. Sometimes the correct path isn’t blocked off, but an incorrect path is never blocked off. There is only one room that is an exception to this rule, being the fact that it contains multiple blocked off paths (but the incorrect ones will immediately have a dead end).

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