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Lava is commonly found in Lava Fissures, which are located in the Godlands, and The Abyss of Demons. Lava Fissures are the setpiece where Red Demon spawn and makes it harder for attacking players to circle around the Red Demon due to the lava behind the monster, thus making it more difficult to kill. Although, some players have turned to standing in the lava fissures as a method of suicide. In The Abyss of Demons, lava surrounds the boss room and also surrounds very narrow paths that must be navigated in order to reach to boss room. Despite the difficult enemies that inhabit the dungeon, the deaths of many players are due to the lava that fills the dungeon.

Lava Blend is a lava variant which is spawned by the Abyss Idol in the Abyss of Demons and Pyyr the Crimson Dragon in the Lair of Draconis. It is functionally identical to regular lava but has a different visual blend priority with surrounding tiles to prevent aesthetic glitches.

  • Many players gather to look in shock at the gravestones of maxed characters in the lava fissure left after a mass suicide.

  • 2 players carefully navigating through a maze of narrow paths while avoiding the lava that surround them in The Abyss of Demons.
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    Lava does 45 armor-piercing damage and damages the player twice per every second while standing in it. It also slows down movement speed.
    With enough healing abilities, some players are able to walk indefinitely on lava.

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